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It's Ain't Me, Babe

Song - It Ain’t Me Babe by Johnny Cash

When I pull into the parking lot I immediately feel the excited adrenaline. Every spot out front is taken. I have half an hour until my first dance and then I’m hosting for the bachelor party.

I’m going to make a killing tonight.

When I come in through the back door the place is a madhouse. The girls are running around everywhere trying to get ready.

My hair and makeup are already done, I just need to change.

A new girl is applying a glittery lotion to herself by the curtain.

“Hey,” I catch her attention, “rule number one, no glitter. The guys don’t want it rubbing off on their clothes, it’s hard to explain to their wives.”

Her eyes go wide, “shit! Thanks, Cherry!”

I smile at her before heading to my dressing room to change.

I brought two new outfits, one for my dance and one for lap dances. I pull out my first outfit, sexy fishnets under black high waisted panties with black pasties to cover my nipples.

The patterned knock on my door lets me know right away who it is.

“Come on in, Bobby.”

“Hey, Cher, the bachelor party is here. It’s for the pack Beta. There are eight of them. Apparently, their Alpha is on his way,” he narrows his eyes at me, “you specifically asked for this, please don’t start shit tonight.”

I hold my hands up in surrender, “I won’t.”

He narrows his eyes further, “I’m serious, Cherry. If you fuck this up I won’t ever give you a bachelor party again!”

“I understand, geez, you throw a drink on one Alpha and you’re labeled a trouble maker!”

“It wouldn’t have been so bad but the drink we still in the glass! You hit him square in the face!”

“Yeah, well, he was being... well, a wolf.”

He rubs his hands over his face, “no problems tonight!”

“No problems!” I repeat.

Once he’s gone I look at myself in the mirror. Rent is due next week, I really need to make some money tonight.

“No problems tonight,” I whisper to myself as I head for the stage.

When my song starts I step out onto the stage. The crowd immediately appreciates my outfit.

It only takes me a second to spot them among the other patrons. As much as I dislike them, damn, they really are attractive. They are taller and all around larger than human men, broad shoulders and muscular chests.

I’m doing a floor routine that engages the crowd. I roll over to where they are seated and spread my legs into the splits before sitting up and popping.

I know immediately that this is going to be a great night. There is more money on the stage from one dance than I made in total, last night.

As I pull my body to stand, I wink at them. They are definitely excited for tonight, the whole group is loud and rowdy.

Crystal and Michelle come out on the side stages as my first song ends and we jump immediately into our routine.

Money is flying everywhere. I love when a routine really excites the crowd.

As the song fades I bow as this is my last main stage dance of the night.

I quickly duck into my dressing room. I switch into my second outfit. A red fishnet catsuit.

With his usual pattern Bobby knocks at my door.

“Come in.”

“Here, I brought you a bottle to being to them. They moved up to the VIP party suite. They are...very excited for you to dance privately for them.”

I nod and continue to tie the laces to my eight inch black platform boots.

“They are wound up but they actually seem like decent guys, Cher. They seem... respectful. They’ve been polite to the waitresses... don’t worry. I’ll have Rex or Tony waiting right outside the door.”

“Have they been informed about lap dance fees?” It’s so much better if they know ahead of time so they don’t argue with me.

“You know it, darlin.”

“Thanks, Bobby.”

“Knock’em dead kid.”

When he leaves I adjust my catsuit, making sure it’s laying over my body perfectly.

My plan is to bring them the bottle, dance three songs, take a break then, do personal dances if they want to.

I’ve only done two bachelor parties in the VIP room and neither went well. Lucky for me, both times the men were human and I was able to call a bouncer in quickly to control the situation.

I bring my track list to the sound booth so everything is ready to go.

I take a deep breath and open the door to their suite.

They all stop their rowdy, goofing off and stare at me as I walk into the room.

“Which one of you is the guest of honor?”

They all push and shove one shy looking guy that raises his hand. I walk toward him slowly, letting my hips sway and hand him the bottle.

“This one’s on us,” I give him a wink before walking to the stage.

My music starts, Diamonds by Rihanna, not a normal stripping song but I think it has the perfect sensuality for a slow, building routine.

I swing around the pole, twisting and bending my body. They watch, mouths open, captivated.

At one point one of them places a full stack of bills on the corner of the stage. They don’t throw the money in the air, just carefully, respectfully place it down.

Maybe Bobby was right, these aren’t the type of men...or wolves that I’m used to dealing with.

When the song ends they genuinely clap and cheer and I can’t help but blush. This is weird. The second song starts and it’s a faster paced twerking, popping, ass shaking routine.

Just as I grab the pole the door opens. The guys get excited but quickly stop when the newcomer walks in.

His shoulders are hunched and he looks furious. Everyone, cowers back. Who is this guy?

A deep, rumbling growl vibrates through the room, I could feel it over the beat of the music.

“Mate,” he says and the room falls dead silent.

That is...until I snort.

The men behind me gasp but I keep my eyes on the new guy, not breaking eye contact.

“Sure, big guy,” I say through my laughter.

His eyes are wide and bewildered, “you doubt me?”

“Um, yeah. You think you’re the first wolf to come in here and throw that word around to get into a girls pants? Please.”

He rolls his neck and clenches his fists.

“I didn’t fall for it then, and I’m not falling for it now, shall we move on to the next dance?”

I turn to the men behind me but they have all gone pale.

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