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Injuries and paint samples

Johnny and Kayden come back into the office and deep blush burns across my cheeks. I should be used to it by now but I still get embarrassed.

Aiden has his arm around my waist, holding me tightly on his lap.

The line rings and a deep, strong voice comes through the speaker.
"Aiden! All good?"

"Yeah, sorry man, I had some personal stuff come up, suddenly."

"No need to apologize, I remeber when I first met Sorsha," he chuckles and my blush increases tenfold.

I can feel Aiden trying not to laugh behind me so I shoot my elbow into his ribs. As Johnny loses it.
"You're getting him into trouble over here Alpha Elijah."

His deep chuckle comes through the speaker.
"Sorry, man. Speaking of ladies, I know this needs to be handled but my daughter is bringing my grandson out on Friday. If we can wait until then my son-in-law wants to come with."

"We can wait until Friday, Elijah. Four days to prepare sounds good."

"I'm going to send one of my top guys out ahead of me, he's become my go-to when it comes to planning these kinds of covert jobs."

"Thank you so much, Elijah, I'm not sure how we would have handled this without you."

"My pleasure kid, when are you going to come complete your level three training?"

Aiden chuckles and rolls his eyes.

They all laugh, I'm missing something apparently.

After the call Aiden explains Alpha Elijah's warrior training program and how it became mandatory for Alphas to complete level one. Aiden liked it so much he went back to complete level two but that the last two levels are insanely difficult. He speaks so highly of Alpha Elijah, I'm looking forward to meeting him.

"What happened at the disciplinary hearing?"

"We're in the process of transferring her to a pack in Washington. The Alpha there owes me a favor. She'll be gone before I leave on Friday."

We walk hand in hand to the construction site to check on the progress of the house.
"I'm going to meet Crystal for lunch tomorrow."

He tenses, "can't she meet you here?"

"Aiden! We aren't going to campus... he won't be around."

He groans and squeezes my hand, "can someone come with you?"

"Like a bodyguard? No."

He pouts until we get to the house. It's looking really good, every time I see it I'm surprised by the progress.


Lunch with Crystal was just the human girl time that I needed. We talked and she told me everything thats been happening at the club in the short time that I've been gone. Not surprisingly, there is lots of drama and craziness.

It was nice to be around someone that feels normal. The pack, while incredibly welcoming, still feels a bit surreal.

I have a meeting with the contractor this afternoon to discuss paint and floors. I'm rushing back to the packlands to check on Aiden beforehand.

As I drive down the long, private road through the forest a huge wolf jumps out in front of my car. I slam my foot down on the break and skid to a stop right in front of it.

Panic sets in until I realize it's covered in blood. It shifts into a very wounded man.

I jump out of the car and run toward him.

"Help!" I scream, hoping the gate guards right up the road will hear me.

"Please, help me," he whimpers as I get closer to him.

"Shit, shit, shit!"

I pace for a moment. What do I do?

"Oh, fuck it, come on," I help him hobble to my car, laying him in the backseat before tearing up the road.

As soon as I pass through the gate Aiden is sprinting toward me.

"Cassidy!" He yells as I jump from the car.

"Help him! He needs help!" I point to the mangled man in the backseat.

"Beta Gray?" Aiden gasps after looking in car.
"Get him to the doctor now!" He shouts and everyone springs into action.

A man I've never seen before approaches, "Luna, can you tell me exactly what happened?"

I stare at him for a second. Who is this guy?

"Umm... yeah..." I tell them exactly what happened.

"I'll go see if he's conscious and able to talk," mystery guy says before turning to walk away. He stops mid stride and turns back slightly, "I'm Cole by the way, it's lovely to meet you."

Aiden growls and he chuckles, throwing his hands in the air, "I'm just introducing myself, I see her mark, sheesh."

Aiden squeezes my hip adls we head back to the packhouse.
"Go to your meeting with the contractor, baby. I'll go handle this and meet you after. I linked my mom, she's going to sit in with you, ok?"

We kiss and I head to the conference room where the contractor and Cyn are already waiting.

I'm excited about the house but I want to know that everything is ok with Aiden.
"Aiden linked me, he wants you to know he's alright and that he'll be waiting for you in his office when this is over." She squeezes my hand.

I relax and we fall down the rabbit hole of colors, carpets and countertops.

We choose coordinating gray tones for the walls with white cabinets for the kitchen.

After looking at no less than a million floor samples his mom and I narrow it down to our two favorites for Aiden to choose from.

The we choose black granite for the countertops and we're finished for the day.

After I was able to relax I actually really enjoyed myself. I'm so glad to have a relationship with Cyn. She reminds me of what having a mother is like.

She makes me promise to come over for dinner when Aiden is gone and we part ways. I practically run to the office.

When I walk in Aiden, Johnny and Cole are seated at his small conference table with a phone in the center. They all look tense.

"Well, fuck," I recognize Alpha Elijah's voice coming from the phone. "Plan it Cole. I'll fly out there tonight and we'll head over in the morning. "

As soon as they hang up Aiden stands and stalks toward me, his expression frustrated and serious. He grabs me and pulls me into his chest.

Behind him Cole and Johnny spread a map over the table and begin quietly talking.

"Rouges have completely taken over the pack. The wolf you helped is their Beta, Gray. The rouges killed their Alpha and imprisoned most of the pack. Gray was barely able to escape. We're going tomorrow, Cass. We notified the council but we're the closest pack to them."

He looks sad, I know their Alpha was his friend.

"I'm sorry, Aiden," I squeeze his hand and he sighs running his fingers through my hair.

"Don't worry about this stuff, baby. We got it. I just wasn't prepared to leave you tomorrow."

I suck in a breath. I'm not ready for him to leave me tomorrow either.

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