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What does that say?

Aiden's POV
***warning- mentions of drugs***

Elijah is passing back and forth when we meet up with the group.

"They have a hostage? Fucking great," he growls.

I spread out a small, detailed map that one of the pack members gave me. Cole sits down in front of it, analyzing every road and detail.

Everyone is tense as the hours pass. Cole won't shift into his human form anymore, he's wound up and ready to finish this.

As the sun sets the two human men and one very out of it wolf walk slowly toward the Alphas quarters. Elijah signals to Kayden and they move to the back of the house.

There is a small commotion from inside then they step out the front door.

Kayden looks mystified. Elijah is insanely fast, I'm sure he was as shocked watching him as I was earlier with Cole.

"The wolf is dead, the humans are incapacitated, they will crack and talk easier than a wolf, we'll spare them" Elijah growls.

Cole takes point as we head toward the packhouse. Four of the wolves from earlier are still there. We spread out, each of us poised to take one rouge. Elijah leaps forward and we all follow.

This almost feels wrong. These wolves aren't even strong enough to put up a fight. I look to Kayden, his wolf is down, so are mine and Cole's.

Elijah is still fighting with his. Something is going on, that wolf looks sickly but he's putting up a good fight. Suddenly, the rogue that had been here earlier, returns.

He shifts and charges me. As we fight I realize that this wolf is on drugs. Whatever he's taken as made his adrenaline spike and taken away his fear. His eyes are glassy, he's not afraid at all.

He's much stronger than he should be. He may be strong but he's completely untrained. My wolf gets him pinned then Cole grabs him by the neck, finishing the job.

I check Kayden, he's standing over the other wolf with Elijah.

We all step into the packhouse and shift.

"What the fuck was that," Elijah says with wide eyes.

"They must have taken something. The others went down easy," I'm just as confused.

"Did you see his eyes? He was crazed!"

"Three more at the security gate," Cole is all business.

"We'll watch them for a moment, make sure they aren't on drugs before we attack." Elijah looks at him pointedly.

I swear Cole's shoulders slump slightly. It's obvious he lives for this.

We shift and creep through the trees until we get to the gate. We wait, watching the three wolves. After a moment it becomes clear that one of them is definitely on something.

Cole growls and Elijah nods. Looks like they are taking the drugged up guy. Kayden and I nod and follow them out. When we reach the gate Kayden and I take out the two wolves quickly.

I can see the awe in his eyes as he watches Elijah and Cole.

After a moment they are able to get the upper hand. We all run back to the treeline and shift.

"Whatever they're on, it definitely makes them stronger," Elijah huffs as we walk quietly toward the medical facilities.

"This would be so much easier if we could all community through the link," Cole sounds annoyed, until his face suddenly lights up.

"Look!" He smiles, "the building next to the infirmary is taller! How did I not notice that earlier?"

Elijah groans and rolls his eyes, "fine, go."

Without another word Cole sprints away.
Elijah chuckles and turns to us, "He's going to scale the taller building and jump down onto the roof of the infirmary. He'll meet us inside. He fucking loves doing that."

We all shift and begin to creep across the street. I see Cole's wolf leap through the air and I shake my head.

Suddenly, there is a loud scream and the sound of things breaking from inside.


We run around the back and the screaming gets louder. Elijah and I shift and run toward the double doors, locked closed by a thick chain.

I follow his lead, turning my shoulder at the last second to break the doors off their hinges.

Once we're inside we take in the chaos unfolding. One of the rogues has a young girl by the throat, holding her against him while the other two fight with Cole.

We shift again and jump in, pulling them off of him. The three of us form a tight circle, protecting each others backs.

These wolves are much bigger than the rest we've dealt with today. It's obvious that they have had, at least some, training.

I can see Kayden out of the corner of my eye, entering the room.

For several minutes everything is a blur. I come out of the fighting induced haze to find myself standing over one of the rouges. Elijah is finishing off another.

The loud cracking of glass breaking causes us to turn in time to see Cole and the last rouge falling from the window.

Kayden is holding the trembling girl. I run to the window and peer out. Cole is hurt but he's still fighting. The rogue lunges at him then sprints into the treeline.

Cole shifts and angrily pulls a huge shard of glass from his chest and shoulder.
"Mother fucker!" He yells as he starts walking toward the trees.

"Cole!" Elijah's Alpha voice cracks through the air and he freezes.

He turns and snarls at Elijah but doesn't take another step.
I can't get a handle on their relationship. Elijah is the Alpha but they seem more like brothers and Cole, while respectful when he needs to be, doesn't seem bound by our instincts for reverence.

We take the girl outside and Cole goes to let the pack out. Everyone floods into the street, many of them crying and shifting after being stuck in the cells for days.

"This is all my fault," Dina cries over and over again into Kaydens chest.

The packs Beta female comes to comfort her.

The sun comes up as we finally pile, exhausted, into the car. After conferring with the council we are taking Dina back to my pack until the council can come, take her somewhere safe for the long term.

They have representatives on the way since last night, we should only have to watch her for a few hours. Honestly, I don't have the energy. She's emotionally unstable after everything that's happened and not being very cooperative when asked about anything.

Cole is the last to slide into the car, rubbing his hands over his face.

"The Gamma is holding the humans in a cell until council arrives. They are already talking. Apparently, the three were acting as sort of pack leaders to the group, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The humans were here because they cook meth for them," he growls.

Dina whimpers in the backseat and Elijah growls, "not now Cole."

Cole rolls his eyes and looks down at the paper in front of him. Something written on it catches my eye.

"What does that say?"

"It's the humans names, Tommy Fraiser and," he looks down at the page, "ummm... Aaron Vidot."

I choke and turn to him.

"It's Vid-oh," I whisper.


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