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A blur

"What?" Cyn turns to her.

"I was afraid to tell you," she cries, "he's not my mate, he forced me. Now I'll never get to be with my fated mate."

"He couldn't get in, could he?" I ask Cyn and she pales.

"There's been a breech, Cassidy," Harris tells me calmly, "Aiden will handle it. Don't worry."

I start to panic. He said Aiden will handle it but my body shakes nervously anyway. This place seems impenetrable, whoever got in is definitely not coming to chat nicely.

"Stay together, we're going back to our house," Cyn tells me, "we have a safe room."

As we step outside I'm engulfed in panic and mayhem. Wolves are running everywhere.
His dad turns to me, doing his best to keep me informed since I can't hear the mindlink.
"Two guards were found dead and he is on the property somewhere. Aiden is tracking him. Don't worr, Cassidy, Aiden is alright, he wants you safe."

I gape at him. How is he so calm about all of this?

Dina screams as a large, dark colored wolf runs through the treeline right across the street from where we're standing.

Cyn grabs her hand and pulls her down the street. She looks so afraid, her eyes glassy and wide as she tries to run.

"Cassidy, run!"

Harris grabs my hand and pulls me away, dragging me behind him. Aiden's gray wolf leaps out of nowhere, tackling the dark wolf. They rolls through the street roughly.

I yank my arm back from Harris, stopping dead and watching.

Aiden's wolf is bigger and obviously stronger but this wolf has nothing to lose. They fight and it seems like everytime Aiden gets the upper hand the other wolf finds a way out of his grip.

A loud howl fills the air and I freeze. What does that mean? Every kind of horrible thought runs through my head. Is Aiden dying? They are howling because they can feel their Alpha dying...

Another howl from right behind me forces me to turn. A blur of black and blue moves past me so quickly it blows a gust of wind over my face.

When I turn to watch it, I realize its a man, wearing black and blue clothes. He stops, pulling the wolf from Aiden, slamming him to the ground so roughly I can hear bones cracking from here.

Aiden pulls himself to stand over the dark wolf, sinking his teeth into his neck.

Several other wolves run out of the woods joining them.

I know Aiden is killing him but I can't look away. The dark wolf thrashes and struggles until Aiden shakes his head violently. The wolf stops struggling, his body going completely limp.

I let out a sigh of relief. I can't hold myself back, I sprint toward them. Aiden shifts in time for me to slam into his chest.

"Cass! What the fuck are you doing out here?"

"I couldn't leave. Once I saw you... I had to know that you were alright."

The wolves around us shift and I recognize Johnny and Cole. The other one I saw earlier in the car but we didn't speak. He is covered from the neck down in tattoos.

"Put some clothes on," the super fast guy says in mock disgust.

A wolf from our pack brings a large gym bag out and sets it on the ground in front of them.

The tattooed one shoulder checks him while laughing and reaching for shorts in the bag.

"Cass, this is Elijah and Leo."

Once Elijah has shorts on he nods to me, "Nice to meet you."

Leo steps forward and extends his hand. When I get a better look I realize he has fangs. He's a vampire. A shudder runs through my body but I try to hide it. He just helped Aiden.

Aiden wraps his arm around my waist, holding me safe in his arms.

"How did he get in?"

"He rushed the small gate on the north side of the territory, there was only one guard due to a shift change. He got in and followed her scent and the pull of her mark."

"I wish she had fucking mentioned that he had marked her beforehand. We could have anticipated this," Cole grumbles.

"He did it against her will. I think she was trying to act like it didn't happen, trying to pretend it wasn't real, " I say softly making Elijah and Leo chuckle.

"What she's saying in polite Luna-speak is stop being a jackass, Cole," Elijah laughs while Cole's scowl deepens.

"Let's get this cleaned up, the council representatives should be here any minute."

"We got it, Alpha," Johnny and Kayden step forward.

He nods and takes my hand, leading me toward the packhouse.

"Cass, you have to promise me, if we're ever in trouble again, you have to keep yourself safe. You can't shift and fight off a wolf. You have to go somewhere safe. Promise me, baby."

"I promise. I was going...until I saw you. I couldn't leave."

He presses a kiss to my forehead.

"You're quite impressive, Alpha," I whisper and his eyes flash black, a groan rumbling in his throat.

"We don't have time right now, but believe me, Cass, as soon as I can, I'll be showing you how impressive I am."

I feel my core tighten at his promise thinly veiled as a threat.

After the council leaves with Dina, Elijah, Cole and Leo prepare to leave.

"We need to head back. I've got my little grand-man waiting at home for me," Elijah says excitedly.

"I won't tell Bea that you neglected to mention her," Leo jokes.

Cole rolls his eyes and climbs in the car. After saying our goodbyes and watching them drive through the gate Aiden grabs me, throwing me over his shoulder.

I shriek as he starts to run toward the packhouse. I cover my face in my hands as I hear whistles and shouts from pack members.

"I've got a promise to keep, baby," he whispers gruffly making me shudder.

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