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Get out!

We decide to go to his office because we can't even wait long enough to get all the way up to the top floor.

We stumble inside, attacking each other. I push him back toward his chair, licking and sucking his mouth and lips. I have a plan, he's mine this time.

"Sit," I tell him when his legs hit the chair. When he does, I fall to my knees between his legs. I pull at the sweatpants he's wearing and he lifts so I can pull them down his thighs.

His erection falls against his stomach. He's always ready for me. My core aches at the sight of him.

I lean forward and run the tip of my tongue up the vein on his shaft. He hisses and throws his head back.

A knock on the door makes us both freeze. I start to try to get up but I hear the door click open. Shit. Who is just walking in unprompted?

I scoot further under his desk and he pulls forward slightly, blocking me and his naked lap, from view.

"Alpha, I'm sorry to bother you. I know things are really crazy right now but, my transport is here," Calista sniffles, "I just came to say goodbye."

I smile and lean forward, letting my fingers run up his thights teasingly. He tenses at my touch. I know he knows exactly where I'm going to go with this.

Whatever she's saying, I'm no longer paying any attention. I pull him into my mouth and sink down completely, pulling him all the way to the back of my throat on the first bob of my head.

A strange, garbled sound comes from his throat as his whole body goes ridged.

I work my mouth up and down, faster than I ever have, coating him in saliva so I can slip over him easily.

He grips his desk tightly and I can hear him trying not to pant. Little gasps slip past his lips and it spurs me on.

She's still talking, I can tell she's crying. I pull up and suck his tip, hard. He stomps his foot down, trying to keep himself quiet.

I start to move up and down again, moving my head so that my tongue is applying pressure to his shaft each time.

A loud moan rips from his throat and he throws his head back against his seat.
"Get the fuck out," he yells in a raspy, desperate voice.

I laugh with him in the back of my throat and he moans again, rocking his hips forward as he brings his arm up, draping it over his face.

I hear her cry then run from the office, slamming the door behind her.

"Cassidy," he grits out.

I can feel his tip swelling against my tongue. I know he's close. I move up and down quickly, hollowing my cheeks and sucking his tip hard every time I come up to the top.

"Oh my... oh God," he grunts as I feel him shooting down my throat.

His hand goes to my hair, holding me down while he spurts and twitches against my tongue.

When he's finished he falls back in his chair.

"What the fuck, baby!?" He sounds shocked.

I crawl out from under the desk and give him a small smile and shrug, "I guess I was feeling territorial."

His eyes flicker and he grabs me by my waist. His eyes are wild and desperate. He rips at my jeans, pulling them down my legs.

He stands from his chair and grabs me, pulling me up into his arms while he walks. He slams my back against the wall, our centers rubbing together.

I lock my legs around his waist and grind myself against him. He looks into my eyes and smirks. I furrow my brow, as I open my mouth to question him he slams his hips forward, pushing all the way in to the hilt.

I clench around him and try to cover my mouth.

He pulls back and immediately snaps his hips forward again. I scream and claw into his shoulders.

He's so deep, hitting that spot that only he has ever reached. I'm a goner. He moves back and forth so quickly that I can't even make a sound, my mouth just hangs, slack.

We bang roughly against the wall each time he thrusts forward. If he goes much further hes going to push me right through the drywall and into the hallway.

I feel that intense, perfect burn starting to build. My muscles tightening and spasming around him.

"Cum, I need it. I need to feel it, Cass," he groans into my neck.

It's like we've completely lost control. He's holding back nothing, pounding my so hard and so fast I let unbridled screams free like there was no one around to hear me for miles.

I finally feel the pressure release and I clench around him. He moans and his body shudders. We release together, clawing at each other, pressing sloppy kisses against mouths, chins, necks, anywhere our mouths land.

My legs feel like jello as he backs up, with me still firmly in his grasp, falling into his chair.

We're both heaving and panting. A deep, guttural laugh rips through him. I look up as his chest shakes beneath me.
"I screamed at her to get out in the middle of her apology."

"Very rude of you."

"I tried so hard. When you first started I really thought I could do it but...she just kept talking."

We laugh until tears are streaming down my face. I kind of wish I could have seen her face.

"I really love you, you know that?" He asks after we catch our breath.

"I know, Alpha," and I really mean it. He has left me with no choice but to really feel love.

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