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"Are you ready?"


"Are you sure? He's going to attack you as soon as we walk through the door."

I giggle, "I know, open the door!"

As soon as we step inside a shriek from upstairs makes us both laugh. The pounding of tiny running feet above us comforts me, we're home.


"I'm home!"

Another loud shriek, then we can see him at the top of the stairs, the spitting image of his dad. Aiden puts his arm around my shoulder.

Alex leaps down the stairs and slams into my legs wrapping his arms me.
"Is she here? Can I see her?"

I bend down, moving the blanket to show him her little face.

He lights up, "shes so cute! Can I hold her?"

"Come sit with me bud," Harris calls from the sofa, patting the seat next to him.

Alex runs and jumps on his grandpa as I walk slowly toward them.

"You good, baby?" Aiden hoovers beside me, walking at my snail pace.

I roll my eyes, "I'm as good as I can be after being flayed open to get your nine pound daughter out of me."

His face twists with guilt and I can't help but laugh. I know I shouldn't joke about that, he gets so upset.
"Hey, she's smaller than her brother was! Thats something!"

He presses a tight kiss to my forehead as I lay the little pink budle in her brothers wiggling arms.

Cyn is in the corner snapping a million pictures.

"Hold her head, like this," Aiden adjusts his arms.

"Hi, Emily," Alex giggles and my heart swells.

I told Aiden this was it, two was my limit. Now as I watch them together my resolve is cracking. Maybe one more.

"Is she wearing her special outfit, dad?" Alex asks and Aiden pales.

I notice Harris rolling his lips into his mouth trying not to laugh.

"What special outfit?" I ask him and Aiden starts coughing.

"Dad got Emily a special outfit for today! He said she was going to wear it!"

I quirk my brow at him, "what outfit?"

Aiden shifts on his feet.
"Am I not supposed to know about it?"

"No," Aiden smiles nervously, "let's take her upstairs and change her, Alex."

Aiden takes her from Alex and they head upstairs. I look at Harris and Cyn but they're both avoiding eye contact with me.

"So, whatever this is, you two are in on it, got it." They both laugh.

"I told Aiden not to tell a four year old about this," Cyn laughs.

A few minutes later Alex comes bounding down the stairs with Aiden in tow.

"Look at her special outfit, mom!"

Aiden tries to hide his laughter.

When he lays Emily in my arms she's bundled tightly in a blanket. I lay her over my thighs and gently unfold her swaddle.

She's wearing a little pink onesie.

"Mommy, will you marry my Daddy?"

My eyes shoot up to find him kneeling in front of me with a small black box in his hand. I immediately start to cry.

"I'm an idiot, Cass. I don't know what took me so long to do this. You're my Luna and the mother of my children. Be my wife. Marry me?"

He slides a gorgeous ring onto my finger.

I stare at him, completely in shock. I wasn't expecting this, I'm completely caught of guard.

"Cass, baby?"

He raises his brow hopefully.

"Of course, of course I'll marry you, Aiden," I whisper as he leans forward to kiss me.

"Yay! She said yes!" Alex jumps around the living room.

Aiden is putting Alex to bed. I just got Emily fed, changed and in her cot for a few hours. I'm supposed to be laying down but I find myself at our bedroom windows, looking out over the lake.

"Why aren't you resting, Mrs. Sterling?"
Aiden snakes his arms around my waist, setting his chin on my shoulder.

"I don't know... I'm just thinking I guess. Mrs. Sterling sounds pretty good, doesn't it?"

"Why haven't you kicked my ass for not asking sooner? Honestly, Cass, I wasn't thinking. It's not something we do but... fuck, you're human! I'm such an idiot."

"Aiden," I giggle, "honestly, I wasn't expecting it. It's not like I've been waiting around for you to ask all this time. I know wolves don't usually get married. I have your mark, that's as good as married to me."

He presses a soft kiss against my mark.
"You're human. I should have realized sooner. You deserve everything, Cassidy."

"I have everything," I sigh contentedly, looking at the peaceful water.
"Anyway, we've been busy the last few years," I laugh.

"I love you, so much."

"I know you do, Alpha."
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