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Partys Over

"Get out," he growls.

From behind me there is a chrous of "Yes, Alpha," and the men file out of the room.

He slams the door closed and walks closer to me.
Damn, too bad he's a liar. He is insanely good-looking. Clean cut and shaven, strong, sharp jawline, blue green eyes. Shit.

"What's your name?" His voice is softer, with a sexy masculine rasp.

"Cherry," I refuse to let him rattle me just because he's handsome.

"What's your real name?" He deadpans.

"What's yours?"

"Aiden Sterling"

"Nice to meet you, Aiden Sterling. Why don't you bring your boys back and we can continue the party?"

"Partys over."

"Aww, we were just getting started."

His jaw clenches.
"I've been looking for you for ten years," his voice is tight, frustrated.

"Me? Impossible. Ten years ago...I was eleven. I sure hope you weren't looking for me."

His eyes go wide, "holy shit! You're only twenty one?! No wonder it took so long to find you. Fuck!"

He runs his large hand through his perfectly styled hair, messing it up slightly. He takes a step toward me but stops when he sees my face.

"I'm human," I tell him stupidly, like he doesn't already know that.

"I am aware," he chuckles.

"So, I'm not your mate."

"You are most definitely my mate. I could smell you from the parking lot."

I know I'm blushing. He could smell me. I don't know if that's a normal thing to say to a wolf but to a human, it's super weird.

"It's a good thing," he tries to correct, "you smell amazing."

Nope. Still weird.

"Look, if the party really is over I have to get back to work."

He looks frantic and upset.


"Yes, no. I don't want you to go dance out there for all of those men."

"Well, then bring your friends back in here and I'll dance for you."

"Just me, how much to dance for just me for the rest of the night?"

"Umm...its two hundred per song."

"How many songs will it take to get you to stay in here?"

"You want eight private dances?"

"Is that how many you need to do to make up for the songs you aren't doing out there?"
He closes his eyes and a second later there is a knock on the door.

"Alpha," I recognize one of the men from earlier. He hands him a few stacks then leaves quickly, never looking up from the floor.

"Here's two thousand," he sets two racks on the stage.

"Ok," my breath is shaky.

He pulls a chair directly in front of the stage and sits. Waiting.

I cue the music from the booth and it starts, a slow, rhythmic beat that I sway to, slowly climbing the pole and letting my body stretch and bend.

By the end of the first song, he's panting in his chair.

"Do you want a lap dance or all stage dances?"

"Lap dances," he whispers.

I climb off the stage and straddle him as the music starts. I move over his body, rubbing and twisting until I turn so that my back is against his chest. When I grind down on him he groans loudly, throwing his head back.

His body feels so big beneath mine.

I rest my hands on his knees and grind down on him. He grabs my hips and thrusts up against me. A mangled sound in his chest sends a quivering jolt through mine.

I slid my body and circle my hips. The bulge in his pants is so big I can't believe he hasn't busted his zipper.

I stand and spin while dipping my hips, positioning myself between his legs so I can run my hands up his body.

When we're face to face he grabs my hand thats touching his chest. The top few buttons on his shirt are open and he pushes my hand there, so that I'm touching his skin.

"You don't feel this?" His voice is strained.

"Your heartbeat?"

He lets out an angry sigh.
"When you touch my skin... you don't feel anything?"

"Like what? I feel your skin?"

"But it doesn't...tingle?"

I scrunch up my face, "no..."

"Fuck," his head drops back, "you are my mate. I know you're human but I thought you would feel...something...shit."

"Do you want me to keep dancing or...?"

His face is an angry scowl, "look... I gave you the fucking money...what do you want more?"

I jump off of his lap, "I'm just trying to earn the money. This is my job. I'm not trying to shake you down asshole. You're paying me and I don't take shit for free!"

I turn on my heels and stomp toward the door but he grabs me before I can leave.

"I didn't mean...look... I definitely didn't expect to find you tonight and I didn't expect you to be a human or a..."


"Yeah... I can take care of you. You don't have to do this anymore."

I throw my head back and laugh.
"Wow. Again... not the first time I've received an offer to be 'kept' but what makes you think I don't work here because I want to. I could do something else... I work here because I make enough money to pay... what I need to pay for."

I'm definitely not telling him my life story. He doesn't need to know that I'm going to school or that this was the only job I could find to pay my tuition without the debt from student loans. I don't owe him and explanations about why I do what I do.

"I didn't mean it like that," he scrubs his hands over his face, I know he's frustrated.

"I don't need your judgments about me or my job. Most of what you would guess about me would be wrong... strippers aren't everything that the stereotypes say..."

"So... working here?" He's hesitant.

"Yes, actually. Most of the time."

"I apologize for... the insinuations."

Damn, he actually looks sincere.

"I still owe you six dances. Are you sure you don't want to call your friends back in here? It is a bachelor party after all."

He growls, "I would pluck their eyes out before they see you like this again."

Just when I thought we were getting somewhere.

"You don't own me... this is my job... I'll be back next weekend."

He growls and slams be back against the wall, not hard enough to hurt but enough to shock me.

"You're mine," the weight of his stare is so heavy it makes me squirm.

"I'm mine," I tell him firmly.

"Let me take you out," he says suddenly relaxing.

"No," I say with a smile.

"What's your name?"


He groans and pushes his face into my neck, "let me take you out."

"Let me finish the dances I owe you."

"Put them on my tab."

"I don't do that. You pay for a dance you receive it...same night."

"I have to go...Cherry," he says my name with annoyance. "I'm starting to lose control here. Please, keep the money. I... I asked for the dances...I want you to have it."

I'm not going to argue with him.
"Ok, fine."

"Can I give you a ride home?"

I snort, "of course not!"

He looks...sad, which makes me feel a slight pang of guilt.

When we open the door his friends are waiting in the cramped hallway.

"What's your name?" He whispers again.

I just nod my head "no."

The bachelor puts his arm around Aiden's shoulder and leads him away. I don't look back but I can feel his eyes on me.

I go to my dressing room and change into my jeans and hoodie. This night has been...strange and I don't feel like dancing. I guess I'll have to come in tomorrow.

I grab the money he paid me and head for Bobby's office.

"Here, take the extra sixteen hundred. I only gave him two private dances."

"You really are the most honest person I know, Cherry," he laughs, "they must have been world class dances because they left four grand in gratuity. You get fifty percent of that."

He hands me two thousand dollars and I frown. I feel... cheap. This is why I don't do private dances.

I go home that night with a nagging feeling in my chest. I definitely didn't feel tingles when we touched but I feel something. I can't place it though.

He got under my skin a little bit, which I hate.

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