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Sex With Me

He leans forward and pulls me tight against his chest.

He leans down like he's going to kiss me but stops short. It takes me by surprise, maybe he doesn't want to kiss me.

"Do you think it's a bad idea if we kiss? Because you're so much more... sure of all of this."

He looks completely shocked, "what? No! I just don't want to push you too far too fast knowing that you still need time."



"Put your fucking mouth on me."

A loud growl rips through him as he slams into my mouth. The boat rocks beneath us as we attack each other.

I'm on his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist and he's clawing at my ass over my jeans.

I vaguely feel him rowing us back to shore, our mouths never part. I have never felt this deep need to touch someone, to have them touching me, to kiss someone.

I feel a desperate ache growing at the pit of my stomach. I grind myself down against him and he bites into my bottom lip.

He kisses me like he starved, like he needs it to live. I feel the same way.
He runs his fingers through my hair, gripping the hairs at the nape of my neck tightly.

I realize that the boat is pulled up to the tiny dock. I pull myself up, clutching his shirt tightly so he'll follow.

We stumble toward a huge old tree on the bank of the lake. He lays me down in the soft grass, and gets down between my legs, supporting himself on his elbows.

Is it the mate bond that is making this feel so good?

Everything about this feels heightened, potent, potentially dangerous and addictive. The sounds he's making, the grunts and quiet moans are making me wetter than I've ever been.

I feel intoxicated, like all of my inhibitions and sensibilities have been wiped away. The smell of his cologne, his soft hair, the rippling muscles in his arms and chest, everything about him is a heady blend of everything I never knew I needed.

He brings his hand down to my pants, "can I take these off?"

"Yes," I moan against his mouth.

He pulls back on his knees and pulls my pants down my legs, yanking at my shoes to pull them completely off.

He hooks his fingers into my tiny thong and slides it down my legs.

He licks his swollen lips and stares at my bare, naked core that feels uncomfortably wet.

"You're fucking dripping for me. What do you want me to do, Cass? Lick you? Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want my fingers inside of you?"

The roughness of his voice makes me whimper. Is all of the above an option?

"All of it... I want all of it, Aiden, please."

I want him to devastate me, to wreck me, to rip me apart.

He leans down and licks a slow, audibly squelching strip up my soaking wet lips. I grind my hips down against his face. He quickly grabs my thighs and pushes them apart, holding me wide open.

He brings his mouth down again and dips his tongue inside of me, swirling it to collect the juices.

"Fuck, you're delicious," he growls before flicking his tongue over my clit. I try to buck my hips but hes pinning me to the grass.

"Aiden," his name slips through my lips in gasping, pleading whimpers.

He relentlessly flicks, sucks and licks, his mouth navigating me like he has a map.

"Oh God," I'm moaning loudly, "it's so good. Please don't stop!"

He pushes two of his long, thick fingers into me and I cry out. It's been such a long time, he's stretching me and massaging me, my mind losing focus on everything but the fire raging in my stomach.

"I want you to cum in my mouth," he curls his fingers faster and faster. His tongue moving rapidly over me.

Oh my fucking God, his mouth.

I grip his hair as my back arches off the grass. When the tension releases a garbled, pleading cry echos through the air, my legs shaking around his head.

When he sits up the apex of my thighs is a wet, sticky mess. My chest is on fire and my legs feel shakey but my mind is set.

I pull him forward, taking his mouth roughly as I lean onto my knees. When I'm stable, I use my sturdier position to push him backwards. He falls in the grass, leaning up on his elbows.

I stand and take a few steps back from him, watching him watch me.

I bite my lip and pull the hem of my shirt up, tossing it into the grass with my pants.

I drop my hips down, and bring them back up slowly. He watches every move, never taking his eyes off of me.

I pull my bra down my shoulders and unhook the clasps. He sucks in a shallow breath as I throw it to the ground.

When I'm fully naked I walk toward him, letting my hips sway. I see his eyes focused between my legs.

I drop down to my knees and crawl the short distance between us, I run my hands up his legs, feeling his muscles go ridged at my touch.

I take his shoes off before crawling up further, unbuttoning his jeans. He lifts slightly then helps me pull them down along with his underwear. I throw them over my shoulder, focusing my attention on his swollen manhood.

Fuck me, the girls weren't exaggerating. He has a pornstar cock and I can't wait to feel it stretching me open.

I pull at his shirt, careful not to touch where he wants me to the most.

When he's shirtless I marvel at his beautiful body. Hard slabs of muscle under smooth soft skin. I sit on my knees between his legs, so close to him, his thighs are touching my knees.

He groans and grips the grass in his fist. His hips move uncomfortably, he wants me to touch him so bad. His need for me makes me quiver, powerful confidence running over me.

"What do you want, Alpha?" I tease biting into my bottom lip, "I'll do anything you want."

"Whatever you want, baby. I want you to do whatever feels good to you just... please, touch me." His voice is so tight and desperate.

I crawl up further so that I'm straddling him, my swollen, needy core hovering just above his leaking cock.

"Can I fuck you?"

His head falls back into the grass and a choked moan breaks from his lips.

I place a small kiss on his bewildered mouth before flipping around. I'm straddling him in reverse now, my ass resting against his stomach. I lean forward, placing my hands firmly in the grass between his legs. I pop up slightly, jumping my legs out into a split.

"Jesus Christ," he pants behind me.

I circle my hips down over him, before lifting them slightly so that I'm hoovering over him again. I bring one hand down quickly and lift him to my entrance, sinking down onto him while still in a full split.

"Fuck, you're so tight," he groans.

I feel his body shake below me but all I can think about is the deep, pinching stretch. I lift my hips up and down a few times before bringing my legs back snugly around his hips.

I throw my head back, my hair sweeping across my ass as I lift and lower myself over him, riding him through the burn of his length expanding me to my limit.

His hands grip my hips roughly as I begin to bounce, feeling him sliding within me.

I bounce faster, letting my hips shimmy so that my ass shakes slightly, right in front of his face.

His hands grip me so hard it hurts, that only spurs me on.
"Fuck," he groans, "fuck!"

Is he getting harder?

"Oh my God, Aiden," I whine.

"You're so tight, I'm about to explode," he cries out in agony.

My thighs begin to burn and the knot in my stomach is wound so tight its agonizing. I start to drop down harder against him, my ass hitting against his stomach each time I bring my hips down.

He's deeper than anyone has ever reached by so much it would be comical if my brain could think of anything other than release.

"Cass, baby, don't stop," his legs flex against the grass.

Sweat rolls down my spine as I continue to slam myself down on him. He brings his hands roughly to my waist and squeezes.

He bends his legs and puts his feet flat in the grass and I realize what he's about to do. I brace myself just before he uses his legs for leverage to thrust upward as I slam down.

The result is devastating. I feel myself crumbling after a few of these powerful strokes.

"Aiden," my voice shakes as I grip around him tightly. An orgasm exploding through my body. Earth shattering, life changing ripples of debilitating pleasure cripple my body.

"Holy fucking shit, Cass," he growls and holds my hips down as he grinds against me, twitching inside me, my name falling hoarsely from his lips with each hot spurt of his release.

I use the last of my strength to lift up enough to release him from my body. He holds me as I turn and fall into the grass beside him.

"Wow, Cass that..."

"Yeah," I chuckle as I press my body into his.

"You're fucking amazing," he kisses my forehead before falling back into the grass.

Song - Sex With Me by Rhianna

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