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I stomp around my dressing room in a furious rage.

What the fuck is going on?

I can't shake this weird, grouchy, funk.

It's Friday night, my first dance is in five mintues and all I want to do is jump in my car and drive to Aiden. When I get to him I'm not sure if I want to kiss him or punch him, or both.

Everytime I move I feel a deep, perfect soreness in my core. I can't even try not to think of him. It's like phantom feelings. If I close my eyes it's like he's actually here, his hands on me, his breath against my skin, his lips on mine.

I had the best nights sleep I've had in over a decade but for some reason I'm grumpier than I've ever been.

I don't want to be here. I know he doesnt want me to be here and it's fucking with me. Knowing that he's upset is filling me with doubt which is pissing me off.

This is my job, I like my job. I'm not quitting after one date because my... Aiden...doesn't like it. I am finishing my degree, paying my bills and making something of myself, by myself.

This is fucking ridiculous.

I pull on a shimmery silver thing, I don't even care what it is.

My phone is locked in the tiny security locker under my makeup table. I wonder if he's texting or calling me. I have time to look before I'm announced.


I'm not going to look. It doesn't matter if he's writing or calling, I'm at work!

A small sliver of fear grips my heart, maybe he isn't texting or calling at all. Maybe he doesn't want me like he says he does.

I take a deep breath and walk toward the stage.

When my music starts and the curtain opens I try to let my mind fade, willing my body to take over.

My heart pounds in my chest. I feel flushed and warm. I want to run off the stage.

I twirl my body around the pole and let myself slide down to the floor into the splits. Money litters the stage as I roll and push myself onto my knees.

From the corner of my eye I see Monty, a regular, stand to put some money on the stage.

As I spin I hear a loud commotion beside the stage. Glass shattering and furniture crashing into the ground booms over the music.

I stop and turn to find Monty pinned to the ground, tables and chairs overturned and thrown around.

My eyes grow wide. Shit! Aiden is on top of him, pinning him to the sticky floor by the throat.

I recognize two guys from the bachelor party, they're trying to pull him off but they are completely ineffective.

"Aiden!" I hear my voice screaming before my mind can really wrap itself around whats happening in front of me.

Bobby, Rex and Tony run over and try help Aiden's guys pull him off. Monty is starting to turn purple.

I jump off the stage and push past the men. I grab his shoulder and pull. He immediately releases Monty and turns to me. His usually captivating eyes are dark, inky black. His shoulders are haunched over and his chest is shaking from the tension in his muscles.


I don't even know what to say other than his name. He grabs me and throws me over his shoulder, pulling me outside. I beat my fists against his back, rage boiling up inside of me.

Bobby and Tony stay behind with Monty but everyone else follows quickly behind us.

"Put me down!" I'm screaming furiously.

He sets me down next to his car and pulls his jacket off, roughly covering my body with it.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, jackass?!"

"YOU ARE MINE," his voice booms through the parking lot.

"I don't belong to you, you fucking dick! This is my job... or it was before you busted in and beat up a sixty year old man!"

His whole body is ridged and shaking. Deep, angry growls are rolling through his chest. His eyes are the flickering between black and blue.

"I tried, Cass... I tore my fucking office apart trying to stay away. I know this is your job but... you're not a wolf...I'm trying so hard but I want to claim you, to own you, body and soul, just like you own me. I can't have you here... men looking at you..."

"I own you?" My anger disintegrates.

"Completely." His shoulders slump and guilt overtakes his handsome face.

I step into him, wrapping my hands around his waist. He holds me tightly, his heart pounding against my ear.

"Is that guy really sixty?"

"Yeah, poor Monty. We should go check that he's alive."

When we turn the two wolves that came with him are staring at us with wide eyes.

"Fuck off," Aiden grunts at them.

"I... you..." one of them stutters.

Aiden growls, "what?"

"I've known you since we were kids, you've never lost control like that..."

He hangs his head, ashamed, "I know, Johnny... "

I rub my hand over his stomach. I need to remember that this man isn't just a man. He has a side to him thats a wild animal. A possessive, overprotective, feral beast inside the sweet man that I know.

If I'm going to pursue a relationship with him I need to open my eyes to the differences between us.

When we step inside Crystal is on the stage and the tables have been cleaned up. All evidence of a scuffle is gone.

I lead the way back to Bobbys office. When Monty sees Aiden he cowers back and tries to hide behind Tony.

Aiden raises his hands in surrender, "I'm not going to hurt you... I... I'm sorry. I lost control."

"I'm so sorry, Monty," I let my eyes roam over the red marks that will definitely turn into bruises on his neck.

"I'll be alright, Darlin, not the first time ole Montys been in a scrape."

I look to Bobby, he looks much less forgiving.

Damn it, I'm definitely getting fired.
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