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Rose had a secured life. Her father became president 2 years ago and as such, her life has its perks— it really was a form of torture for her.

She loved her father dearly but he was so protective of her. She never left the White House and didn’t have any friends, except her friend from her childhood and her cousins. She did however have a boyfriend. If you could even call it that.

When she was pulled out of school after a attack, she was assigned a body guard. It didn’t take long for Mateo to fall in lust for this girl, for Rose was beautiful and everyone loved to talk about it. She was famous and she didn’t even have any social media’s. She never knew if the outside life of a normal girl— but Mateo loved to show her.

Mateo would sneak her out and as her bodyguard and the presidents most trusted, he never got questioned.

But tonight he hadn’t shown up yet, and he always showed up. She had terrible nightmares and sleeping next to him, well they vanished completely. It was safe to say both had found safety in each other, dare they say love. She loved him and he loved her, although he would never admit it out loud.

She tried to call asleep. It was 1am and she stayed up waiting but she was tired, which lead her to trying to fall asleep. For tomorrow, or today; since it was already 1 am— would be her 19th birthday and she was excited. She turned her star lights on. The lights he had gotten her one night because she was never allowed to stargaze, let alone leave the White House. they stayed up naming all the stars, eventually forgetting their names and re-naming later on.

She tried naming the stars once again:






She giggled at that name.

Gertrude was her favorite.

On and on she tried to remember all the stars name. But he still wasn’t here. And she still hadn’t fallen asleep.

Soon enough she gave up. She was hurt. She told herself she wouldn’t cry. She wouldn’t. A few tears left her eyes, she wouldn’t count those as crying though. She wouldn’t.

He didn’t sleep with her every night, most nights? Yes. But all the time? No.

But if he couldn’t make it, he would tell her in advance; not leave her hanging. she closed her eyes and rolled on her side, trying to fall asleep.

Ninutes later she heard her door creek and she covered her sniffles, as her father always came for surprise visits in her room.

“You didn’t think I had to leave my baby to sleep all by her self now would you?” he whispers as he climbs into her bed.

Her breath hitches in her eyes shoot open.


“Who else would it be?” he whispers pulling her into the breathtaking kiss. She melted into his kiss as she did always clung against his body. He was her rock.

“My apologies baby, your father had me on an extra case tonight.” He soothed as he guided off his clothes. He climbed on top of her and kept her face in his hands.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.” He whispers against her lips as he kisses her roughly against the bed. Letting go for air, she giggles.

“You saw me this morning.”

He scuffs like it mattered. The morning had been 16 hours ago and he missed her. He was a sucker for her. He never admitted it and claim he had the “pants in the relationship” but he knew as soon as he said the word he would follow her like a puppy.

He pulled her into his lap and laid back, her back to his chest and their legs entangled.

she played with his fingers as he asked about her day. She rambled on and on about how she tried to convince the guards to let her open the windows; she failed.

Mateo grew jealous at her attention being on the nail guards all day. His fingers trailered up and down her spotless skin. She shivered at his touch as her mouth became silent and let out a shaky breath.

He smirks against her neck and trail kisses up and down. It felt like heaven and she couldn’t
help but clench her thighs together.

“Hm, you like that baby?” He hummed and he spread her side apart against him.

He trailed his fingertips inside of her thigh; up and down. She shivered as always and let out a little man. He hummed satisfied.

“Go on,”

“W-What?” She moans as she felt his hand travel to a covered chest and up bottom of her pajamas.

“I bet you miss me huh?” He smirks as he teases his hand on her breasts, playing with them as if they were made for him.

“You missed me pulling you tightly, pulling you into room and pleasing you. Teaching you something new huh?”

And with that and rolled her over and slipped his hand into band of her shorts.

“So wet already baby.” He hums. He lathers his finger and brings it to his lips as he ducks off all her asroul off his fingers.

Tying her arms above her head and spreading her legs, cuffing them to the posts. She had no way of hiding herself now, not that she minded. Her dark breasts while the rest of her body was petite. Mateo didn’t mind. He didn’t mind at all. They were heavy in his hand but he loved it.

Quickly he pulled something out and a glint of mystery was present in his dark eyes.

He toyed with the vibrator in his fingers as he smirked down at her. He admired her shaved and bare pussy and her toned stomach. He admired her melon like breasts and tall red nipples.

“W-What are you going to do with that?” She asked. He smirked.

“I’m going to watch you cum: Again and again and again.” And before she could react to his dark words he pressed the vibrator on her lit and put on setting 1.

She arched her back and cried; for they had used finger, whips, dildos, chains, but never once had he used a vibrator— let alone one this strong. His main thing was he didn’t want anything giving her pleasure; only him, but this time he didn’t care. He hadn’t seen her all day and all he wanted to do was make love to her.

He placed one above her sacred area, on it her throbbing clit and another around her thighs. The vibrations make her body shake and she was hot and dripping.

He sat back and watched her. He took out his cock and pumped it to the sight of her. She was going strong. She knew the longer she held out the more of a reward she would receive later.

But he couldn’t hold out.

She was so fucking sexy that even the slightest movement would cause her breasts to jiggle and he would leak pre-cum.

He instantly turned up the vibration to the max volume and she cummed without hesitation. She didn’t mean to but it was all too much. a the sheets where drenches and her sun and spilled everywhere. But that didn’t stop Mateo.

He turned it up more and she let out a sound close to a scream of pain and he loved it. He pumped his cock up and down as he released with a hard groan. Laps and laps of his thick seed spewed out. She got her hand cuffs unlocked suddenly crawled over to him.

He bent down and cupped her chin.

“Look at my obedient girl. You here to clean up Daddy’s mess?” He cooed as she nodded like a puppy.

She licked up every single drop and took him in her mouth.

She licked up every single drop and took him in her mouth.

“Fucking Christ Rose!” He groaned. His cock was sore from the previous orgasm and now he hard again. But her big pink lips were wrapped around his thick ginormous cock and he couldn’t give a damn about anything else.

Hold her head he thrusted into her small throat. In and out roughly her cum was leaking onto the rug. She began to tap out, not being able to breathe. He smirked down at her helpless form and with a couple more tortuous thrusts he came in her mouth.

“Good girl.” He coped as he held her up and laid her on the bed. She was on the verge of passing out as she used all her energy for today.

He slipped his cock into her as he called her his own personal “thermal warmer” because her hot pussy calmed his.

She didn’t mind, in-fact throughout the night she found herself cunning around his cock. And the erotic sight when they woke up of their mixed gums was a sight for sore eyes.

“Happy Birthday baby Rose.” He says. He kisses her bare shoulder and they fell into another blissful sleep.

“I love you, Mateo.”

“I love you my baby Rose.”

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