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Maia was never late to piano practice for multiple reasons: her mama would be angry that she was slacking, and she didn’t want to miss one minute with her piano teacher.

Elijah Cohen was a famous piano player who took a few years off to teach. He was teaching Maia. He was supposed to go back to playing few years ago but he hated the thought of not seeing her again. He sat on the piano laying back waiting for her to arrive. She was late. And she was never late.

She stumbled into the piano room a mess and wet. It had rained outside and her papers where wet, her skirt ripped and her hair all over the place.

“I’m here! I’m sorry Mr. Cohen- Elijah I-I mean Elijah. I accidentally slept in and my mother took my car and it was raining, and I had to ride my bike here and-” Maia panted as she scrambled to try and set up her music.

“Don’t let it happen again Maia.” He growled as her breath hitched and her lower region started throbbing.

“It wont Mr. Cohen.”

“Elijah.” He corrects as he comes behind her and sits her on the stool.

“May I say hi to Daisy?” She asks. Elijah smirks and turns to pick up their cat.

One day, on the way tp practice Maia swear she almost hit this little orange and white kitten. She came into the lesson in tears but the little kitten woke up. They put up posters and internet posts saying they had found a lost kitten but no one had come to claim it. Instead Maia named it Daisy and Elijah had kept it.

“Hello little Daisy, look at you getting so big.” Maia cooed as she cuddled her into he cheek. The kitten let out a small meow and purred in Maia’s shoulder. Maia smiled and placed the small kitten on top of the piano.

“Right.” Elijah said clearing his throat.

“Today we will work on posture while playing. Play an easy tune Maia.” He soothed. Maia’s insides clenched and she took a deep breath. She played a simple piece she learned in her early stages; so early she couldn’t even remember the name of it.

Elijah knew he needed to keep it professional. They had a 11 year age gap and he was certain she didn’t fancy him like that. But he did know he made her turned on and he enjoyed that.

He placed his hand on her stomach and back. Her shirt again was wet and her nipples sought though the material. He was enjoying the view even though he knew he shouldn’t.

“Straighten your back, be confident.” He whispered in her ear. His hand rested on her stomach and back. His thumb reached just between the valley of her breasts as he straightened her back.

“Fuck Maia you’re killing me.” He rasped. His dick was hard and he turned around pulling his hair. It wasn’t illegal per-say. She was 18 and he was 29 but it was illegal because he was her teacher.

“I-I’m sorry Elijah. I’ll- I’ll try harder. I-I will. I-I-I promise.” She sniffled as her heart broke. Was she really that bad? Had her crush really hate her? Along with hating her playing as well?

“No, no Maia. Your playing is magical. I have never heard anything as beautiful as you playing its just-fucking god- you- your shirt.” He groaned as his dick strained against his pants and was needy for her.

“My shirt?” She questioned as she looked down to see her nipples visible and her skirt had ridden up.

“Oh my goodness! Elijah you should’ve told me earlier!” she gasped as she grew embarrassed and her cheeks flamed.

“Goodness I’m so sorry Elijah.” She cried as she turned away and buried her face in her hands.

Elijah strides towards her and inhales her beautiful scent from behind.

“Maia I-” He breathes trailing his fingers over her rib cage.

She turns to meet his gaze and before she realizes it he smashes his lips against hers.

It was just liked she had imaged, if not that then even better. He tasted like vanilla and coffee and it was addicting. His lips were perfect and he held such a gentle force towards her, if she even wanted to stop her body probably wouldn’t have let her.

He gripped her breasts and she moaned and he slipped his tongue in.

“This is wrong.” He whispered against her lips.

It was; they both knew it, but Maia just captured his lips again and he gladly accepted. He picked her up and wrapped her around him. He settled her on the top of the piano and sucked on her neck.

"Elijah." She moaned as she could tell he was leaving possessive hickey marks on her bare chest.

You’re so beautiful Maia.” He breaths and quickly takes off her wet shirt leaving her chest bare. He licked his lips and latched onto her nipple with greed. She screamed out and panted grinding herself on his hard on.

He played with her other nipple in his fingers as he nips the other one. Maia was growing more and more wet and her vision was starting to leave when he bit down on her sensitive nipple and she cummed all over.

He leaned down towards his meal.

“W-What are you doing?” She asked breathlessly.

“Just cleaning up pretty girl.” He smirked. He swiped his tongue down her hot folds and licked up her juices. She arched her back and screamed as he plunged his tongue into her hole.

He smirked against her leaning away. He had her cum dripping down his little scruff on his jaw and smirked at her form.

“Look at you:” He teases and puts a bud on her clit. She was confused for a second but knew what it was once he turned it on.

“Yesterday you left your bag and you can imagine my surprise birthday when I found a pink vibrator in the front pocket.” He teases turning it up as she cummed all over the piano.

“Tell me Maia,” He husked. “Who did you think when you were pleasuring yourself hm? Did you think of Nick? The fuck can’t pleasure you like I can. Did you think about Ryan? You think I don’t notice how they all pounce over you?! Who the fuck did you think about Maia?” He growled.

“You!” She cried out as she cummed again on the vibrator. Her eyelashes where wet with tears and he body was shaking.

“You, Elijah. I always thought about you.” She moaned. Elijah was taken aback not exactly expecting that answer but never less was pleased.

“Good.” He husked and played with her nipples from behind as he finally put the vibrator in full blast. She never and could never reach full blast, as she did once and passed out then work up with the vibrator still inside her. Now with it in 100% she felt the same torture before and it was even hard to cum when she new she had to.

“Look at you.” He mocks as her body vibrates in pleasure. Sobbing at the pains me pleasure that rushed into her, she screams as her body finally lets her cum full force. She squirted all around and she had never seen this much leak from her folds.

“Hm, such a good girl huh?” He teased.

“Do I need to tell your mom you will be staying with me from now on? For extra practice of course.” He smirks.

Maia nodded her head and smiled. He grabbed a sweatshirt from the rack and slide it over her body. Maia yawned. and her eyes started drifting off.

“Is my baby tired?” He asked kissing her forehead.

“Mhmm.” She hummed. Elijah smiled and picked her up. He laid down on the couch with Maia on top of him as she quickly fell asleep to Elijah humming and playing with her hair.


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