Searching for a Beast (Book 2)

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Mila won't settle for anything less than a beast in bed. When a coworker helps set the stage for her to get laid, she's ready to take the plunge.

Erotica / Romance
M.C. Rivera
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A New Day

This is the second novella of the series

Book One of the Beast Series is on Amazon.

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When I walk into work on Monday, I’m unsure what I will find. My stomach is in knots. I hadn’t been able to eat breakfast. The sandwich sat in front of me but all I saw was my legs up over my head as my boss drank from my pussy.

I am determined however, not to let this past weekend of unbelievable sex affect my ability to work. I am an intern at a law firm. I am a professional. I’m not an unconfident, shy woman that couldn’t face the men that stood in front of me while I was on my knees and sucked their cocks. I am nearly thirty, strong and proud of who I am, even when I’m begging to be fucked.

So, with a straight back and a bright, welcoming smile, I strut into the office. Carter sits at the front desk. He is a secretary, a sexy ass twenty-something man with washboard abs and amazing pectorals that twitch when he flexes. And now I know he has a big, thick eight-inch dick hiding beneath his slacks.

Carter looks up at me and grins, “Hey.”

I flush from such a simple thing. It’s hard to be so confident when he’s the cause of a four-hour, fifteen orgasm extravaganza over the weekend where Carter twisted me in so many positions I thought my legs would fall off.

I give out a meager “Hi,” and quickly dash to my office. I share the glass box with another intern. Heather is older, probably in her fifties, and has two kids with a husband. We have nothing in common except our love for the law. I greet her as I sit on my side of the table. Where my section is neat and organized, hers is in utter chaos. Heather likes to tell people she works better with disorganization, but I’ve seen her struggle. I’ve offered to help, but she kindly tells me she knows where everything is.

I’m on my computer, glancing out the glass wall that exposes the rest of the office. Clients wait on leather couches and get coffee from a small table.

When my boss, Vic, walks by, I shrink behind my screen in the vain hope he won’t look at me.

I’ve never been in a situation like this. I respect my boss and keep him at a distance. He’s a six-foot black man nearly fifty, and though he is in fantastic shape with a gorgeous face, he is not my type. That being said, he did eat me out, and I did put his massive dick in my mouth. I still can’t fully grasp how that happened. I had gone to a party with all the intention of fucking Carter, and not only did that happen, but I committed sins with my bisexual boss.

A knock on the door pops my head up.

“Hey, Mila, can I see you in my office?”

“Yep.” I squeak out.

Vic waves to Heather and then goes down the hall. My whole body is rigid with anxiety. I don’t want to talk about this weekend. I want to carry on without it affecting my job. I need this job. I live alone, and without it, I’m bound to living on the streets.

Heather looks at me with wide eyes, “What did you do?”

I shake my head, standing tall and proud. Straightening out my blouse and smoothing any wrinkles in my black pants, I strut down the hall.

Vic’s office is modern and clean-cut. He has a glass table, a black leather chair, and a small laptop on the table. I close the glass door behind me and take a seat in the white polyester chair. A picture of his boyfriend and mother is on his desk.

“Good Morning, sir.” Was there a squeak in my voice? I clear my throat.

Vic has his elbows on the table, looking me over. His bald head shines from the sunlight pouring through his floor-to-ceiling windows. “Mila. I wanted to express my surprise at your report on the Fannel Vs. Gilroy account. It was impressive work.”

I blow out air, grinning. “Thank you. It was fun to work on.”

“We have a new client coming in that I think it is right up your alley. I want you to follow our process, and if you ever have questions or even comments, we’d like to hear from you.” He slides the file across the desk, “Read through it. I want you prepared for this afternoon.”

I nod vehemently, taking the file like this is a typical occurrence, and I’m always chosen for these private councils despite this never happening in the six months that I’ve been here.

“I know this weekend was…” He pauses as I snap my head up, “Different. I hope we can still manage a professional friendship.”

“Oh, of course, of course, yes, yeah, that’s great.” I clench my lips together to stop talking nonsense.

He smiles, his white teeth popping out against the darkness of his skin. “Good.” He gets up and opens the door for me, “Get reading.”

I dart out of the room as if my ass is on fire, and I’m back in my chair before I take a breath. I clench the file in both hands. As the seconds pass, I stare at it; an evil thought creeps in: Am I being blackmailed?

Heather is trying to talk, but I put a hand up to stop her from breaking into my head.

Vic chose me over Heather, who has been here longer, to join him on a high-profile case. Vic only takes personal cases when they are going to make a ton of money. Otherwise, it gets passed down to Michael, Savannah, Brain, all these people I’ve helped in the past. Never Vic.

It’s not like I don’t deserve it, though. I am good at this job. I’m better than Heather; everyone says so. I’ve been waiting for Vic to notice. But I won’t have it be because of what happened. I have integrity. I have pride.

I snap to my feet and pound my way back to his office. He’s on the phone watching me as I fume towards him. I don’t bother knocking, shoving the door open and slamming it closed.

Vic, slightly panicked, quickly murmurs, “I’ll call you back.” He slowly lowers the phone. “Something wrong?”

“Why are you giving me this?”

“Because you deserve it?”

“Because of what happened? Because I will not have you think I’m fucking for advancement.” Vic pops up to his feet, rounding the desk. I continue in my speech, “I worked my ass off to get here--”

“Shhh..” He goes to put a hand over my mouth but thinks better about touching me and holds his hands up in defense, “Mila, this isn’t about that. I’ve been waiting to put you on a case. This came up this morning, and I thought you’d like to be on it. If I’m wrong, you don’t have to.”

I blink, “Oh.”

He leans back against his desk, rubbing his mouth as he gaps at me, unsure where to go from here. “Friday was very...unexpected.”

I crack a smile, trying to ease his fear, “But not unwanted.”

He laughs, his stress fading, and he nods. “Good to know. But I think we are adults, and we can handle this situation with professionalism. Okay?”

“Yeah. I think so too.”

“Good. This case is huge, and it will look great in your portfolio. That being said, nothing you have done outside the office affected the decision, nor will it. Are we clear?”


“As a favor to me, if it could remain private…”

“Of course.”

Once more, he goes to the door, “By the way, in case I hadn’t told you,” He leans down into my ear, “You got a gorgeous pussy.”

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