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Enjoying The Danger

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Leila was complacent, she wouldn't say happy, with her life. All it took was one unplanned night and one scared girl to turn her world from to complacent to exhilarating and deadly. Who knew that helping the girl would change so much of her life and herself. *****So this has very MATURE content, as well as being a little demented. I started to write this and it kinda had a mind of its own. I am looking forward to adding more to it. Also KUDOS to those of you that write because I have so many different things in my head and trying to meld them together seems harder at certain times. And for the naughty scenes, I never realized how hard those were to put into words. Again kudos to y'all because this was a lot harder than I thought it would be but also so much fun. P.S. Vos Amo my sunshine * I do NOT own the rights to the photos Book 1

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Well Shit

It was just another day, same wake up and work routine, but instead of straight from work to home the bar called to me so I caved. No,I'm not a recovering alcoholic, I enjoy social drinks, but it's only Wednesday and I already feel the need to get fuzzy. If it wasn't for Aliza then I'm sure my boss would've been sporting a black eye and/or a broken nose today. Instead I listen to my friend, took a deep breath, said "I understand" through clenched teeth, and finished my work. So alcohol it was to relieve my headache and take away this need to want to strangle someone. Aliza bounces over to Jorden, Mikel and I and leaned over, showing her cleavage , a smile plastered on her lips. Jorden rolls his eyes, Mikel clears his throat as I play a drum solo on her boobs.
"STOP" she giggles
"Well then don't lean over and thrust your boobs in my face" I say sticking my tongue out at her.
"Soooooooo, how about we go to that cute little bar down the road from Leila's place and have a few drinks?" She says trying to act innocent.
Jorden "ooos" at the idea while Mikel did his usual
"Well it's a weekday and we shouldn't but sure" speech. They all looked at me with that "let's have fun and get into trouble look". Had I known that shit would have went down afterwards the way it did, I would have passed and went home. But no, I happily agree.
We reached the bar a little past 6 and immediately Jorden and Aliza start hitting on the bartender. Mikel and I giggle at their persistence to figure out who the bartender would flirt with. After our drinks he gave both Aliza and Jorden a wink before helping another customer. I can understand his dilemma,
Aliza is a beautiful 5'10, slender woman with long dark hair and penetrating blue eyes. Jorden is the same height nicely built, with spiked up dark brown hair and eyes. His lips look like he is pouting all the time( we think fillers) but his queen ass won't say it. He wants everyone to believe they are natural (ha).
"Looks like y'all will have to try harder or maybe tag team?!" I say laughing at Mikels sputter and Jordens smirk.
"Girl his head would explode with one of us, I'm not sure he would survive the both of us." Jorden says eliciting a laugh from us.
We head to our usual little booth and enjoy our drinks to unwind from the fucked work day we had. Our boss is a complete cunt, she is lazy and drives me bonkers with her unorganized clutter. Today she demanded that we redo all of the accounts that we previously had finished. Why? Well because she had "misplaced " all of our paperwork. It took us four months ,with 12 others, working our assess off in order to get these marketing accounts closed and then poof she looses everything.
"Woo -saa" I tell myself drinking my drink.
After three more drinks I'm finally starting to feel fuzzy, and need to pee. On the way to the restroom I noticed this younger woman who was apparently uncomfortable with the man that was leaning against the wall pinning her . Her eyes met mine and she looked like a scared rabbit. I accidentally bump into him, apologizing for my clumsiness, but it freed her and allowed her to get away. I giggle, apologize again and then go pee. By the time I get back to the table it's already 10:30, and as much as it makes me sound like an old lady, it's past my bedtime....5am comes early, I noticed we all decided the same thing, nice to be in your late thirties. (Except Mikel who is 28 but acts like he's in his late thirties.)I mentally face-palm and start escorting my friends to the cab they were sharing.
"Come with us". Aliza giggles getting in behind Jorden, keeping herself between him and Mikel, Jorden can be a bit handsy.
"I'll be fine, I live like 4 blocks away, I have my peeper spray, my knife, and my gun so ill be fine. You boys make sure she gets home okay and ALONE, hands to yourselves and I'll see y'all bright and early in the morning"
I giggled at their groans as Mikel got in the cab and it drove away. So I turn to start my walk home, figure I should put my chapstick on, then light a cherry cigar-erette. Pretty slim things that taste like cherry syrup. I am passing by the alley between the bar and the next building, wondering why a car is parked there and what the sniffling sound was.
Me feeling fuzzy and slightly distracted I drop my lighter and look up to see the girl from the bar slumped on the ground crying while the dude was zipping his pants.

"Tell your brother the next time he decides to be cocky I'll be sure to fuck you harder, and maybe let my friends fuck you as well"
He leaned over the girl, grabbing her face and licks the side of her face.
Immediately I'm pissed and nauseated. Without any regard for my own well being, just seeing red for what he did to the girl, I start walking to the alley.
"What the actual fuck did you do?"
The words were out of my mouth before I realized it.
The man and the girl looked at me, his eyes curious yet angry, hers leaking tears and scared. I noticed her black eye, busted lip and torn dress. Her panties still around her ankles and blood on her legs.
I saw red and didn't hear the man talking shit, telling me to leave before I eat a bullet. I can remember feeling like I slowly turn towards him while simultaneously bringing my loaded gun out of my purse. The guy was on me fast and as he grabbed my arm I smiled, blew him a kiss and shot him in the dick. I will never forget the shocked look on his face. Fucking prick deserves to bleed out.
He grabs himself, whining and backing away, eyes filled with confusion and pain. I heard the girl whimper but also snicker as I continued to walk towards the douchebag.
"You should've kept your dick in your pants, no matter what your problem is with her brother, and now I'm going to stand here watching you bleed out so that I know no female will ever have to go through the shit you just pulled"
My teeth were clenched and I wanted nothing more than to put a bullet in his head, but I didn't. I sat there for about 10 mins watching him bleed everywhere and when he finally took his last breathe I turned to the girl. She couldn't have been more than 23, she didn't look shocked at what I did or even look towards the guy. She set there in her ripped short black dress, red high heels, torn panties around her ankles, hands in a puddle of god knows what and cried. I walked to her and knelt down in front of her. At first she didn't realize I was there, finally after a few moments she stuttered a "thank you" and started crying again.
"Come on, my house is only a few blocks away, you can call someone and get a shower, I'm sure I can find you something to change into. "
"I guess I should call the police..." I said more to myself looking at the dead douchebag, understanding what I had done. I was still seeing red and her sniffles didn't help.
I stared at the girl in shock as she grabbed my arm shaking her head violently.
"Don't do that, they'll lock you up and you don't deserve that, I-I'll call my brother he will handle this"
She takes my hand and I help her stand, slowly everything starts to hit me and I start to think....
(I'm fucked, I just killed someone, he deserved it, but fuck)
I help her up, she discarded her ripped panties and we slowly make our way to my apartment.
It was only four blocks away but between her and me we were definitely having a hard time getting there. I wasn't to stable when all this started and every step she took made her sore. She left her purse and phone in the bar but didn't want to go back because the rapist's friends were there. I tried to rush her without rushing her because I wasn't sure if his friends would find him or if someone called the cops if they heard the shot. Not that it isn't common around here but still. We made it to my building and I sent a prayer to whomever was listening, happy the elevator worked. I lived in a spacious but comfy studio apartment, number 216, great neighbors, mostly quiet and the landlords were awesome. We got to my apartment and I hand her my phone.
"Here call who you need and I'll get the shower going, I'd say a bath but it might be better to sit in the shower and let the water wash you.....at least that's what helped for me." Her eyes shot to mine and I gave a half smile and turned to the bathroom.
"All I have are loose shirts and bugs bunny sleeping shorts if that's okay". I called back to her from my room.
She made me "huh" when she responded, she stood in the door way, tears streaming down her face and the phone held loosely in her hands.
"I haven't c-c-called any-anyone y-y-et"
I walked to her and hugged her, telling her it's okay to cry and she can call after the shower. She cried for about five minutes before she sniffed and whispered "I'm sorry and thank you".
I laugh and lead her to the shower, I left her there after telling her where everything was (making sure anything sharp and dangerous was gone) put her towel on the toilet seat and her clothes on the counter.
"I'll be right in the living room if you need anything." I smile and head out.

Thoughts that I had locked away for 15 years come flooding back and I have to fight back tears. I have cried enough over that incident and was not going to let it control my life. As hard as it sounded I know she will be okay, she seems strong and sometimes a good cry is all a girl really needs.
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