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one shots || girlxgirl

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This is a collection of imagines that live rent-free in my brain! (all the smuttiest smut i dream of) I present to you sage and violet, their lives, and the fun times they have. Enjoy, pretties! xx

Erotica / Romance
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sweet treat


It had been over a week since Sage and I had gotten any alone time. We both had been so busy with work and always tired when we arrived home to anything other than eat, sleep, and repeat.

Finally this weekend we were able to enjoy our day together, basking in each other’s company. Our day ended with a sweet treat, just how we liked it. We were sitting on the couch talking, my legs sitting on top of her lap as we shared our strawberry ice cream from the same bowl.

I couldn’t stop staring at Sage’s lips and the way she ate the ice cream off her spoon. The way her tongue poked out to lick the tasty frozen treat of the silver spoon and how her plush pink lips rolled into her mouth as she finished it off.

I could watch her all day. The small things she did always turned me on and I know for a fact she does them on purpose.

Her tongue darting out to lick her bottom lip as she side-eyed me but kept her body relaxed and unbothered.

I missed her so much, I wish we weren’t so busy all the time.

“Vi, are you listening to me?”

I snap my eyes to hers, adverting my gaze from her lips. I wonder how long I’d been staring.

“Uhm, sorry. What’d you say?”

She tilted her head catching on to what I’d been so entranced with, “I was asking if you wanted more ice cream.” And I was staring at her lips again.

I see them turn into a smirk as I slide my legs off her lap and scoot closer to her grabbing the bowl from her hands to set in on the side table.

“I do...” I said slowly kneeling next to her submissively. I loved the way she always took charge with me and her dominance always emanating.

“But I’d rather have a taste from you” I bite my lip moving from my spot, throwing one leg over hers and finally straddling her hips as she leaned back into the couch.

I lower my head so our lips are close but not touching. Her hands find their way to my waist rubbing up and down my thighs. Her soothing touch calming and exciting me at the same time.

“You want to taste me, baby?” One of her hands

reaches up to grasp my jaw forcing me to look her in the eyes. Her fingertips pushing into the flesh of my cheeks prompting me to open my mouth slightly.

I timidly nod my head in anticipation knowing me staying quiet would urge her annoyance.

“Speak when you’re spoken to Violet.” She gripped my jaw tighter making a small whimper left my parted lips, “Yes, yes I do.”

A sly smile appeared on her lips before asking me the question that made all the heat in my body pulse straight to my core.

“Yes, who?” I gulp breathing heavily as her hand slowly makes its way to my throat, becoming a vice for my neck.

Goosebumps forming all over my body and my skin heating at her touch. The tingling sensation spreading as she gripped my neck just enough to send the blood rushing to my brain.

“Yes, daddy,” I whisper.

Within seconds she uses her hold on my neck to crash our lips together. Nothing about our kiss is slow, it’s fast, hungry, and needy.

Fuck, I needed her so badly.

Her tongue swipes across my bottom lip asking for permission that she knows I’ll give her and bites on my bottom lip hard enough to elicit a deep moan from my chest. Our tongues meet and our lips fit together perfectly as we kiss. I kiss her as hard as I can trying to keep up with her pace.

My hands wrap around her neck finding their home in her hair. Sages hand that isn’t on my throat slides to my ass slipping into my velvet pajama shorts only to find I’m not wearing any panties.

She takes a handful of my ass greedily before smacking it, happy to find I was naked under my shorts. She always loved having easy access.

I moan into her mouth when her fingers slip near my tightest hole. She dips her finger to my pussy to collect some of my wetness. Sliding her hand back up and slowly circling on my ass.

When my breathing gets heavier she removes her finger and goes back to groping me. Teasing me with more like always.

Her tongue darts into my mouth claiming its dominance deepening our kiss. I start to roll my hips against hers, trying to get some relief from the ache between my legs. Our kiss breaks only for a second to rip each other’s shirts off.

As soon as mine is off her lips attach to my nipple, sucking my pierced nipples into her mouth as she pinches my other one harshly.

My nipples being overly sensitive from the piercing and being turned on hardening immediately. She backs away from me slightly before blowing cold air on each of my nipples after sucking them into her mouth.

Her tongue moves in circles over the hardened bud before taking it in between her teeth to pull on it making both of us moan loudly.

“Feels so good daddy” I groan once she moves to my other nipple. She sucks the cold metal into her mouth then biting at it softly before letting it snap back into its place, making me whimper.

She spanks my ass hard in response which only makes me arch my back towards her mouth on my chest. Her hand comes down with another hard smack before sneaking its way into the front of my shorts.

The arousal already pooling in between my thighs making a mess, I was so frustrated and I needed to come soon. Her middle finger glides in between my folds collecting the insane amount of wetness. I move my hips against her finger trying to create friction instead of her teasingly slow movements.

Without warning her slides two fingers inside of me, gasping for air I grab on to her shoulder to steady myself. “So wet for daddy arent you?” I close my eyes tightly as she curls her finger inside of me moving in and out.

My pussy throbs instantly around her fingers begging for a release.

All I can do is moan a ‘yes’ grinding my hips against her fingers when she begins to move faster giving me what I want. The heel of her hand presses against my clit stimulating it as she fucks her fingers into me repeatedly.

I drop my head to her shoulder as I feel the strong build in the pit of my stomach. “Oh my god. Fuck, I-I’m s-so close” I moan moving to attach my lips to hers feeling myself become lightheaded from the pleasure she is giving me.

I try to keep up with our kiss but my moans get caught in my throat leaving my mouth hung open against hers. Her fingers start to move faster inside of me, her palm hitting my clit in the process.

“Come for me baby let me hear you.” Her words pushing me over the edge. “Oh god, fuck. Daddy!” my back arches and my walls clamp tightly around her fingers spasming as I come all over them.

My breathing hitches but her fingers don’t stop only slowing down to ride me through my high. My mind is fuzzy doing its best to calm down.

Her fingers slowly slip out of me and move to her mouth. She takes her soaked fingers between her lips slowly sucking off my cum.

Sage pops her fingers out of her mouth with a happy smile then leans forward to kiss me so I can taste myself on her tongue. My tongue drags across her bottom lip before we break this kiss to catch our breaths.

“Let me make you feel good, please?” I whisper against her lips bringing my hands to grope her breast gently kneading them in my hands.

I soft whimper escapes her lips as my touch becomes rougher. “You want to make daddy come?” I let out a breathy ‘yes’ before scooting off her lap and onto my knees in front of her.

I turn to the side grabbing the cold spoon that still had strawberry ice cream on it from the bowl. I use my left hand to spread her legs so I can slot myself in between them.

“Vi, baby. What are you doing?” She questions as I use the spoon to lightly drag the sweet cream across her collar bone before grazing it down and over her nipples making them harder from the cold.

I set the spoon back into the bowl and sit up on my knees leaning forward to glide my tongue across the ice cream on her chest. I run my tongue across her silky skin then leave dark purple marks in its wake.

I loved marking her body, letting everyone know she’s mine.

I lower myself to her breast’s licking all around them avoiding her nipples knowing the teasing would get to her. Her breathing hitched as I suddenly sucked her nipple into my mouth eating off the ice cream.

I used my tongue to flick the hardened bud moaning around it. I switch to the other giving it equal attention before grabbing the spoon once more. The spoon slides down her smooth stomach down to the top of her black lace panties.

The sticky ice cream begins to melt against her hot skin so I hurried to clean it up. Before my tongue met her delicious body I hook my fingers on the sides of her panties before sliding them down her legs and tossing them behind me making her giggle.

I use the flat underside of my tongue to drag down her stomach slowly and softly. As I inch closer to her center her hips involuntarily shift forward.

I pull away after cleaning her skin and look down to see her pussy dripping on our couch. Her folds drenched in arousal making me squeeze my thighs together. “Want me to fuck you with my fingers daddy?”

I question innocently with wide eyes looking up at her as I smooth my hands up and down her thighs.

“Such a dirty mouth for such a sweet girl.” She breathed out as I roughly pulled her to the edge of the couch grazing my fingertips on her inner thigh.

“This dirty mouth can do a lot more than talk Sage,” I smirked up at her as I let my thumb run over her clit so slowly that her head tilted back in anticipation.

“Fuck. Show me then.” Her words were all I needed before I greedily latched my mouth to her soaking wet cunt. Sucking her bundle of nerves into my mouth loving her taste on my tongue.

Using my left hand to spread her legs wide trying to get impossibly closer to her heat. As my right hand traveled up her body to wrap around her throat pushing her further back into the couch.

Her loud moans urged me on just wanting to feel her cum around my fingers and on my face. I lowered my tongue to her entrance sliding it in as my thumb circled her clit quickly.

Sages back arched off the couch as I curled my tongue inside her sucking up to her juices as she came closer to her edge. Without warning, I slipped my middle and ring fingers inside her with my tongue fucking into her at a hard and quick pace that she loves.

I leave a short lick from the entrance of her tight pussy to her swollen clit. I feel her clenched tightly around my fingers so I add a third hitting the perfect spot inside her to make her scream my name.

Softly biting at her clit before leaving an open-mouthed kiss on it which sends her body into shock. Her legs tense as her mouth falls open, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Her hand roughly grabs my head pushing me closer as she comes all over my fingers and mouth. I moan against her making her body twitch from the vibrations and aftershock.

Her cum drips down my fingers, chin, and her perfect little cunt. Rolling down from her entrance to her tightest hole. The sight made me clench before leaning forward to lick up her cum that made its way to her ass.

“You taste so sweet daddy,” I hum as I lick my lips, “So fucking perfect.” I lean up on my knees grabbing her by the back of her neck pulling her blissed-out face towards mine.

Her ragged breathing left her lips slightly parted so I took the opportunity to trace her lips with my tongue so she could taste herself. Without warning, she leaned forward lightly biting at the tip of my tongue.

Once again she grabs me by the throat and closes the small gap between us kissing me hungrily. Our tongues molding together making me groan into her mouth. My entire body felt like it was on fire, but burning in such a good way.

“You’re such a good girl for me baby. That cute little mouth knows exactly how to please me doesn’t it?” She whispers against my lips pushing me back slightly.

“I’m going to fuck your pussy raw baby, would you like that?” I gasped at her words, feeling myself throb as her dirty words escaped her perfect lips. “Yes please, daddy,” I whine desperately to feel her body close to my own.

“Look at you, begging already. Such a daddy’s girl.” She growls while pulling my body up to stand in front of her. Her hands stay on my backside groping as she kisses and leaves marks all over my lower stomach.

Her hand slaps my ass so harshly that I know it will leave behind a handprint. I moan loudly when she does it again even hard this time. I grab onto her shoulders for support as her fingers slip between my reddened cheeks and brush over my tight hole.

“Next time, baby. I need to fuck you so badly.” She answered my moans knowing I loved it when she pleased my body in various ways.

She stands up looking down at me because of our height difference. She places her hand tightly on my jaw, moving my head to the side kissing down my neck, sucking on my weak spots that made my legs tremble.

Once she finished torturing me she pushed me onto the couch so I was laying on my back breathlessly looking up to her. She quickly moves towards me taking my left leg and setting it on the back of the couch so I’m spread open for her.

She crawls on top of me setting her left leg over my right so she’s seated in between my legs and our cores are almost pressed together.

She reaches down in between us slowly circling her fingers over my clit making my hips buck toward her touch. “Still dripping for me, I know you’re desperate for me to fuck you and make you cum again.”

I whine at her words needing her to speed up her motions so I could reach my release. Suddenly her fingers stopped and pressed firmly down onto my clit.

“Beg.” She stated firmly.

My eyes widened at her statement, I was so frustrated I just wanted her to fuck me already. “Please daddy, fuck me.”

The smirk on her face showed that she loved how easily I’d beg for her. She knew I had no self-control.

She cocked her head to the side and raised her eyebrows silently telling me she wanted me to beg some more. “I’ve been such a good girl daddy. I haven’t talked back and I even made you cum really fucking hard. Please, you know I’ve been good.”

She laughed slightly at how desperate I was for her but she finally leaned in to kiss me and started moving her fingers again but very slowly. I groan at the movement and start rolling my hips against her hand.

“My good little girl. I’ll give you what you want.” I sighed in relief as she removed her hand and pressed our cores together. Our swollen clits pressed against each other as she started rolling her hips against my own.

She began to choke me as she thrust against my body quicker making my entire body tremble. Both of us were moaning loudly as she fucked me.

The pressure in my stomach was building quickly from being overstimulated.

My head was feeling light from her choking me and from my orgasm quickly approaching. “Oh my-” I got cut off by my own moan, grasping onto any part of her body I could.

“Shit, sage.” I groan as I slipped my hands down her back and grabbing her ass in an attempt to pull her closer to me.

I used the leverage from my leg still on the couch to circle my hips against hers which made both of us gasp out feeling our bundle of nerves being stimulated perfectly over and over again.

“I’m going to cum, oh fuck.” I whine out feeling her fingers tighten around my throat. “Fuck, not yet baby. Wait for daddy, hold it.” She growled in my ear dropping her head to the crook of my neck as she used her free hand to pinch and pull at my nipples.

My body was so close to letting go that I dug my fingernails into her back, scratching down trying to hold back my own release. My back arching off the couch as her lips left light kisses on my neck.

“Oh shit. Okay, cum for me baby. Cum for daddy.” She moaned in my ear. It immediately triggered my orgasm along with hers. Both of us moaning messes as I screamed her name and biting on her shoulder as my release ripped through my body.

Both of our hips slowing down, riding each other through our orgasms, and our breathing still erratic. I could feel both of our wetness between my thighs and still dripping down my core.

Soon we both relax and come down from our highs and she slowly pulls away from me. Both of us being overly sensitive.

She let go of my neck, then slowly took my leg that was still shaking off the back of the couch. Lowering it down to lay next to my other.

She moved my body to the side so she could slip between the couch and me. She lightly kissed my lips as I finally came down from my high, “You did so good, baby.”

I smiled at her and kissed her back as I ran my hand through her beautiful dark hair. “Always good for you.”

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