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sunday brunch


I was starving.

My stomach was growling and honestly, it felt like I could explode from how hungry I was. Yes, I might be a little dramatic but Sage took forever getting ready this morning.

Taking her sweet time, acting as if we don’t go to brunch together at our favorite restaurant every Sunday at the same damn time. She was being a pain in my ass.

I was very sweet to her, trying my best not to continue nagging her as she dragged her feet on her way to the shower this morning. But she was continually getting on my nerves.

I swear to god the girl was moving at a snail’s pace just to piss me off. She knows I get impatient when I’m hungry.

It’s almost as if she enjoys pissing me off.

“Stop bouncing your leg.” Sage’s voice broke through my thoughts, noticing my antsy movements as I slowly sipped water from my glass.

“I can’t help it, I’m antsy. If you didn’t take so long this morning I’d be still as a damn statue.” I mumble trying to slow down my leg from its continual patterns.

I was trying to patiently wait for my french toast but it’s only been 5 minutes since we placed our order. Sage knows I hate being late and we are always on time places and I hate having my schedule messed up. When I plan to be somewhere at a certain time, I expect my day to follow suit.

“Oh, get over it. You’re acting like a child.” Sage’s voice came out annoyed and obviously trying to act as if she’d done nothing wrong.

She definitely woke up this morning and chose violence. She knew I would get upset if we were late and she knew it as soon as I asked her more than once to ‘please hurry up.’

“I’m acting like a child? You’re the one who whined when I woke you up this morning.” I scoffed not in the mood for her commentary. “If anything I’m far from it.”

She knew exactly how to push my buttons.

I finally turned my head to the side where she sat on the inside of the booth. I slowly pushed my glass from me as she raised her eyebrows at me.

“I’d watch my mouth if I were you.” Her jaw clenched as she turned her body towards me. She was slightly taller than me so she gazed harshly at me silently warning me to shut up.

I roll my eyes at her before sitting my chin in the palm of my hand as my elbow sits on the tabletop. She is always so bossy. Not that I minded.

“Did you just roll your eyes at me, Violet?” Her tone was hushed but harsh. I didn’t even give her a second glance before my eyes met the back of my head again.

I honestly don’t give a fuck what she has to say to me right now.

Suddenly, her hand is gripping my jaw and turning my head towards her. “I suggest you learn some manners. So let’s try this again, baby.” Her menacing tone came out slick as she smiled at me. A jolt of electricity was sent through my body when she did so. “Did you really just roll your eyes at me?”

I let out a quiet ‘yes’ as her hand lets go of my cheeks. She leans forward to press a light kiss to the corner of my mouth making me slightly nervous about what she’s going to do next.

She tilts her head to the side, looking down to my lips before meeting my eyes again. “Go to the bathroom and wait for me.”

My eyes widened at her statement, “What? Why?” I ask confused, she was just smiling and kissing me?

This woman gives me fucking whiplash.

“For once. Can you just do as I ask?” She huffs annoyedly as her fists slowly clench then clench. Her head nods towards the back of the restaurant and I hesitantly slide out of the booth and stand up. When I stand still too long for her liking she gives me a stern, “Go on.”

I immediately turn in the heels of my feet and walk towards the restroom. I grip the hem of the skirt of my sundress nervously as I pass waiters, waitresses, and the kitchen to make my way to the back.

I lightly knock on the door to check if it’s occupied but I get nothing back so I walk in and close the door behind me. I quickly lock the door and lean back against the sink, gripping the edge as I wait for what comes next.

Not even 2 minutes later do I hear knocking on the door and my name being called quietly to not draw any attention. I open the door slowly and Sage’s demanding presence struts through the door.

She locks it quickly and turns back around to look at me with a sweet smile. And I knew she was anything but.

She took a slow step toward me, “Do you enjoy talking back to me?” My back hit the cold and hard surface of the counter as she stood directly in front of me.

“Got a real smart fucking mouth on you, yeah?” My eyes go wide at her words as her hands begin to grip my hips to push against hers. My body feels like it’s on fire from her dominant touches and harsh voice.

Her right-hand trails up my chest and to the strap of my sundress. Slowly, she moves her index finger under it back and forth before sliding it off my shoulder.

“Tongue-tied?” She spoke up after she noticed I had no intention of answering her. She was in control of the entire situation. It was always a scary but exciting experience with her. “Not so tough now are you, baby?”

She slid my other strap off my shoulder before roughly pulling the top of my dress down to reveal my chest.

I usually never wore bras because my boobs weren’t that big and I enjoyed feeling free from them.

Sage’s hand travels up my body to massage my boobs as she presses a small kiss to my neck.

A small moan falls from my lips as she runs her tongue from under my ear to my collar bone.

She begins to roll my nipples between her thumb and index finger making them hard under her touch. I could feel the heat between my legs begin to rise and I could barely keep still any longer.

I pressed my thighs together when she leaned down, capturing my nipple into her mouth. My head lulled back when her tongue flicked over the silver barbell.

I always loved when she played with my piercings. It felt so good and she knew exactly how to please me. She’s made me come a few times before by stimulating them and it felt so fucking good.

She gently sucked each one into her mouth, giving both the same amount of attention. Her warm tongue enveloping the hardened bud and swirling around my piercings.

She blew cold air onto each of my nipples before she pulled away making me arch my back towards her. She stood up straight again, towering over me.

Her lips just inches from mine and I could feel her warm breath against my lips. The urge to kiss her took over and I leaned forward to crash my lips to hers.

She caught me off guard when her hand quickly wrapped around my throat pushing me away from her. My eyebrows pulled together in confusion when she did so. I whined in frustration, feeling myself grow wetter at her harsh movements.

“Please let me kiss you,” I moaned as her fingers tightened around my throat. The blood immediately rushed to my head and all I could think about was her lips.


I needed her mouth so badly, I didn’t care if I had to beg her. I just needed some sort of relief and I wanted to please her. I got off on her praise and pleasuring her.

“Bad girls don’t get kissed, Violet.” She whispered, flicking her tongue in my bottom lip just to tease me. I was squirming against her hold and I could tell she didn’t like it.

I pushed against her hand around my throat trying to kiss her again, “Fuck you.” I growled when she pushed me back again.

A quick slap to my cheek made me gasp and I looked at her with wide eyes. “Shut your fucking mouth.”

Holy fuck.

I could feel myself dripping from the sting on my cheek and I couldn’t even comprehend how turned on I was right now. I just need to touch her or her to touch me. At this point, I’m not above apologizing. Or even asking her to slap me again.

“What?” She smirked when I was left with my jaw still on the floor from her actions. “You like it when I play rough with you?” I nodded quickly at her words that were dripping in seduction.

“Please slap me again,” I begin a quiet voice hoping no one outside can hear us. Her smirk widened at my request and she wasted no time slapping her hand across my face.

Not too hard to leave a bruise but hard enough for the pain to leave me frustrated and wanting more. I could feel my face flush when I moaned after she did it.

“You’re so fucking dirty, baby. If you want to be daddy’s good little girl again I suggest you get on your knees.” She demands, grabbing my waist and switching our positions but keeping our bodies pressed together.

Her words sent electricity straight between my thighs and I didn’t hesitate to lower to my knees. Knowing I could make her come in less than 5 minutes had my mind racing and I was more than eager to give her the same relief my body was longing for.

As soon as my knees hit the hard tile I grabbed the hem of her black leather skirt and pushed it up to her hips. Her silk underwear comes into view and I feel myself get more and more excited. I knew we didn’t have much time since we’re in a public bathroom and we do have food coming to our table soon but that wasn’t my main concern at the moment.

I grabbed her left thigh and threw it over my shoulder, kissing the inside of her thigh. I slowly made my way to the front of her underwear and pressed a slow kiss to it as I looked up at her.

“Why don’t you hurry up and keep that pretty mouth busy?” She huffed, grabbing her panties and moving them to the side for me. Her taking initiative turned me on so fucking much.

I didn’t waste any time as I licked a long stripe from her opening to her clit. A deep moan erupted from her as I did so and her hand grabbed the back of my head pushing it closer to her.

I started with slow patterns on her clit, drawing out her impending orgasm as her arousal covered my mouth and chin already.

I knew me being a brat turned her on, she hated my back talk but loved being able to punish me and take control.

“Fuck, baby. Just like that.” She moaned again when I slid my tongue down her folds and dipped my tongue inside her pussy.

I curled my tongue, eating her out intensely as her moans grew louder and she had to clamp her hand over her mouth as I did it.

I grabbed the outside of her thigh that was over my shoulder and brought her impossibly closer to my face.

I could tell she was getting close by the way she was grinding her hips on my face.

“Such a good fucking girl.” She whines into the air. Her grip on my hair became tighter and the pain just added to my motivation. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

I moved my tongue back to her clit and began quicker movements on it, flicking and sucking it into my mouth. I lightly nibbled on her clit and it sent her over the edge when I heard her high pitched moans muffled from her hand covering her mouth.

I slowed down my movements, still licking her pussy until she had to pull me away. I kissed her clit one more time before pulling away.

I whipped my mouth with the back of my hand as I placed her underwear back to their original position. I stood up as she pulled her skirt back down to cover herself.

She grabbed my jaw and pulled me in close to kiss her. I moaned at the relief I felt of her lips against mine. I had been wanting to kiss her since she walked in here.

She deepened the kiss as I opened my mouth for her and felt her tongue roll across mine. She moaned, sucking my tongue into her mouth before biting my bottom lip and pulling away.

“My pussy tastes good on your tongue.” She smiled sweetly as if what she just said was a simple ‘hello.’ I felt the throbbing between my legs and I couldn’t help but speak up.

“I need to cum. I really need you to make me cum.” I begged as she let go of my jaw and dragged her tongue across my chin, collecting her cum off of my mouth.

“Say ‘please daddy’ and I might consider it.” She stepped away from me as she spoke and I swear I could combust from how worked up I am.

“Please daddy, please make me cum. I’m dripping for you. I need your mouth, your fingers, anything. Please.”

She answered my pleads by grasping my hips and turning me around. She shoved me down till I was bent over the counter and my ass was facing her.

She pushed the bottom of my dress up to expose my underwear to her and I saw her smile in the mirror.

“Your wish is my command, baby. Now keep your eyes on me or I stop. And you know I have no problem leaving you here in this bathroom a whiney and wet mess.” She warned and I knew better not to defy her.

I’d learned the hard way once before. Never again.

“Yes, daddy,” I murmur while she keeps herself busy by hooking her fingers in my underwear and pulling them down to meet my ankles.

She runs two of her fingers up and down my wet slit making me gasp out and rut my hips forward from being so sensitive.

Once she removes her fingers she smacks my ass so I can feel how wet I am on her fingers.

“Such a pretty ass, Vi. I wish I had time to fuck it.” She massages my inflamed behind looking up to meet my eyes in the mirror. “I’ll make you cum now. I’ll be quick.”

Her words made me moan and she sunk to her knees behind me. She pushed two fingers inside my throbbing cunt and I instantly felt the relief I’d been longing for.

She curled her fingers inside me hitting my g spot every time and I could feel my orgasm building quickly. I arched my back when she began moving her fingers quicker inside me, making my stomach clench.

Suddenly, her tongue met my clit and she began tracing quick patterns, knowing exactly how to make me come quickly.

“Holy fuck- I’m gonna c-” My moans got stuck in my throat as I tried to speak and I felt myself begin to unravel.

My eyes threatened to close from how much pleasure I was feeling but they snapped open when I felt a sharp slap to my ass and I looked at Sage again.

I struggled to keep them open as she sucked my clit into her mouth. I had to bite down on my forearm as I leaned forward.

My legs began to shake when I felt her trace figure 8′s on my clit and her adding a third finger. She was stimulating all the right places and I couldn’t hold myself together any longer. “Oh my god.” I moaned into my skin as I came all over her mouth and fingers.

My breathing was erratic as she slowly removed her fingers and mouth from my heat. She grabbed my underwear and pulled them up to cover me again.

Once she was standing on her feet she cupped my over-sensitive core and leaned over so her chest was touching my back.

“Next time I won’t be so nice when you decide to back talk me.” Her fingers press down on my clit making me gasp. “Remember that when you wanna be a fucking brat.”

She removed her hand and grabbed my dress, pulling it down. She easily turned me around to face her as I struggled to catch my breath.

“I’m sorry.” I breathed out submissively.

Even though I apologized I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I would decide to take a stand until she snapped.

She smiled before pressing a quick kiss to my lips and reaching around me to wash her hands. I follow her movements, washing mine as well before we leave the bathroom.

Sage looks back at me once I finish and raises her hands to brush through my hair. Her hands land on my neck and bring my face close to hers.

“I love you, especially when you’re a brat.” Her words make me smile and I almost forgot she had me bent over the sink minutes ago.

My Sage can be soft when she wants to.

“I love you, baby.” I kiss her gently and pull away knowing we have to leave the bathroom soon.

“I’ll go out first.” She presses one last kiss to the corner of my mouth before walking towards the door and unlocking it. She looks back at me with a smirk before opening the door.

“Here’s to hoping my second breakfast is as sweet as my first.”

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