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after hours

My muscles were sore and completely worn out. My body was begging for relaxation, trying desperately to calm the tense sensations running through my limbs.

It was the end of a workday for me and I was finally packing up my bag to head home. The day was long and I was beyond exhausted. My day was filled with never-ending meetings and interns who have no idea how to complete a simple task.

The law firm I work at was one of the best in the city and I worked hard for my spot here. I've been a lawyer for about 4 years now and every day was just as grueling as the one before it.

I love my job and I wouldn't trade it for the world. But I do wish it was less stressful. The only thing getting me through the day was the small but sweet text messages Violet continued to send me.

She's a 2nd-grade school teacher so she's able to be on her phone here and there. She always made it home before me because her day ended around 3 pm. I was glad to finally be getting home to her.

I grabbed the last case file from my desk and walked over to the filing cabinets in the corner of my office and filed it away nearly according to the names on the laminated paper.

I heard my phone ring, indicating I got a text message. I groaned out loud hoping it wasn't anyone from work asking me to do any last-minute paperwork before I left.

I closed the drawer to the filing cabinet and locked it. I turned back to my desk sliding into my leather chair before grabbing my phone and unlocking it. My eyes widened at the text as I saw a familiar name and body appear on my screen.

Violet - 5:46pm

Image 1 || Hi, baby. I know you've had a rough day at work so I'll have the shower hot and ready for you when you get home. xx

My eyes ran over the screen of my phone over and over again to reread her message. I scrolled up slightly to see the picture she sent right before it.

She was standing in front of the mirror in our bathroom, phone in her hand, and the cutest fucking pout on her lips. Her lips always did something to me, they were pink and pillowy soft. I loved them so much.

She was looking right at the camera lens held in her right hand, stood in only thin white lace lingerie. Making her look as innocent as ever, even though she was anything but.

My dirty little slut.

I could see her hardened nipples through the thin ensemble and it was making me squirm in my seat. Her long brown hair cascading down her shoulders and falling to her back. Her left arm laid across her chest as her fingers delicately held her own throat.

She must've had the pout on her lips because she was wishing it was me standing there, hand wrapped around her throat.


She was so beautiful and sexy but also so fucking cute. She did something to me that was unexplainable. She was made for me and I always loved how submissive she was for me. She loved to be a brat too but always gave in.

She's predictable. Just the way I like it.

I cross my legs feeling heat spread all over my body at the thought of sitting her on the counter she stood in front of and me on my knees fucking her with my tongue.

I do my best to gather my thoughts before writing out a response and grab my bag from the floor.

Sage - 5:50pm

Don't pout, darling. I'll be there soon.

I shook my head, laughing slightly at her dirty but innocent text as I stood up ready to leave. Just as I was putting my phone in my pocket it vibrated again. I quickly unlocked it as I took slow steps towards the door.

Violet - 5:52pm

Image 2 || Hurry home, daddy. ;)

My breathing hitched as my hand grabbed the handle of the door. Her lingerie was no longer on her body, hung up on the glass shower door. I could barely see her body in the reflection of the glass but I knew she was naked and it turned me on immensely knowing she was exposed like this. Waiting for me.

I hearted her message before shoving my phone into my back pocket and grabbing my keys from my bag. I locked up my office and the front door of the building since I was the last one out and quickly walked to my car.

The drive home felt like forever even though I was going as fast as I could without getting pulled over. I would hate my fucking life if I had got pulled over and wasted any more time not being with Violet.

As I drove home I felt my arousal pool between my legs, thinking about all the way I could take her into our bathroom. Wondering if I should grab any toys before getting in the shower with her.

I knew she did this to get my mind off of work and it was helping. I loved the way she knew exactly what I needed and how to make me feel better. My horrible day was long forgotten as I pulled into the driveway.

I pulled the keys out of the ignition and slammed the door shut as I stepped out. I briskly walked to our front door, unlocking it and quickly walking towards our bedroom.

I pulled off my heels and dropped my bag in the corner of our room. I began unbuttoning my blouse and looked to the bathroom door connected to our bedroom and called out.


I quickly unbuttoned my pants, sliding them down my legs leaving me just in my underwear as I unhooked the clasp to my bra. I was more than eager to take a relaxing shower but also fuck my girlfriend. I couldn't help myself.

"Bathroom!" Her small voice traveled through the room as I stepped hurriedly into our closet. I walked straight to the back of it and opened the black velvet box sitting on the shelf.

I looked at all of our toys, contemplating what I wanted to use. We had many things in here, butt plugs, different vibrators, strap ons, handcuffs, blindfolds, you name it. But this time I opted for a curved medium-sized blue vibrator that I knew would stimulate her g-spot perfectly for what I had in mind.

I walk towards the bathroom door and open it slowly, looking around for my girl. Once my eyes finally find her I feel my skin begin to tingle at the sight.

She's stood completely naked with her back to the mirror she sent me a picture in front of just 20 minutes ago. Her hands held together behind her back, making her tits sit pretty on her chest and I notice how hard her nipples are already.

"Hi, Sage. How was work?" She asks timidly with a sweet smile on her face as she tilts her head to the side. I let out a breathy laugh at her innocent question and slowly walk towards her. The minute that my left-hand meets her waist her eyes drop to the vibrator in my right hand, making her bite her bottom lip before looking back up to me.

I run my hand up and down the side of her body, letting my thumb graze the underside of her boob. I let my hand venture up to her chest lightly skimming over her nipples and resting my hand on the side of her neck.

"Shit, but you know that." I smile at her as I tuck her hair behind her ear. "Wanna fix that for me?"

"Please," she whispers and I feel her warm breath against my lips as I inch closer to her. The way her body instantly melted into mine was the best feeling and I was excited to have her fall apart in more ways than one.

I lean forward and capture her bottom lip between mine, kissing her slowly. "Good girl," I mumble against her lips before licking her bottom one and pulling away.

I move my thumb against the vibrator and click it on to the lowest setting. The low hum startled her and I see Violet's body stiffen in response.

I move the vibrator up to her collarbone, allowing her to get used to it before I have her begging for more. She doesn't move, but her eyes drop down to my hand and she watches as I move it back and forth, dragging it down between her tits. I stop for a second to admire the way her body reacts to me as I move it over the soft skin and circle it around the silver barbell and over her nipples. Her back arches in response as I continue my slow and torturous movements.

I move my head to the side of her neck and begin to leave wet kisses all over her sweet spot. I begin to suck on the skin, pulling it between my teeth then running my tongue over it, and kissing it once I'm done. All while I slowly bring the vibrator down her stomach, making it quiver as I reach the place she wants it most.

I tilt my head back slightly to watch what I'm doing as I trace the head of the vibrator along her lower stomach. She let out a shaky breath and pushed her hips forward trying to get what she wanted. I was willing to give it to her. For now.

After teasing her a little I slipped the vibrator down to nudge it against her clit, making her whine and spread her legs open more. Her hands gripped the edge of the counter as she leaned back and rolled her hips forward.

A deep moan escapes from her mouth as her head falls back. I push it past her clit, circling her opening to collect her arousal. I move it back and forth to let the vibrations touch every sensitive part of her before I slowly pulled it away from her altogether.

She gasps slightly when she no longer feels the vibrator against her and looks at me confused as to why I stopped. I bring the vibrator up between our faces and see it soaked and shiny.

"Fuck, you're so wet already. What have you been doing while I was gone?" I question, feeling my own underwear becoming soaked.

Her cheeks turn a light shade of pink and her lips curl in a shy smile. I wasn't sure if she had touched herself while waiting for me but either way her body was begging for relief. "Don't get shy on me now, baby," I whisper, bringing the vibrator to trace her lips.

Her pretty pink lips become glossy from her own wetness and I smile at the image in front of me.

"Open your mouth," I tap the vibrator on her lips waiting for her to obey. When her lips part and her tongue sticks out I smirk, "Suck."

Violets tongue swirls around the tip slowly before taking it into her mouth. I watch as her cheeks hollow and I carefully push it further past her lips until she inhales sharply and gags slightly. I bite my bottom lip at the sound and pull the vibrator away from her once she's sucked it clean.

I let my hand fall back to my side and decide I wanted to move our fun to the shower. I had a lot planned and I wanted to get started sooner rather than later. "Turn on the shower, Vi," I tell her as I step back, allowing her room to move. Her face was flushed with frustration as she nodded and pushed her hair from her face.

She walks to the glass shower door where her sheer white lingerie is still hung, opening it and walking in as she looks over her shoulder at me.

I let out a deep breath as my eyes wander down her back and look at her ass as she steps inside. When I hear the water turn on I remove my underwear, leaving them on the floor, and follow her inside.

Once I step in I see her body completely soaked and her head thrown back as she lets the water drench her hair as well. Her hands slide down from the side of her neck, over her breasts, and down her stomach.

It looked like she was moving in slow motion she looked so fucking good. I drop the vibrator to the marble bench to the right in our shower and step under the water with her.

My hands find her waist, pulling her closer to me. I dip my head down and brush my lips against hers as her hands grab at the back of my neck and smash her lips to mine. Both of us moaning instantly as our bodies are flush with one another and become hot from the water streaming on us.

Her mouth opens for me in a plea for me to take control so I push my tongue past her lips and massage it against hers. She rises to her tiptoes to try and get closer to me, arching her back and pressing her chest against mine. I feel her cold piercings graze my lower chest and it send shivers throughout my body.

Carefully, I hold onto her body and take a step back making sure she follows. I walk backward until my calves hit the marble bench. I kiss her deeply before pulling away and kissing the corner of her mouth. Without a word, I sit back on the bench with my legs spread slightly.

I run my right hand up and down my thigh looking back up to her seeing her chest moving up and down as she tries to catch her breath. I lick my lips as my eyes drag all across her body before patting my thigh, "Take a seat."

Her eyes darken at my request but she wastes no time before raising her leg and straddling my thigh. She shifts her hips until she sat high on my thigh and her hands sit timidly in her lap. I can feel how warm and wet she is despite the water and it sends electricity throughout my body. I gently grab her hands and bring them to my cheeks and pull her in for another kiss. As I kiss her I drop my hands to her waist and squeeze them, signaling she should move against me.

She sucks in a sharp breath when her clit rubs against my thigh. She starts slow, getting a feeling for what she wants and I cannot stop myself when my hands venture to her ass. I grab it roughly, massaging and moving her quicker against me. I remove one of my hands from her and take my middle finger in my mouth, sucking it until it's covered in my spit.

I snake my arm around her waist as she continues to grind against me and circle my soaked finger on her ass. Her hips move fast and push back against my finger as whines escape her lips. "Oh my god-" she was cut off by her own moans as I pushed the tip of my finger inside her tight hole. She moved quickly catching me off guard when she reaches beside me to grab the vibrator and turning it on.

She presses the vibrator against my clit making my hips rut forwards and my eyes shut. "Holy fuck, Vi." I moan as she circles the vibrator on my clit at the same pace she's grinding her hips on my thigh. I slide my finger back to her ass again and push it inside about halfway, letting her adjust. "Don't stop, daddy please." She moans against my neck as her head falls forward against my shoulder.

My entire body shudders at her pleas and I feel myself get wetter. The vibrations running through my body spur me on as I feel the tightness in my lower stomach begin to build up. My finger pushes into her all the way before creating a slow and steady pace, a contrast to the pace she's set on my thigh and with the vibrator held against my pussy.

Her movements become sloppy as I feel her wetness cover the top of my thigh and drip down the sides a little. The sounds coming from her lips were turning me on even more and I could feel myself nearing the edge as she pressed the vibrator harder against my clit.

"Shit, I'm so close." Violet whines in my ear as her back straightens out and she rubs herself against me quicker than before. Her free hand grabs one of my tits, massaging and pinching my nipples trying to get me to where she is. "Please cum with me," I groan at her words when I feel her body tense against me and it sent me over the edge.

Violet tried to connect our lips but failed when we both moaned into each other's mouths as we came at the same time. I felt her pussy pulsate against my leg as she slowed down and rode out our highs. She turned off the vibrator, setting it to the side, and used two fingers to slowly circle my clit until she came to a complete stop on top of me.

Both of us were breathing heavily and she was trying her best to catch her breath as her body slumped against mine. But I had more in mind for us and didn't want her to relax when I wasn't finished with her yet.

"Fuck...get up, right now."

I grabbed her hips, pushing her to stand to her feet in front of me. I left soft kisses all over her lower stomach before dipping my head down to poke my tongue and lick her clit making her moan again. I kiss it before pulling away and standing in front of her. I use my grip on her to turn her around. I reach around her body to grab the showerhead, using my middle finger to change the setting. I use my foot to tap her ankle, telling her to spread her legs wider for me.

I let the water race down her sternum and stomach, dragging out what's going to happen next. I brought the showerhead down to her clit and she moaned out at the friction, "Jesus Christ, Sage."

I wrap my arm around her stomach to hold her up when her legs begin to shake. She becomes a whiney mess and her head falls back against my shoulder. When I feel her body tense against me I move the showerhead from her clit and her body slumps in response. "No, keep going." She groans and I don't pay attention but continue to edge her.

I bring the showerhead back down, turning it up and her body goes rigid again. I keep it there until she's moaning and begging, so close to her release, and then I stop. Her hands wrap around my neck keep her arms up and out of the way.

I decided to finally give in, turning the showerhead up to the highest water pressure setting it could go and moving it up and down across her clit until she was tightening her grip around me and coming again. Her hands slipped from behind her and she fell forward, bending over trying to calm down.

I drop the showerhead and wrap both of my arms around her to keep her steady. "Can you stand, baby?" I whisper in her ear and she nods slowly as she stands up straight. Her legs instantly close as I move away but I do it quickly, grabbing the vibrator again. I've been wanting to fuck her since she sent those pictures and I want her to cum all over the vibrator.

I loved it when she got sensitive and felt like she couldn't take me. When she was most sensitive it meant she would cum the hardest. I just wanted to make her feel good and taking over the pleasure she was feeling was the most satisfying part.

I nudge her legs apart again and turn on the vibrator. I don't waste any time and go straight for her over-sensitive clit again. As soon as the vibrator makes contact she gasps and groans, grabbing my wrist and crying out.

"Oh my god- I can't, I can't." She whines and I can see the frustrated tears start to form in the corner of her eyes.

"Yes, you can. I know your pussy can take me, lets me do anything I want with it." I growl in her ear.

I push the vibrator past her clit, slowly circling her entrance, teasing her with just the tip. "Yes, fuck I can daddy. Fuck me please." Her words motivate me and I push the vibrator inside her slowly, letting her adjust since she hasn't had anything inside her all night. I knew she was insanely turned on since she had cum twice already.

Once it was all the way inside her she let out a satisfied moan and pushed her hips back against me. One of her hands stays clamped on my wrist that's moving the toy inside her and the other moves to the inside of my thighs. She brushes her fingers back and forth till they reach my slit, moving my wetness all around my pussy.

My eyes flutter close at the feeling of her fingers moving against me in the same way her tongue would if she was fucking me with it right now. I loved the way she knew exactly how to make me feel good and I couldn't stop myself when my legs began to feel shaky as well. I started to fuck her faster with the vibrator eliciting more deep moans from her chest as her head falls back against my shoulder again.

Her middle and ring finger glide past my clit, pushing into me quickly to gather more arousal and bringing it back up to my clit. Her fingers flow easier around me now and I can feel my second heartbeat grow quicker and I hold myself back from my orgasm so I can make her cum first.

I press the heel of my hand to her clit letting it follow the pattern I've set with the vibrator. I push the vibrator deep inside her, making her release a high-pitched moan letting me know I was repeatedly hitting her g-spot. "Fuck, I'm coming-" Her mouth opens in a silent moan as her hips buck forward and I feel her cum all over my hand. Dripping down the vibrator and onto the palm of my hand.

Her hand fell away from my clit as she became putty in my arms. Breathing heavily and keeping her legs pressed against one another as I slowly pulled the vibrator out of her and she sighed in contentment. I let the vibrator fall to the ground once Violet turned around and dropped to her knees in front of me.

I used my hands to brush back the hair from her face, smiling at her. "You always look so pretty on your knees for me, baby."

She smiles back, her face flushed and completely blissed out as she grabbed the back of my thighs and pulled me closer. "One of my favorite places to be for you, daddy." She smirks as her breathing evens out and she grabs her hair to push it off her shoulders.

She leans forward and wastes no time sucking my clit into her mouth. She isn't soft or slow with her movements, knowing I was close before she even got on her knees. It wouldn't take much now to make me cum and she knew exactly how to do it quickly.

Her hand slides between my thighs and she pushes two fingers inside me, instantly curling them making me moan her name loudly as the steam in the shower became so thick I had trouble breathing. She continued to move her fingers inside me, hitting the perfect spot as her tongue circled, flicked, and drew figure 8's on my clit.

"I'm so close, Vi." I moan and move my hips against her mouth. "Fuck me with your fingers and tongue like the little whore you are." I grab onto her hair, pulling her impossibly closer to my cunt getting closer and closer to my orgasm by the second. "Fuck yeah. Just like that."

Out of nowhere the tightness in my lower stomach released and my mind went fuzzy as I came for the second time tonight.

My head fell forward as I grabbed onto her shoulders and slowly came down from my high. She first moved her mouth from my clit, kissing all over my thighs gently before pulling her fingers out of me.

She stood to her feet and grabbed my cheeks, kissing me passionately. "We should probably clean up now. Maybe use the shower for what it actually used for."

She smiled wrapping her arms around my shoulder and nuzzling her head into my neck. I kiss the side of her head, pulling her up to look at me. I playfully bite her bottom lip and whisper against her mouth.

"I think we used it perfectly, baby. Showers are meant to be fucked in."
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