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tied up and tongue tied


Experimenting, exploring, and feeling eccentric.

All things I’d be doing and feeling today. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns; so is sex. Sex is the time to try new things, figure out your likes, your dislikes, and find a whole new part of yourself.

It’s about feeling safe with your partner and being as comfortable as possible. Which is exactly what I am doing. No matter how nervous I may be to experience new things I’m glad I’m doing it with someone I love.

Sage and I had talked about trying new things all the time, we knew we wanted to explore our bodies and how much pleasure we could feel with one another. We had made a list a long time ago and slowly but surely continued to cross things off of it.

I wasn’t exactly sure what she was deciding to try today but as always she was in control. I loved it that way, it was perfect for us. She was in charge, just the way she liked it. That was another thing on our list...Me taking control. I’d wanted to really fuck Sage for a while now but I’ve been a little hesitant because I want to make her feel just as good as she makes me feel. We’ll leave that for another day.

My body was tingling with nervousness but also excitement. I had no idea what was happening but as I looked around our bedroom she had our box of toys sitting on the nightstand.

All I was told was to sit on the bed and wait for her. Here I am, sitting on my knees waiting...Like a fucking lost puppy.

I was sat in the middle of the bed with my knees hugged tightly to my chest and my ankles were crossed over one another. I wore a light pink silk slip dress that fell to my mid-thigh and at the moment it was hiked up to my hips from my sitting position.

I was also completely naked underneath.

That wasn’t something I was told to do, but it was too tempting not to take everything off when I closed the door behind me. So I decided to leave the thin dress Sage loved so much on but give her a small surprise when she finally decides to undress me.

Maybe my surprise would even entice a punishment. What can I say, I’m a brat.

I’d been teasing her all day long, hoping she’d tell me what she had in store for me but all I got was annoyed huffs and her hands pushing me away. She wanted it to be a surprise but me being me I need to know everything.

It was no secret that I loved the way she punished me, no matter how much I’d beg, I’d always beg for more. But I also loved to push her buttons knowing it would bring out a side in her that she only lets me see. She may get annoyed when I choose to be a brat but she also loves finding different ways to keep my attitude in check.

She can keep this attitude in check anytime. I just want her to fuck me. Pussy whipped, I am.

I was getting antsy sitting here for so long. In all honesty, it had only been 5 minutes and I’m sure she’s just changing in the other room but I’m getting bored just sitting here. So I quietly slide towards the beadboard and reach over towards the nightstand to check what was in our box. I just wanted to see what she chose.

I slowly remove the lid and the first thing I see is a silver medium-sized butt plug. I furrow my eyebrows wondering where the other one is, we have two of the exact same size but maybe she didn’t plan to use both. My wandering hands and eyes never got any further when I heard the door click open and I tried my best to quickly put the top back on the box and scoot back to my original position.


I obviously didn’t move quick enough because Sage is standing in front of the bed, the door already closed, and a warning hand on her hip. My heart drops from not only being caught but what I notice she’s wearing. Her body is adorned in a dark royal blue lace lingerie set. She looks absolutely beautiful.

My eyes travel over her chest that’s taking shallow breathes and adrenaline rushes through my body as I take her in. She’s wearing a matching garter belt that’s hooked into black stockings that match the small black flower designs all over the bra. My mouth runs dry when I realize she’s not wearing any underwear, making her pretty pussy easily accessible but the rest of her body still decked out in such delicate material.

She knows I love her in lingerie but I always hate for her to take it off when we have sex. She never ceases to look utterly incredible, naked or not. She did this for me, making sure we could properly touch each other without anything in the way.

My daze was cut off when she cleared her throat, smirking at me knowing she’s already making me wet just by looking so fucking sexy. In her free hand, there’s a small rope dangling from her grip as she slowly walks towards my side of the bed.

“Already disobeying me, Violet...” Her voice trails off as she finally stands directly beside me. “What happened to being my good girl?”

Her words sent a shot of electricity through my veins and I immediately sat up against the headboard and let my legs stretch out in front of me.

I fiddled with the hem of my silk dress before gaining the courage to speak to her. Sometimes her words were just so intimidating and my submissive nature was clawing at me to just keep my mouth shut.

“Maybe I don’t wanna be good,” I tell her as she reaches out her index finger and places it on my jaw. She carefully drags it down my pulse and to my collar bone. Her light touches cause goosebumps to erupt all over my neck before she lets her finger fall to my cleavage.

Suddenly, she grabs my jaw forcing me to look at her. Her fingers dig into the sides of my face and I decide that I want to play off exactly what she’s giving me.

Who said bad girls don’t get to have fun.

I knew she was rough when she wanted to assert her dominance or make sure I was following along. So why not do any little thing I can that wouldn’t be exactly what she wanted.

I smile up at her when I feel the tips of her fingernails scratch my cheeks. Then with an innocent look in my eyes, I stick out my tongue and wait patiently for her to give me what I want.

Her eyebrows raise as she scoffs at me. “First you disobey me by moving when I told you to fucking sit on the bed and wait. Then you go digging through my things, being real fucking sneaky.” Her words are sharp, cutting through the tension like a knife. “And now you’re sitting here with that pretty little tongue out like the whore you are, waiting for me to spit on it?”

Jesus fuck.

This woman could say anything to me and I’d be fucking dripping down my legs.

I nod hastily hoping I won’t have to be bratty much longer and she’ll give me what I want. But we both know neither of us is willing to break so easily.

“Too fucking bad.”

Her hand quickly moves and slaps me across the face. The sting of her palm against my cheek makes me whine and I can’t help but feel myself grow wetter by the second.

I could tell she was pissed that I hadn’t been listening and honestly she was just turning me on even more. The corners of my mouth turned upwards, not being able to contain my smile. She dropped the rope next to me on the bed and her fists clenched tightly at her sides.

“Wipe that smirk off your face Violet. Before I do it for you.”

I made no move to do as she was telling me and I was waiting for her to react. She took her hand that was still gripping my face and landed another smack across my other cheek. Now both of them equally as red and spreading warmth all over my face.

Her chest was rising quickly, I could tell that her emotions were conflicted. Her face was annoyed, eyes thick with anger, but her body was relaxed and glowing with want. You could tell by the look in her eyes that she was more than ready to ruin me and the only thing standing in her way was my attitude.

She used her grip on my face to push me back so I was laying down flat against the mattress. A small gasp escaped my lips at her quick movements but I had no time to react when she grabbed my legs and moved me so I was laying with my legs dangling off the edge of the bed. My left arm facing the headboard as she situated me how she wanted.

She looked down at my body for a split second before deciding to grab my hips and flip me over on my stomach. I gripped the comforter near my head trying to ground myself, realizing she means business. No more playing nice.

I don’t dare turn around or move as I hear her shuffling around the room. I can make out the sounds of her opening our box of toys and dropping the lid on the nightstand. Once I feel the mattress shift slightly from her standing directly behind me I decide to move. I turn my head, looking over my shoulder to see the butt plug and lube in her hands.

My heartbeat begins to race and I can feel my body begin to heat up as my throat tightens. I have no idea how I’m going to get through this without passing out.

She drops it next to my waist and says, “Get on your knees, Violet. Show me that pretty ass.”

I do as she says and slowly bring my knees towards my chest and make sure my ass is up in the air for her. I keep my cheek pressed into the mattress as well as my chest and I feel my dress slip off and bunch up near my stomach. I hear her groan quietly once she sees my naked lower half and her left hand immediately finds my ass cheek, rubbing her palm over it and grabbing greedy handfuls. “Fuck...”

She lets her thumb graze over my tightest hole before moving it down to my pussy. She removes her thumb but replaces it with her middle and ring finger, letting it push past my slit and circle them near my entrance to collect my wetness.

“Where did your panties go, huh?” She questions as she slowly slides her two fingers inside me until they’re buried deep in my pussy. I arch my back and whine quietly at the feeling only wanting more. I decide to play dumb as I rotate my hips against her fingers, fucking myself on them. “Don’t know, daddy. Just disappeared.”

A soft chuckle erupts from Sage as she removes her fingers from me and I pout at the distance, pushing myself back towards her. What I didn’t see coming was the harsh slap to my pussy, which made my body jolt forward and a moan falls from my lips.

The pain and pleasure flowing through my body is such a juxtaposition I can’t help but want more.

“Watch your mouth. Don’t play dumb with me, violet. I’m not sure you deserve what I have in mind for you.” She whispered before pressing soft kisses to the back of my thighs. She continues her assault but bends down a little lower to drag her tongue from my clit all the way to my ass.

My breathing has picked up and I can stop my hips from moving against her mouth but she pulls away before I can go any further. “Stay still, baby. Can daddy put the plug in you? Wanna make you feel good even if you don’t deserve it.” Her hand flattens on the bottom of my spine, running over my ass cheeks, and spreading them apart as she waits for my answer.

“Yes” I mumble out and she hums happily at my answer. She uses her hands to keep my spread open and I watch her purse her lips before letting her spit slowly drip off her tongue and directly onto my ass. Watching her was so fucking hot and when I felt her spit fall onto me I grip the sheets tighter, feeling my stomach clench.

She uses her thumb to spread her spit around before pushing her thumb inside me slowly. My jaw drops when I feel her bend it at the knuckle and pull it to the side to open me up slightly. She wastes no time spitting where her thumb is and letting her tongue follow. “Oh my god-” I get cut off by my own choked moans. Her tongue dives deep inside me, flexing and swiveling making me feel so much pleasure. I loved when she ate my ass, she was so good at it and it always made a different type of deeper orgasm build in my body.

Her thumb and tongue move in sync for a few minutes, prepping me for what she’s about to do next before she slowly pulls away. She grabs the lube next to me, opening the cap and squeezing the clear gel onto her fingers. She looks up at me through her lashes before spreading some all over the buttplug, making sure it will easily slide in. Then she uses the rest on her fingers and spreads it over and around my entrance.

I feel her circle the toy around my hole before she slowly pushes it in, stopping at the thickest part. I push my face into the sheets as she stills it, letting it stretch me out before pushing it all the way in. I moan loudly when she decides to hold the part of the plug that sticks out and move it around in circles. I feel so much pressure now that it feels like I could explode.

Without hesitation she smacks my ass, the vibrations felt inside me and I couldn’t do anything but pull away from her. There were so many different sensations going on in my body right now.

I feel her lean forward over my body, pressing wet kisses all the way up my spine. Each one followed by her soft tongue. She stopped near my neck and whispered in my ear, “Lay up by the pillows. I’m gonna ride your face now, baby.”

I nod breathlessly and move up the bed to lay on my back. I can’t help but whine when I lay back, feeling the toy in my ass stimulate me. I stay still and wait for Sage to get on the bed. She throws one leg over my hips and slowly crawls up my body. Once she sat above my head I can already see how wet she is. Putting the toy inside me must’ve turned her on a lot more than expected.

I’m not sure what I’m allowed to do yet so I wait for her. I’m having an internal conflict with whether I want to do whatever I want or let her take complete control. Right now the only thing I’m in complete control of is my mouth. So I ask, “Can I touch you?”

“For now.”

She smiles down at me, answering again by grabbing my hands and placing them on her sides. I rub my hands up and down her body, loving the feeling of her soft skin against mine. I catch her off guard and roughly grab her hips, pulling her down onto my mouth.

I waste no time licking a hard long stripe from her clit to her entrance. She gasps on top of me and sits fully on my face. I love the way her pussy taste, how warm and wet she gets for me. And the way her cum always ends up covering my chin and cheeks when I’m done.

I dive my tongue deep inside her pussy, knowing the exact way to make her come quickly. I let my tongue curl and flex inside her eliciting deep moans from her. I reach up and tug down the cups of her bra. When her tits spill out I greedily grab them, needing and massaging them.

I move my tongue up to her clit and draw quick circles on it, following the rhythm of her hips as they grind against my mouth. I pinch her hard nipples, making her arch her back towards me. Once I finish teasing her perfect tits I let my hands venture back down her body.

I softly let them slip to her back, sliding up and down her spine. My hands drop to her ass, massaging the supple flesh before my fingers graze something cold and hard. I furrow my eyebrows but keep my tongue busy against her clit, pushing her further to the edge.

I run my fingers over her hole finally realizing where the other plug was. I smile against her dripping pussy and pull away for a split second to speak. Before she can complain I use my other thumb to keep circling her clit in quick tight circles.

“Shit Sage, you couldn’t help yourself could you?” I used my index finger to push the toy around in her ass and her eyes shut tightly. I know it wouldn’t take much more to get her to cum but I loved teasing her. “You wanted your ass played with too? Should’ve let me use my fingers and tongue on your ass-”

I don’t get to finish before she’s moving my hand from her clit and forcefully grabbing my hair to push my mouth against her needy pussy.

“I’m noticing a lot of talking and not enough of you fucking me with your tongue.” She moans and my lips encase her clit again. I look up at her as I suck her clit into my mouth at the same time I pull the butt plug out slowly. I don’t let it come all the way out, but I push it back in at the same time that I pull back slightly letting her clit snap back into place.

I let my tongue travel down to her entrance and begin to fuck her with my tongue exactly how she said. I use my nose to nudge her clit, giving her 3 different types of stimulation at once. Her hips begin to rutt against my face and I’m doing my best to breathe while being literally suffocated by pussy. Not that I was complaining.

My face was covered in her arousal and I was loving every second of it. I curl my tongue inside her reaching as deep as possible and a high-pitched moan escaped her lips letting me know she was close.

Her eyes were wired shut and her mouth hung open, unable to speak. Only able to mewl and cry out in pleasure. Moments later she was tightly grabbing onto the headboard and coming all over me.

Her back arched, body tensing, and legs spasming as she reached her orgasm. Her chest was rising and falling quickly. She slowly backed away from my face and sat against my hips. I could feel her wetness against my dress, staining the thin fabric.

She kept her hands on either side of my body trying to catch her breath before we continued. I could tell she came very hard because her chest and face were a deep shade of red. The same color it would turn pretty much every time we had sex.

I may be shy but I know how to make my girl cum. Quite proud, if I do say so myself.

Once Sage’s legs stop shaking and she’s calmed down she turns her body and grabs the rope next to her on the bed. I knew exactly what she brought them for so I put my wrists together and put them in front of me, waiting for her.

She turns back to me and giggles at me, “It’s hard to believe how cute and submissive you are with the way you just ate me out.” I blush at her words knowing that I’m like this all the time. It’s like second nature to do as she says. I fucking love it.

She shakes her head as she grabs my wrists and pushes them up to the headboard. She takes the rope and ties it securely around my hand and the slits in the bed. She wraps it quite a few times before pulling my arms to make sure it’s secure. Once she moves back down to straddle my hips I test her skills out myself and realize I’d be going nowhere.

Sage grabs the hem of my dress and pulls it up my body until it’s bunch up near my arms. But she doesn’t stop there. She continues to push it past my shoulders and over my face, inevitably covering my eyes.

“Sage, what are you doing?” I ask wearily. She’s tied me up before and done a lot of other things but I’ve always been able to see what she was doing to me. I shift my hips against the bed, nervousness, and excitement set in, and the mess growing between my thighs.

I feel her lean forward over my body to make sure I can’t see. Her lips graze over mine and my body arches towards her realizing I missed her kiss. She hasn’t kissed me this entire time and my body was craving it.

She licked my bottom lip and said, “It’s okay, baby. I’ve got you, I’m gonna make you feel so fucking good.”

I whine mindlessly and nod at her words. She bites my bottom lip and I make a move to kiss her but she pulls back. Her lips graze over my jaw and begin to suck harsh purple marks into my skin.

She continues down my neck, to my collar bone, and makes a mess of colored bites along my breasts. Her tongue follows her lead, drifting down my body and the feeling is eccentric. I’m so needy and wet for her my body would easily be sent over the edge by anything she’s doing.

I can’t help but buck my hips up towards hers at the feeling of her tongue so close to my nipples. She uses her hands to push my hips into the mattress and says, “Don’t move Violet, and don’t make me tell you again.”

I do my best to stay still as she sucks my piercing into her mouth. She lets her tongue swirl around it, moving the piercing slightly knowing how sensitive they are. She sucks them into her mouth before playfully biting them. She pulls at my nipples which makes my back arch. She huffs annoyedly and pushed my shes back down forcefully before leaving wet open-mouthed kisses on each of my nipples.

Her mouth works so well on my tits and I’m so worked up that I feel like I could come just from her doing this. I try to stay still but can’t when I feel her hand run down my body.

Sages hand runs past my hip bone and right over my slit. She continues her assault on my chest as one of her fingers slips past and presses down onto my clit. I pull against my restraints feeling overwhelmed by the littlest touch. Everything seems so heightened, especially now that I can only feel what she’s doing.

Every kiss, every touch, and every lick feels like I’m transcending. Not knowing where she’ll decide to touch me next and my body is ready and waiting.

I moan her name when she starts to run slow circles on my clit. My hips start moving against her finger and she’s generous enough to add another one, spreading out the sensations. She picks up her speed and I can already feel myself getting close.

She must be watching me closely because when I get so close to coming she slows down her movements. I groan in frustration but minutes later she picks back up the quick and torturous speed.

“Fuck, holy shit—” I clench my legs together when I feel myself close to the edge but Sage holds them open just enough to keep her fingers working. She sucks my nipple into her mouth again making me moan loudly.

All of a sudden she stops. Pulling her fingers away from me and her mouth lets go of my nipple. I’m out of breathing and frustrated. I was so close to coming and I’m thoroughly pissed off she stopped.

But not pissed off enough to pick a fight. My body was longing for a release and I was ready to ask nicely for it.

“Please Sage, make me cum.” I ask as I lick my lips. My mouth feels insanely dry from breathing so hard. A low laugh erupts from her and I feel her hand that was just rubbing my clit grab my face.

I feel the wetness from her fingers grab my jaw just like she did earlier. Her warm breathe right against my lips as she says, “Oh so now you want to beg? What happened to that smart mouth you had earlier?”

Her thumb runs over my bottom lip, pulling it down and letting it snap back into place. She presses light kisses all around my mouth but missing my lips completely.

“Wanna taste, baby?” Her voice does nothing to hide the smile that I know is plastered across her face. I let out a quiet ‘please’ and open my mouth for her. I wait for her to put her fingers in my mouth but it never comes.

I stay with my tongue out when I hear her sucking on her own fingers. Without hesitation she spits onto my tongue, letting me taste myself. I roll my tongue back into my mouth to swallow and I moan once I’ve finished.

Fuck that was so hot.

If my eyes were open they would’ve rolled to the back of my head by now. She knows exactly what gets me off. I’ve almost forgotten that she was edging me moments ago. She leans in to whisper in my ear, “You’re such a fucking slut for me, my pussy, and you just keep begging for more.” Her words send electricity through me as she bites my ear and pulls away.

“Sage, please. I’m so fucking frustrated, I need to cum.” I huff, her words set me ablaze and I was more than ready to have a fucking orgasm. I was so close and the pressure in my ass was pushing me over the cliff I was hanging off of.

She hushed me softly, kissing my cheek. It was such a contrast, her dirty words, and her loving touches. I loved it though. The way she could call me a whore but kiss me with every ounce of love she had was the best feeling. It was so fucking hot and I’d never get enough of it.

“I’ve got one more surprise from our box for you. I promise I’ll make you cum, baby. I know you’ll cum so hard if I edge you.”

I sigh but let her carry on. I feel her shift above me and reach into the box again. She lowers down off of my hips and sets whatever she grabbed off the side of my body.

She grabs my legs and pushes my knees to bend and presses the front of my thighs against my stomach. I’m completely spread open for her and this position moves the plug just enough for me to feel it.

She runs her hands down the back of my thighs and I can feel her staring at my pussy like it’s her last meal. I wouldn’t mind if it was.

What startled me was the low hum of vibrations. It clicked in my brain that she had chosen a vibrator but I didn’t know which one. I try to let my body relax and wait for her touch but it stiffens immediately when I feel the vibrations against my thigh.

She runs the vibrator all over my legs as if to get me ready for the sensations. Once she nears my pelvic bone she lets the thick head of the vibrator run down my slit. My hips push up against it in hopes to add more pressure.

Sage rubs it over my clit making me moan out curses along with her name. My hands are pulling so hard against the restraints that I know I’ll have bruises from them but I don’t care.

She slides the vibrator down to my opening and lets the tip slide in and then pulls it back out. She continues to tease me until I’m shifting and whining enough for her liking.

This vibrator was curved and the head was a little bigger than the rest. As she pushed it into me I felt myself stretch around it to accommodate its size. Once it was all the way in I was shocked when I felt the antenna part against my clit. My body arched and shook slightly in shock.

I hadn’t realized she chose one of our vibrators that had the attachment to vibrate against my clit as well. Now I was getting all the same stimulation I did my best to give Sage when she was riding my face earlier.

My legs trembled as she pushed the toy all the way in and slowly dragged it out. The attachment was rubbing up and down my clit as she did so.

I could already feel myself nearing an orgasm, having waited so long with a toy already inside me I was ready to explode.

Sages mouth came to kiss all over my thighs as she fucked me slow and deep with the vibrator. Every time she slides it back in she would let her knuckles touch the butt plug, pushing it in slightly just to give me more overpowering stimulation.

I was pulsating around the toy so much that I knew I would be coming any second. I was moaning and crying out, begging for more but the slow thrusts just made my orgasm build stronger.

“Look at you, taking our toys in your ass and your cunt. So fucking full and so pretty.” She spoke with admiration dripping from her full lips. “I bet you can feel that deep clenching in your tummy. C’mon I know you can take me.”

I moan so loud at her words that’s it almost sounded like a scream. I try to catch my breathe and speak back to her. I know she loves it when I talk.

“Fuck— Oh my god— Yes, yes I can. I love it when you fill me up like this, daddy. Feels so fucking good.” I choke out as best I can.

My eyes squeeze shut under my dress and I scream her name one last time before letting the pleasure take over me. I came so fucking hard that my body felt light and my skin felt extra hot. But nothing slowed down, quite the opposite.

I had no time to catch my breath when Sage pressed a button on the vibrator and turned it up even higher. Instead of slow and deep strokes, she started to fuck me harder with it.

Faster, deeper, and harder.

I can’t control my body any longer, my orgasm never ended it begins to roll into another one that’s even more intense. Almost painful but I love the pain.

There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain. I always want both.

I pull harder against the rope that’s now cutting into my skin and my legs are now uncontrollably shaking. Sage is having to hold my thighs back against my stomach as she fucks me so I don’t close my legs.

“Oh fucking hell, Sage. Please I can’t—” I cry out not sure if my body can handle the amount of pleasure it’s receiving.

The orgasm that quickly builds in my stomach is different than the first. It feels deeper inside me and almost like I can feel it throughout my entire and even my arms begin to shake.

My orgasm comes barreling towards me when she angles the toy up more so it’s hitting my g-spot perfectly.

Sage rubs her hand up my leg, squeezing it as if to say I’ll be okay. “Yes you can, baby. Let go, let it happen.”

Her words were light gasoline to a flame and it set me off. I felt my body contract and tense, once it finally relaxed I came for what felt like a lifetime. As my orgasm ripped through me I feel liquid rush out of me and onto my thighs. My body convulses as I continue to soak the vibrator, the bed, and Sage for that matter.

I feel her turn the vibrator off and slowly pull it out of me. My body goes limp as she carefully removes both toys from inside of me, making sure to kiss and soothe my skin.

My breathing was still erratic and I couldn’t believe I squirted everywhere. I had done it before with Sage but never this much. I attest it to all the edging she put me through.

Once she’s finished she moves up my body to untie me but I can’t even keep my hands up so they drop to the pillows above me once she’s done. She leans forward to grab my hands and kisses the red skin all around my wrists. She even grabs my dress and slides it off the rest of the way so I’m still naked but can see. I blink my eyes slowly, getting used to the light again and see my girl’s pretty face smiling above me.

I still feel dizzy and like I’m having an out-of-body experience so all I do is smile back and mumble out, “Hi.”

She giggles at me and how out of it I am before using her hands to push my hair out of my face. She cups my cheeks and leans down to kiss me. When her lips finally meet mine after all this time my body comes back to and I press my lips against hers.

It’s a soft and passionate kiss, our tongues rolling against one another. We explore each other’s mouths, kissing, licking, and playfully nipping at each other. I smile so brightly against her mouth that it’s hard to hold the kiss.

“I missed your lips.” I pout, not realizing how much I missed them even if they were all over my body.

“Me too, baby. You were amazing, you made a mess but it was so fucking hot.” She smiled back at me before kissing me again. She kisses the corner of my mouth and then my nose.

She’s so fucking precious.

“I just need a minute before we clean up,” I whisper, shutting my eyes and rolling into her as she lays next to me. I push my head in between her breasts and snuggle myself comfortably. I’m honestly too tired to move any time soon.

Sages pretty laugh rings through my ears as I feel myself drift into sleep. “I know you’re just going to fall asleep.” She brushes my hair away from my face, kissing my forehead and then the top of my hair. “I’ll wake you up later, get some rest sweet girl.”

And I fell asleep in her arms dreaming of all the things we could try next.

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