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wet and wild


The sun was bright, glistening, warm, and browning my skin just right.

I've been laying out by the pool for about an hour now, relaxing on one of our many long lounge chairs.

Siping on a watermelon flavored margarita with a small chunk of fresh watermelon sitting on the edge of the glass. The rim is covered in sugar. Just looking at the drink quenched my thirst from how hot it is outside.

I brought the sweet treat to my lips and took a long sip enjoying the flavor lingering on my tongue. I finished off my drink quickly, feeling my head getting slightly fuzzy and my body already feeling tingly from the alcohol coursing through it.

Tipsy might be my favorite state of being. Or how I feel after I come. Both are quite euphoric.

It felt good to finally relax and forget about my responsibilities. We have two weeks off from school for spring break and I was enjoying every second of it. Sage also took some time off so we could be together.

I'm so happy she did it. Sometimes I miss her a little too much.

We both get so busy with work and it's hard to find time for each other but we try our best. It's one of the things I love most about her. She always goes out of her way to make me feel loved, make me feel important, and feel like I'm the only person in the world.

God, I'm so in love with her. I wanna marry her so fucking badly.

Maybe the alcohol is hitting quicker than I thought.

I decide to roll over in an attempt to get some sun on my back before I get in the pool to cool off. It was very hot outside, and I started to sweat just sitting here in the direct sunlight.

I was wearing a cute red and white striped patterned bikini, which is one of my favorites and especially meant for tanning. It's on the small side, barely covering what it's meant to cover in the first place.

But I was in the comfort of my own home and our backyard was fenced in. Not even our neighbors could see over it. When we bought this house we intended to have privacy but still be near the city.

We liked to be near our friends, the nightlife, and our jobs. But we also enjoyed having our own safe space away from prying eyes. When we went house-hunting about 2 years ago we knew we wanted plenty of space between us and our neighbors.

We wanted a place that felt like a haven. When we first saw this house we knew it was ours. I could imagine us spending the rest of our lives here.

I sighed contently at the thought of being with Sage forever. It made me miss her even when she was right inside the house.

Our back sliding glass doors were open so I took it upon myself to get her attention.

Being a needy bitch like always, I guess.

I leaned up on my elbows and tilted my head to the side trying to catch a glimpse of her in our kitchen. I could see her back towards me as she made herself a drink on the marble counter beside the sink.

My eyes traveled all over her body, smooth skin glistening slightly from the pool water still lingering on her skin. I bit my lip as I watched her hips sway when she began cutting up more watermelon and lime for our drinks. Seeing the curve of her ass accentuate every time she made a subtle move.

I could watch her all day, but I'd rather have a taste of what I'm looking at.

I watched her for a little while longer, seeing her hips sway to the music that played loudly throughout the speakers in our backyard. The song Freak by Lana Del Ray began to play when Sage finally noticed my intense gaze.

Her body stiffened and she slowly turned her head over her shoulder catching my eyes burning into her body. She smiled sweetly knowing she caught me before she set down the knife in her hand to give me a little more of her attention. She slowly dragged her pointer finger up her right shoulder, both my gaze and her own touch leaving goosebumps in their wake. Her chin tilting down, eyelashes fluttering, and eyes glistening with a hint of lust from our small interaction.

She fits her finger in between her teeth biting on the pad of skin as if she's tasting the fruit she'd been cutting up the past few minutes. Her lips pucker slightly, so subtly that I would've missed it if I wasn't drooling over her every move. The soft pink of her lips encasing the tip of her finger as her eyes shut for a split second reveling in the feeling of my eyes on her.

Each slow movement she made was making me lust for her, wanting her finger to be in my mouth. For me to be making her feel the heat between her legs spread throughout her body.

I always wanted to pleasure her.

Just as quick as it all started she removes her finger from her mouth and turns away from me to pick up the knife and begin cutting the fruit again.

I'm left with my jaw hung open wondering how she can go from teasing me innocently with her lips wrapped are her fucking finger to pretending it never happened.

And she thinks I'm the tease?

I huff out a breath, annoyed that she's ignoring me now. The least she could do is shove her finger in my mouth after that little show. Rude.

I try to forget the tingling sensation I feel traveling from my lower stomach to my legs and reach over for the book I was reading earlier. I slid my sunglasses back down onto my face and tried my best to slow my breathing. I flipped the book over and found the page I was on fairly quickly. Reading was one of my favorite pass times, I enjoyed traveling into another world. Especially if I ever needed to escape my own for a little while.

Once I was fully enthralled in my special world I heard Sage's footsteps not too far away from me. I look up through the lenses of my sunglasses and see her carrying a small tray with a couple more drinks on them. It looked like more watermelon and regular lime margaritas. The dark purple tray also held a tall glass of ice cubes and nothing else.

She sets the tray down on the table in between our chairs and sits on the edge of my chair near my hips. I turn my head to look at her and she's already smiling back at me. She's got the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen.

"Hi, pretty." I smile back as I remove my sunglasses from my face and place them on the table along with our drinks. Closing my book and placing it there as well I go to turn over on my back so it's easier to see and talk to her but she stops me.

Sage grabs my hips with both hands and keeps me still on my stomach. Her hands glide up my back slowly then back down to the outsides of my thighs.

She pinches my waist and answers me, "Hi, baby. Miss me?"

"Miss you in the whole 10 minutes you were gone inside our house? Where I could see you? Nope, not a bit."

Sage laughed and smacked my ass causing me to let out a small yelp. She smoothed her hand over the skin before leaning over my back, her chest touching my bare skin and whispers in my ear.

"Don't be smart with me I saw you staring. Could practically see you drooling from a mile away." The smirk in her voice is evident too as she sat up straight again.

My lips formed a pout as I looked back at her. "I may be obvious about wanting you but everyone can see you want me just as much. I see the way you look at me."

She smiles, shaking her head as she grabs her drink and takes a slow sip of it. I couldn't help but let my eyes drop to her lips as the straw left their place in between them and her tongue came out to wet her bottom lip.

Once she set her drink down her left hand drifted towards my arm, letting her fingertips drag up and down it causing goosebumps. "And what kind of way do I look at you? Hm?" Her hand moves and reaches up to push my hair behind my ear making my breath pick up slightly.

I bite my lip and decide to tell the truth in the most 'innocent' way possible.

"You look at me like you love me..." I pinched my bottom lip between my fingers, playing with it in a way I knew turned her on. "But also like you want to fuck me."

"Well, you're not wrong, Vi."

"Am I ever wrong?" I joke, making Sage laugh.

"Only when you disobey me."

Again, my heart picks up at her sly comments but she doesn't let me think long about it before she's turning her body away from me. She never ceases to amaze me. I swear the woman never runs out of comebacks. Especially ones that get my second heartbeat started.

I turn my head slightly to see what she's doing, only to see her grabbing the suntan lotion and flipping open the cap. I smile absentmindedly knowing she loves to take care of me. Even if the small gesture is making sure I don't burn in the harsh sun. It's the little things that matter.

Sage leans over me again, pressing small and soft kisses to my shoulders. A strong tingling sensation spreads throughout my body as she lets the tip of her tongue peek out and drift across my hot skin. Her lips glide to the top of my spine, placing a few more kisses before pulling away completely to finish what she set out to do.

"Let me help you, petal. Don't want my girl to get burnt. The only reason your pretty ass should be red is from me." Sage speaks lowly, setting a fire in me.

I lay my head sideways on the chair, laying it flat as I lightly bite on the skin of my shoulder and watch her smooth actions. She says these things to me, knowing she gets a reaction.

So I keep quiet, doing my best not to give her one...yet.

She squirts some of the lotions in her hand and begins to rub it all over my upper back, massaging it into my skin. I can't help the small moans that escape my lips, her hands digging into my skin releasing tension but also building it.

"Thank you," I whisper as she finished my legs. Her hands seeming to wander back up my thighs and towards my ass again.

Her hand leaves my skin for a split second before it comes down again slapping the soft flesh of my ass. I gasp at the sudden contact but Sage pays it no mind when she massages my skin and placing a tender kiss where she just smacked me.

"Turn over, baby," Sage instructs and I don't hesitate to lay on my back.

I sit up onto my elbows smiling at her, wondering why she had me flip over. She answers my thoughts by grabbing my face in her hands and pulling me up to kiss her. It's soft and slow, quite the juxtaposition to the feeling boiling in my blood.

Her right-hand tilts my head back, not asking for more access to my mouth just kissing me deeper. She pulls back slightly before I could even open my mouth for her. I so badly wanted to taste her.

Sage pokes out her tongue, swiping it across my bottom then taking it between her teeth. She pulls it back, letting my lip snap back into place. The slight sting of her biting me has wetness growing in my bikini that wasn't there before.

One of her hands travels from my cheek to my jaw, slowly tracing my skin before she grips my neck. She squeezes my throat, making me lose my breath. I keep my eyes trained on her lips wishing she kiss me again. Before I can even attempt to capture her lips between mine she uses her grip on my throat to shove my body back until I'm laying flat on the chair again.

I suck in a sharp breath when my body thuds against the chair and Sage moves quickly in between my thighs, hovering over me with a sadistic smile. Her head turns away from me for a split second as she reaches over to the tray beside us. Her fingers slip into the glass full of ice, grabbing one ice cube as she turns back to lay over me.

"You look hot, baby. Let me cool you down."

Sage brings the ice cube up to her lips, gripping it between her teeth. I watch her slow movements, growing more excited and impatient with what she is going to do next. She leans down to kiss me again except the ice cube is on our way to fully connect.

With her left arm supporting her body, she chokes me again with her right as she lets the ice cube trace my lips. I let my tongue peek out so lick the water that melted so quickly from the contact with my hot skin.

Before I can think twice or Sage decides to move I grab at the back of her neck, bringing her closer to me and taking the tip of the ice cube into my mouth. I suck on it, letting my tongue travel around her mouth. Her taste and the cold sensation of the ice cube have me moaning softly into her mouth.

Sage lets me pull back on my own, enjoying the way I so desperately wanted to taste her. It was now her turn to taste and claim me. Pushing me back down again she keeps the cube in her mouth, dragging it over my cheek and along my jaw.

It begins to melt quicker as she moves her hand to run it along my throat before bringing it down the middle of my chest. She spits the freezing cold cube right onto the dip in my chest, letting it melt on my skin. Watching her spit dribble out of her mouth makes me squirm, almost wishing she spit in my mouth instead of on my chest. I'm so turned on right now anything she does could make me wetter than I already am.

She looks up to me, the color in her eyes completely gone and blown out with lust. She looks down to my chest again using her free hand to quickly reach under my back and untie my top.

Before I know it she's ripping it over my head and throwing it to the side. Her eyes take in my pierced nipples, biting her lip as she probably thinks of all the ways to please me.

"Such pretty tits, Vi." Sage hums against my skin, kissing in between my breasts.

"Not as pretty as yours," I mindlessly say even though in the back of my head I feel like I sound stupid. Desperate and ready to say anything.

Sage laughs a little at my quick response knowing most of the time I say whatever comes to mind.

"Relax, my sweet girl." She hums happily.

She pulls out another ice cube, bringing it in between my boobs again. Letting it melt and mix with her spit. Holding the cube between her fingers she brings it to one of my nipples, circling my piercing, making my nipple hard. She glides it over to my other boob, creating the same hardness as she did with the other.

Once she finished on my chest she brings the coldness in her hand down my stomach, making it quiver in anticipation. She kisses all around my tits, avoiding my nipples to tease me. I whimper when the cold travels to my hips and above my bikini.

Sage pulls off of my boobs with a pop, licking her lips and smirking at me as she moves down my body. She leaves the ice cube on my stomach as she grabs the hem of my bikini bottom and begins to tug it down off of my body.

My cheeks begin to feel hot at the thought of someone seeing us. Even though I know no one can see us; we are completely secluded, I still get nervous wondering if someone would be able to hear us soon. I hope not.

I shouldn't be so nervous, it's not like we hadn't touched each other in public before. We've fucked in public restrooms, finger fucked in the booth at restaurants, and even once at a club.

It was something we were both into. Exhibitionism. For a while now we talked about wanting someone to watch or maybe even join us. Which I didn't mind when Sage first brought it up. We're both secure in ourselves and our love for each other but we still want to explore our sexuality. Everyone deserves someone who lets you do that. We just so happen to want to do it together.

I gasp loudly when I feel the coldness dip over my belly and onto my clit. I squeeze my eyes shut as Sage keeps the cube between her finger and uses it to stimulate me as her fingers draw slow circles on my sensitivity.

I sit up on my elbows to watch her, trying to not let my head fall back as she reclaims her spot on my chest. Sucking my tits into her mouth again I moan at the feeling of her tongue and fingers on my body.

I can never get enough of what she does to me.

Her tongue rolls over one of my piercings at the same time her fingers sink inside me with the last bit of the ice cube.

"Oh fuck—" I choke out at the feeling of not being able to keep myself composed any longer. She buries her two fingers as deep as they can go, pushing the last piece of ice up against my g-spot.

The contrast of the melting ice to my warm walls already clamping down on Sage's fingers is one of the best feelings ever.

Fuck, we should play with ice more often.

Sage begins to pull her fingers out of my pussy, dripping already on the insides of my thighs. I almost whine, thinking she's trying to edge me or something but she surprises me when she sinks 3 fingers back into me.

I let out a relieved sigh but the relaxation doesn't last for long when she starts curling her fingers inside me.

"Look at you, trembling and aching for me to touch you..." Her fingers pull back just to slam into me again. "Desperate slut."

I moaned loudly at her words, letting my head fall back onto the chair. Sage grabs my thigh and hikes it up onto her waist to have better access to me.

"I am. So fucking desperate for you." I cry out at her thumb attaches to my clit. I feel her pace quicken inside me and I try to slam my thighs shut but her hips between mine stop me.

Her hand finds its way back to my throat, cutting off some of my air. The rush I feel blooming in my head and lower stomach is intoxicating. Making me drunk off of pure lust.

"Say it again. Beg for it. If you really are my desperate slut I need you to fucking want it."

Her thumb pressed harder on my clit and it's becoming harder for me to breathe altogether. Her words having me clenching around her fingers and I can barely form a sentence.

When sage realizes I'm hesitant her movements slow down a fraction which has my eyes widen into not wanting any of the pleasure to stop.

"Please, Daddy. I want it so bad. I-I'm needy and I want y-you to make me cum. Please, I've been good. I can be your g-good little whore."

"Good girl."

Sage smiles down at me, proud of herself for getting me to beg. I couldn't help but stutter over my words as she fucked me harder through each syllable that came from my mouth.

She moves away from my face and takes my nipple into her mouth again. This time sucking and biting at each of them. I arch my back, moaning effortlessly as I feel myself nearing my end.

My toes curl up when Sage moans on my tit sending vibrations through my body. She's enjoying this just as much as I am.

"Are you gonna cum, Violet? Be a good little cumslut and finish all over my fingers?" She groans against my chest, biting at it.

I nod quickly, every word that leaves her mouth I can't help but want to cum right away. But somehow my body always wants to wait until she tells me to.

"Yes! God—Please, I need to cum so bad." I whine as she sucks dark purple marks all over my chest.

Tomorrow morning I'll be covered in them.

"Go ahead, fucking cum all over me." I couldn't hold it anymore.

Sage kisses me roughly as I finally let go, swallowing my moans and my eyes pinched shut. I felt my pussy squeeze her fingers so tightly that I almost pushed her out.

Her tongue pushes into my mouth as I do my best to catch my breath. Her fingers slow down inside me but she continually stimulates my clit. Her three fingers pull out of my and I suddenly feel empty. I loved the feeling of her inside me. Felt so fucking good.

After too much stimulation I had to grab her wrist and pull her thumb away from my clit or I probably would've shed a tear. My clit was so sensitive from the ice and her vicious attack on it to make me finish.

She pulls away from my lips to let me finally intake some air. Before she can get far I lean in for another peck. I may be tired but I had one thing on my mind. Fucking my girlfriend.

"I have an idea..." I mumble against her lips as my hands reach up to cup the back of her neck.

"And what's that, baby?" Sage coos against my skin.

I reach behind her neck untying the top of her bikini, then reaching for the clasp around her back. Her top falls against my stomach before I toss it onto the ground altogether.

One of her hands stays in my hair, rubbing my temple as the other soothes the skin of my thigh still propped up against her hip.

"Can I do something for you, baby?" I ask timidly. Only because what I had in mind I hadn't done with her before. Why it's never happened after living here so long I'm not sure, but I was too eager to try it now.

"What do you have in mind, my pretty petal." Sage calms my nerves with her soft voice and loving nicknames.

I look over to the hot tub that sits directly above our pool. The heat wasn't on because of the weather but the massaging jets were. I could see the water moving from here.

Shyly I turn back to Sage but see her staring at the hot tub as well. She bites her lip and looks back at me.

My hands grab at her waist pulling her naked chest flush against mine as I wrap both legs around her hips. I let my hands graze down her back and grab at her ass pulling her as close to me as possible when I speak again.

"Can I make you cum with the jets? It'll feel so good. Promise, Sage baby." I mumble against her cheek, leaving soft kisses across her face.

Sage doesn't hesitate before she muttering 'fuck yes' and standing up abruptly. She grabs my hand and pulls me up with her.

Both of us giggling as we quickly walk over to the hot tub her half-naked and me fully. I step in before her and look up at her figure. Admiring hot genuinely perfect she is for me.

"You're so fucking beautiful, S." I swoon when she bites the tip of her finger as she looks down at me.

She smiles widely and quickly pulls down her bikini bottoms to hop in with me. Before I get started she grabs my face and pulls me in for a hard and quick kiss.

"I love it when you're sweet to me, but I'd really like it if you fucked me right now."

Her slightly submissive words surprise me but I don't let it stop me when I grab her hips and force her to turn around.

"Yes, Daddy." I tease as I push her against the edge of the jacuzzi. She gasps with how rough I am and looks over her shoulder at me.

I grab the back of her legs and have her kneel on the stair that sits right below the jets. I reach around the front of her stomach and run my hand up and down her slit.

Even in the water, I can feel how wet she is. It makes my confidence grow tenfold.

"Did making me cum get you this wet? Do you like making me beg? It gets you off doesn't it?" I ask softly against her ear.

I run my middle finger over her clit feeling the rough jet hit my finger which tells me it'll stimulate her clit perfectly. I remove my hand and she gasps out at the feeling.

"Answer me, Sage." I push as my hands glide up her body and grab her boobs. My mouth makes its way to her neck, leaving small kisses to start.

When she doesn't answer right away I pinch her nipple eliciting a moan from her pretty lips.

"Yes, I get off on making you beg. Sounds so pretty coming from your mouth, baby. When you plead for me to fuck you. I even like it when I make you cum so hard you cry. Now that, it makes me fucking wet." She huffs into the air as she grinds her hips towards the jet, trying to add pressure.

I decide to help her along and slide my middle and ring finger into her cunt. Immediately she squeezes my fingers and moans.

"You know...I like it when you beg too, Daddy. I like to know that I can make you weak in your knees as well." I admit.

Sage's head drops forward when my pace begins to quicken and I curl my fingers forward, rubbing against her front wall.

I watch as her fingernails dig into the concrete as some sort of leverage. I use my free hand to roll her nipple between my fingers, making her groan and moan louder with each movement of my hands.

"You're the only person I'll ever beg for. But, you've gotta fuck me a little better than that to get it out of me."

I can see Sage's sadistic smirk, knowing she's egging me on. She wants me to get her there quicker, she taking pleasure in everything I'm doing. She wants to cum so badly she knows getting me worked up will get her there quicker.

I decide to take on her challenge and slide my fingers out of her slightly before positioning my pointer finger at her back entrance. So now she'd feel me in her cunt and her ass. All the while her clit is being fucked by the water jets.

Every time we have sex I grow more confident in myself and taking control. All I wanted right now was control and I was hoping she would let me take it without too much of a fight.

"Whore," I whisper against her ear as I slowly slide my finger back into both her holes. Her head drops forward between her shoulders and I can see how heavily she's breathing.

"Call me that again."

"You're my whore," I fuck her faster, "You're mine, for me to use as I please."

"Holy shit."

Sage throws her head back onto my shoulder and begins to ride my fingers. Uncontrollably moaning and panting into the air as her eyes snap shut.

I suck on her exposed neck, biting it harshly eliciting, even more, moans from her soft pink lips. The more she loses herself in the pleasure the more confident I grow.

I curl my fingers forward, rubbing two of them against her front wall and the other pulsing, twisting, and swirling in different directions in her ass trying to see what gets the best reaction.

I massage her breast roughly, rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger as she lets out a mumbled, 'don't stop.'

I leave kisses all along her jaw and take her earlobe between my teeth. I pull back letting it snap into place, leaving a soft kiss over the sore skin. I timidly run my free hand up the front of her body and softly wrap my hand around her throat.

I've only done this a few times and it never lasted long enough for me to see if she truly enjoyed it. Sage would always take over by now.

I use my fingers to put light pressure on the sides of her throat, remembering how she does it to me. Sage quickly shoots her hand up to wrap around mine and I think I've done something wrong. I go to pull away but she holds it in place around her throat.

"No, no, no. Just like that." She says softly moaning as I press my fingers harder around her throat. "Fuck, yeah. Perfect."

She groans as I pick up my pace and her head drops again. Her body begins to tremble and her words get caught in her throat. Moans and whines mindlessly escaping her throat as I continue to ruin her body the best way I know-how. I bite down on her shoulder hard enough to leave a mark the next morning. I see a small tear escape the corner of her eye, getting off to the pain I've inflicted on her.

Before I can overthink I groan into her ear my next words. "Do you like it when I fuck you like a whore? I'm not the only desperate slut here am I?"

I breathe out roughly, enjoying every single bit of pleasure I'm giving her. Getting her off turns something deep in my belly. I could cum again if I wanted to. When Sage doesn't answer me and continues to ride my hand as if I haven't asked her a question it pisses me off.

I guess I know how she feels now.

I let go of her throat for a split second to bring my hand back and smack her on the cheek. The same way she's done to me so many times. "Answer me, Sage. I asked you a question." I growl into her ear as I take her throat back in my hand, gripping harder than before.

"Y-yes! Fuck, yes I love it. You're not the only one." Sage cries out and it spurs me on as I feel her clench sporadically around my fingers.

Again, I catch myself by surprise when I speak.

"That's yes ma'am to you, Sage. Get it fucking right." I couldn't hold this side of myself back anymore.

Over the years it had been harboring and growing more confident. I don't know if it's the alcohol still coursing through my body but I wasn't nervous or feeling stupid about what I was saying. I'm taking this step by step, at my own pace.

"Yes ma'am, I like it when you fuck me like a whore. I'm yours." Sage calls out breathlessly and it makes me smirk at how easily she's letting herself go.

"So good, such a good girl. Wanna cum for me, baby? I can feel you're close." I coo in her ear, reveling in the way her body is crumbling right in front of me.

She nods ferociously and continues to scream out into the air. "I'm so close. Please, make me cum ma'am."

Her words make me fucking spiral and I do exactly that. Pressing as hard as I can on the sides of her neck to make the blood rush to her head. Her cheeks turn pink, complimenting the red print of my fingertips on her face.

Sage's legs shake around my hand and her hips stutter as she keeps grinding against me. Her back arches and she screams out against me as her body tenses for a second before releasing all of the pent-up tension she has been holding in this entire time.

Her pussy and ass clenches and lets go of my fingers over and over again until her body finally relaxes. Her shoulders slump forward and her breathing is still heavy. I slowly stop the movement of my fingers and when she fully relaxes around me I slide them out. She lets out a sigh and quickly turns around to sit on the seat of the jacuzzi. Her chest and face are flushed a pretty pink and I smile at her proud of myself for everything that just occurred.

Sage smiles shyly back at me like she isn't sure what to think about what just happened. Before she can overthink like I always do I mimick what she would do with me if I was unsure of myself. I straddle her naked hips and wrap my arms around her neck. I lean forward and kiss her deeply, trying to convey all of my feelings through it.

I pull back slightly and whisper against her lips. "That was fucking incredible, baby."

"Yeah?" She asks, not only to hear my praise but genuinely questions how she did when the roles were reversed. "Yeah." I nod and kiss her lips again.

"Just because I called you that doesn't mean you're in charge now," Sage backtracks making me laugh as I sit on top of her thighs. "It was just a momentary relapse in judgment. I blame your fingers. Sometimes they're just too good."

I tilt my head to the side as she runs her hands up my waist to squeeze it. "My fingers and my mouth, baby. I think I wanna hear you say 'yes ma'am' again." I playfully tease her.

"Shut up," she smacks my shoulder and lifts me off of her lap. She stands in front of me, bringing her hands up to tuck my wet hair behind my ears. "I liked it, it was just...different for me."

I smile sweetly at her. Sage was always in control and most of the time it was hard for her to let any of it go. So I know this took a lot for her, whether she gave in easily or not she was probably fighting with herself in her head. No matter what anyone thinks becoming vulnerable sexually with someone whether they're your partner or not is hard. It takes a lot to let your guard down and try new things. To be able to trust the person you're with. Sage knows Id never judge her and whatever she was willing to give up to me made me happy. The same way I get nervous to take control, I know she feels the same shyness when she lets her body pleasure take over her mind; always wanting to be in charge of what happens to her. I'll always love her any way she'll let me have her.

"I know. Don't think about it too much. You enjoyed it so let it just be that. Now c'mon, baby. I want to skinny dip and drink the day away." I smile brightly trying to get her mind off of whatever is running through it.

Sage leans down and kisses my lips again. Soft and slow this time. I can tell she's thanking me for being understanding. I know how it feels to be unsure of yourself and your sexuality, but we always bring out the better in each other in every way possible.

"I love you, Vi." She mumbles against my lips.

"I love you, my pretty Sage."

We spend the rest of our day swimming naked in our pool, playing around as if we were children. The sun burnt our bodies slightly when we got too caught up in enjoying ourselves to reapply sunscreen. We swam in the cool blue water and forgot our worries. Days like these were my favorite with her. Doing whatever we wanted and shutting out everything around us.

Watching her in the water she looked carefree. She looked so happy to just be in the moment with me. She is so beautiful sometimes it throws me off guard when I can't stop myself from staring.

She's golden.

Once we had enough alcohol to make us giggling messes we cleaned up our mess outside and ran to the shower in our room still naked from before. We took our time in the shower, washing up, kissing, laughing, and just loving on one another. I loved moments like this, the softness we had for each other after such a wild day was something so special to us. I swear I could watch paint dry with her and enjoy every second of it.

After we had finally washed all of the chlorine off of our bodies and out of our hair we dried each other off and changed into our pajamas. We made our way to the living room, I laid on the couch while Sage ran over to our speaker and scrolled through her phone as she connected it. I sat up on my elbows to see what she chose but I couldn't make it out from where I laid.

She runs back over to me and tosses herself on top of me, laughing as she gets comfortable. Once she's squished between me and the back of the couch and we lay towards each other with our foreheads touching and smiling at each other the music begins to play.

Sunflower by Rex Orange County.

I smile at her song choice, it being one of our favorites. I tip my chin up and kiss her nose which causes her to scrunch it and giggle again. Both of us hold each other close, never wanting to let go as we listen to the music playing throughout the house.

'Cause right now you know that nothing here's new
And I'm obsessed with you

I hum to the music as my hand hanging over Sages' waist trails up and down her back. Creating a pattern that I know will have her falling asleep in no time. I lightly scratch my nails on her skin, causing her to nuzzle her head into my neck as she slowly falls asleep and the music keeps on playing.

You know you need to get yourself to sleep and dream
A dream of you and I
There's no need to keep an open eye
I promise I'm the one for you
Just let me hold you in these arms tonight
I'm lucky to be me and you can see it in my face

I can feel her lips press softly against my neck, giving me every ounce of affection she can in her sleepy state. I tilt my head down to kiss the top of her head and bury my hand in her hair, massaging her scalp. I was quickly following her into a dreamy state. Once I did, I fell asleep happy.

Happy that she tried something new, that she was willing to be vulnerable, happy that she continues to be herself every single day. She should be proud of herself just like I am. My Sage is so incredible. No one Id rather have for the rest of my life.

I love our love.

Authors note:

I'm baaaaaack! I hope you enjoyed it! I added some cute fluff in there because I seriously cannot help myself. I want what they have.

Please don't forget to comment and vote! I will try to update this more regularly I've been in the Sage and Violet mood lately.

Have an amazing day! xx

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