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White Eve.

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Yerneley is employed on Earth to help with a number of odd cases by a young police man, who turns out to want more from him.

Erotica / Scifi
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White Eve (Short Story)

Zach was a thirty-four year old cop stationed in the Midwestern United States on Christmas Eve and was the only one working in town tonight and it was seven a clock in the evening. Zach was dressed in uniform but with a winter coat, hat, gloves, and pants and had a pale skin complexion and brown spiky hair and was often pointed out as being young for his age. Zach was following up on a number of unusual cases tonight in the suburb area of this town near a bay. The closer you got to the bay, the more of a downtown feel it had with hotels and shopping streets. Being the Midwest in the winter, the bay town had received a few feet of snow, yet all the streets were plowed a bit with just some bit on top of the roads and only some sidewalks shoveled or plowed. The cases Zach was investigating were confusing to him and he was trying to call into the station, yet after a while he felt like he had to take things into his own hands. He had just come back from investigating a house and its household members but he had been in there for a while and there was more snow falling and he was about to go back to his car when he saw a suspicious figure’s side. The figure was obviously fat but with a bottom heavy focus and was dressed in a winter coat, grey cargo pants, tan winter boots, and bulky blue gloves, but Zach saw the glint of sunglasses over a ski mask, “Doesn’t make sense,” he thought as he caught up to the figure who had passed him against his left side up the street, “Excuse me, sir, I’d like to ask some questions.”

The figure stopped, stepped back, and turned to Zach on its left foot, “Yes, sir?”

“Can I have some sort of identification?”


“Please just show me some identification.”

There was a silence besides the soft snow pricking against the street, “Sure, unless I can ask you some questions.”

“No, sir.”

“I’d like to.”

Zach stared at the figure, sensing something sinister about the figure but he remained cautious but calm, “Fine.”

“Do you know where the nearest military base is here?”

“I think it’s Acee Base.”

“Ah, I’m not familiar with it, but did you work at it?”


“Where in it?”

“A lot of places.”

There was an unsettling pause, “Okay,” the figure removed his right glove by pinching the index finger of the right glove with the index and thumb of the left glove. The glove came off and the hand under it was grey and misshapen and it startled Zach and he laid his hand on his holster on his right side, but the figure continued on and reached in its right pocket, “I’m not sure if you’ve seen these before, it doesn’t look like it.” The figure took the wallet out of its right pocket and raised it to his chest as he opened a side of it with its left gloved hand as his right slid two laminated cards out and held them in his middle and index finger and it slowly reached out to the officer. The officer came forward and took the cards in his right and looked at them in his gloved palm and the figure pointed out, “The first one’s my street ID and the second is my professional ID.” Sure enough it was, yet the professional showed a bulbous grey head with green eyes, a scar that started it’s right cheek and crossed over under it’s right eye above it’s nostrils. The rest of the ID was mostly normal with height, weight, age, eye color, and so on.

“So, Y-Yerneley.”


Zach took a deep breath and gave the ID back to Yerneley and he took it back in his ungloved right hand back into his wallet and pocket and put his right glove back that was still pinched in his left gloved hand. “Um, well, I am going to go back to my car to see if you check out. Come with me.” Yerneley followed the officer back to his car to the driver side as the officer opened it and the officer looked up at him, “I’m not sure what to look under, do you know?”

“Subcategory NT three one ten, number three nine two.”

“Thank you, sir, I apologize.”

“No need.”

“I feel that I should, sir.”

Yerneley shrugged, “You seemed off guard and not expecting this, maybe not so much experienced?”

Zach looked off right at his glove compartment, “I d-don’t know,” he looked back at the screen and examined it, “So, it says you work off planet as a sort of police officer, no specifics?”

“It’s random, but I prefer detective work.”

Zach scrolled down some more and then closed the laptop. “Should I tell him to go and get out of here. But these cases, they seem like they are in his sort of bandwagon, or I could just be assuming. I could use his expertise, maybe. Yes, it’s experience of working with an off worlder I didn’t get, at least, not that I know of,” Zach pondered. “Yerneley, I’m Officer Zach Yeal and I’d like to employ your help in something I’m investigating.”

“I don’t think that’s the best idea, Zach, I think I should be going.”

“I don’t think it was the best idea to be out here in the first place, being what you are.”

“Yes, that’s why I don’t stay long,” Yerneley began to walk away and up the sidewalk that was beside the left of Zach’s car.

“I could use your expertise, it’s quite unusual cases, not assuming you are an expert on unusual things.” Yerneley turned around on the sidewalk this time on his right heel back to Zach and Zach continued, “Come on, no one is around. And you can keep your stuff on.”

“Well, me and you are around, that isn’t no one.”

“Sorry, not a lot of people, sir.”

Yerneley stood there in hesitant silence but then broke free, “Just call me Yerneley.”

“And me, Zach, it’ll make things easier,” Zach got out of the car and shut his door, locked it, and turned around on his left foot and walked a bit as Yerneley followed, “So, um, how far is your planet away from here?”

“Few light years actually.”

Zach turned left at the end of the street, “You…just seem so familiar, in terms of body shape. So familiar.”

Yerneley looked up a bit to the right, “We share mostly similar anatomical structures with humans, along with organs too.”


“Yeah, the head shape, skin tone and feel, feet, hands, eyes, nose or lack there of the only things that are different.”

“That’s it?”


The two passed a few more street intersections and then Zach took a left. They then passed three houses on either side of the street in which Zach went in the fourth house on his right as Yerneley followed. Zach knocked on the door, “Mrs. Brick, it’s me, Zach, I’d like to come in again.”

The door opened to a thirty-something brown skinned woman standing at the doorway as Zach gestured to Yerneley, “This is my partner, James, I think he has a better understanding of what happened here.”

“All right, Zach, but it isn’t there anymore.”

“It isn’t?”


Zach gestured his eyes to his right where Yerneley stood behind him, “We’d still like to look around.”

The woman sighed, “Fine, you know where to go, don’t you?” Zach came inside began to walk up the stairs which was ahead and a bit to the left while Yerneley and Mrs. Brick followed behind. Once Zach had reached the top of the stairs, he went straight to the left and towards the front door since this room was above, left, and beside the stairs.

“You weren’t kidding, Mrs. Brick,” Zach stepped aside as he let Yerneley come into the room in which he did while he looked back as Mrs. Brick, “Could you brief me again with James on what happened?”

“I was coming home this evening when I went up to Charles’ room and found him cheating on me. He obviously knew I wanted him to leave, so once he was all dressed, his new girlfriend went into a like, hole in the center of this room and she was gone.”

“You still haven’t heard from Charles?”


Yerneley had searched around for something and hadn’t detected anything, “Shall we go?”

Zach turned back to him and nodded, “Sure,” he then turned back to Mrs. Brick, “You know where to reach me if he does call back.”

“Of course,” she went back down the stairs as Zach and Yerneley followed and she closed the door behind them.

“Anything, Yerneley?”

“No, there isn’t much to go on.” There was an uneasy silence and Zach broke it, “I only used a cover name because I know your name sounds unusual.”

“I know, that did make sense.”

“Do you think Charles has something to do with this?”

“I don’t know, it’s too early to tell.”

“All right, next house,” Zach led the way down the street a few houses up to another intersection and then turned right on it and passed just a few houses and went to the one on the right and knocked on the door, “Mrs. Deliah, it’s me, Zach,” the door opened to pale skinned, curly haired mid aged, fat woman with large square-framed brown spectacles as she smiled, “Did you find him yet?”

Zach shook his head, “But this is my partner, James.”

“Oh, you’re getting married?”

“No, mam.”

Mrs. Delilah opened up her mouth and looked at them like she got something, “Ohhh, so you’re sexually active.”

“No, mam-“

“Well, it wouldn’t surprise me, James, because I’ve known this Zach, for what, twenty years, and I know that-“

“We’re just working on this investigation together, that is, solving it,” Yerneley blurted out, now feeling like he had just made this more awkward than it wasn’t intended.

“Well, nevertheless, James, Zach, I was just about to call you about what my poor Tina said before she went into the hole.”

“What’s that?”

“He wore no condom.”

“Okay, Mrs. Delilah, thanks for your help.”

“Now, who would have the indecency not to where a condom nowadays, seeing all these diseases, ugh.”

Zach sighed, “The hole’s still not there, is it?”

Mrs. Delilah shook her head, “No, sorry honey. Good luck though,” she waved to both of them as she closed the door.

Zach turned around and back to Yerneley as both walked down the street, “So do you think that’s something?”

He shrugged, “Well, if this Charles did not wear a condom, his semen might be the culprit, though there’s a question of how the hole elements comes into play. Maybe it’s activated through ejaculation, yet these are just theories…”

“No, these sound good so far.”

“Though it sounds like Mrs. Delilah and Mrs. Brick both saw these people after Chris inseminated them.”

“Maybe the semen is on a timer.”

“That makes sense,” Zach turned left at the left intersection as he went down the street but there was a man heavily dressed in winter gear so Zach was not sure how this was going to work on getting around him, especially with Yerneley around. But this man seemed to be flagging Zach down by waving his hand, “Officer, Officer.”

Zach came up to him, “Yes?”

“I’d like to report some suspicious activity.”

“Okay, sir, where?”

“In the park?”

“How recently?”

“In the past five minutes.”

“And what is the suspicious activity?”

“Some skinny black young folk wandering around, he looked pretty confused and about to do something.”

Zach reached inside his right pocket and showed a picture to him, “Is this him?”

“No doubt.”

“Thank you, sir,” Zach stepped to his side facing the houses while Yerneley followed as he let the man pass. Zach then beckoned Yerneley over with his left hand as Yerneley followed beside him, “Chris is in the park, we should approach quickly but cautiously as we get closer.” He nodded as both went a few blocks up the street and slowed as they crossed the street to the park. Chris was in the middle just pacing in frustration. Zach tapped Yerneley’s butt and pushed it a bit, “I think you should go in first, see if you can calm him down.”

Yerneley looked to his right side staring at Zach until he stopped grasping his butt cheek, “Oh, I’m sorry, I apologize, go ahead. Quickly.”

Based on the situation, Yerneley let this pass as he turned his head and approached Chris slowly until he was about five paces away from him.


“What do you want? Do you think I’m stupid, I see your cop friend there!”

“He’s not that close though.”

“But, still, you are going to arrest me!”

“We’re just trying to understand what’s going on.”

“Yeah, like you can!”

“What do you think is going on?”

Chris looked at him for a bit and then stomped his right foot out in frustration, “I don’t know…”

“I think your semen is making people disappear.”

“Yeah, tell me something I don’t know…”

“I thought you didn’t.”

“I don’t know what to do,” Zach was inching closer, “Tell him to stay away.”

Yerneley looked back over his right shoulder and shook his head to Zach but Zach was still moving as Chris grabbed Yerneley’s shoulder as Yerneley looked and saw Chris had dropped his pants and was stroking his fat black member against Yerneley’s side.

“I swear, if you come any further, I’ll pop a load all over him.”

“You know I can just take off my clothes to get the-“

Chris pulled him closer, “Perfect idea, now-“ Zach had drawn his gun, “It’s over, Chris, release your stroking hand.” Chris released his hand and grasp on Yerneley and he backed up, “Fine, fine.” Chris froze stiff and made a choking noise as a back oily like humanoid figure squeezed out of his mouth and onto the snow. The figure had white pointed almond eyes and pointy ears and was about the same height as Chris but naked but very thickly and well endowed and it glanced at Zach first but then Yerneley who was closest and began to dash at the rotund Reticulan when Zach shot it straight in the head as it fell onto the snow. Yerneley had turned around looking at the now dead figure as Zach joined beside him having holstered his weapon as the figure burst and disappeared into black dust. Chris, who was frozen in place, now released and fell on his knees on the snow. He quickly got up, shaken, found his pants, put them on.

“What just happened?”

Zach turned to him, “Oh, nothing.”

“Nothing, I just woke up in the park?”

“Do you remember anything unusual happening to you, Chris.”

“I think, it was a wet dream with a black figure with pointy eyes, and ears, and very well endowed, but you know, thick.”

“That wasn’t a dream.”

Chris looked ahead, slightly in shock, “Oh.”

“You don’t remember anything, of how you got here?”


“All right, I think you should go home to your wife, though you might have some explaining to do.”

“Yeah, it just seems I was something else.”

“Or something else was you,” Yerneley added.

“Yeah, I’ve got to go,” Chris crossed beside them and across the street as Yerneley and Zach watched him.

“I think we both got to go now,” Zach remarked. “Do you think that thing was alien, Yerneley?”

“It’s hard to tell, it’s not something I’ve seen before, yet I have only seen so much space.”

Zach nodded and both of them took the same route back to their respective places which where in coincidence very near each other, however Zach came back to a shock - his squad car was gone but he found glass around where it should be and Yerneley was still by his side.

“I guess you’d be getting a cab.”

“No, none are out…”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I have been here a lot, so I know what’s up.”

“All right, all right, I’ll take your word for it.”

Zach shrugged, “You wouldn’t mind if I crashed at your place tonight?”



Yerneley shrugged, “I guess so.”

“There isn’t anything I should be worried about, is there?”

“Oh no.”

“So, that’s a?”

“Yes, you can stay over.”

“All right, where’s your place?”

Yerneley pointed to his left, “There,” it was a hotel.

“You’re staying in a hotel. Shouldn’t you not be out in the open?”

“Well, like you said, not a lot of people here. And I have a bit of cabin fever from my ship, and there’s no windows…”

“All right, all right, didn’t ask you to defend yourself,” he shrugged, “and if you’re careful like you say you are, I’ll be too.”

“All right,” he gestured him to follow him to the side entrance as he reached inside his pocket to scan his room key as the door opened and began to go up the stairs and looked behind over his right shoulder at Zach following him, “Want some cocoa?”

“Yes, please.”

Just right of Yerneley’s hotel room entrance was a small kitchen with a counter and to the left around the corner was the bathroom. Across and further into the room through the short hallway between was Yerneley’s room which contained a wooden stand with a lamp, then a bed and then another stand with a lamp on the other side. The furthest side of the room contained a closable door and screen door which led out onto a deck that contained a white plastic-like table with two complimentary chairs that faced into the table on the right side. Across from the bed in room was a TV on the right wall on a wall stand above a wooden dresser. Across and ahead of the kitchen counter expanded out into the living room sort of area with a long wooden table facing longways toward the entrance with two complimentary wooden chairs on each of the long sides and one on each head of the table. Beyond the table was a couch that was against the right wall which faced a TV that was on the left wall on a wall stand above a fireplace. The furthest wall away from the door contained two screened windows in which below it was another couch and two stands with lamps on either side. To the farthest left on the back couch was a door that opened to the deck that was behind Yerneley’s room, the doors connecting to the deck perpendicularly. The deck itself overlooked a park in the back and then to the bay’s shore. Yerneley himself had provided Zach with the pullout bed he extended that was in the couch facing the TV in the living sort of area, because the Reticulan would’ve liked a little more privacy in the morning.

“So, Yerneley, nothing special planned for tonight?”


“No holiday movie binge?”

Yerneley shrugged, “Maybe just eating some sweets.”

“Yeah, I should stop talking, I sense this talking is ruining your technique,” there was a pause, “Yeah, just keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing fantastic.”

Yerneley was currently on the pull out bed all fours completely naked while Zach was naked behind him and allowing the Reticulan to throw back his butt onto his member while it waved in and out of him. Yerneley stared ahead and sighed.

“A little faster now,” Yerneley threw his butt back into him faster for a while, “Harder,” Yerneley threw back harder but the weight of his butt going into him against his lower stomach was too much, “No, stop, get up and off the bed.”

“Anything wrong?” Yerneley asked as he got off the bed.

Zach skooched over to the edge of the bed while his thick condom-ed member flopped along and laid back on the bed while he planted his legs on the ground under the bed, “No, can you clap that butt?” Yerneley nodded, “Well, get on me again and clap up, down, and around me.”

“Sure thing,” Yerneley turned around and looked back over his right shoulder and grabbed Zach’s member in his right hand as he inserted it and let it slide into his lubed, smooth hole.

“Ah, yes, that’s good, now,” Yerneley moved his fanny up and around Zach’s member as he lifted his head up slightly entranced by what Yerneley was doing for a few minutes but then his neck was straining and lay it back down on the soft pillow he had it on, “Ah, that’s very nice, should be a few more minutes now before I below.” Yerneley continued bouncing his butt up, down, and around Zach until, “Ah. Ah. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..” Zach came so much he almost thought he’d break the condom as he released into it six three-second bursts. “I’m done now, you can stop now,” Yerneley stopped but Zach slapped his butt cheek, grabbed it, and jiggled it around in his arm a bit and released and spanked it again, “All right, get off,” Yerneley released himself from Zach as he went over to the back couch where his pajamas were laid out and took his underwear from it and began to put it on. Zach got up from the bed and grabbed lightly grabbed his right hand under the large amount of cum in the condom while his other hand was at the part he was going to take off as he walked over to the kitchen to the trash and took off the condom carefully and threw it out. Once he came back to the pull out bed he was too tired but relieved so he just flopped down on the bed as Yerneley was done with redressing, “Goodnight, Yerneley, Merry Christmas.” Yerneley had turned around, nodded slightly and then went off to his own bedroom.

Yerneley awoke to the familiar smell of pancakes, coffee, and syrup, yet he didn’t remember having got those for the room. He opened his room door and looked to the left where the table was and saw Zach in full uniform at one head eating some pancakes with and at another head was another plate. Zach had saw Yerneley look, “Morning, I just ordered room service, don’t worry they aren’t here anymore,” Yerneley walked to the other head, “This is my sort of, make up, for yesterday, and it is Christmas, so it’s kind of win-win.”

Yerneley pulled back his chair and than sat down, “Why do you think you need to make up?”

“Well, I was driven by sexual desires, wouldn’t you agree?”

He shrugged, “I guess so.”

Zach looked slightly annoyed at him, but continued on, “Well, I know I was, because to be honest…I’ve had a recent divorce…and it was my fault, and I guess I’m having trouble of figuring out what to do next, or what went wrong,”

“So last night you just wanted some company, for Christmas.”

Zach made a perplexed but confused sort of noise, “I guess you could say that, though that was not intended at first.”

“Well, I think what you did at the park, I just had a sense that what you did was sexually driven.”

“Well, I didn’t expect to get so far once I got in the room, I think you made it easy.” Yerneley looked at him annoyingly, “All right, all right, I know that look, but, think, think, being the key word, unless that’s not you were intending.”

“I just wanted to please you.”

“In the way you did in the bed last night?” Yerneley looked trapped, “Were you seeking some sort of company for Christmas, or am I going too far?”

“Yes and no,” Yerneley sighed, “I guess we can agree that we went about getting it in an unusual way.”

“A different sort of way,” both nodded, “Let’s just eat.”

Both continued the rest of their meal until they finished but Zach’s pocket was buzzing and he got up, “I’m already packed, and I have to go, work’s buzzing me for some reason.”

Yerneley got up too, “Okay,” he took his plate along with Zach’s to the sink behind the counter as Zach grabbed his things.

“I still want to make this up to you more,” Zach quickly reached into his right pocket and grabbed fifteen bills and handed them to Yerneley.

“Oh, no.”

“Take it, please, it’s Christmas.”

Yerneley took the bills, they were all one hundred dollar bills. Yerneley’s eyes widened in shock, “Zach, this is too much.”

“From the way you worked me last night, that’s how much to your worth to me,” he saw Yerneley pocket the bills, “I can’t say if we’ll meet again.”

Yerneley shook his head and scrunched his face, “Me neither.” Zach nodded, shook his hand, and walked out of the door as it shut behind him. Zach was walking down the hall when he finally answered his walkie, “Yeal, here.”

“Hey, Zach, this is Margaret.”

“Oh, hi, Margaret, where are you?”

“In the lobby of a hotel.”

“Is it near where I last reported in?”


“I’m coming down,” Zach speed walked down the hallway to the stairs Yerneley let him in, went down all the way, but then went back into the hotel and right down the hall instead of the through the door. Once Zach passed a few rooms, he turned right around the corner and saw a pale skinned, blonde haired, ponytailed, and short policewoman, “Hey.”

“Hey, Zach? Do you know what a hell of a Christmas Eve we had?”

“Um, no, but I did get my squad car stolen.”

“Yes, and the ones who did it were misleading us down South and put us in a wild goose chase.”

“Oh, how far down South?”

“About thirty minutes.”

“Ah, I’m sorry I didn’t call in, but you know I was investigating a case.”

“I know, doesn’t mean you couldn’t have called the station, we almost thought you were dead!”

“I apologize, I forgot, but I stayed the night here.”

Margaret squinted her eyes, “Funny, when I was asking around for you, they said they didn’t recognize you from your picture and that you didn’t check in.”

“Well, that person must’ve not taken the night shift.”

Margaret scoffed and shook her head, “You know they have records, right? Zach, who is she?”

Zach sighed, “Margaret, we’re divorced now, you shouldn’t be worrying about who I get involved with.”

“So you admit you were involved with someone?”

“Can we just go?”

Margaret scoffed, nodded her head, and turned around, “Wouldn’t be the first time you were involved with someone.”

“Can we just drop that, I wasn’t involved with anyone.”

“Mm hm,” she got into the driver’s side of the squad car outside.

“You found the car, right?” he got in beside her.


“And nothing was stolen or broken?”

“Nope, just a bunch of jokers on Christmas Eve stealing your squad car.”

Zach sighed, “Let’s go then.”

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