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: Chapter - 9 : Inexperienced :

- Lacey's POV-

I just got back from my workplace at 6 pm. I opened my apartment door like a lame and slammed it behind with my foot. Then I threw my small bag on the couch which contains some money, lipstick and some of my little belongings. I also then threw myself on the couch and collapsed. That asshöle of my boss literally used me today like his damn servant. I badly want to get fired from this job and took another. But I need those green thing called ‘money’ to pay the rent and for my living. God! Bare with me.

It has already been three days after agreeing Luca's so called tempting offer; but I don't think he will ever call me. He was always surrounded by uncountable bimbos, why would he even need me!

I then got up from my couch and stripped from my shirt and pants and wrapped myself with my towel to get a cold shower for mental refreshment. And then my phone buzzed. The screen was glistening showing the caller name Pantydropper. I forgot to change his name. Not that I care about it. Oh, I just needed a shower! I then tapped the receiver and held it near my ear lazily.

"Hello Luca, what's up?" I asked not hoping what he was going to say.

"Ciliegia, I want you now. How soon can you get over here?"

"I can be there in two hours." I replied.

"Not good enough. I will have a car pick you up in half an hour." He said with irritation.

Fück this man! His demands really pissing me of. "I was going to take a shower. And no need to send any car. Just sent me your address." I said rolling my eyes.

"Fine," he growled over the phone. "I'm sending you the address. Don't keep me waiting. Don't forget I'm not a very patient man." And he cut the call. Rude very much.

I then hurriedly got into the shower and washing myself taking the smallest duration of time. I walked out and weared a casual crop top and a small skirt underneath my lacy underwear. I then slipped into my heels and got downstairs to take my car.

I saw he already sent his address and connected the place with my GPS. After few minutes of driving, I stopped and saw I already reached my destination and looked up at the huge apartment. I then got into the lift and pressed ten. As soon as I reached, I knocked on the first door and wait and knocked again. He finally opened it.

There was something about his blue eyes, some kind of intensity, that immediately captivated me as soon as his eyes met mine. I couldn't help myself but scanned every inch of his well-built body. It was obvious that he had just got out of the shower because his hair was all wet, and there were some visible drops of water on his bare chest and others parts of his toned body. I felt my knees turn to jelly as some of the water droplets slowly fell over his perfect abs sank into the towel he had wrapped around his well defined torso as his big tattoo on his chest was glistening through the droplets. This sight made me want to follow the drops of water with my fingertips and feel his muscle tighten under my touch.

He might be the biggest asshole I have known; But I think I need some holy water right now!!

"Hey Ciliegia," Luca's sudden voice startled me as it broke into my reverie.

"Looks like you are enjoying the view too much, you are literally staring at me for five long minutes." He said as a playful smirk crossed through his lips.

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and he let me enter through his door.

Stepping inside my eyes instantly enlarged. He has got a fücking penthouse! The living room was far larger than my whole apartment. To the left was a modern industrial kitchen. The kitchen was accompanied by a large concrete slab hoisted on metal leggings, doubting as a dining table.

"Oh my God, Your living room is bigger than my whole apartment." I remarked. He just chuckled.

"Wait in the living room; I need to get my sweats." Telling that he walked away and entered one of the room pushing the door slightly. I sat on the nearby couch. He's totally out of my league! I had no slightest amount of ideas that what he had seen in me. And here I'm, waiting for him. For having sex with him! Sounded both tempted and pathetic.

After a minute he came back. He was only wearing a grey sweatpant exposing his perfect 'V' line. His dark hair was messy; looks like he ran his fingers to comb it. He looks like a walking sex god.

"Now I need to make sure some terms with you." He said as he sat on the opposite couch of mine.

"What kind of terms?" I confused.

"Have you ever been anyone's submissive before?" He asked rubbing his stubble chin.

"Uhh.. Never really. Are you talking about the BDSM thing?"

"Yeah.. you know I don't want anything serious. So I want our sexual relationship like BDSM. Do you know anything about it?"

"That the BDSM is a variety of erotic practices involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism. Activities and relationships in BDSM are often charactized by the participants taking on roles such as the dominant and submissive. I have read about it before." I said awakardly not hoping where this is going. Does he want me as his submissive!?

"Yeah, Question is do you like and or accept all four of these things? I think you are understanding what I am trying to say."

"Well, I have never had done this kind thing with anyone. I may had many one night stands before but had never been anyone's submissive or never had any experience." I shrugged. "Mmm... Is not it a bit painful?"

"A bit. There's a thin line between the pain and pleasure. Pain was always a form of release and that's exactly what pleasure do." He said it so freely. It seemed Luca was more experienced. He could be some professional dom.

I had never thought of that it that way. I honestly knew next to nothing about the BDSM scene and what it entailed, besides the whole whips, gag-ball and chains part!

"Is not it that the subs submit themselves fully to the doms and they have no control over it? And the fetishism thing?" I queried.

"Not at all, it's crucial that the sub maintains the authority of the last word. If you need to stop, I will stop. The idea is that the submissive wants tjese things - punishments, dominance, bondage, humiliation - just as much as the dominant does. So obviously you would push your own boundaries, and have the trust in me to stop when you need me to. That's what for safe words. And I have no fetish things. So don't worry about it."

Hard limits. I hadn't thought about that before either. Then again, with my limited knowledge, there were only so many things I could think of as being immediately opposed to.

"You've had submissive before, isn't it?"

"Yeah. A few. But they didn't last long. I already told you I haven't find the perfect women who could keep up with me until you. Is there anything else you are opposed to?"

"I mean... I would prefer if we didn't do anything related to golden showers." I said shrugging. He just laughed aloud and shook his head.

"That's fine with me. Anything more?" He asked starting at my greens. My mind was becoming blank, filled with rushing thoughts and growing hormones. Am I really getting myself into dom/sub thing! God knows what will happen now.

"Do you believe that I can keep up with you? I'm inexperienced." I frowned with a sudden tension.

"Just relax. I am fully sure once you experience it, you will beg more of it. Just wait in my bedroom. I am going to give you a first taste of the real BDSM." And saying that he stood up and walked away.

❥︎Yoo my lovelies, the real game is about to start from now on. What do you guys think of this chap? A little knowledge about BDSM I encrypted here for your better understanding. Don't be a silent reader and let me know about your thoughts. 😘*Hugs and kisses.


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