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: Chapter - 10 : Tied up :

-Lacey's POV-

I then entered in his bedroom pushing the door slightly. The bedroom was far bigger than my own bedroom. The whole atmosphere is dark and lit. The walls were light gray and a massive dark coloured king sized bed, too much large for sleeping for one man, was in the middle of the room. The sheets and coverlets were all silky greys and blacks. There are two big windows which was covered by light gray curtains. Somehow the room seemed very sad and gloomy. A large bookshelve was on the opposite wall which contained certain number of books, but they weren't kept properly. And a desk and a wardrobe were situated in the corner of the room as the desk was a mess with papers and his laptop. Luca moved ahead of me and threw over the curtains as the room lighted by the city's neon glow.

"Why does the room seem so dark and gloomy? I mean everything is just black and white!" I asked rubbing my elbow nervously not being sure if he would get mad.

He just sighed. " โ€™cause it reflects the colour of my soul." His voice sounded a little sad, but the sadness exchanged immediately with his dominant look. Looks like it's something about his personal matter. So I decided to slide it.

Luca then approached near me taking my hand and pulled me in his arms and closed the tiniest distance. Then he spun me round as he was now behind me and his chesled torso was touching my back. His pupils dilated and the blue orbs now turned into as dark as midnight blue. I felt his familiar masculine breathe hitting my neck. His one hand firmly hold my waist from behind and the other hand twisted the end of the skirt and gently caressed my thigh squeezing it gently. He softly touched his lips on my sensitive spot near my jawline and started pressing small kisses on it. My legs turned into jelly as I would fall there if he didn't hold me. Desire spread through me making my skin tingle and Goosebumps started creating in my whole body. I leaned back resting my head on his chest as he sucked and bite my skin leaving a hickey. I let out a low moan pressing my lips firmly to hold it. He then lifted his hand from my upper thigh and caressed up my throat, stopping to take gentle hold of my face.

"Listen carefully Ciliegia, if you beg me to stop I won't. We'll use safe words. That way you can more engage your submission to me. What's your safe word?"

"Mmm..." I couldn't speak as my voice completely hitched in my throat. Every inch of my body was hot and bothered and I wasn't capable to think straight. And the last thing I could come up with a word that would make him stop doing the very thing that was making me this way.

"Red is my safe word." He said. "Remember it, if you really need me to stop or it becomes too much for you, that's what you will say."

I nodded. The naughty voice inside me was screaming for his touch, to throw me down on the bed and submit myself to him and let him have his way with me. He then moved his hand from my throat to unzip my dress whispering in my ear...

"I'm going to fill that little pussy of yours with every inch of me. And I know you will enjoy every fucking second of it."

I'm just going to cum by his voice and touch. His hands drew the shoulder of my dress, down over my arms and then down past my waist and threw it in a corner as my blace lace lingerie exposed. I didn't know what to do with my hands as he continued to send chills running over my body. I wanted to tangle his dark hair and pull him close. I wanted his tongue to devour me.

"Now I need to fix how you'll address me. You can call me Luca everytime. But in this bed, in this room, I am your dom and I will expect you to address with proper respect. โ€œYes Masterโ€ and โ€œNo Masterโ€ will be your appropriate response. Got it?"

"Oka- I mean yes Master." I felt his hand went back for a spank. Instead it went back to carress me as I corrected myself. I sighed. All my desire and adrenaline was making my head spin.

"Do you know your position when your dom standing near you? Get on your knees, head down." He commanded and loosened his grip as I followed quickly. "Ms. Sanders, have you ever given oral?"

"O-Oral!! As in I'm supposed to suck your....." I stopped and he nodded. "Yeah, it'll be your first test." He devilishly chuckled saying those words.

"Ciliegia," Luca said huskily. "You look good on your knees. He took of his sweatpants and hungrily observed me. "Yes, Kneeling is a good look for you." I kept my eyes on his satin boxers. He was languidly stroking himself through the silk. His ocean blue eyes are dark with lust.

"Now open your mouth." I tipped myself forward and hooked my fingers in the waistband of his boxer, tugging them down. I swallowed deeply glancing at his revealed erection and large thick length in front of my face. Instead of listening to his demands, I licked up his length tasting his salty flavour. He sucked in air deeply and let out a low groan.

"Cazzo!, just suck Ciliegia."

But his erotic noises made me want to do it in my own way. I nipped at his skin, amazed that this demanding freak was reduced to a quivering mass of tension by my touch.

"You're such a fucking tease, Ciliegia." He bit out as he cursed under his breath in his mother tongue. I then smirked kissing the tip of his cock hearing his breathy moans. Before he could stop me, I gripped the base of his shaft, finishing up by sucking on his weeping head. I was so unbelievably aroused by his taste, by the tiny jerking motion of his huge body.

I pulled back. My breathe ragged. Luca's face was a picture of beautiful masculine arousal. Heat rocked through my entire body as I forced myself not to rub my clit.

"Don't do that again." Luca whispered. "Unless you plan on taking it all."

"I plan on taking it all, Master." I dipped my head and licked the tiny head of moisture before taking it all in my mouth.

"Suck me Ciliegia." Luca said hoarsely. "Take all of me."

He cupped the back of my head with his hand, keeping me where he wanted me and scooped my red hair into a ponytail clearing my face so I can get better access. My tongue whirled around him, stroked him, teased him. He tasted like sin; I couldn't get enough. I loved this feeling this gave me, me pleasuring him. He slowly moved his hips forward, stroking in and out of my mouth as the grip in hair tightening. "Damn it Lacey." He moaned deeply as I sucked harder. His pumping into me became brutal as he neared the finish line. I pressed my lips tightly around him, tilting my head up and going back down to massage him with my tongue.

"Oh fuck, fuck. So fucking good." He murmured catching his breath. "Oh God Lacey, that's so fucking good. Now lean back." I obeyed resting my ass on my heels and avidly watched him.

Hot jets of semen exploded out of him, getting on my hand, my face, my chest. I licked my lips, the salty and now-familiar taste welcome on my tongue. My hands skated down my sweaty body and paused sensing how hard and sensitive my nipples were through my bra. Luca slumped backwards, watching me rub the cum that coated on my chest and my bra was damped by his hot fluid.

"Beautiful," he whispered biting his lower lip and groaned. I finally sighed back and rubbed my clit. "I need to be inside you now."

Saying that he walked near his desk and took out his tissue box taking a tissue paper out of it and cleaned his long shaft by it and then tugged on his boxer again. I was in my previous position, on my knees bending my head down. He walked near me. "Get up." He ordered again and I got up immediately.

My breath caught as Luca suddenly tossed me on his bed, the soft blankets swallowing me. I gasped again when he took a hold of my arms, expertly flipping me over my stomach so that I was bent over the edge of the bed. His nails trailed down my back, unhooking my bra and swiftly yanked my panties down. He threw them in the corner where he threw my dress previously. I'm now fully naked. He turned me again as my boobs were now exposed in front of him.

"Cazzo piccola, le tue tette sono bellissime." (Fuck babe, your boobs are beautiful.) He murmured while he positioned himself on top of me. With no warning, he grabbed my hips lifting my legs across his shoulder. He rubbed my pussy lips slowly with his index finger opening up my moistness to him. "Fuck, you're so wet for me." His tongue moved gently across them, his mouth clamped on one of my lips sucking and biting it causing me moan loudly. "Arghhhhh...," I cooed biting my lower lips. He looked back at me smirking and moved again his all around my clit teasing the hell out of me. I threw my head back running my fingers through his soft hair grabbing tightly. I needed him inside of me.

"Oo..hhh fu..uck," I breathed out loudly as he moved my body closer to his face and continued to devour me. As soon as my orgasm rippled through me he moved back. "No please, make me cum." I murmured in my moan.

"That's what I plan to do. But not now, I want to play with you. You haven't earned my consent yet." I groaned cursing under my breath still soaking wet from him and by his words. It hurts and he was moving slow which made it far worse.

"I'm going to slide myself into that beautiful cunt of yours. I bet you're always as tight as a virgin. You're the tightest I ever had. Having you tied up to be my little slut? You'd like that, won't you? Want me to fuck you, Lacey? Huh?"

Damn it. His dirty talk made me enjoy the uncomfortness between my legs. I moved my hips and tried to touch my clit but he slapped my hand away and gently slapped my pussy. "Don't you dare touch yourself. Spread your legs. I want to see that pink little pussy of yours." He entered his finger again teasing my sensitive bundle of nerves. "Please Master." I begged. The heat from his body is intense, sending me in a storm of pleasure. But he pulled out before I could cum.

"Oh? Do you think I'm going to take you now? Do you think you have earned that already?" He chuckled watching my desperate need for him. "Please Luca," I whined. "I want you."

"I can tell. But you're going to learn to be patient, Ciliegia." I wanted to beg him. Beg him to release me, please give me release. But I had a feeling that would only result in him drawing this out longer.

"Time to play, piccola." He whispered in my ear and slipped out of the room for a moment. My breath was swallowing and the heat between my legs was ridiculous. Soon he returned with some handcuffs with padded cuffs connected by a short chain, a slim white wand with two buttons on the side - I recognised it's a vibrator and a "Ball gag??" I eyes widened as he headed towards me.

"I'm going to show you just how desperate you can truly be for release. Open your mouth." He commanded and my mouth gaped, but I still followed and he wrapped it around my head, strapping it in my mouth. The black ball pryed my mouth open, my teeth struggling not to bite it away. He moved behind me and ordered,"Curl your legs up to your chest. And put your wrists together behind your thighs." Once I was in position, he began to cuff my hands. I realized that in this position, all my most intimate parts are exposed to him. And I couldn't anything to cover them with my hands bound. The feeling of tightness and bondage was driving me wild. He sat on the edge of the bed and spread my legs more wide.

He turned on the vibrator and pushed it down to my clit as the sound of it buzzed to my life, making instant connection caused me to groan and I irritationally began to struggle, pulling at my handcuffs and wriggling. It's sound increased when the second button was pressed. It's too fast, my body couldn't keep up and my eyes rolled back. "Keep your back arched, Lacey." He ordered. I moaned into the bedsheet as I obeyed him. He rubbed me first with his hand, the slow teasing motion made me want to scream his name. Then his hand backed away, the vibrator took its place. I jerked as the powerful vibration carried through my every nerves. His other hand squeezed down on my thigh. "Too fast piccola?" He asked me smirking behind from the vibrating tool. "Master, please! It's too fast." I tried to scream. But my voice ragged. "What was that sound, miss? I can't hear you. Did you just snarl at me?" He chuckled as tears brimmed my eyes.

My arms strained against the cuffs and my legs began to shake. I felt my orgasm building and he saw that. "Oh God," I breathed sharply as my release seemed imminent. Then suddenly it wasn't. Luca had removed the vibrator. "Don't you dare cum." I tried to scream louder in protest. But that smirk in his face remained unchanged. My jaw was aching, saliva dripping down out of the ball gag and on to my breasts. "I control your orgasm. When you cum, it belongs to me. Your pleasure is mine, Ciliegia." I kicked my feet and whimpered in protest. But just a spank came to my ass.

"I'll keep you on the edge until you are truly crying for release."

Then the vibrator came to life, shaking me again. I cried out in pleasure, quivering as the orgasm rocketed on me. Luca laughed and the vibrator clicked off again. "Please Luca, I want more. I need it, please." I growled at frustration.

"Keep growling. Beg all you want piccola." He said calmly and my legs was shaking violently. I heard the vibrator clicked in its higher settings and continued. My throat was tired of screaming and tears spilled out of my eyes. Then his fingers joined the toy, filling me tightly and thrusting. "Please, please, please." I repeated continuously. I was on my edge and I couldn't take it anymore.

"Had enough Ciliegia?" He asked me and I nodded praying God for the release. "Yes Master." He was calm and his expression was indifferent. My legs was vulnerable with so much shakings and bedsheet beneath me was soaked by my wetness. Then he spelled those magical words I was longing for,


I moaned under my breath clutching the bedsheets as the juices exploded out of me. He turned off the toy and tossed it in a side. His tongue rolled against my clit and drank away all of my juices, sucking and licking it clean. "Cazzo Ciliegia, sei la piรน dolce." (Fuck Ciliegia, you're the sweetest.)

He took out the ball gag from my mouth throwing it on the floor and I took a gasp of air. He then approached near me and gently cupped my face and crashed his lips. His tongue dominated mine, asking for the entrance that I was more than happy to grant as I let out a humming sound from the back of my throat. He pulled back taking my hands, unlocked the cuffs and kissed the part of my wrist which was reddened by the hard grip. "I need to be inside you now."

He got off me heading near the bedpost and took out a packet, seemed like the condom. He tugged down his boxers and slipped the condom on his shaft. His tip of the cock teased my wet entrance spreading my moisture, I grabbed the bedsheet hardly. Without any warning, he entered himself in one thrust. My back arched trying to take his entire length in my tightness. He again grabbed my face kissing hungrily. I digged my nails on his ripped muscles running my fingers through his hair. He started thrusting me hard, his mouth came down from my lips to neck kissing hard while his hands messaging my breasts. With the last thrust, he hit my G-spot as he spilled his seed into me while my muscles clenched him and I let out my orgasm. He groaned cursing under his breath. His rough breathing send chills down my spine. He then pulled out and removing his condom, threw it in the nearby dustbin. He let go of me and laid beside on the bed. For a minute, the sound of our heavy breathing and panting and our rapid heartbeat rang in my ear.

"Wow!" Was I all managed to say with a tiny giggle. He turned at me smiling softly, reaching near my forehead softly kissing it.

I then got up from his bed, tried to stand as my legs was sore for massive shakings and vibration. "Hey Luca, may I take a warm shower before leaving?" I asked gathering my lingerie and dress from the floor. "Yeah, the next door of the room. Help yourself." I walked out of the room in my naked self. Before I was going to enter he called.

"My car will give you a ride to your home."

"Don't worry." I assured. "I had came here with my car."

"By the way, we should do it often. You look good when you were tied up in my bed."

Giving him a cheeky smile I shut the door.

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