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: Chapter - 11 : Like a Paranoid :

-Lacey's POV-

I was already running late. I wasn't even able to run through the building to get into my office. My muscles were sore and beat and there were many hickeys in my chest and neck and I also had to be up in a few hours for work. So I put on a crooked shirt (probably forgot to iron it) and a tight pants as I was tired of showing my legs. As I entered the building, the receptionist, Joe noticed my hard panting.

"Lacey, you are running a bit late. Mr. Miller wanted to see you ASAP." She said directing at me.

"Morning Joe, when did he want to see me?" I asked hurriedly.

"As soon as you will get here." I then nodded at her with a small smile rushing pass her to drop my purse and bag in my office before going to see my boss. I was wondering what he wanted so early.

"You wanted to see me, Sir." I politely asked entering in his office after knocking twice.

"Yes come in Ms. Sanders and have a sit." I went ahead, pulled out the chair nearby his desk and sat.

"I hope nothing is wrong, the transaction with Mr. Valenté and the deal with them went very smooth..." He started. I was feeling a bit nervous. It's the first big project I have taken myself. In this business, anything could go wrong.

"He was very satisfied with your work. Said you performed well."

I began squirming in my seat and my palm was sweating. What exactly meant by that left me filled with dread. Had Luca told my boss that what went on between us? If that I could be fired for sleeping with a client.

"We will actually conduct a meeting tomorrow for discussing some terms and aspects. And he specially requested that you will be present there."

"Uhh..Why me?" I suddenly asked. Fool me! I'm the one handling it.

"The last time I remembered that you have taken all the responsibilities for this deal. I won't mercy you if you messed up anything tomorrow!" He said irritatedly crossing his arms like I already messed up everything. He had to be satisfied with me, not irritated. I mentally rolled my eyes.

"Yes sir, sorry for that. I just got nervous." I plastered again my confident self.

"Ok. You need to make ready some paperworks and correct all the flaws of the previous files and be sure everything is perfect and . . . . . (Blah blah blah all the boring orders) . . . . I think you already understood." He finally stopped.

"Yes sir. You can trust me. I won't let you down." I stated standing up from the chair.

"See yourself out." He spated turning away from me. No need to say twice. I willingly wanted to get out from this hell.

The rest of the day passed out with a baggage of paperworks on my desk and typing constantly in my Mac. At last the day came to an end.

I had planned to pass the rest of the night watching some cliche movie on Netflix wearing a baggy hoddie and sweatpants while chewing popcorn. Then suddenly the thought of Luca appeared in my mind.

His hard jaw with a light stubble I would love to scratch my fingers on it, his kissable full lips, his straight pointed nose, his narrow almond shaped eye with the most beautiful blue orbs I have ever seen, his messy black hair where I would love to run my fingers through it, his broad chest with a devilish Italian tattoo which gave him the bad boy vibes, his chesled abs which always looks delicious, his strong hands with the perfect fingers which knew how to pleasure a woman, his perfect ‘V’ line of his torso, his dirty talks which would make any woman wet just by hearing, his long huge dïck. . . . Fuck!!

Just the thought of him made me feel hot and bothered. Damn it, He's so out of my league... I pouted my lips imagining the face of the other girls looking at him with hungry eyes and fake boobs. I was literally daydreaming about him.

Scolding myself, I opened my laptop in search of some movies. I felt like a soccer Mom deprived of sex from her husband and obessing over a fictional character. Really, was Luca even real? Thankfully. Were my current emotions even real? Which definitely terrified me.

Then there was his stupid offer for me. Relationship with him– Just for Sex. With some creepy rules. No feelings, No emotions, No dating, No friendship, Only sex. Did I sign myself to be his permanent fuck-toy? When he would get bored with me, he would throw me somewhere like a cheap paid wh0re!!

My subconscious was telling me whatever was happening was bad. Because at the end of everything, I will be the one who will suffer the consequence. I will be just a pawn of his wicked games. But my heart was telling me otherwise... that Luca might worth my attention, my heart, my emotions. My gut feeling was always conflicting about the aftermath.

I took a long breath and sighed loudly. Maybe I was just overthinking everything. I'm just overwhelmed by this weird situation that my mind was playing soccer with my damn brain. Luca might worth any risk; any risk for my heart falling for him. No, no... I couldn't fall for him. He's a player. He will..........

I needed to stop thinking about him. There's no us. There was never us. There'll never be any us. I had to stop before I start judging my sex life like a freaking paranoid. I needed a little distraction.

At that very moment the BDSM thing popped from nowhere. I had never given much interest in those bondage things. But what Luca did to me on that night, I had never experienced that before. No-one ever pleased me like he did. I could search some BDSM thing on the Google.

I opened the Google and typed on the search bar. In a few seconds, it loaded and various sites popped up on the screen. I tapped on the first site.

It took a few seconds to load. As soon as it loaded, I noticed there were so many sexual repertoire with naked images. I really forgot the last time I watched porn. I played the very first video appeared in the screen.

It was a lesbian bdsm video. I was not really interested to watch anyone's dick shoving in mouth. So it seemed watchable.

A girl with nerdy glasses wearing some black lingerie and stockings appeared from the side. She was holding a flooger. This nerdy girl is the Domme!! Probably the video would be a ass. Then another girl with blonde hair and huge boobs came at the spot wearing same lingerie and stockings. She might be the Sub. As they situated themselves in their position, they started speaking. I increased the volume.

"So, what's the show?" The nerdy glass scowled as the blonde shaked a bit.

The nerd's back was straight and her eyes were hard and determined and she had a weird carnal look in her face. "Who the fuck gave you the audacity to stand steel in front of me??" Nerd shouted. "Kneel down at my foot." She ordered her sternly. Then the blonde nervously kneeled down near her foot resting her ass on her legs. "You're wanna play, my slut? We're going to play." She remarked winking at her as the blonde seemed more helpless. I didn't take that nerd as such a dominatrix helding so much power. Just watching her made my skin tingle.

She walked around her bending position and bend her down more spreading her legs forcefully opening her inner part towards the screen. Then the nerd grabbed her whip and smacked her inner thigh to made her opening more visible and tied her down. As the phone buzzed at the main scene, I ignored it.

The nerd slowly walked near her with the whip in her hand. The blonde's face was flushed and her breath was quickening. Nerd leaned down near her ankles and suddenly ripped off the lingerie revealing her huge breasts and pussy. The nerd smacked her thigh more loudly than before. The blonde's legs were shaking. That looked like hurt a bit but her face expressed the pure ecstasy. She started whipping her again and again. Her thigh was as red as tomato as the blonde was gasping for air. The nerd then dropped her panties keeping her bra and heels on and positioned herself on top of her.

"Eat my pussy you cünt."

Isn't it harsh much? This is the lifestyle after all. This is how it is. Maybe that's the thing aroused her. Or because she was the Domme. The blonde reached up to her (nerd's) opening licking her side and rolling her tongue around her clit.

My phone again vibrated. As the thought of Devil, he was now texting me.

"Hey Ciliegia, you didn't pick up the phone. So I texted you. Are you busy?"

I texted back again.

"Aww... thank you for remembering me. But the last time I knew that we're fuck buddies. Not some teenager text buddies."

I cracked a laugh at my own message.

"I haven't seen you the whole day. Do you know how much I missed you!! Will you blame me now for looking after you. *sad emoji."

How sarcastic!! I texted back.

"Haha right. You're missing my püssy, not me. At least you need to obey your rules. *winking emoji."

"So Ciliegia, did you forget about the meeting tomorrow? Looks like that you are."

Fuck, I really forgot about the damn meeting. Was it somehow his trick to embrass me in front of my boss! Nope Mr. Arrogant. I won't let that happen.

"I remembered it very good. Now are you done? I was watching a show."

"Are you really watching show? Or fingering yourself imagining my face between your legs."

That nerve of that arrogant dominating ass. He was making fun by teasing me.

"You know what, I wasn't fingering myself. I'm already tired of that bullshit anyway. Or you're just stroking yourself. Do I remind you the blowjob??"

Now it's my turn to tease the hell out of him.

"No piccola. Don't flatter yourself. Though you're just a mediocre in that thing. I was just working out. Now going for a shower. But don't be sad cause you can't join me."

"In your dreams Mr. Bossman. Now will you leave me alone? I have to get sleep to attend your so-called meeting."

"Yeah Ciliegia. Sleep tight. Don't wear anything very revealing and also. Don't forget your sexy glasses."

I knew he was obviously smirking over the phone.

"No need to tell. I would dress up sexy. But not for you." Texting that I switched off my phone. He really loves to get in my nerves.

After that I also turned off my laptop and let myself fell the comfort of the blankets closing my eyes as the sleep drifted at me.

Wait Mr. Dominant. I will show that you aren't messing with just one of your slut. You're messing with the infamous Lacey Sanders. And she's nothing less than your stupid wh0res.

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