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: Chapter - 12 : Mediocre :

-Lacey's POV-

I got out of my shower wrapping the soft towel around my naked self. I went ahead tiptoeing in my room and opened the wardrobe. Today I needed to dress a bit sexy, but not showing that I have tried too much. So I pulled out my new push up bra from the further end of the wardrobe. I remembered it buying after Tiffany's endless whining. She was in love with this bra from the first glance and she had pushed me too much to buy it. Looks like, she knew I would need it one day.

I put on lacy panties and the bra. My C cup boobs looked popped out from its shape. Maybe it's too much for an office attire. It would be hilarious seeing Luca's face. I chuckled at myself.

Then I wore a white blouse with a ruffled design in the sleeves with a wide V cut showing the cleavage of my breasts and a tight black skirt ended on my knee length. Then I used some light makeup and a beige lipstick and let my hair fall down. And then I remembered about the sexy glasses. Though I wore contact lenses everytime except in home and office. I put on my black geek glasses and threw a kiss at the reflection of myself in the mirror and headed out.


I entered in my office sipping the black roast coffee buyed from the Starbucks on my way. I opened my MacBook and logged in with the password. As it opened, I prepared the stack of files for the presentation of the meeting holding today. Then I headed towards the meeting room and made the presentation ready. After an half hour of waiting, my boss entered in the room welcoming his client.

As I thought; Luca appeared in the room in his usual sexy posture. But his office attire looked far sexier than before. He looked like a pleasant nightmare in his dark grey suit. His beard was freshly trimmed. His obsidian hair was slicked back perfectly with a few strands fell perfectly over his forehead; giving him a mouthwatering look.

Fuck, he's a walking sex god. His one look could make any girl worship him....

Startled by a voice, I came to life. I didn't even give any attention what my asshole boss ordered me. Damn it, I need to get my shit together.

Then suddenly Luca chuckled staring at me. I didn't get a hold what just happened. I really want to wipe that smirk of his beautiful yet devilish face. Then I saw the two other men with Luca I haven't paid attention before, standing behind him crossing their arms like some bodyguard. The one with blonde hair was wearing a blue waistcoat with his sleeves rolled up. And the other one with dark skin seemed somehow senior to me. But he had a terrible scar on his upper nose. That's very creepy anyway. Their presence gave me not so comfortable feeling at all. As if they had some dangerous secret like a cunning snake.

I left those things behind my mind and put on my confident face.

"What happened Ms. Sanders? Are you even here??" Mr. Miller scowled glaring at me. I cleared my throat to break my awakardness.

"Sorry sir," I apologized. "Just got distracted b–by... Ughh..." Luca smirked at me slightly twitching the corner of his lips. I attempted to roll my eyes. But that would be rude of me. "By my own thoughts."

"Don't get distracted by everything; or I can say by certain someone." He winked, remarking in his husky Italian accent. The fucking nerve of him!! "I saw your job. You aren't a mediocre in everything." Obviously I know which job he was refering. This time his minions got suprised a bit. But their face again became neutral as before.

"I think we already wasted too much time. Now we should start it." Mr. Miller irritately said. "Ok. Ms. Sanders, I think you already know Mt. Valenté, CEO of Valenté Enterprise." Obviously I know him; in a pleasant way. Then he directed to the blonde. "And this is Mr. Matteo, Manager of the Marketing department. And Mr. James, Accounting Manager of Valenté Enterprise." They also shaked hands with mine. After that they all took their seat and I headed towards the desk to make ready the projector.

As I was typing in the laptop, I glanced at Luca from the corner of my eyes. His jaw was stiffened and his eyes were dark, somehow seems angry. His two minions were staring at me, especially the blondie one. He was directly staring at my exposed cleavage. I noticed Luca resting his arm in the table placing his stubble chin on his hand. His knuckles were white with clenching hardly. As if he was trying to containing himself from bursting in anger. His face really amused me.

Angry Luca!! That would be a whole new level!!

I leaned a bit more than usual my laptop that my breasts were now straightly visible. I felt myself acting like a höoker or whatever. Though it's felt amusing messing with his mood swings. I tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear licking my lower lip and biting the corner of my lip. Luca's burning gaze made me more hot than I thought. I lifted my glass and adjusted it on my upper nose. I assumed that blondie was obviously eating me up with his lustful stare.

Then after showing the presentation and so many discussions, I went back to my seat next to Luca. He might kept that seat for me. Or it was one of his trickery.

Suddenly I felt a warm hand on my thigh caressing me. My mind drifted from the conversation as I noticed Luca's hand on mine. His strong yet skillful fingers were twitching the end of my skirt giving me sudden goosebumps. But his face contained no flirting gazes, only his neutral professional look. How could someone remain unchanged while making an already hörny girl hot and bothered!! I then slapped away his hands from my thigh and lifted down my skirt he exposed.

No, you can't always fall for his stupid yet devilish charm and let him do whatever the fuck he wants. You need to show him who's the Boss after all. That's what you dressed for. Now stop being a pussy. It's time to tease the hell out of him— The inner voice of my brain cells screamed at me.

I suddenly dropped my pen in my opposite site of where Luca was sitting. Their conversation stopped for a moment. "Sorry. My fault. I just dropped my pen." I apologized making a quick innocent face. I noticed Luca's gaze drifted away from me. I kneeled down seductively touching my ass against his thigh while he jerked a bit.

I looked up to his bulge in his pants and smirked, moving my hands to his belt. His eyebrows raised shrugging his shoulders backward. From his response, I could feel him startled by my daring action. He quickly slapped my hands away murmuring something under his breath. He gritted his teeth to keep himself up as I continued to pull his belt, finally unraveling it, moving to his buttons. He breathed out sharply.

"It would be good benefit for both of us by the advertisement to make a great profit. Okay, what do you think about it, Mr. Valenté?" My boss asked him. Finally springing free his erection, he glanced at me cautiously. He parted his lips slightly to tell something. But my tongue rolled around his length and licked the tip of his head hopefully shutting him up. He shot me a dirty look covering his mouth not to groan aloud.

"Um...No. I mean, obviously it would be beneficial for us." He stammered under his breath.

Aww...Two can play this game, babe.

My licking and teasing him made him unbearably groggy and hard. And that's thing which amused me. His breathing was short and quick as I continued my job. The hell he humiliated me as a fücking mediocre. Now I would show him the best mediocre bullshït in his life.

"Mr. Valenté, are you okay?" Mr. Miller asked him with a sudden confusion.

"Yeah..hmm.. Why I wouldn't be?" He again stuttered grinning at him. "Nothing. It seems for your heavy breathing. Are you out of air? But I never knew this room could suffocate anyone."

"No.. no. Just out of weather." He assured him trying to detach me from his dïck. But I had been wondering how he could manage a straight face all the while I was shamelessly teasing the tip of his cock.

"Are you satisfied with my assistant's work? It's her first serious job. She's not that experienced anyway." He said in a disgusting manner. I wanted to slit his neck and destroy everything he loves. How dare he made a mockery of me!!

The men in the room all chuckled in an awkward humour. I pressed my lips tightly around him angrily and sucked him hard.

"No no Lacey...Uhh...I mean, Lacey is perfect for it." His voice hitched in his throat as he cleared his throat awakardly. "Are you sure you are alright Mr. Valenté?" Miller asked, completely oblivious to what was happening under the desk.

I deep throated him and sucked him hard. As I felt his climax rise up, I pulled away from him not finishing him off. I got off my position and went back to my seat.

"Fuckkkk...yess I'm fucking okay." He yelled out breathlessly glaring at me. That's the present you got after laughing at my mockery. He immediately settled himself in his situation and zipped down his pant.

"I'm extremely sorry for that. I didn't get much sleep last night. Got a shit-load of work. Please go ahead." He apologized sighing hardly.

"Will you care to tell me what were you doing under the desk for the long fifteen minutes?" He scowled at me giving me disgusting look. I rolled my eyes. "My pen dropped down and rolled into the corner. And it's dark under the desk. But I finally found my pen." I giggled quietly at myself for these silly things I was saying to save my ass kicking out from this room. Fool me!!

"Whatever.....Okay. We're ending here. And Mr. Valenté, hope you take rest to make yourself feel better next time." Saying that he got up and walked away from the room.

I gathered the pile of files and papers and also my silly pens which helped me to give him a mediocre job. As I was attempting to walk away, the blondie man approached towards me.

"Lacey Sanders. Isn't it?" He asked rubbing his chin. I nodded. "Yes, that would be me." I replied.

"I'm Giovanni." He reached out my hand to kiss it. That thing Luca did to me before. It might be some Italian culture. "It's my pleasure to meet you."

"Oh, the pleasure is all mine." I smiled at him. He seemed like the same age as Luca.

"By the way, your show was very entertaining. Are you available, Bambolina?" He asked winking at me. Oh crap! Did he see me giving him blowjob?!?

Then I noticed Luca standing behind him few feet away, crossing his arms with rage. I thought about teasing him a little.

"Well... About the show, I don't need any compliments. I assure you everything about me is entertaining." I seductively replied biting my lower lip. "And about the next thing....."

"Non è disponibile. L'ho assicurato." Luca furiously replied from behind. (She is not available. I made it sure.)

"È la tua ragazza adesso?" Giovanni narrowed his eyes at him. Looks like something serious. I was even unable to understand their words. When did my life become a crazy nonsense with the Italians!? (Is she your chick now?)

"È la mia ragazza. Non una puttana con cui scherzare." Luca stared at him as he would burn him with his stare. Giovanni rolled his eyes at him. (She's my girl. Not some wh0re to mess with.)

"Suppongo, buona fortuna con quello." He replied stepping backward. (I guess, good luck with that one.)

"Che cosa mai." He rolled his eyes. "Hai dimenticato il tuo lavoro o te lo devo ricordare?" (Whatever. Did you forget your job or I have to remind you?)

"Geez, Calm down Dude." Giovanni now turned at me. "Well... I have to go now. You know, raincheck! You can take my card. And you can call me Gio." He handed me his business card.

Then Mr. James came out. "Gio, we have to get going. And Ms. Sanders, sorry for his cöcky attitude. He always gets sexually attracted to every living creature."

"What the hell! You seriously underestimated my sex life in front of a beauty?!" He sadly replied making puppy eyes. That seriously made me laugh. Their connection seemed rather personal than professional.

"Cole and Gio, you go ahead. I'm coming." Saying them he walked towards me. So the other one is Cole James.

"Bye Bambolina, Hope we'll meet soon." Telling that he winked at me and walked away.

Luca suddenly moved closer to me; I stepped back until my back touched the cold wall. His face were just a mere inch away from me as his hot breath hit on my lips. His huge body was now leaned upon me caging me between the wall. My so called self-confidence had left me alone to deal with this frustrated situation I created myself. He grabbed my chin with his index finger and lifted my face so that his ocean blue eyes were now harshly piercing through mine.

"Care to tell me what was that?" I saw the sudden dominant expression on his face. I knew he wouldn't let go that thing so easily.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I pretended to be an innocent. Now there's no way to back out from it.

"You dared to play with my reputation. You really did very very very naughty thing. And do you have any idea what happens to the naughty girls?"

His words made me turn on like a sex-deprived whöre. "Nope. Please tell me." I seductively bit my lip pulling his tie at me to close the tiniest distance.
"Very curious huh....They deserve punishment. And you're now one of them." His signature smirk played through his lips.

Fück those lips!!

Punishment!! Now which kind of punishment he was referring?!

"Are you going to spank me?" Did I seriously say that aloud.

"Ohh..ho Ciliegia, you don't even know the half of it!! I'll take off your panties and make it hold with that sassy mouth of yours to keep you shut until you beg for me to fuck you."

Holy shït!! I was suddenly tingly everywhere. His every words made my inside clench. I attempted to remark something sassy; but his erotic husky voice was enough to make me weak on my feet. My grip on his tie loosened as the heat between my legs radiated through my body.

"Cat got your tongue, Huh!" He laughed quietly. "I knew very good whatever evil you were up to in that pretty little head of yours. Do you think I haven't noticed anything?"

I suddenly felt embarrassed and flushed thinking that about the boobs show in the meeting. No no... he knows you better than my own gut. And he's just trying to get in your head talking those sexy shits. I wiped the blush from my face crossing my arms.

"Whatever floats your boat." I rolled my eyes. He stepped back finally letting me go.

"Tonight at 8 in my place. You need to learn how to respect your Master."

Telling that he walked away leaving me in my own little zone. There's a punishment I have to discover now.

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