Wicked Desires | 18+

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: Author's Note :

This book is a work of ficion thus all the events and characters in this book are the product of author's imagination and any resemble to actual person; living or dead is entirely coincidental.


I'm no professional author and English isn't my first language. This book isn't edited, so readers are requested to understand and ignore grammatical mistakes or errors.


This was honestly the first book I've ever written, so with that said, there's going to be mistakes, plot holes, characters acting stupid and childish. I'll tell you the first few chapters aren't the greatest but once you get further, it does get better. Just bare with it.


[This is a BDSM themed erotic romance. And it contains explicit sex scenes, lot of smut, use of drugs and sexual violence. If this things don't apeal to you, then take it as a Warning.]


That's it .. Lol.. I won't bore you anymore with my boring lecture 😘

Happy Reading...

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