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: Chapter - 1 : Getting Ready :

-Lacey's POV-

*At 7:00 am* in morning

The alarm of my phone rings..

"Oh! damn it!," I stopped the alarm of my phone and sleeping again. For God's sake, it's Sunday after all. I'm going to sleep all day...

*At 9:00 am* in mid- day

Wakey wakey Princess !!
It's already 10 am..."

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...!!," I tripped from my bed and fell on the floor. Ohh, my knee hurts!

"Ohh, I see you already got up," said Tiffany, my only best friend. This girl was the real definition of crazy and bad timing. She's my best friend from toddler. She also lived in a apartment a little away of mine. But sometimes she brag in my place without telling me. I really did a bad thing giving her my alternate key of my apartment.

"When did you become a damn alarm clock??" I shouted at her.

"Well, I had to become for you," she told with a sass. She is going to be the cause of my death.

"For fuck's sake, I hate you so much," I expressed in a cold way.

"Awww, I know how much you love me silly," She acted like blushing and winked at me. I rolled my eyes.

"What do you want?"

"Can't I come to see my bff what's she doing herself !" She said making an innocent face.

"It's Sunday for God's sake. Is it a curse for me to sleep a little more time. And it isn't even 10 am. It's 9 am."

"Whatever the time is, Get your ass up," she commented, "You look like a mess."

"Just shut up already," I cooed. She looked at me with her puppy eyes.

"Ok, now tell me what do you exactly want?" I told her irritadly. She clapped her hands in delight.

"There's a new club opening near 250 park avenue. We're gonna hit it tonight."

"Noooo. I'm sleepy," I told her yawning.

"Can I ask you something? Don't get angry okk."


"What's the last time you got laid?" She asked me not even stopping for a second.

"What the fuck, I'm not going to tell you that ."

"What!!! You don't love me anymore," She started crying dramatically.

"Ok ok, maybe one month ago."

"Well, How was that?"

"What the hell!!! You are really asking me that," I shrugged.

"Tell me now or I will kick your cute butt," She threatened.

I sighed. "Not bad, I don't really remember at all."

"Then it wasn't that good after all." She said and I rolled my eyes.

"Well I see, you need to get laid with a hot specimen!!!"
She announced proudly.

Really 'specimen' !! She might up with something. God kill me now.

"We need to go for shopping now."

"What.. No."

"Yeah, because you need to look like a delicious snack. Now get your ass up before I throw you from the window," She roared.

This girl really scared the shit out of me.

After that little annoying argument, I entered in my bathroom and took a long hot shower. I dried myself and got back in my room wrapping myself in a towel. Then I weared a crop top and a tapered jeans with a black boot and headed out for a long ass shopping.

*At 7:00 pm* in the evening

"Just wear it already. You are getting in my nerves."

"No, I'm not in mood for this."

"Shut up and wear it," She shouted at me. I really wanted to get out of here very bad.

She gave me a deep red dress. It was really very tight and backless. It had a long V-cut in front of it which kinda showed my boobs popped out. It ended on my mid-thigh. I then straightened my hair and added signature-red lipstick and a little mascara to keep my makeup natural. I didn't want to be a bimbo who cakes up their face with makeup and wants everyone's attention.

"It's very revealing!! Isn't it?"

"You have a very amazing body babe!! And you need to show it everyone. So chop chop and hurry up." I rolled my eyes. She was wearing a dazzling green dress and a green high heel.

I slipped my feet in a black spiky heel and headed towards the garage to take my car. I was only planning to watch Netflix wearing a sweatpant and a hoodie while eating popcorn like most Sundays.

But this night is rather going to be interesting or a disaster...

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