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: Chapter - 2 : Girls' night out :

-Lacey's POV-

We both arrived near the club and parked my car. There was already a big crowd in front of the club. I stepped out of my car and quick half run to Tiffany to keep up with her. I can hear blasting music from the outside. We had to wait for 10 minutes to get near the door.

"Tiffany, Can we afford to get in?" I asked her.

"Of course, I have connection," and I looked at her confusing. With whom?

As we walked up to the bouncer who was guarding the door, "Hey Alex, Mind letting us in?" She winked at him and a faint smile appeared on his face. They were on a first name basis!! I sighed.

"I'll see you later tonight." He flirted with her and my eyes widen seeing how openly he did so. She grabbed my hand before she made a mockery of him once we passed the other woman who waited to be let in.

"How do you know him?" I had to ask but I couldn't hear her answer. We entered the club and it was pitch black before we submerged into a disco ball flashing different colour lights.

"Let's go!" I heard her say-no-yell over the music, she probably didn't hear a word I said. She pulls me on to the dance floor and she starts automatically just like when we were in college, she was comfortable in her own skin as she danced around. "Come on, let loose!!"

She grabbed my hands and started to swing them between us and I laughed before moving along with her and in a couple seconds I was doing it on my own.

I decided to take a look in my surroundings, whoever designed this place had good taste. I saw people upstairs falling down probably for consuming too much alcohol, making out couples.

All of a sudden I looked around everywhere but can't find Tiffany anymore, might go somewhere to dance with strangers. I headed towards the open bar and ordered a whiskey-neat and told the bartender to make it strong. Maybe she was right. I was sexually frustrated and needed a good and rough sex as I hadn't have it for a long time.I gulped the drink in one gulp as it passed burning my throat with its minty test. I then ordered two more,then three, four or more. I couldn't count anymore. I then feel myself lightweighted and the whole club started spinning.

I then stepped on the dance floor and let myself to be loose. I switched my head off and let my body take control. I seductively swayed my hips and gently storke the curves of my body, up from my neck, down to my waist. When suddenly I felt a pair of strong hand grabbing both sides of my hips. I looked up and saw a pair of stunning blue eyes staring down at me.

Maybe I got 'the hot specimen' for tonight....

-Luca's POV-

I looked down at my cellphone and saw I had 30 minutes before I had to leave. I went to my closet and picked out something to wear. The only reason I was going to this club because my brother, Rafael had opened a new club in the downtown and made me go. I wasn't in the mood to go but finally I gave in and decided to go, but just for a few minutes. I had to work finish tomorrow. It may seem like I'm a workaholic, but having a million dollar company and multiple business sites throughout the country makes you that way.

Tugging on a pair of black dress pants, I grabbed a black button down dress shirt and weared a suit jacket over it. I left a few buttons open and went over to grab my dress shoes. I dried my hair in its usual messy style. Smirking at myself in the mirror, I grabbed my keys and phone then left out the door.

Sliding inside the limo I leaned back and waited to arrive at the club. The only good thing about going to this club is finding a hot girl to take home. My phone then started ringing and I answered it.

"Che cosa!?" I growled. (What!?)

"Capo! Abbiamo un problema molto serio qui." One of my men said in the phone. (Boss! We have a very serious problem here.)

"Quale problema?" I asked narrowing my eyes. If he was here he would be squirming in the chair. (What problem!?)

"Alcune delle nostre spedizioni sono scomparse!!" He spoke in a trembling voice. (Some of our shipments have gone missing!!)

"Stai scherzando, vero!!" I almost blasted. (You're kidding, right!!)

"Nessun Capo, abbiamo Cole che viene a vedere la situazione." He said. (No Boss, We have Cole coming over to look at the situation.)

"Sono impegnato, preditene cura il prima possibile." I yelled and hang up. Tutti sono idioti come jn cazzo. (I'm busy, Take care of it as soon as possible.)(Everyone are as idiot as fΓΌck.)

Seconds later the limo came to a stop in front of the club. Thankfully there were no cameras here yet and I could peacefully walk inside. Immediately, I headed inside and was shown to a private section where Rafael was at already.

"You look great bro!!" He yelled over the music at me. I simply nodded at him and looked around the room. It was almost dark and music blarred through the speakers making it almost hard to talk. "Have a sit Luca." He said moving to sit on the black couch.

Rafael and I are brothers; but he is one and a half year younger than me. It sometimes seemed like we had no good terms, but it's good to show that in public. His appearance is almost like mine but the difference is his brunette hair. He actually took care of my other business sites.

As soon as I took a seat on the couch, a hot waitress came over to me with a glass of scotch. Looking her up and down I smirked at her and took the scotch. Her breasts seemed to be barely contained inside the material of her shirt and a very small tight skirt. The waitress sent me a flirty smile and swayed her hips as she walked away.

"Bro, you always have the girls eating sh*t out of your hand!!" Raf said choking at his bear.

"It's my amazing looks and charms. What can I say!?" I said grinning at him. You could say, Raf and I are a complete manwh*re, me more than him. I use women and I don't give a f*ck, they know what they are getting into when they come and flirt with me. So mostly it was their fault, not mine.

"No I just think they feel sorry for how ugly your face is." He joked. I gave him a look as in please but he barked out a laugh, motioning with his beer to the dance floor. "Check that out. Holy shit" he exclaimed, letting out a high pitched whistle.

In the middle of the dance floor was a girl who was dancing - no, scratch that --


So sensuously I couldn't help but stare. She swayed her hips like.... Sex comes to mind, seducing a number of eyes on her. A short and tight red backless dress covered her hourglass body like a second skin.

And it was make-me-sin red damn.

I might have drooled a little as she bent over then did something dreamy with her hips so that her long glossy red hair was now swaying down her tiny waist. Her legs looked a mile long in those spiky heels.

As I sat staring at her, the waitress came back with more drinks. She tried getting my attention by sticking her breasts in my face and looking at me seductively but I ignored her and stared at the girl. The waitress finally gave up and turned away with a huff. I stood up and finished my scotch.

"Luca, where are you going?" Rafael asked me.

"I'll be back in a few minutes." Was all I said as I left the private area and made my over to the ginger haired cutie.

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