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: Chapter - 3 : โ€œHot Specimenโ€ :

-Lacey's POV-

As soon as I felt a sudden grab on my hips; I turned over and saw a pair of beautiful blue eyes staring down at me. I never really saw such eyes before, it was as blue as ocean. The depth of the meaning of those eyes were so deep that I couldn't understand them. Then I realised my state and gave my attention towards him. A sinful smirk was playing through his lips.

"I hope you don't mind if I dance with you, ciliegia." He said. His voice was also as sexy as fuck.

"Not at all." I exclaimed with a playful voice.

Then he grabbed my hips with his strong hand and I let him to take control of my body. I swayed my hips with the motion of the music as I could feel his lustful stare at my butt. I leaned into him as we moved together. I could feel his muscle as my back touched his torso.

It was like we're playing a game of lust, trying to see who would break fast. And I'd admit, with the way his hands were roaming my body and the way he was teasing me with his lips hovering just above my skin; I'm close to breaking.

So it's time to up my game and make him break first.

I then dropped my ass in most possible sexiest way and closed the little space between us.

"You're playing a dangerous game, ยนciliegia." He whispered in my ear in a sexy way.

As I slowly moved myself up against him, leaving no room between us, he caught me and pulled me into him letting me know that he couldn't take it anymore.

And I couldn't either.

"I'm not playing, ocean eyes." I spoke in a low tone. "Because I'm the danger." I winked at him.

A playful smirk crossed his face. I then turned my face at him and grabbed the coller of his suit to pull his face near my mouth. I then whispered near his ear,

"Follow me; in VIP ROOM NO 2 A."

He waited for few minutes before following me. I could already feel my wetness between my legs. But didn't know how long my lace thong could carry it.

-Luca's POV-

Damn, I never met such a woman like her. It was refreshing to find a woman who just know her needs.

This night is gonna be hella interesting.

I waited five minutes before following her behind. The way she walked towards the VIP room, it turned me on. My cock was already as hard as rock.

I knocked once before entering and she was standing holding the pole in the middle of the room aching her back on it and swinging her lacy thong around her finger.

Locking the door, I went over grabbing a handful of her hair and pulled her roughly towards me. I then slammed my lips on her roughly forcing my tongue into her mouth. I suddenly broke the kiss for a second.

"There will be no making love, I'm just going to fuck you, fuck you hard." I whispered in her ear in a low tone.

A devilish smirk appeared in her face with a matter of second. "Well, It's good to know that you want the same." She bited her lip seductively.

I crashed my lips on her again. A low moan escaped her lips, I wasn't sure if it was pain or pleasure. But I didn't care. All I could think about was the taste of her lips and how they felt.

"Take off that dress," I ordered and she obeyed lifting the red dress and threw somewhere in the corner of the room.

She wore no bra and her nipples were so hard, calling out to me to suck on them. The shape of her breasts were very much perfect to fuck. I then took one in my mouth and as I licked and sucked I yanked her closer to the nearby couch. My free hand moved up her legs till I reached her pussy, putting one finger I started stroking her, then putting my another finger, going deeper and harder. She was so wet, making my d*ck swelled even more.

I was rough, but not to the point where I was hurting her. It was like she was being swept away into the ocean, she had no control over her body what was happening. She was so close to coming but then I stopped, pulling out my fingers as I licked them, letting her watch.

Pulling down my pants I ripped and opened a condom and placed it on my cock. I smirked when I saw how her eyes grew wide when she looked at the size of him. I then squeezed her ass and slapped it and opened her legs and entered her wet opening.

"Fuck, you're so tight, ciliegia!!"

I showed her no mercy as I pounded into her, I was grateful that the music was so loud that no one would hear her screams, though I could tell she was trying her best to keep it down. I felt her insides grip tightly around my cock, making me more exited.

"Please, go faster!!!"

She was so wet and tight, taking all of mine, encouraging me to go faster. There was a crashing noise when we knocked over a vase that was on the low table in front of us; but that didn't stop me from finishing what I started.

"That was fucking amazing," She moaned when we climaxed together.

I then pulled out and placed my hands over her breasts, to keep them feeling them.

"You were and I wish I had more time to fuck you but people will be looking for me. I could suck on your tits all night, maybe we'll run to each other again," I told, removing the used condom and pulling up my pants.

Placing a kiss on her lips as I walked out, I smiled. There was nothing like a quick fuck to give a man some energy. No strings, no emotions get in the way. But a small part of me regreted for not knowing her name or where she was form as this was the first time I ever thought about anyone. Though I had a feeling, she was lot like me, one who just wanted sex, and nothing else.

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