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: Chapter - 4 : The Unexpected :

-Lacey's POV-

It was almost 2 am when I entered in my apartment. I lasily grabbed my key and opened the door. A very dim light was glistening in the corridor. Somehow it seemed that someone was in my room. I slowly walked in my tip- toe and peeped at my bedroom.

Who's sleeping in my room??

I felt my heart beat risen up and screamed loudly.

"Who the fuck are you sleeping here!!!??"

"Damn, you came back! I thought that you would sleep in the street!!" Tiffany said yawning loudly.

"Wtf!!! Why are you sleeping in my apartment??"

"I might broke my poor legs for those sh*t heels. And I had no money to call for a cab. That's why I decided to sleep here tonight." She told in a irritate sleepy voice.

"You can atleast inform me by your phone."

"Sorry girl!! I was in a bad state. But care to tell me why are you entering in your house at midnight?"

"Well!! Uhm..." I shrugged. She literally scanned my face for a minute and suddenly clapped her hands.

"Now, spill the tea."


"You got laid!!!!! Isn't it? She asked in a excited tone. Uhhh, how did she know everything about me??

"Yeah, kinda."

"Oh my god. You did it. You just made your mama proud!! Now give the details!" And I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not intend to give you any details and I also have work tomorrow. So good night. If you want to take my bed, I will sleep on my couch.

"We can share your bed, you fool!!" Saying that we headed towards our bedroom.

This was really a long night. But all I could think about that sexy stranger. If we ever meet again??

We'll see...

It was already one week passed. Life was as usual, a bit boring. But that sexy blue eyed stranger never left my mind. Rather I wanted to do that dirty stuff with him again...

*7:30 am at my workplace

"Miss Sanders, you need to go to the Valentés Enterprise to finalize a deal we recently made with them. You'll meet up with Mr. Valenté to sign this papers. Understand!!" My boss ordered me in an irritate voice. I did really hate him so much.

I actually was working for Miller Corporation for two months as a PA. But that damn Mr. Miller never forgot to show how much of a asshole he is. Sometime he shamelessly eye-fucks me or tries to flirt with me. But while working he treats me like a servant. I never cared about that thing as I really needed this job very bad. He was already married for 15 years, though he acts like a manwh0re.

"Ok, sir." Telling that I drived my car and reached the given address of Valentés Enterprise. I headed towards the massive building of Valentés. It was 50th floor building with a massive garden in front of it. The walls were huge and made of glass. However, it seemed like the owner of this company is a freaking billionaire.

I let out a breathe and went to the door and a man of middle-forties opened the door for me.

"Good morning ma'am," He said while smiling at me.

"Good morning," I smiled back at him. His smile widened. I gave him a confused look and went inside to the reception.

There is a woman of early thirties applying loads of red lipstick. Her face was caked up with make-up and her boobs popped out from her tight shirt. I narrowed my eyes seeing at her.

"Uhh.. Good morning ma'am, I'm Miss Sanders from Miller Corporation. We had made a huge deal with Mr. Valenté and I need him to sign some important papers to finalize it. Can I meet up with him??" I told in my so called professional tone.

She nodded,"Wait for a bit, I will ask him if he was busy."

Saying that she picked up her phone and called him.

"Sir, a lady named Miss Sanders from Miller Corporation is here with the papers to sign for a deal with them." Then she nodded.

"You can meet him now. Follow me." Telling that she got up from her desk and went to the lift. I blindly follow her behind.

She then pressed 48 on the lift button and the lift door slowly clossed. The lift was also very magnificent from inside. After few minutes it reached its exact destination.

She stopped near a office door named "Mr. Valenté" on it.

"Just knock before you enter." Telling that she walked way.

I sighed. And I can feel my heart beat risen up. I stood near the door for few seconds to comfort myself. Nothing is going to be wrong.

Or maybe Everything.

I knocked three times before entering. "Come in." I flinched and went in.

The so called Mr. Valenté was standing near his desk facing his back at me. Somehow his back seemed very known to me. D*mn it, he really had a very nice ass.

'Stop this dirty thoughts Lacey and do what you have to do!!' I thought mentally slaping myself.

"Sir, I'm Miss Sanders from Miller Corporation. You had made a deal with us. So I came here to finalize the deal. You have to sign some papers." I politely stated.

As soon as I stopped he turned over and faced me. I completely froze.

It was that gorgeous blue eyes!!! Isn't he the one whom I had sex with one week ago!!!!??

Then I know now that nothing is going to be right. He smirked at me. My jaw almost dropped.

"Welcome Miss Sanders."

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