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: Chapter - 5 : Blue eyed stranger :

-Lacey's POV-

I'm frozed. Maybe I don't even know if I'm breathing yet. Then a sexy masculine voice startled me..

"Welcome Miss Sanders."

I heavily sighed keeping my hand on my chest. I nervously lifted my black geek glass from my nose and placed it right in place. Then I looked at the 'hot specimen', about whom I was thinking non-stop on this whole week. He's a freaking billionaire!!!

He's Mr. freaking ValentΓ©!!!??

Damn; all of these things happened so fast. Then I remembered the deal he have to sign. I need to get my shit together.

"So you are Miss Sanders!, Isn't it?" He said jerking his shoulder towards himself.

Even my name sounds sexy in his voice. I coughed.

"Are you okay? Do you need some water?" He asked making a worried face.

"Uhh.. No.. No.. It's okay." I said him confidently making my pencil skirt perfect in its place. Well, That was awakard.

He then paused for a minute and stared at me which seemed forever to me. His eyes has the most beautiful shade of blue, a little bit greenish. They are deep like ocean. But I can't understand the meaning of those eyes if there was any emotions or coldness. He was wearing a navy blue armani suite with a white shirt underneath of it and a blue dress pants with black pointed shoe. He looked so much formal than that night in the club. I didn't have any idea how long I was staring at him.

"Do you like what you see!" He smirked at me with a devilish grin in his face.

He may look handsome but he's a pure arrogant jerk for God's sake. I rolled my eyes.

"I have seen better than that." I said with sarcastic tone. He just chuckled.


"So Miss Sanders, What is your name?" He professionally asked.

"It's Lacey."

"So Lacey.." He said in a husky voice. My name sounds so sexy in his lips. I was badly craving those lips on me for literally one week!!

"..My secretary said you have come here to finalize the deal with Miller Corporation. Give those papers. I will sign it."

I took out the file from my bag and placed it on his desk. I opened it and took out the papers and gave him.

"Here, there are two place you have to sign."


He signed the right places and handed the papers to me and leaned back in his chair.

"So how long have you been working for Miller Corporation?"

"For three months. And thank you, Mr. ValentΓ©. If that's all then I'll be leaving now." I said and stood up.

"Wouldn't you like to stay for a while, have a drink with me, to celebrate my getting the most sought-after piece of my property around?"

"I..I should get back to work."

He stood up and going over he went behind me and seductively whispered in my ear,

"Just one drink, if you're worried about your boss then I'll tell him, I had more question to ask you."

I can feel his masculine breathe near my neck. He was so close to me that I can smell his cologne. It was a mixture of oud and smoke. I inhaled it slowly and silenty sighed. He softly touched his lips on my neck; I closed my eyes. His hand went down my whirt shirt and I moaned when he cupped my breast. Then his other hand went down my black pencil skirt and firmly took a hold of my dripping pussy through my panties.

"Oh God," I loudly breathed out.

"Would you like me to fuck you right now?" He asked in low tone while kissing my neck. It sounded more like a demand than a question.

"Yes; please.." I said. My breath hitched in my throat.

It has been only a week, I was craving him so badly. Never have I ever wanted a man so d*mn bad right now. I was so fucking turned on that I wanted his hands roaming all over my body and let him do whatever he wants to do.

He let go of me and went to his desk calling his secretary to take an early lunch. He then went over to his door; locked it and took of his suit and tie.

"Loose your bun. I like it open. But don't take off your glasses..." He quit for a second and said again, "Because your glasses look very hot on you." And he winked at me. I felt my cheek reddened hearing that.

I stared at him as I untied my bun shaking my hair free. D*mn God, he is the real definition of perfection. God surely blessed him. I bited my lip lustfully and could feel my pool of wetness between my legs. I was right about him, he had muscles, perfect abs and a six pack. And a big Italian Tattoo on his broad chest.

Damn; I need holy water very bad!!!

I took of my shirt and skirt and was standing only in my lingerie and heels. He pounced upon me like a hunter got his prey. He cupped my ass roughly and lifted me up on his office desk.

"Bend over the desk," He ordered me in a husky voice as I obeyed him.

When his hand gripped the hem of my panties, I wanted to explode from the sensations. Desire was clouding my brain with every movement he was making. I wasn't sure what was so intoxicating about this man, but I knew that I couldn't get enough.

Slowly he slid them down my legs. My breathing was too heavy to even allow any thoughts. He then raised his hand higher, lightly pushed my legs apart; forcing me to spread them wider.

I obeyed.

"Do you even know how much I was craving for you to get inside you?... Well, now I'll call it destiny that we meet again." He lowly spoke.

The way my heartbeat seemed to exhilarate hearing it didn't go unnoticed by me. My eyes searched his, I couldn't see anything but emptiness and lust.

He licked my pussy from slit to clit, periodically sucking on my clit. Small electric pulses reverberate through my body. I wiggle against his tongue moaning. Normally I would close my eyes, but I forced myself to keep open so I wouldn't have to break eye-contact. It made things more intimate. A moan came to my lips as I tried to supress it.

"Don't worry; You can scream as much as you want. These walls are soundproof." He said between my pussy lips.

He then shoved his long index finger into my hole and it really had me screaming out. Finally, I closed my eyes because I couldn't take it anymore. He was diving into me kissing, sucking, slurping everything my body had to offer. He rubbed his tongue against my inner walls as my head tossed back in excitement.

"*Hai un sapore divino, Ciliegia", I felt his lips murmured something between my legs, but didn't understand. (*You taste like divine, Ciliegia.")

"Wait-t; Mr. ValentΓ©. Oh fuck!" I gasped as my hand found his soft hair. My legs around his neck making sure I kept it in place. With both his finger and tongue, it didn't took long for me to cum. He didn't pull away, he just gave me one last lick before pulling away.

"Luca; I want you to call me by my name. Luca," he spoke.

"Please...Luca!!" I moaned clutching his hair in almost painful grip.

"Please what, Ciliegia??" He said against my core and another moan resonated in my throat.

"Please take me..." I whispered lowly and that was for him to do it. Pulling down his pants he ripped and opened a condom and placed it on his cock. Then he entered me with a single thrust and my back arched for his swiftness. He paused for a moment to make me adjust in his size. He then pulled back a little and thrusted again holding my hands above my head keeping me in place on his desk.

"Oh Luca..." I moaned out. He increased his pace, thrusting into me even harder.

He lowered himself and moulded our lips together pinching my sensitive nipples. We both were approaching our climax. With one last thrust, he hit my G-spot and I clenched around him hard, drifting into the state of pure euphoria. And a few thrust later he followed with a gutteral moan sending his hot seed inside me. We both were sweating and panting hard. He then pulled out and threw the used condom towards the dustbin in a corner.

He let go of me and started putting on his suite and tie. And I also started to find my skirt.

"Well....That was fucking amazing." He said. "I'm looking forward to do it again." I just giggled softly.

Suddenly his phone rang cutting his conversation. He went over to take it, but his jaw and his fist hardened for a bit.

"Lacey, please excuse me." He politely said and I nodded as he went behind his office. I could hear a little bit shouting on his phone. But I didn't understand what he was talking out. It's good not to invade in anyone's privacy.

Few minutes later he came back while I already put on my clothes.

"Sorry Lacey to cut off our time but I need to go somewhere to take care of something. Hope you don't mind."

"It's ok.. atleast I got what I wanted." I smirked winking at him.

"Give me your phone.." telling that he took my phone tapping something and then gave back to me.

"You can call me anytime you want." Telling that he winked back at me turning around and headed towards the door.

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