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: Chapter - 6 : The Call :

-Luca's POV-

"Well....That was fucking amazing." I said to her staring at her red swollen lips. "I'm looking forward to do it again." She just giggled softly.

Suddenly my phone started ringing. Uhh... Who's now disturbing me??

My jaw clenched seeing the screen of my phone. Why the fuck is my Dad calling now?

"Lacey, please excuse me." I politely said to her while she nodded and I went behind my office and tap the receiver.

"Che cazzo è successo ora, Vecchio??" I growled in my phone. ("What the fuck happened now, Old man?")

"È il tuo modo per mostrare rispetto a tuo padre!!!" My Dad said in an angry voice. (Is it your way to show respect to your father?)

"Ohh.. Non ricordo davvero se meriti il ​​mio rispetto!!" I spoke coldly. (Ohh... I don't really remember if you deserve my respect!!)

"Non osare alzare la voce con tuo padre!!" I can hear his non-stop shouting behind my phone. (Don't you dare to raise your voice at your father.)

"Che cosa mai," I rolled my eyes. "Non sprecare il mio tempo ora a raccontare questa merda. Non hai chiamato Rafael?" (Whatever.) (Don't waste my time telling this shït. Didn't you called Rafael?)

"No. Perché avevo bisogno di te. Che fine ha fatto l'affare con Morettis??" (No. Because I needed you. What happened about the deal with the Morettis?)

"Non voglio fare alcun patto con i miei nemici." I almost shouted not caring about listening anyone. (I don't want to make any deals with my enemies.)

"Ma devi sapere che possiamo fare pace tra di noi attraverso di essa." (But you need to know that we can make peace between us through it.)

"Non farei alcun trattato di pace con loro. Devono sapere che siamo un fottuto Valentés." I shouted at him. "E non dimenticare che io sono il capo." (I won't make any peace treaty with them. They need to know that we're fücking Valentés.) (And don't forget that I am the Boss.)

"Aspettare....." I hanged up though my Dad hasn't stopped talking yet. He's messing with my head. I need a hot shower now!! (Wait.....)

I got back hurriedly. "Sorry Lacey to cut off our time but I need to go somewhere to take care of something. Hope you don't mind."

Then I gave her my phone number and walked out of my office.

-Lacey's POV-

*At 5.00 pm on that day:

I just got back my home from my workplace. So many things happened today that I barely kept attention on my meetings with my jerk boss. All I could think about that blue eyed Devil. It was very suffocating that I never really thought about any man so much before him.

I called Tiffany. I needed to let myself loose and not think about him. "Wanna hang out in our place??" I asked her over my phone.

"Yeah; wait I'm coming over in half hour." She said and hanged up.

I took a hot shower and moisturized my face with my face wash and cleaned. This hot shower always helps to relieve me from my stress. I grabbed my towel while drying my hair and walked in my room on tip-toe.I then put on my denim shorts and a black halter top on it. I added nude lipstick lightly and a little maskara to keep my makeup natural. Then Tiffany came over in my apartment and we took my car from garage and drived towards the downtown in Manhattan.

We stopped near the Lucky's Pub. As we were regular customer of here; the guard let us in.
The bar wasn't packed much. We went near the open bar where the bartender aka Kenan was standing there.

"Here come my favourite ladies!!" He said in a sing-sang voice as we waved him from behind.

"Hi Kenan," I said smiling at him.

Tiffany maybe my bestie but you can consider Kenan as my second bestie. When I and Tiffany moved New York from Las Vegas three years ago, there was no one to show us around. As we accidentally came in Lucky's Pub, he agreed to show us around. He also helped me to shift in my apartment and find me a job. We all hanged out in weekend in Lucky's Pub. But not forget to say, Kenan sometime becomes overdramatic than Tiffany's.

"Did you two vanish for a week?" He asked pressing his hand on his heart. "Have you any idea how much I missed you two!!??"

"Ok ok, not need to be dramatic. We also missed you." Tiffany said shuting him up while I laughed.

"Ok, now tell me if anything special happened with you behind me." He announced.

"Yeah, you know Lacey got laid!!!!" She almost shouted. I slapped my forehead with my hand.

"What!!" He overwhelmed. "So our red princess was a virgin and she lost it before I even knew it." He's going to make me embrassed near everyone.

"No no, I wasn't virgin. Goddamn it, Tiffany, you sounded like I never had sex before!" I frowned. Then turned to Kenan, "Actually I hadn't had sex for a month."

"Oh my God, how can you live without getting laid?" Kenan asked pressing his hand on his mouth. I rolled my eyes while Tif is laughing at me.

"Just let it slide!" I glared at them as they stopped laughing. I did need a new package of friends!!

"Ok, we'll stop. At least tell us how was that?" He requested. "You also haven't told me for a week! How was that?" Tif demanded.

"Umm..Good..I mean very good." I said lowly. "But that turned out something else."

"What!! Are you in love with him?" Kenan asked eagerly.

"Eww... You're insane. I'll never be in love with some one night stands." I said almost making a disgusting face.

"Then what?"

"Well, actually my asshole boss sent me to Valenté Enterprise to sign a deal by the boss. But it turned out that Mr. Valenté was the one whom I had sex with."




They almost frozed and jaw dropped. Looks like they heard something that would never be happened in real world!!

"Hey.. you two fool, get your sh*t together. It's not that he robbed me or killed me."

"Did you just say Mr. Valenté?" Kenan couldn't believe his ear.

"Ohh.. yeah. So what?"

"Are you living under a rock!??" He rolled his eyes. "Luca Valenté is now the most eligible and successful bachelor in New York. He was one of the most successful businessman of USA or you can say the whole America. He also inherites his 5 stars hotels, clubs and bars all over the world."

"What? Oh my god!!" I became quite for a moment. I was right. He's a freaking billionaire. Damn God, where did I get myself into!

"But he's not a relationship type man. He never had any serious relationship. He's a very famous playboy though. Not forget to say he always had hot girls, models, actress after him."

"And not forget to say how much of a demanding control freak he is!" I cooed.

"That leads to something else. He sounds like a 'Dom'. Perhaps he has a secret fetish of his own." Tiffany remarked.

"A Dom?"

"Yeah, you know a dominant. He's controlling, demanding freak. That has BDSM written all over it. BDSM like in..." I then suddenly interrupted her dirty talk.

"You're not going to talk dirty in a public place." I spat at her crossing my arm.

"Uhh.. Whatever." She then rolled her eyes.

"You also talked with him!?" Kenan asked changing the subject. Thank God.

"Yeah..Why not. Oh dude, we also did the dirty on his office desk!!" I shut my mouth in a matter of second realising what I just said. Keep quiet. They won't leave alone me now.

"What??" Tif shouted at me. "What kind of a friend are you that you haven't told that to me at the first place."

"You both were asking so many things; How can I say!!!" I said narrowing my eyes.

"You are one of the luckiest bitches, L." Kenan said winking at me. I rolled my eyes.

"By the way, Kenan, how can you know so many things about him?" I asked him.

He was quite for a minute. Like he has no answers of my enquiry. Then he said, "Well, actually Lucky's Pub is one of his private bars."

"What?" I frowned.

"Yeah. There's a VIP part of this club. He always came here in weekend."

We all became quite for a moment. Suddenly my phone ringed cutting through the silence. The screen was glistening appearing my caller name Pantydropper. Now who the hell is Pantydropper!!

"Hello Pantydropper, whoever you are; care to tell me whose pseudo-name is this?" Tif and Kenan started giggling hearing the funny name of the certain caller.

"Oh Ciliegia, I really offended that you didn't remember me." Oh I know this husky voice.

"Huh, you are a God-blessed-control-freak. How can I even forget you!" I stated in a sarcastic tone. Obviously he's calling now where we're gossiping about him.

"I'm flattered." I know he's now smirking over the phone.

"So, Are you always busy in dropping panties of your bimbos?"

"I'm not quite sure about that. But I'm fucking sure that I already dropped yours. And soon I am going to do it again."

"You know what, I'm flattered." I spated rolling my eyes. I mentally slapped myself for sleeping with him.

"Hey, Lacey who's calling you?" "Hey, tell us." They started whispering near my ear. I totally forgot that they can hear me.

"Are you with someone? I can hear music from your background."

"No no, Luca. I'm alone."

"What! Did you said Luucaaa!!??" Tif shouted behind me.

Damn it. What'll happen now?

❥︎Haha.. Can you imagine Keenan's and Tiffany's face after hearing about Luca!!! 🤣 Anyway Get ready babes. So many things is gonna happen in the near future. Don't be a silent reader and let me know about your future predictions. 😉*wink

Stay tuned😉


See you later...😎 Thank you for reading ..

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