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: Chapter - 7 : Date night (1) :

-Lacey's POV-

"Hey Lacey, who's calling you?" "Hey tell us." They started whispering near my ear.

"Are you with someone? I can hear music from your background."

"No no, Luca. I'm alone." I quickly said.

"What! Did you say Luucaaa!!??" Tif shouted behind me.

Damn it. What'll happen now!!

"Shut the crap! Can't you see I'm talking in my phone!!!" I whispered angrily covering my phone with my hand.

"Ok ok. Whatever." She stopped and I again placed my phone on my ear.

"Sorry for that. Actually I am out with my friends in a bar. That's why-y.." I shrugged nervously.

"It's ok. I was asking you if you will be on free tomorrow evening."

"Yeah. Why not. But why?"

"Actually Lacey, I was asking you for a dinner!"

"What! A dinner?" My jaw almost dropped. The infamous Luca Valentรฉ was asking me for dinner himself!!!

"Yeah. Be ready at 7 tomorrow."

"But, what's the dress code?" I asked hurriedly.

"Just wear something elegant." Then he hanged up.

"Wait. But my address..." Uhhh... What am I going to do now!

As I turned at them; they are smirking at me glistening their eyes.

"You are going to spill it right now. Or else.." Kenan threatened pointing his finger at me.

"Yeahh; Spill it." Tiffany also joined him.

"Okk. Luca called me to invite me for a dinner night."

"What? But he never went to dates anyone." Kenan choked.

"It's hardly a date. Maybe there is a purpose for it."

We all became quit. Thousands of different thoughts were running through my mind. Why did he ask me for a dinner? It's not that I'm a super model or actress or something like that. We did had sex twice. And he wasn't even a dating kinda guy. And I wasn't looking for a lovely relationship at all. Or my friends might be exaggerated too much about him.

"Maybe he already likes you and wants to spend time with you. Or he was intending to fuck you again." Tiffany said with a laugh thinking after a while cutting the silence between us.

"I don't really think so. We just had sex, nothing more."

"Hey you two, just leave it. Why are you worring so much? If he wants to have a dinner night with you, then give him. Just think about it; you will go to one of his five star hotels and eat expensive dishes and champagne. Oh my good!!" Kenan clapped joyously. "Then he would try his dirty stuffs on you again." He winked.

"Mmm..Ok. You are so provoking me, then I will go. But the dress code is something elegant."

"Then we call for a shopping. We will go to the best boutique for your dress." Tif suggested bossing at me.

"Thanks bishes, though both of you're goddamn crazy." I cooed as I threw them a flying kiss.

"Anyway. Kenan, we will go now. And thanks for the evening. Bye." I waved at him.

"Anything for my favourite ladies. See you later." He waved as we walked out of the bar.

*Tomorrow 6 pm at Lacey's place:

I just got out of shower and was drying my hair with the hair dryer, then the door bell ranged three or four times. It looked like someone in my door was in hurry to meet me. I quickly put on my bathrobe.

"Just wait for a goddamn second. I'm coming!" I shouted and headed towards the door and opened it.

Tiffany was standing there and gasping for air heavily. Looks like she had reached here like a marathon runner.

"Did you really have to run here in less than one second?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Babe, you're not gonna understand. You hadn't agreed to go shopping with me for your asshole boss. So I went to a newly opened boutique for you." She sighed. "You can't imagine I literally found the right dress after 2 hours of searching; but a damn woman was trying to get away this dress from me. So I have to punch her in her face and run back to you as soon as possible. Now you're blaming me for running!??"

"Well-l; you really suffered too much for a dress for me! Sorry for that." I apologized to her. I always knew her as a โ€˜fashionistaโ€™. She always had given me best ideas about dress up and makeup things. That's why she had gotten the chance to work in the most popular fashion industry in New York. But she already had done so many things for me than I ever done for her. So I really owed her an apology.

"Hey, you fool! Don't you dare apologize to me for this small things. You know how much I love you. And I can punch thousands of women to get the perfect dress for you. Now get up and put that sweet ass of yours in this dress." She winked at me. I laughed.

I then got rid of the bathrobe and put on a black lace lingerie I had from before. Then she got out the dress from its package and opened it. It was black in colour and looked pretty expensive.

"You didn't have to spend so much money for me." I said widening my eyes as I noticed its sticky note of price.

"Don't worry. That boutique was our company's new showroom. So I got a huge discount on it."

"Ohhh. I see." I relieved hearing that.

I then removed the sticky note from it and put it on. It was more than perfect for me and very elegant. It was a black bodycon; sleeveless and back less, ends on my knee length. My curves perfectly fitted in its every place and a little bit tight. The dress is overall perfect and flawless. Then she added a little red blush on my cheeks and some maskara on my eyelashes to make my emerald eyes brighter than usual. After that she straightened my hair and let it fell around my shoulder perfectly. Then I added deep red lipstick and threw a kiss at myself looking at the mirror.

"How do I look?" I asked her confusing.

"Want to hear the truth?" I nodded. "If I were a lesbian; then I would probably bang you here right now!!" She seductively bited her lower lip and winked at me.

"Hahaha.." I laughed. "In your dreams. But it's such a bad luck that you are straight."

Then we laughed at each other for a minute. It feels very cheerful spending some crazy times with my forever long bestie.

Then I look at my phone and saw that it's already 7 pm. He might come anytime. Suddenly my phone started ringing appearing his Pantydropper name on the screen. I need to change his funny name. I tapped the receiver.

"Hey Ciliegia, I'm already near your apartment." He said in sexy voice. My God! I would like to listen to his voice every second.

"Ok-k, I am coming down." I stated nervously before I hanged up.

I took a quick glance in my mirror and checked my makeup and dress to make it perfect in its place. I then slipped on my black stilettos and waved at myself looking at the mirror and took my purse.

"Hey L, Luca is waiting down. Hurry up." She commented. Then I went near her and gave her a quick hug.

"Thank you Tiffany. I don't even know what I would do without you!"

"No thanks bish. I can do everything for you. Now go and make your mama proud." She said as she hugged back me. I chuckled hearing her sassy tone.

"Ok bye, Tiff." I threw a kiss at her.

"Bye boo. Don't forget to use protection. I'm too young to be an aunt!!" Tiffany screamed while I rolled my eyes.

I closed my main door and kept the second key in my purse. I nervously entered in the elevator panting hard. Okk. โ€˜You look perfect.โ€™ I confronted myself. As I reached the ground floor, I walked out. Here goes nothing.

As soon as I left my apartment, I saw a dark black Maserati was parking. A devilishly handsome man got out of the door wearing a black tux. I knew that was Luca.

He was wearing a black tux with a black shirt underneath with a black tie. His hair was slicked back perfectly and his face was lightly shaved leaving stubble on his chesled face. His cologne was addictive; the oud. His Rolex watch also looked very expensive on his left wrist. His one hand was resting in his pocket as he stared down at me for a few seconds.

"Are you ready? Ciliegia," His low voice reached at mine.

"Yeah." I said with a sigh.

"Ladies first." He smirked at me as he took a hold of my hand and kissed it and then helped me to get into his car and he entered then and started his car.

"Where are we going?" I asked him without thinking for a second.

"You'll see." And saying that he looked at the road glistening with many street lights.

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