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Pleasureful Freedom

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Yerneley is caught through a portal to a world he can get out of only with some unfortunate physical contact.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Pleasureful Freedom

At the moment, Yerneley was on a break from both of the places he worked for which was a great coincidence for him since he now had the freedom to go just a little beyond Earth and its solar system, but not too far. He had just the place in mind since he could dock his ship, stay at a room and explore the city life of this nearby planet. He had his ship fixed to this one planet and prepared to warp. Since this planet was nearby, warp shouldn’t have taken long but it was longer than usual and for some reason he blacked out. He awoke in a bed of a wood cabin that seemed to be in the middle of the forest. The smell of good food being cooked was filling the room and he looked around and saw a slender shaggy haired white skinned human-like cooking something in a large bowl and he looked back at Yerneley, “Well, you’re up.”

He nodded, “Yes.”

“Where are you from?”

“I must have come through a portal…”

“Yeah, but you do seem out of place…”

“Where am I?”

“Well, you ain’t the first one who came through here. But to answer your question I don’t know. What I do know, is food is out there. What also is there is monsters, crazy people, and I think a sorceress too, though I haven’t seen her ’round too often…”

Yerneley felt and looked at his body as he was in unusual attire, “How did I get in this?”

“Oh, I took the liberty of dressing you, the rope’s a sort of belt for the robe.”

“I can see that.”

“And it’s a bit short, but, heh, it brings out those thighs, mmm, which I find kinky…”

“Excuse me?”

“Ah, I’m sorry, what are you exactly? Again, I said you looked out of place.”

“I’m a creature from what appears to be another dimension.”

“World, but what creature are you?”

“I must be an ear and hairless elf.”

There was a slight pause, “Don’t fuck with me, you, the only fuck that will happen will be me fucking you!”

Yerneley was confused, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well, you remember that sorceress I mentioned earlier?”


“Well she sort of cursed me with having semen that has the seldom chance of getting me of here…”

“Why don’t you just jack off?”

“I said seldom, and also you weren’t the first one here.”

“You’re being too vague.”

“Well, the last few proved to me that this seldom chance of my cum comes from having sex. Now, of course I want to get out here badly.”

“Oh great…”

“Now let me finish…sheesh. I guess the last few ladies didn’t want to be ‘my whore’ that much.”

“Have you thought of another way off, maybe kil ling this sorceress?”

The human-like man sighed, “Oh, if it were that easy, but it isn’t. Now if you have any bright ideas, please explain. Or you can go your own way and be careless and be killed like the last two ladies because they went out of here alone.”

“Okay, no need for the sass.”

“And we need to have as much sex as possible if we both want to get out of here, Reticulan.”

“How did you…”

“I’m from Earth, I’ve had my fair share of working on those bases and interacting with some races, it’s how I ended up here, through a machine they made just recently. Now, before we go out for food tomorrow, I’m going to know your strengths,” he stopped cooking for a bit and went to a corner and handed Yerneley the hilt of the sword as Yerneley got up, grabbed it, but then fell a bit under the weight and the human was watching him and he took the sword away from him and back to the corner and then picked up a bow and arrow and walked back to Yerneley, “Maybe something a little more lightweight.”

Yerneley grabbed the bow first and then fastened an arrow.

“Ever handled one before?”

“A little bit.”

“That’ll have to do. I just hope I haven’t put wronged trust in you.”

“We’ll see.”

He nodded as he watched Yerneley stow the bow and arrow behind him, “And just so you know,” he dropped his pants to display his rather large flaccid and fat member, “This is what you are going to be pleasing,” he watched Yerneley’s eyes widen a bit in shock, “Five inches flaccid and eight inches up.”

“Oh, um…”

“I’ll be easy, uh,”


“I’m Bernard.”

“Well, Yerneley,” he turned back around to a bag and grabbed something and headed back to him, “I’m going to give you a dagger if you come into any close hand encounters, “ he watched as the Reticulan took the hilt of the weapon and turned around and landed a firm smack on his ass, “I can’t wait to fight tomorrow.”

Yerneley stopped and slowly turned his head back, “Don’t get too ahead of yourself.”

“I’m not, now stow that away so we can eat and retire for the night.”

Yerneley stowed his dagger by his bow and arrow and joined Bernard in the meal he cooked. There was not much talk between them beside Yerneley complimenting and thanking him for th e meal and then they both cleared their plates and Bernard took the plates to the sink and washed and dried them well, “Now Yerneley, don’t oversleep. I’ll make sure I’ll wake you with the smell of breakfast. Out there, however, are many dangers, but also many meals as well.” He watched the Reticulan nod and return to the bed he woke in and began to fall asleep.

Yerneley awoke to the smell of cooked eggs and sausage and saw the human sitting at the wooden table they sat in light. “Morning.”

“Morning sexy, I mean Yerneley.”

There was a pause, “How’s the day planned?”

“Oh, I usually go to hunt for three meals a day and then put them in the shed in the back.”

“Mmm hm.”

“You know what’s also a meal?”


“That ’bod in my eyes.”

“Uh huh,” Yerneley paused and looked Bernard with his mouth agape gawking at him with a tad of drool dripping from his mouth, “Oh, ohhhh. Do you have anything to collect your sperm in?”

“Yes, now please, quickly, serve me down under. I want to finish this meal too.”

Yerneley quickly pushed his chair back and got on all fours under the table and crawled to Bernard’s large semi-erect bulge in his pants. He pulled his pants down a bit so that a part of the front of the pants was lying under Bernard’s balls. He then took Bernard’s member and positioned it a little more toward him, placed his mouth over the tip it and began to suck off Bernard. Yerneley felt the semi erect member begin to bulge, twitch and harden with each suck in and out.

“Fuck, you give a great fucking blowjob, you fat whore, ah!” Yerneley could only get his mouth halfway down the member since it was so long and thick. Bernard continued to eat and moan from the food and the blowjob, two things that made the experience of two great things all the more special. “Now, the, ah, cum, will shine and glimmer, that’s how you know it’ll be speciahhhhhh!” Bernard’s body deflated relaxingly in the chair as he at streamed for most and squirted the remainder of cum into Yerneley’s mouth. Yerneley got up from under the table, “Don’t swallow, just get a cup to spit in, “ he pointed to a cabinet, “And show it to me and put it into the freezer outside in the back.’” He watched as Yerneley went over to the cabinet and spat out the cum which took a while. He looked into it and then brought it over to Bernard and he looked into it, “Well that’s a lot, but I don’t know.”

“Do you even know how much you need?”

“I don’t. I keep trying and trying. I think I have enough and then I don’t, and then it happens over and again, adding more and more.”

Yerneley sighed in frustration, “Well, great. Do you think there could be a missing ingredient or something?”

“Yes, I’ve tried every species and monster I can find here, their skin, bones, blood, eye juice, teeth, you get the point.”


“It might be love…”

“Little cliche if it was.”

Bernard sighed, “But maybe,” he pulled up his pants and got up. “Well, I’ll bring that over to the freezer instead while you finish that meal. After that it’s hunting time.” Bernard brought the cup outside while Yerneley finished his meal and brought and placed it inside what looked like a sink. He then went back his bed and got his bow, dagger, and arrow and he watched Bernard return with an arrow quiver with some extra arrows in it and went back to the door outside looking back and waiting for Yerneley to come behind him after he’d fastened his quiver and the mini satchel for the dagger. Bernard already had his sword outside and grabbed it once Yerneley made his way out the door and gestured the Reticulan to follow beside him. Outside the cabin, the two were situated in a green lush, but muggy forest. To Yerneley it felt they were on top of some rock, yet then he heard Bernard speak : “In a few seconds you might get a bit dizzy.”

Yerneley walked a little more and like Bernard said, he got a bit dizzy, “Oh.”

“In the time I was here, I’ve learned that there’s no escape from these monsters, so I put a spell around this base as a sort of protection.”

“You learned magic?”

“Well, not really learning, I just snatched some things from when I was captured in that castle there,” he gestured his eyes to the left.

“So there’s a wit-“

“Let’s just call her sorceress,” he interrupted.

“Okay, don’t need to be-“

“Just leave it at sorceress.”

“All right, all right, sheesh.”

Bernard sighed, “Well anyone, down this way is the long way down, we are sort of on a rock plateau in this house here but there’s a crack that goes down to the river where these monsters are.”


“And if you need to go to the bathroom, go close. I don’t know everything that could snatch you or me up.”

“All right.”

“Down the crack we go.”

The descent down seemed long for Yerneley, since each step down the rock ‘steps’ just gave more attention to how his body fat moved from the descent down but he eventually made it down. “All right, Yerneley, we can take a little breather, and then walk on some straight ground.” They both took their break and made their way over right from the crack where they looked through the bushes and found a camp of people with larger creatures in the background. “Those creatures beyond the humans are minotaurs.”

“I know what they are,” Yerneley said annoyingly.

Bernard rubbed Yerneley’s left ass cheek, “All right, no need to be pissy. Let’s just wait a bit and see what unfolds. Humans and minotaurs, at least here, have some issues against each other,” he watched as a well endowed minotaur approached and grabbed the ass of one of the humans, “Well, maybe different issues,” he watched as the human turned back and slapped the minotaur as it backed off a bit. The minotaur then got angry and yelled at the few other minotaurs beside them brandished their axes and attacked the humans, “Well, there goes the last humans I know of. Yerneley, after these minotaurs are done, stay at a distance and take the three out and I’ll be back up.” Yerneley waited as the minotaurs laid waste to the humans and the he came out of the bushes and quickly landed three shots into each of their head. “Nice shots, Yerneley!”

“Well, Bernard, they are all so large.”

“Ah,” Bernard reached into his own satchel and produced a vial and dripped a drop into each of the minotaur’s agape mouths as they reduced in size, “Something I’ve also snatched from the castle. They may look mini, but I can enlargen them to a quarter their original size. All three of them could tide us over for the next few days.” He bent over and took the mini minotaurs and put them in his satchel along with the vial. “Shall we go back now?”


“Ah, me too.”

They both did their business and then they descended back up the crack in plateau and then reached the top of the plateau, both almost out of breath. It was almost sunset.

“Well, I’m parched, Yerneley.”

“I could use a bath too.”

Bernard pondered, “Me too, how about you get undressed, I cook up a minotaur, light some torches and towels out back too by the large pool in the back of the shed. It’ll be a sort of, bathe and eat thing.”

“Sounds sort of, um, romantic.”

Bernard smiled a bit, “Not intentional, just prefer a bit of luxury to ease the day away.”

“All right,” Yerneley went out behind the shed where he saw the large pool and removed his quiver, bow, satchel, rope belt and eventually rope and was now completely nude and dipped a toe into the warm pool. He knelt down and sat himself by the edge placing himself toes to chest into the pool. He sighed he walk, swam, and floated on his back in the pool. Soon Bernard was out with four unlit torches in which he dug and placed around the circular pool and then lit them with a vial he took from his satchel. He then came back with towels and placed them outside the pool and then finally with dinner which he placed by the side of the pool. He lifted the two dinner filled plates a little bit since two more were under them with a sort of spatula. Yerneley was swimming over, “What are those for?”

“Just in case I need to collect something.”

“In the pool?”

Bernard shrugged, “Maybe when you get out and dry off. I’ll be back with drinks.” Bernard was back soon after with drinks and completely nude. He placed them down by the plates and descended into the pool with Yerneley, “Ahhh…this is good. You must have enjoyed yourself,” he swam over to Yerneley and let his still flaccid member press up against Yerneley’s ass cheeks, “Maybe I will?”

“Yeah, and won’t it be hard to collect anything in here?”

He grinded his dick into Yerneley’s ass, “Maybe as something off the record?”

“I felt you didn’t want to take chances, since what your cum does.”

Bernard hesitated, sighed, and swam back, “You’re right of course, I apologize, thank you for keeping me in check. Well, you made the kill, I’ll let you taste it.”

Yerneley swam over to the edge and moved the plate closer, grabbed, took a bite of it, and chewed, “It’s good, I think you fried it well.”

Bernard smiled, “I thought that much,” he swam to the edge and took his own plate and began to eat his own plate with the drinks to wash it down along with Yerneley and then both of them got out of the pool and got onto their towels, “Well, I’m exhausted.”

The Reticulan nodded, “Me more than you.”

“I don’t think I have the energy for anything…”

Yerneley sighed, “Want a blow?”

Bernard smiled, “You were quite wonderful this morning,” Yerneley crawled on over to him and Bernard leant back in relief as Yerneley began to blow him off. Both of them were still a bit wet from the pool, so extra saliva stimulation from Yerneley made the blow feel a little more unique since Bernard blew his load a little bit e arly. Yerneley got up with a sort of puff in his cheeks as he walked back to the shed in spit out Bernard’s load, “Thank you, Yerneley,” Yerneley walked back to his towel, “I think it’s time for some sleep, wouldn’t you agree?”

Yerneley nodded, “It’s nice out here to do that.”

“It is,” both the Reticulan and the human lay there for a while, drifting to sleep for a few hours, but then Bernard got up and skooched over to Yerneley who was laying on his side. He then put his erect penis in the under crack of his ass cheeks.

“What are you doing?”

“Sorry for waking you.”

“Too late.”

“Well, I can’t stop thinking about that ass and I’d like to give myself an ass job.”

“Sure, whatever, just be quick.”

Bernard let his dick slide into Yerneley’s thick ass cheeks as he squeezed one of his ass cheeks into the other and his dick and began to thrust, “Ah, this isn’t how I imagined it, ah!” Bernard moaned, groaned, and thrusted while Yerneley’s ass bounced in and out from him in each thrust until he emitted three long but thick bursts of cum. He slipped his cock out of Yerneley’s cheeks and got up to get his extra plate and spatula and brought it over. He placed his plate down and spread Yerneley’s ass cheek with his hand, “Mmm, that’s a beautiful thick ass,” he collected the cum by scraping it off the spatula and dabbing it onto the plate. Once he was done, he got up and felt a little unbalanced and fell straight into the pool with the plate and spatula. He sprung out of the pool, “Fuck!” Yerneley turned around and looked at him, “What is it Bernard?”

“The cum is done for! It’s at the bottom of the pool.”

Yerneley shrugged, “Well, karma, and try again.”

Bernard got up out of the pool, “Try again?!!” Yerneley got up and walked toward him, “I don’t think you quite understand, Yerneley, I’m ruined.”

“That is your opinion, now lie down on your back.”

“Oh?” Bernard lay down as Yerneley stood over him and then lowered himself, squeezed his thighs into his and reached back and felt for Bernard’s loose member and inched it into his own hole, “You’re going take me Yerneley?”

“Watch me,” he slowly inched Bernard’s member into his hole, “Now, let me do the work.” Yerneley began to clap his ass up and down around Bernard’s member.

Bernard moaned, “Holy fuck, this feels fantastic,” this continued on for the next few minutes as Bernard felt something arising, “Oh, ohhh, it’s going to be biggguuuuuuhhhhhh…” Bernard exploded his first cumshot into Yerneley followed by a few small aftermath explosions. “You don’t mind cleaning and collecting would you,” he saw the Reticulan shake his head, “You might be cumfarting some out too, so be warned,” Yerneley hurried to the house to grab another spatula and plate, clenching his asshole along the way since he was holding a lot in. He rushed back to Bernard and was about to collect, “Fuck that, we have enough.” Yerneley sighed but he unclenched his asshole and he squirted a few bursts of Bernard’s cum out, the rest just seeping out as he sit there looking at Bernard on his knees.

“What now?”

“Well, that’ll put me back to sleep. Sleep first, talk later,” Yerneley nodded and he got up and walked to his towel and went back to sleep as Bernard got up and went to his own towel.

Yerneley awoke to Bernard cooking in his house but also because he needed to go to the bathroom. After he went he was walking back when he saw a large than normal black snake head staring at him in the distance and then dash off. Yerneley sort of shrugged it off, but it did seem out of place. He walked inside in which Bernard had already set out the table.

“Morning, sit down,” Bernard pulled the chair back and let Yerneley sit on it and then pushed him in a little and then walked around the table to his own chair as they began their meal.

“So, Bernard, you did say not any sort of creature can get through this protection shield.”

“None, not even flies or birds too, why?”

“Well, I just saw a snake.”

“Was it out of place and black?”


“Ah, we need to get out here, now.”

“Why and what,” the larger than normal snake was in the house having opened the door and let itself in. Bernard had turned as Yerneley had looked.

“We’ve been broken in, whatever you do, don’t let it coil you!” But the snake was too quick and dashed and coiled around Bernard as he disappeared into a puff of black smoke. He dashed at Yerneley and coiled him.

Both Yerneley and Bernard awoke, still nude from the night before but both of their hands were bound and they were in the sorceress’s castle. Ahead of them stood the green skinned, pointy-nosed sorceress in a black cloak and pointy hat accompanied by her large black snake henchman. To the left of her was a bubbling cauldron and she looked menacingly at Bernard, “You’ve been busy, haven’t you?”

“And you said my seed would get me out here and you lied. I’ve made a ton and I’ve mixed a ton to no avail!”

She sneered, “Well, I lied. Your protection spell was tricky, but ‘witch’ as the word to take it down, never would have thought. Though I did sense a change for a while, but then the protection spell wore off-“

“What’s the missing ingredient?!!” Yerneley blurted out.

Her head tilted, “Ah, I see you’ve told him. Hasn’t he done enough to you? Maybe more?”

“What is it witch?” Bernard asked, annoyed.

“It’s my cum.”

“What?” Yerneley and Bernard asked in unison.

The witch reached back and undid her cloak and let it fall to the floor as it revealed her shiny and wet green cock.

“A hermaphrodite?” Bernard said, confused.

“Yes, Bernard, now your cum is already in the cauldron from your shed, all you to do is mine, but since you are both like this, me and my,” she reached over and stroked the black snake, “servant are going to have some fun with you,” both the snake and the witch cackled but Bernard had loosened his arms from the binds but kept them behind him. The witch walked and the snake slithered on over, “You’re fine where you are Bernard, Reticulan, go back to him, Bernard fuck him doggy style, and you, Reticulan, suck my cock. And Rick, my snake, stand by Bernard, and watch him. I don’t trust him.” Rick slithered over behind and beside Bernard while the witch watched as Yerneley got to all fours after the witch unbound him, “Watch them both, Rick, and strike if needed. Suck me off Reticulan, and Bernard, fuck his ass.” Both did as the witch asked.

Bernard remained reluctantly focused into the Reticulan’s ass i s it waved back and forth into him from each thrust but he sensed something off.

“Do not break focus, Bernard, she is watching you very closely.”

“I know this subconscious,” Bernard though, “Wait, do you think Yerneley likes me?”

“This is not your subconscious, this is Rick, communicating to you telepathically.”

“What do you want?” he spoke aloud.

“What I want you to do is shut up and fuck him,” the witch said.

“Sorry,” he stared back down.

“She senses something, don’t lose focus, I’m here to help,” Rick communicated.

“Really, how?”

“Once she is done, I will…take care of her.”


“I just need a distraction so I can surprise her I think the Reticulan can help with.”

“Knock yourself out, good luck, “ Bernard moaned aloud as blew his load, “Ah, I’m done.”

“Sloppy seconds, Bernard, keep going,” Yerneley continued to blow off the witch until she came, “Ahhh, that’s good, good, you can stop now.”

“Mam, why don’t you have some sloppy seconds?” Rick said aloud.

“Splendid idea, Rick, he is doing such a great,” Yerneley bit down hard and ripped off the witch’s penis with his mouth, “Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Rick struck and bit the witch’s arm as Yerneley got up quickly and spit the dismembered penis and cum into the cauldron as the witch bled out and stared in disbelief at Rick, “Traitor!”

“All these years I built up to overthrowing you, with learning telecommunication and of course, getting new venom.” The portal was opening up behind the cauldron as Rick and the witch lay with eyes locked, “Go, you two!” The two jumped into the portal.

Yerneley stumbled onto the cold floor of his ship still nude and lay there as Bernard’s cum farted and seeped out of his anus, “Home, sweet home.”

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