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Anika is in love with girls. She is daughter of billionaire so no one can deny her to her desires.

She was sitting in her cabin and was taking her interwine but she was back to back distracting seeing the boobs of interwinee. She stopping the interview in mid send all out expect that girl whose boobs where hanging out.

" Come here"

Anika with her index finger called girl towards her.

" Yes ma'am"

Girl getting up walks close to Anika whose eyes where fixed on her b*** only

" Strip"

Anika commanded turning room red with remote control

" What?"

Girl get shock to hear her boss and her eyes fixed on her boobs

" I don't have habit of repeating myself again."

Anika glaring her called her secy. and commanded her not to send anyone in her room. She glanced girl stripped out and stand nude infront on Anika who checking her from top to bottom pulled her in lap and caressing her heavy boobs says squeezing them like sponge that girl moaned in pain.

" I really like your boobs and want to suck them"

" Aaahhh"

Girl moans when Anika starts sucking one hard and twisting and pinching other one so rough and hard that whole cabin was echoing with sucking sound and moans of girl

" Finger in your pussy"

Anika commanded her pulling her hard buds that girl screaming in painful pleasure said breathing heavily

" Ma'am I've nails"

" I don't care"

Anika told nuzzling and licking them. Girl obeyed her boss order and thrust finger in her pussy

"Finger hard and eyes on me and make sure eyes shouldn't get close"

Anika gave her next order lying her head on table edge and cupped them tightly. Girl keeping gaze on her boss finger herself hard where Anika pressed them hard and hard.

" Deep inside"

Anika commanded her bitting her hard buds that girl arching her back deepen her finger inside her more.

" Not like this but like this"

Anika holding her hand pushed her two fingers with her finger and along with her finger, finger her hard and fast with her that girl cries in pleasure turning her head left to right.

" Delicious."

Anika fingering down keep on sucking and chewing, nuzzling and pressing her juicy b.

She kept on fingering and enjoying her meal but she stopped when she felt girl is at urge of her first orgasm. She pulled their fingers out

" Let me cum"

Girl pleaded breathing heavily but Anika rejecting her plead sucking juice from girl long finger sealing her lips with her told making her taste her cum

" I'll make you hit four orgasm but all four time you will not cum. If you disobey my command then you'll punish. Understood?"

Girl nodded positive breathing heavily. Anika smooching her lips came out of her dress and sat on her B and commanded her

" Spread my lips and place your bud in it."

Girl spreading Anika's PL kept her bud there.

Both moan loadly when Anika ride on it pressing other.

" Holy heaven"

Anika increase her speed and sitting on other ride on it too and added fingers in girl dirt hole that her body jerk but before she could cum Anika stopped pleasuring her

" Please"

Girl begged

" Give me boobs to boobs massage"

She giving deaf ears her begs commanded her lying table spreading her arms and legs.

Girl come on top on her and brushes her chest with Anika who get lost in pleasure when her B where touch her skin and there naked B was getting rub. Anika moaning added four fingers in her P that she with hard jerks was putting in and out that Girl screaming loudly lost her control and cummed on Anika fingers who angrily bring her underneath her taking her bud in her teeth spoke biting it

" Why you cum without my permission?"

Girl was about to apologies breathing heavily but Anika giving her hard bit and hitting her pussy with hers made her screamed loudly and taking this advantage. Anika gag her mouth putting her cum filled fingers in her mouth and commanding her to suck them well she with no mercy tied her legs and then biting and chewing her B she kept on hiting her P with hers so hard and rough that her whole B was marked red and her P was on fire.

" I want more of you"

Anika sitting on her chair made her straddle her and starts spanking her butts and keep on sucking her B like babies till they did get hard like bullet and Anika's hunger didn't ended

" Come tomorrow earlier in morning at my house. I need you my breakfast. The healthy one"

Anika hugging her tightly commanded biting her ear and spanking her red butts.


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