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Possessive Aunt- 1


Ragini is Anika maternal Aunty who take care of Anika after her parents death.

Ragini is 34 years old widow and along with Anika of 17 years lives in her parents house who are grandparents of Anika.

They all love Anika a lot but Ragini is more possessive for her and so as Anika they both sleep on same bed and even Ragini helps her changing her clothes and making her eat with her own hand. They both love each other a lot but Anika grandparents bring three person in their life.

GF- Ragini we gave set Anika marriage with Shivaay.

Ragini- What

GM- Yes and tomorrow is her wedding in church

Ragini- Mother she's baby and how can you fix her marriage without asking me

GF- Sorry but it was her parents last wish and even us too. We want to see are grandchild marriage before we both close are eyes.

Ragini- No way

GM- I know child you love Anika a lot but what about your sister and brother in law last wish. Please agree and it's only you who can make Anika agree for this marriage.

Ragini crying runs from there. Her parents feel bad for her but they are helpless too.

Ragini-How can I send my baby far from me. Expect her I don't have anyone in my life nor bring and they all want me and baby to get separate from each other. No never. She's my baby she don't know how to care for herself.
I love her and she will be only my love.

She crying enters their room wiping her tears gets on bed but didn't find Anika there.

Ragini- Where's my baby?

She getting up for looks for Anika who comes out from washroom and hugs Ragini tightly

Ragini- Baby you didn't sleep?

Anika- Milk

She keeps hand her lips and her blood boils with feel that tomorrow someone else be kissing her soft lips and making her love to her whole night at this time.

Ragini- No this is my right to make love with my baby. She pecking her head said.

Anika- Milk ( she tries to lift her top but Ragini stops her)

Ragini- No milk today

Anika- Why maaso?

Ragini- Because you are getting married and from now no milk

Anika- No I need milk. Maaso dudu do. I don't want to get marry. Mujhe ap chahiye aur mera dudu. Tell grandma and grandpa I will stay with you.

She cries hitting her chest

Ragini- Baby that's not possible

Anika- Why it's not possible

Ragini- Because this is mom and dad last wish baby.

Anika- And what about your baby? Please give me dudu masso naani ayi hai

Ragini- Baby stop crying I can't see you in tears

Anika- Then give me milk

Ragini- Ok stop crying. I will give you milk but now you are grown up and to get my milk I've to love you whole night and after that milk will come

Anika- What are you saying? I am not getting?

Ragini- Baby tomorrow is your Birthday means you will get 18 years old and old people says that if baby who drinks milk from maso and wants to continue drinking then before cutting cake. Baby should get love my masoo whole night and like this nor milk will stop coming and nor after marriage someone can take you away from me.

Anika- Really masoo.

Ragini- Yes my baby

Anika- Then love me

Ragini eyes gets fill with desires with Anika words that she hug her tightly and starts feeling something different in hug today as Anika erect small buds were getting pressed in her big one.

Ragini- Baby hug me more tightly

She commands her roaming her hand on all over her back. Anika do as told by Ragini.

Ragini- Baby feeling good

She asked caressing her hairs and Anika says yes

Ragini- You will feel more good

She whispers huskily and pressing her hips orders Anika to lock her legs around her waist and once she locked. Ragini taking her weight walk to bed where keeping her on bed like doll she lovingly looks at her innocent face and then keeping eyes on lips she takes her lips in kiss.

Ragini- My baby kiss me back

She brushing her body on hers orders Anika who kisses her back but Rahini's who blood boils imagining someone else lips on hers.

She without any warning tearing her dress comes on top of hers and kissing her lips again she added forefinger in her small cunt

Anika- Aaaahh

Anika moans in pain lifting her hip.

Ragini- Relax baby. Just feel my love.

She waits for Anika to ajust and once she gets relax. Ragini increases her speed.

" Masoooo"

Anika screams in pain when Ragini give her love mark on her neck and then smooth sucking and licking.

" Happy Birthday Baby"

Ragini wishes her pecking her lips

" Love you masoo"

Anika innocently says breathing heavy

" Love you too baby"

Ragini expresss her love to brushing their P. Anika body starts enjoying she hugs Ragini who is nuzzling and kissing her crook while keep on brushing them down but with every second her speed was increasing.

" Are you feeling my love?"

Ragini asks possessively taking Anika's face on cup

" Yes masoo"

Anika too cups Ragini's face who reducing the distance between their lips again takes her lips in sweet kiss. They both where kissing where Ragini keeping her one hand on her Anika tight to stop her from closing her legs brushes them but when Anika didn't let her to taste her mouth.

Ragini hits their core hard.

" Aaooo ma...."

Anika moans but then get suppress when Ragini thrust her long tongue in small mouth and tastes her mouth and don't leave until oxygen needed.

" Baby you the best gift of my life"

Ragini caressing her red face whispers

" And I'm lucky to have you in my life. Masoo I want to live with you and want your love please "

Anika says and hugging Ragini cries who too cries hugging her more tightly then their tense bodies rejoices.

" Don't cry baby"

Ragini breaking the hug says but Anika crying takes Ragini lips in kiss. They both kissed each other crying when Ragini breaking the kiss sucks Anika tears and then nuzzling her face she travels down and kissed and mark her each part hers and then taking her love part in mouth Ragini suck, licks and kissed for hour and drinks her honey and even makes Anika too taste her sweetness.

Ragini never wants to stop. She wants to love Anika whole night but seeing Anika sleep eyes she control herself and breaking the kiss. She lies next to Anika and taking her naked legs between hers, she pulls Anika close who herself adjusts her face close to her bosom and nuzzling in Ragini big boobs she lovingly looks up at her who with moist eyes pecks her forehead and then thrusts her bub in Anika's small mouth who starts sucking milk so hard and fast that Ragini is in mess.

" Baby"

She pushes Anika more in her who bites her thinking she's pulling her back.

" Aaaa"

Ragini pushes her pussy in hers to calm her hormones and slowly rubs them and last both sleeps hugging in each other with Anika's mouth fill with Ragini bub

Next Day

Ragini with knocks at door wakes up and smiles seeing Anika half sleeping on her with taking her bub in her mouth

" Aww my baby"

She caressing her hairs tries to wakes her up but then stop recalling their night love and slowly taking her bub out from her mouth gets down taking shower and making Anika wear her shorts and shirt.

Ragini comes out and her parents are standing outside. She knows why they came but she closing the door stops them from going inside.

" Anika is sleeping. Right now"

" Why?"

Her mother asks

" She sleep late at night"

Ragini telling them leaves and on dinning table when she is having her breakfast with her parents. Her mother phone rings who with smile talks to person on phone and then ending the call informs Ragini

" Shivaay will joins us in noon. Ragini I want you to meet him party and then you know the rest"

Her mother informing her leave

" What should I do to stop this marriage. My baby can't sleep and live without me and same as me"

Ragini with this thinking gets up from dinning table leaves.

" Please see who's at door"

Grandma says to her husband who opening the door gets surprise to Shivaay there.

" What a surprise son"

Grandpa shaking hand with him brings Shivaay inside where meeting Grandma he taking permission goes to Anika but as soon he enters the room.

He gets shocked to see........


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