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Possessive Aunt-3

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Shivaay cupping her twin fondle it hard that Anika moans loudly

Anika- Aaa Maso pain...Shivaay leave me

Ragini- No bad baby. He is your husband and this happens on first night and many others night like this.

Shivaay- Yes baby and it will pain you first and then you'll enjoy and demand more.

Anika- But it's paining

Shivaay- Because baby is soft and small that's why

Ragini- Baby like big B of Maso?

Anika- Yes I want

Ragini- Then stop crying and let your husband to fondle your B and see you'll have lady B in few months and you just enjoy.

Anika- Ok. I won't cry

Shivaay- That's like our baby

He starts fondling her B when Ragini kissing Anika jawline cupped her other B and starts kneading it and Shivaay kneads other that Anika moans gets fill in whole room.

"Maso Shivaay "

" Yes baby want more?"

They asked in union and they squeeze, pulled her small berries more listening her screaming their name they fondled her more hard.

Shivaay left her B and starts travelling down and attacking her lower region where Ragini cupping her other B keep on kneading them and kissing her swan neck.

Ragini- Baby are you enjoying your night?

Anika- Yes

Ragini- Then please your husband too and mark him yours.

She looking at Shivaay says who kissing her lips says

Shivaay- Then what you are waiting for come to me baby.

He hugging her rolls her on top of him and again kissing her wildly roaming his big hand on her back. Takes her for shower tellingRagini

Shivaay- I want her small Chest.

He kissing her bring her under shower says kissing her chest

Shivaay- Baby hug me tightly and show me power by hitting and brushing your small chest with me.

Saying this he stands against wall and pulling her buds pulls her close to him waits for Anika who blush hugs her tightly.

Shivaay- Hug me more tightly. I want to feel your buds.

Anika starts doing as Shivaay says

Shivaay- More hard that wall gets crack.... aaaaahhh

Ragini- Baby more hard and tightly press your buds in Shivaay

Ragini joining them says fingering round ass

Anika- How to do that more maso?

She asks moaning

Ragini glances Shivaay and nodding positive pushes Anika more in Shivaay and then sandwiches Anika in her and Shivaay

Shivaay- More press her more in me. Hit with your bosom baby.

Ragini- Hit him hard like this baby

She says hitting her bosom on Anika's back that Anika moaning hits him back

Shivaay- Aaaa.. I want more baby brush fast

Anika brushes their chest where Ragini hits Anika ass with her P that three were taking sweat shower enjoying Anika moans

Ragini- Baby kiss and bite your husband everywhere like he did. Enjoy this night

Anika starts kissing Shivaay everywhere and marks her body where Ragini kissing her ass cheek says.

" My baby is growing"

Shivaay- Suck my nipples baby like you suck your maso

He pushing her face on his manly lips says groaning and Anika do the same and he bound her to suck until they got bullet.

Shivaay tuning Anika to Ragini starts hitting and brushing his D on Anika ass who scream

Anika- What is this aaaa it's paining

Shivaay- You will scream in pleasure

He cupping her b starts hitting her hard thanking Ragini who is not letting Anika to lost is balance by thrusting her bud in mouth and rubbing her P fast.

Anika is moaning mess as Shivaay is hitting her hard and then starts attacking her back marking and kissing it that three were moaning and groaning.

After sometimes Ragini stopped Shivaay and hugiing and pecking her head brings her to bed room and again making her lie on her straight and Shivaay kissing her lips attack her tight and kissing and sucking her Honey pot l add finger in her P that Anika moans loudly.

Ragini- Baby sshhh

She taking her lips in kiss thrust her finger as well in her and fingers Anika with Shivaay who kissing her thigh cupped her berry and keep on touching her

Anika- Aaaa. maso Shivaay I'm coming....

She says moaning and breathing heavily when Ragini taking her finger out thrust in her mouth and even Shivaay thrusting his finger wet finger in her mouth says looking at Anika who is sucking their fingers

" Will you close your eyes Maso or what to see your SIL beast too"

Ragini- Your beast is for my baby. Make her yours and I know how beast looks alike so I don't have issue in feeling shy.

Ragini winking caressing Anika pussy and says

Ragini- Baby open your eyes and see your husband beast and don't close your eyes. Ok baby

Anika breathing heavily looks at Shivaay who looking at her with desires removes his boxers

Anika brushes and tries to close her eyes but Shivaay coming on top of hers says brushing it on her P

Shivaay- Like it

Anika breaths heavily feeling his Beast brushing nods yes

Ragini- My baby can Shivaay fuck you

Anika- Yes

Ragini looking at Shivaay opens Anika folds and commanding Anika to keep her eyes open on Shivaay and Shivaay pecking her lips slowly thrust beast inside in her that Anika screams loudly but Shivaay kiss stops her screams and kissing her tears starts going slow and then goes fast when she gets ok and so as Ragini who finger her ass was making her comfortable kissing her shoulder.

Soon both newly wed couple reached climax and Ragini congratulating Anika for becoming lady tonight hugs her tightly and Anika smiling starts brushing her face on Ragini bosom

Ragini- I know you want more but she'll sleep now.

Shivaay who is lying on his stomach pulled Anika towards her and pecking her lips takes her bud in his mouth and Ragini adjusts her bud in her mouth and trio sleep caging Anika in arms.

They sleep like this only Shivaay sleep sucking Anika and Anika sucking Ragini and they lived happily by pampering Anika. Both give bath to her together, make her eat with hands and Shivaay himself putting Ragini bud in their baby mouth makes her sleep in noon and like this they trio live happily and same like tonight. They daily sleep like this only Anika berry in Shivaay's mouth and Ragini's in Anika and sometime Ragini allow Shivaay to sleep keeping his D in Anika P.

The End


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