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Beast Brother

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Shakti Khan married his mistress Ayesha once his first wife Pinky mother of his child Shivaay dies three years back with shock when she came to know about Shakti mistress from whom Shakti is having son Karan younger than Shivaay.

Shakti and his newly wife and even rest of family members who accepted both and even think Shivaay too accepted his step mother and step brother.

But they are not aware of Shivaay dark side that is only knows to his step brother who is facing his Beast side the day he step in Khan's palace.

Shakti- Shivaay beta you know your brother got admission in Kings College.

He informs Shivaay who gets back from office at night.

Shivaay- Really Abu?

He says looking at Karan who is not looking up at Shivaay

Shakti- Yes Shivaay see his name in merit list. I can't believe myself that he got admission but it's true.

Ayesha- Thank you Shivaay it's because of your hard work my son got admission. You prepared him from exams and entry test and see.

Shivaay- Oh my brother I'm so happy for you. At last my hard work of night give fruit.

He pulling Karan in tight hug whispers

" My nights hard work."

Karan looks Shivaay who smirks as he knows that Karan is remembering those nights


Karan- Bhai please I need help from you

Shivaay ( rudely)- What?

Karan- Bhai please help me in getting admission in Kings colg. Please I heard from Abu that you are good in maths and other subjects please and yeah in entry test oo

Shivaay- Why you think I will help you?

Karan- Ami said that you will help me. Tell bhai will you help me

Shivaay- Will think on it. Come after hour

Karan comes after hour back to Shivaay room who is waiting for him smoking and drinking

Karan- Bhai

Shivaay- I will help you in everything but I have condition and if you agree to that then everything in possible

Karan thanks him and agrees

Shivaay- Sign this papers first

He smoking passes pen and papers to him

Karan- What's this for?

Shivaay- So that you don't slip from your words. Now sign or leave from here

Karan quickly signing papers give back to Shivaay who pulling Karan on him says

Shivaay- Do you know what you have to do for me?

He asks opening Karan pants

Karan- Bh...

Shivaay twisting his hands back says thrusting his finger in his dirty hole

Shivaay- My slut will please me. You are and will be my slut with your happiness and that's what you agree in this contract and if you opened your mouth then you will shoot your Ami first and then yourself.

He adding two more finger in him tell keeping his mouth gag with his boxer who crying nods negative

Shivaay- You will do my all work inside this room. From taking and making me wear my clothes. You will wash my ass, will give me bath and most importantly at night you will put me on sleep pleasure me and my monster.

And if you fail to do all this. You know sluts are punished by their Master and you are my very personal slut.

He removing his fingers says tracing his wet fingers on his face says

Shivaay- Fuck this in your mind that if you disobey your master your career will be destroyed and I'm sure you and your Ami don't want this at all. You please your master in study hours and your master will please you with everything.

Ready for first day?

He asks removing boxer from his mouth

Karan- This is wr.....

Shivaay glares him and picking his D starts spanking his Ball and hole

Shivaay- Say it's Right Master

He keep on Spanking him till he repeats the same groaning

Karan- Yes it's right master

Shivaay pushing him on floor stands up and lighting cigarette commands lying on bed

Shivaay- Come and put me on sleep

Karan gets up from floor and is about to removes Shivaay clothes but he pulling from his crotch says

Shivaay- Your clothes will be remove by your mother? Strip

Karan standing on Shivaay strips and Shivaay smoking watches him and then Karan removes Shivaay clothes.

Shivaay- Remove my boxer using mouth

He pushing him from hairs digging his face on his boxer and Karan do the same.

Shivaay- Open your mouth. My Slut

He stoking his monster commands him and as soon he open his mouth Shivaay slapping his Moster on his face thrusts his Monster in is mouth

Shivaay- Suck it hard till I don't fall in sleep.

He spanking him twice keep on watching him and he keep on sucking him maintain eyes on his Master whose eyes get close after four eyes and before closing his eyes he thrusting him deep and hard pulling his hairs realise inside him and finally sleeps commanding him to sleep on his Monster only.

Flashback ends

Ayesha- Karan what's this say thanks to your brother. I because of him you got admission.

Karan- Thank you bhai

Shivaay- This much dry Thank you for this much big appreciation? I must get something wet thank you. Isn't Abu and choti ami.

He says keep on hugging Karan

Shakti- Yes why not. After dinner we will have wine party

Shivaay- No abu not wine party. I want something from Karan.

Ayesha- Oh what you want from him

Shivaay- Should I tell them what I want from you baby?

Karan nods negative and says to his brother that he is hungry.

Shivaay- Choti ami get dinner ready for my baby brother. He's hungry and so as I'm.

He caressing Karan back leaves whispering something in his ear.

Karan runs to his room and calls his friends but he cuts the call mid when he see Shivaay is calling him.

Karan- I'll talk to you after.

He ending his friends call immediately picks Shivaay call.

Karan- Ji bhai

Shivaay- Lock the door and turning all lights on remove curtains from Windows

He commands him in dominating tone and Karan does the same and quick removes curtains from window and sweats to see Shivaay standing at window of out house and smoking looking at Karan seducing way sliding his hand his boxers commands stoking his monster hard and fast.

Shivaay- Strip and keep your eyes lock on my monster

He stroking his monster commands him who keeping eyes fixed on his monster starts striping and Shivaay looking at him increasing his strokes on his monster starts talking dirty with Karan removing his boxer his boxer as well showing Karna is gloy

" My DH. My personal slut how you feel watching my Monster"

" Daddy feeling"

" Daddy will make you leak then. Right thumb in mouth"

He stoking his monster orders and Karan does the same keep watching him

" Suck it like my monster fuck your pretty whore mouth and make me hear the sucks"

Karan makes sucking sound sucking his thump like D.

" Create more magic of these sucks. I want to grow more big in you. Harder"

He groaning stokes more his monster

" Pinch your nipple hard calling me Mommy"

But your should never get close. Deepen my Monster in your

He drinking and smoking gets to and fro increasing his pace on seeing Karan sucking his thumb pinching his nipple hard screaming Mommy.

Pull it out. Yes like this twist the left as your D twitch in your mother ass.

Is your D paining?

He sucking and pulling moans yes.

Get on your four and twitch your ass keeping them high."

He turns keep on doing the same when door knocks. He tries to look at door hearing Servant voice who comes to call him from dinner

" I'll tear your ass. if you look that way. I will fuck your brain out. Keep doing that my little whore. Start pulling your nuts down with your wet thumb"

He commands him playing with his nuts and Karan removing thumb from mouth keeping eyes fix on his master twitches, pulls his nipple and nuts screams and Shivaay keep talking dirty with him

" You are brought in this house for what? To warm my bed... To clean my dirty hole. ..Pull those nuts more hard.. Son on birch... ..I will fix womb in your stomach and you will be called pregnant bitch...when my monster will be drilled in you so deep that your mother will leak...."

" Aaaaa...."

"Scream slut...get your mouth dry to lick my cum"

He increases his phase letting drink drip down from his mouth to his abs to his Monster when he hears Karan

" Master "

" Dare you cum. Wear your clothes and walk to dinning table without wearing boxer and not to end call until I don't join you"

He squeezing his Alcoholic Monster watches his slut who wearing his clothes walks keeping phone and airpods connected.

" Time is coming close to take your virginity"

He blowing last words in his ears smirking fell on bed naked and smoking cigarettes watches Karan now recorded show on big screen.

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