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Ruin The Friendship

---------🅲🅾🅽🆃🅰🅸🅽🆂 🆂🅴🆇🆄🅰🅻 🅲🅾🅽🆃🅴🅽🆃----------


Ben put the last bowls of snacks on the coffee table and looked at the clock. He let out a small sigh and wondered where his friend was. It wasn’t like them to be this late. He grabbed his phone and dialled the number but got only voicemail. With a pout, he sat down and started the film without his friend, but as soon as the beginning credits came on the screen the doorbell rang.

Ben sighed once more and went to get it. His friend stood there with a big grin on his face and pushed inside.

“You’re late, Christopher,” Ben said following his friend to the living room “And where are the snacks?”

“In my bag, duh,” Chris said “And why aren’t you calling me Chris? So rude,”

“Chris,” Ben said cutely “You’re late,”

“Ok, good,” He said sitting down and he looked up “What are we watching? Is it 50 Shades?”

“No!” Ben said sitting down ”50 Shades Darker"

Chris laughed “Trying to pick up pointers for when you get a girlfriend?”

“Let’s go with that,” Ben muttered and pressed play. Ben looked over at Chris who had started on the snacks and got comfortable beside him. He felt his heart skip a beat and let his eyes scan Chris up and down.

Even in a pair of jeans, he thought Chris looked great. He bit into his lip and quickly looked away before he got caught ogling his friend. They had been friends for years and he didn’t want to do anything to ruin their friendship. So, he kept his lust to himself and grabbed a bowl of crisps.

They watched the film in silence and Ben finished his bowl of crisps before Chris had a look at them. His breath caught as Chris reached over and stuck his hands in the bowl, moving his hand around in search of food.

“Ben,” He said quietly, “You finished them,”

“I did,” Ben said and moved the bowl, covering his lap up with a pillow “Sorry about that,”

Chris sighed “You didn’t leave me anything. I really wanted to taste those ones”

Ben gulped as his eyes zeroed in on his friends lips “My bad,”

“Do you have any more?”

“No,” Ben said and looked at the residue on his fingers “Only thing left is the power on my fingers and I don’t think- Chris!”

Chris grabbed hold of Ben's hand and stuck his finger into his mouth. Ben stopped breathing as his friend sucked on his finger, ridding it of the crisps powder. Ben's body burned and he felt the heat rise to his cheeks. His eyes were wide as he watched his finger being sucked and his mind went into overdrive thinking what his mouth could do to his cock.

Chris slowly withdrew Ben's finger from his mouth and smirked “Tastes good,”

Ben felt his cock grow in his trousers and he gulped. Chris shifted closer to Ben and almost laughed as he leaned away from him.

“What’s wrong Ben?” He asked just above a whisper and he licked his bottom lip “Did that make you uncomfortable? Because I could feel how you’ve been looking at me through the film”

“I’ve not been looking at you,” Ben lied and Chris moved closer “What are you doing?”

“Let’s have some fun,”


“Come on,” Chris said putting his hand on Ben's cheek “You can’t deny our chemistry,”

Ben started breathing quickly, his heart pounding hard in his chest. His mouth was dry and he shook his head.

“Chris, I can’t do it,” He whispered “I don’t want to ruin our friendship,”

“Fuck the friendship,” Chris said “Cause after this we will be more than just friends"

Ben's eyes went wide as Chris grabbed hold of his erection “C-Chris!”

Chris smirked and grabbed the back of Ben's head pulling him into him. Their lips connected and it felt like fireworks had gone off in Ben's stomach.

He couldn’t help but groan as Chris flicked his tongue against his whilst palming his erection. He lifted his arms and put them around Chris' neck, wanting more than just a kiss.

Chris pushed Ben onto his back settling himself between his legs. Chris looked down at his friend panting and yanked his shirt over his head, tossing it to the side. Ben bit into his lip and watched as Chris stripped of his clothing, leaving just a pair of boxers.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for years,” Chris said and started to unbuckle Ben's jeans “Take your shirt off”

Ben quickly did as he was told and lifted his hips watching Chris drag his jeans and boxers down. He gulped as Chris stared down at his naked body, his heart almost blocking out his hearing.

“Shit,” Chris breathes out “So damn perfect,”

“Shut up, Chris,” Ben muttered and he gasped as Chris took his cock with his mouth “Ah! Chris, s-stop! We shouldn't d-do this,”

“Just shut up and enjoy it,” Chris said and took Ben deeper into his mouth.

Ben moaned and closed his eyes enjoying the heat around him. His fingers curled into his friend’s dyed silver hair and urged him to speed up. His eyes shot open when he felt something pressing against his ass and he sat up.

“What are-”

“Shut up Ben,” Chris said and glared at him “Get on your knees,”

Ben nodded and Chris sat back and slid his boxers off, letting his erection free. Ben got the hint and licked his lips before taking Chris' erection into his mouth. Ben almost gagged when he thrust his hips up but he kept sucking, enjoying the moans Chris was giving.

“Shit,” Chris hissed out “Stop before I cum,”

Ben let him go making a pop sound and before he knew it, he was turned around, his face pressed against the arm of the sofa. He gripped the side tightly as Chris ran his cock towards his ass and he bit into his lip, waiting for him to enter.

He heard Chris spit on his ass and Chris forced his hips forward suddenly, and Ben yelped out in shock and discomfort. Tears filled his eyes at the sudden invasion and Chris slid his hand round to grip Ben's erection.

“Fuck, just relax or I’ll blow my load too soon,”

Ben gulped and cried out in pleasure as Chris began to move his hips, grinding hard. The burn slowly turned to pleasure and with Chris' hand on his cock, he could feel the burn of an orgasm approaching.

It wasn’t long before Chris was moving quickly, almost grunting as he slammed himself in and out of Ben.

“Ahh, yes!” Ben cried out and shot his load onto the sofa and Chris' hand.

“F-fuck,” Chris said quickly pulling out and finishing over Ben's ass.

They both collapsed and Chris lay on top of Ben, hugging him tightly. Ben tried to catch his breath and his head was spinning from how intense that orgasm was. He’d had sex before, but nothing like that.

“Wow,” Ben whispered.

“,” Chris said and he turned Ben's head and kissed him “Did we ruin the friendship?”

Ben smiled and shook his head “Maybe my ass,”

Chris laughed “Yeah. Sorry. I couldn’t hold back. We need to clean up,”

“Mmm,” Ben said closing his eyes. Chris let out a sigh and forced himself behind Ben, cuddling into him.

“Or we just lay like this for a while,” Chris whispered and closed his eyes.


“Guys? Have you fallen asleep?”

They shot up and stared at the front door, then looked at each other with wide eyes.

“Fuck!” Ben said loudly and jumped to his feet to look for his clothes “I forgot everyone else was coming and ow! My asshole!”

Chris laughed and got to his feet. He walked over to Ben and pulled him into his arms, kissing him deeply. Ben kissed back and they quickly pulled away when their friends kept knocking on the door.

“I suppose we should let them in,” Chris said smacking Ben's ass “We can go for round two when they leave,”

Ben went the shade of a tomato and nodded before going to the door. He looked back into the room to see Chris bend over to pick his clothes up.

"Next time I’m fucking you," He thought and went to open the front door.

A/N: I'm not too great at writing smut, but it's a bit of fun and I'm not experienced in writing male and male etc. I've done it before, but it isn't as good as others.
Stay weird. Stay fierce <33
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