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Kenny needed a shave, but gets more than a smooth chin when he visits the mysterious new Barber in town... 🔞: Soft-BDSM, non-con, boyxboy. Basically all sex. Short story!

Erotica / Fantasy
S. Glasssvial
4.9 20 reviews
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

~ It was the year 1805, and Kenny, a young nobleman, needed a shave ~

“A family tragedy occurred and we sadly must inform you that we cannot open up our barbershop today. Our dearest apologies.”

“Crap,” Kenny cursed when he read the note, feeling a little guilty immediately after. He knew that Sir John would never close his shop because of nothing, so something awful must have happened. Kenny could only hope that everything was ok with him and his wife or children.

But to be a little selfish again, what should he do now? He bit on one of his fingernails while debating if he should check out that new barbershop or not. The place looked a tad strange when he passed it earlier and had glanced through the window. It was also very small so maybe there wasn’t even a spot left for him...

However, he was running out of time, it was already late and he didn’t have much time left before the party would start in four hours so he really needed th...

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