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Chapter 2

Dingeling, dingeling, the bell rang when Kenny opened up the squeaky front door.

The barbershop was tiny with just one chair. It was also a little messy but at least there lingered a pleasant smell.

Was that vanilla? Kenny looked around and there hung a few paintings on the wall, nothing special. However, the barber chair was a real eye-catcher. It had a black leather seat and back support, and the frame was made of metal and heavily decorated with baroque curls that ended in lion heads. It had armrests and foot supports, also made of bronze metal.

In front of it stood one large mirror, reaching to the ceiling.

“Hello?” Kenny called out. “Is there someone here? Sir? Mister barber, Sir?” Outside, it turned darker by the second and Kenny was happy he was inside now that the clouds let go some rain. A flash of lightning and a roar of thunder came next, lighting up the shop. He was a little startled when he suddenly saw an appearance of another person in the flash of the light, standing not even an arm’s length away from him!

“Oh, m-my!” Kenny stuttered. “I’m sorry, Sir, I didn’t see you earlier.”

“Oh, really?” the other said. “But I was standing right here this whole time.”

Weird and dark energy came from the strange but handsome man, giving Kenny shivers down his spine. He briefly wondered if it had been a mistake, coming to this place.

The man had wild hair himself which Kenny found a little strange. Why did a barber have such wild hair himself? It was light blonde, almost white but his eyes dark as night. He was clothed in a white suit that fitted his body like a glove.

“My name is Trevor and I will be your barber for today,” Trevor said with a dark voice. “I don’t mean to brag, but I am the best in all that can be done. What can I do for you? A cut? A shave? Please, tell me all of your desires…”

Kenny swallowed. The fact that the thunder rumbled once more when Trevor just finished his sentence, made the atmosphere even spookier.

“Uhm... I am Kenny, a-always nice to meet unfamiliar people,” he said, his voice a little quivering and barely audible with the heavy rain outside. He stretched out his arm and shook Trevor’s warm hand.

“Hello, Kenny.”

“And to answer your question, I’m here for a shave.”

Trevor smiled, showing his perfect set of teeth as he touched Kenny’s shoulder and gave him a little push towards his chair.

“Sit,” he then ordered.

Kenny sat down on the black soft leather, taking off his high top hat. “Oh, where can I…?” he looked around where he could lay down his hat.

“Oh, give it to me, dear. And your coat and vest too, that sits more comfortable,” Trevor said.

Kenny did as the man said and took off his coat and best and gave them to the barber, together with his hat.

Trevor walked over to the counter, where he laid the stuff down before he walked to the window, closed the curtains, and locked the door. “I don’t want any more customers today, it’s late already,” he told a confused-looking Kenny.


Trevor went on with that shave and started to brush on the shaving soap. First on Kenny’s cheeks, then chin and upper lip. “You have a lovely complexion,” he said when he folded open his large silver razor.

With much gentleness, he brushed the sharp tool over Kenny’s cheeks face, bending over and leaning in to have a good view of what he was doing.

He came so close that Kenny could smell him. The barber had a pleasant scent, the same scent that Kenny had smelled when he came walking into the little shop--vanilla.

“There,” Trevor said when he was done with the final stroke of the blade. He took a towel and cleaned Kenny’s face. “Let me fix your hair, please. Don’t’s for free,” he said and started to comb the soft raven black hair, making it slick with some special rose oil.

Kenny had to admit that he looked extremely sharp and handsome after the barber’s work. He was certainly ready to attend a party! “Thank you, Sir,” he said, turning his head from left to right and from right to left to admire the barber’s sublime work.

“Oh, call me Trevor, please. And you are right, it certainly looks good. You look good... In fact, you look so good, that I can’t let you slip out of my hands. Wouldn’t you agree, Chair?”

“Hm?” Kenny didn’t understand what Trevor meant. To let slip out of his hands? Chair?

Kenny gulped when all of a sudden bronze cuffs folded around both of his wrists. The metal braces appeared out of the barber’s chair out of nowhere!

“Oh, Mister barber, Sir! What is the meaning of—”

Before Kenny could finish his last word, his feet were clasped in metal ankle cuffs as well and the wicked chair broke its own foot support in two like it had a mind of its own and spread Kenny’s legs.

The younger was completely imprisoned by the evil chair.

“Oh....!” he gasped in fear and with wide eyes, he watched Trevor through the mirror, who stood behind him with a devilish grin on his face.


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