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Chapter 3


Oh, that begging voice was like music to my ears as I looked at him in the mirror. His scared eyes would soon make place for lusting ones, I knew that from the moment this poor innocent creature walked into my shop. My wicked chair felt it too. Chair only claims righteous victims, those who want to be taken care of. I was so pleased that this Kenny boy was chosen. He’ll soon scream out of pleasure, he just doesn’t know it yet.

“Kenny,” I bent over and whispered in his ear, my eyes not leaving the mirror’s view.

“What are you d-doing? Please.. let me go. What kind of a wicked chair is this? Are... A-are you a demon?”

“Shhh...don’t cry.” I soothed him before my devilish tongue folded out of my mouth and started to lick the outline of his ear.

Yes, a demon I was. The Devil to be precise.

’Don’t touch me! Why are you doing this to me?” he whimpered and whined as I sucked on the little soft flexible flesh of his ear.

“You are chosen,” I whispered to him.

He sniffed. “Chosen for what?”

I sucked on his neck before I answered: “Chosen to be pleasured by my wicked tongue...”

He would soon be alright, I knew that. In a mere moment, his eyes would tear up from pleasure.

One of my hands slid to his chest, untied his tie, and began to unbutton his shirt while my other hand stopped between his legs. I squeezed his flesh, till it grew hard and swollen.

“I will make you so delirious and crazy, my sweet Kenny,” I whispered my hot breath in his ear.

He released a soft whimpering sound, making my own cock to swell up inside my pants until I was as hard as he was.

He wasn’t crying or telling me to stop anymore and I was starting to get a tad impatient, so I ripped open the still closed part of his shirt, causing the remaining buttons to pop off and fall to the floor, making noise as the metal touched the hard stone tiles.

I folded his white shirt open as far as it could and caressed his soft skin.

Looking at him in the mirror, I saw he looked back into my eyes with his mouth open, and in his eyes was only a hint of fear left.

He pulled at his restraints when my thumb massaged and caressed his skin in little motions, particularly over his stiff pink buds. I gave them a few pinches as well, receiving a little moan. They stiffened till they were rock-hard.

“Oh look at you now. No more crying, see?” I asked him through the mirror. Humans are so weak.

I opened up his pants and pushed my hand inside.

“Ahhh,” he whimpered when I folded my hand around his arousal. I tugged his foreskin back and forth a few times. “Oh my, Kenny... Tssk, tssk, tssk...” I clicked my tongue. “Did you know that your cock is leaking into my hand at this very moment?”

Shamefully, he looked away from my stare.

When my hand sped up and stroked him faster and faster, his eyes fluttered shut. “Oh G-god,” he moaned. Faster and tighter, I stroked. “Ahh...I...I’m gonna...” Kenny hyperventilated. I then squeezed his tip and let go of his twitching cock. No, he won’t get it so easy. He should beg for it. “W-why...did you let go?” Kenny whined, his eyes looking so wantonly. It seemed that the poor boy desired to release badly.

“What do you mean, Kenny?” I asked. “A minute ago you yelled that I couldn’t touch you, remember?”

“But, but...” He heavily breathed and bit into his lip.

I smirked at him and went over to one of the drawers to pull out a pair of scissors.

Standing behind him again, I looked at him when I placed the sharpness of the scissor against his chest and grazed the silver point across his skin, going lower and lower. The metal touched him but didn’t cut his skin.

I stopped the silver point at his crotch. Pushing it a little against his pants.

“Wait? What are you doing?” Kenny cried out in fear.

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