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Chapter 4


“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. It’s just that these dreaded pants will never come off easily. Not when you are tied up like this, with your legs spread so beautifully.” I said as I began to cut up his expensive trousers with the pair of scissors in my hand.

“Wait, no! I need my pants!” he whimpered.

“Oh no, no you don’t.”

After cutting up his pants and underwear, he sat practically naked in my chair with only his open shirt, socks, and shiny shoes still on.

With his legs spread in front of the mirror, he gave me a view that pleased me greatly and I tossed the scissors to the other side of the room, making a loud noise that made him startled.

He had his eyes closed shut. Not wanting to see his own shameful reflection.

My hands folded around him again. His cock still hard and wet. Of course, it was, I had denied him from cumming. Something I was gonna do again.

I bent over him, my arms around his body when one hand started jerking him off again and the other massaged his balls and caressed the rest of his body.

Kenny was writhing and twisting underneath my touch.

“Look at yourself,” I ordered.

He shook his head keeping his eyes closed. Oh, such a disobedient boy...

I let go of him all at once. That made him open his eyes.

“Now look at yourself being all shameless, Kenny, or I won’t touch you again. And I know you want to be touched. You want to cum so badly, hm?”

He opened his eyes for me, so I grabbed his unyielding penis in my hand but didn’t move just yet. “Don’t you?” I squeezed.

“Ahh... Hmm-hmm... Yes...” He nodded.

“Look at how your cock is sliding through my hand,” I said while I looked at the both of us. He was so innocent and I...the devil.


“I can hear it too. You’re so wet that you drizzle. Listen to that sinful sound of your cock running through the palm of my hand. Isn’t it beautiful, Kenny?”


The sounds he made were getting louder and louder. Moaning, panting, and gasping as he looked at how I was pleasing him--how his hard cock was fucking into my hand.

He then looked into my eyes. His were hazy and heavy-lidded and I knew he was on the verge of spraying out his load.

As his ankles shook inside the metal cuffs and his shiny shoes trembled, he was already holding his breath for what would come.

I let go of his cock and grabbed him by his hair, pulling his head back to face me, and stuck my tongue into his mouth. My tongue clashed against his and I tasted his sweet flavor.


Oh, what did this man do to me? He broke the kiss and left me wanting more.“Please, Trevor...” I begged. What had become of me these last few minutes?

I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t even recognize myself anymore. The man I saw was flushed red and wet from sweat, his body shimmering. He was naked with spread trembling legs while his cock drizzled, pre-cum running over his shaft.

“What please? Where do you want me to touch you? Tell me, Kenny,” the barber told me. His hands caressed my thighs as he bent over me and looked at me through his eyelashes. The look on his face was so devilish.

“Please...” I didn’t want to tell him where. It would be too shameful.

“Here?” he asked while his hands reached higher and he rubbed over both of my nipples.

I bit my lip and shook my head. Yes, it felt good, but no, that wasn’t where I wanted him to touch me. My cock was twitching. How could he not see?

“Here?” He smirked as he brushed his finger just below my navel but now low enough.

“No!” I raised my voice, feeling that lingering feeling still. That feeling, that you feel when you’re on the verge of releasing yourself, that tickling inside your groin. I had almost cum, but almost wasn’t good enough. I wanted it now! I was desperate.

“Here?” His hands now too low, squeezing my legs.

“No. Please. You bastard!” I yelled out, instantly regretting it.

“Bastard? Are we cursing now, sweet Kenny?” He laughed hard. I pulled at my restraints but it only hurt me. He was laughing at me! “How can I know where you want to be touched when you don’t tell me.” He looked at me, smiling.

“Between my legs. Touch me between my legs!” I desperately begged.

“Here?” he asked when he finally, finally grabbed my poor yearning penis again.

“Hmm...yes, there.”

The pleasant feeling came back immediately when he gave me a couple of strokes again and I felt it coming again, that feeling, lifting me up and up. I was ready to jump, at last, before he let go again.

“No! Why? Trevor... please!!” I cried out.

“Chair...!” Trevor said which sounded like a command.

The demonic piece of furniture knew exactly what his master wanted and my legs were being pulled apart, even more, throwing them higher in the air.

“Hahhh...!” I gasped.

In the mirror, I stared at my own shameful pink wrinkles.

Trevor breathed in my face as he stood behind me and folded his arms around my body. “Look,” he ordered.

I watched how his fingers traveled lower and one of them disappeared into my body. I closed my eyes again. The feeling wasn’t nice.

His finger began to thrust in and out of my hole, while my cock should be the one to be touched. Why was this devil doing this to me? My cock oozed. I wanted him to touch that! Not giving me this unpleasant feeling.

A second finger pushed in and I wanted to curse at him before I felt it.


What did he do to me? I opened my eyes and saw him pushing his long fingers inside me, making me feel the unfamiliar pleasure again.

“You like that?” he asked. “I think you do. Look at how much you like it.”

It was true, I liked it. He pushed his middle and ring finger deep inside my hole and touched a place there that made me curl my toes inside my shoes.

In my ear came the obscene sounds from his pushing and retreating fingers--wet slurping sounds which bounced off the barbershop walls.

He wasn’t touching my cock, so how could it be that the same feeling started inside my abdomen again?

“Please, please...” In between my hard moans, I begged him in advance. Don’t let him stop this time.

He sped up his movements and added pressure to that spot inside of me that made me so delirious I was nearly going cross-eyed.

He whispered his hot breath in my ear, “Look at yourself and let go. Cum for me now.”

And I did. I looked at us for as long as I could, till my eyes rolled back into my skull and I finally could give into this exploding sensation inside my gut. My balls tightened and I could feel myself erupting.

“Ahhh...Ahh!” I screamed as I released while orgasmic shivers ran through my body in waves. Never before had I felt these explosive sensations.

I opened my eyes and saw my cock squirting out its liquids which landed on myself, the floor, and even the mirror was covered in stains.

Trevor’s fingers stayed inside me till I was done. After my last contraction, he withdrew them and I felt so empty and cold.

Still gasping for breath, I sat on that evil chair, staring at my own gaping wide slippery hole.

Trevor walked a few small steps till he stood beside me, his back to the mirror.

He leaned in and his tongue licked my stomach clean, till there was no trace of cum left on my skin. He licked his lips afterward like he just tasted the best thing ever and a satisfied moan escaped his mouth.

His lips found mine again and his tongue pushed between mine, making me taste myself. He kissed me very slowly and sensually for what felt like minutes while his hands caressed my still shackled arms.

I knew I just climaxed but this action made me feel aroused again.

“Will your chair let me go now?” I sobbed, knowing that I couldn’t go through this again.

He shook his head. “No.”

Then he walked until he stood still in front of me and his body was positioned between my wide legs, looking at my private parts with his demonic black eyes.

“I think nobody has ever swallowed your cock before. Am I right?” He asked before he licked his lips.

“W-what?” I asked.

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