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Chapter 5


“Your cock... I’m gonna swallow it, lick it, and suck it,” he said with an evil grin. “I can’t wait to feel you in my mouth.”

“That...t-t-that is improper. It--it’s obscene!” I stuttered. How can somebody take someone else’s private parts in their mouth?

His hands started to massage my legs, slowly caressing the insides of my thighs. They were warm and soft against my skin.

This whole time, he looked at me and I at him, our eyes locked. I swallowed as I became hard again, wondering if there was any shame left in my body after what Trevor just did to me. Maybe there was a little shame left because my cheeks burned from the inside out. I felt myself blushing at his lustful stare.

How could I become aroused again? He wasn’t even doing anything except looking at me and touching my legs. But it happened anyway. I looked down and between my widely spread legs, I saw a hard piece of flesh pointing upwards again. Begging to be touched by him--touched, by that devil.

I panted and looked at him as his finger brushed against my hole. He caressed it, oh so softly, only ghosting his finger over it, like a feather. It was sweet torture all over again.

I began to breathe faster and louder.

“You look so beautiful on my chair, with your legs widened like this,” he praised.

Slowly one of his fingers was running up and down the vein on my shaft. At the top, poked his nail into the slit.

“Hmmm...” I bit my lip.

“There is nothing improper or obscene about what I wanna do to you, Kenny--what I’m gonna do to you,” he corrected himself.

His finger brushed over the head of my erection a few times before he brought it to his lips and sucked off the glistening bead that hung on his fingertip. His tongue swirled around his digit, licking my filth off before he looked at my erection with a certain hunger readable in his eyes.

Then he very slowly bent down, till a tongue appeared and he licked my length from base to tip.

“Hmm… No!” I cried out. “Ahhh...!” I then moaned while banging my arms in the cuffs.

I wanted to be released from these boundaries around my wrists and ankles! I wanted to be freed so badly, but he wouldn’t let me.

I looked down as Trevor started sucking on my cock. Good, God! He was actually twirling his tongue around the head of my genitals. This wasn’t right. He shouldn’t do this. felt so right. It felt so good...

“Ahh!” I gasped when he took me fully into his hot mouth as his lips enveloped my most desperate body part. The feeling was so warm and tight and wet and...oh God, I almost drowned in the feeling it gave me.

“Please let your chair set me free,” I begged.

He pulled his mouth off my cock and after he’d licked his lips, he said: “What do you say about it, Chair? Shall we let Kenny free from these shackles?” he asked his devilish piece of furniture.

I heard a click and the chair freed my wrists but not my ankles.

“Chair is merciful,” the barber said and he dived down again, swallowing my cock completely into his throat.

“Oh my God....!” I yelled and grabbed the armrests of the chair in a knuckle-whitening grip. If Trevor went on with what he was doing, I would cum in seconds.

How could this obscene sound be so arousing?


Since the moment the boy came walking into our barbershop, I felt my master’s heart skip a beat. I understood why, the moment his body touched my black leather skin. I felt complete. Never again will I let someone else sit upon me, only him. Only he was worthy of bestowing me.

My master felt the same way as I did, I could tell. We share a connection, him and I.

And the person who sits on top of me, I could feel him too. I feel his lust, his confusion, everything he feels, I feel. I felt him literally too. His ass crack on top of my skin, his juices that had spilled on top of me, or how he squeezed me so tightly at this moment. I could feel it all. And I never felt like this, with nobody. He was the one.

While my master was taking him till the back of his throat, I sensed how Kenny wanted to be buried even deeper, so I helped him a little and gave a push upwards, making my master grunt as Kenny’s cock went past his uvula.

Kenny moaned louder and louder, on the verge of climaxing again.


I squirted his mouth full as I came hard inside. “Ahhhh” I moaned out loud during my second orgasm of the evening.

“I loved the way your cock pulsed on top of my tongue as you released,” Trevor said.

I can’t believe I just cummed inside his mouth.

What did he do with the liquids?

“I am hard as steel, Kenny. You made me that way. I need to have you.”


I swallowed. What will he do to me now?

He began to take off his clothing in front of my eyes. His shirt first, slowly. With each button he unpopped, I saw a new fragment of his naked skin until he shook his shirt from his shoulders till a half-naked porcelain God stood in front of me.

But a God he was not, I was certain of that.

He took his pants and underwear off next and an erected thick phallus was eyeing at me, dripping with lust.

The chair automatically adjusted its height, pushing me a little higher so my gaping hole was now at the same level as Trevor’s crotch. I now knew what he wanted to do to me. And to be completely honest, I think I wanted it too... All shame was gone. Only desire was left in my body. A desire for him.

He growled deep and rolled his neck while moaning. “I need to be inside you now, Kenny,” he whispered and laid his hands on top of my spread knees, stepped forward, and pressed his cock against my hole.

Oh, God.

While looking at me with hunger, he leisurely pushed his hips and his cock slowly disappeared inside me. I gasped at the full feeling that entered me. It hurt and made me feel as my hole was split in half. “Hahhhh...!” I moaned and I threw my head back.

A devilish grunt came from him when he pulled out and trusted back in, his cock widening up my muscle. It felt so strange to me--painful, yet pleasurable. My whole focus was only on that pulsating piece of flesh buried inside of me.

I opened my eyes and watched his face. His eyes were darker than ever as he looked at me through hooded lids and his sinful tongue came out to wet his lips. It made me hard again.

He was panting and...I realized that it was because of me. I did that to him, it was my body he desired so. Me, that made him breathless and moan. I felt so connected to him for some reason like we were one.

I lifted my upper body closer to him and wrapped my arms around him. He made a gasping surprised sound when I clashed my mouth against his, and stuck my tongue between his lips. He still tasted salty and musky. I realised it was me I tasted.

“Ahh..” I moaned as my ankles were slamming inside the cuffs with each thrust he made. It felt so good.

The feeling in my gut tickled again. My cock tingled. I was gonna cum soon. Again.

I released his lips and started to lick his neck. Then my eyes focused on the moving image in the mirror. His ass-cheeks that were flexing every time he pushed into me. My own face as I was being fucked like this.

“Hmm.” I bit my lip, feeling it coming already.

“Cum for me...” He ordered.

It took a few seconds before his chest got covered with white ropes of cum.

While I was trembling, he hugged me and his breath hitched for air as he withdrew his cock and slammed in again, filling me up. I could feel it.

After he was done, the chair released my legs, making my limbs fall down like mush.

I leaned against Trevor’s torso and almost fell asleep while he caressed my back and kissed my neck.

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