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Chapter 6 (THE END)


Hours later, the party was finally over. My father was happy that one of Sir William’s daughters seemed to have an interest in me, but I wasn’t the slightest interested in the girl, though she was beautiful. My mind was only on the earlier events that happened in the barbershop. That man... What was he? Who was he? Where did he come from? Where did he live?

How I’d returned home after my time at the barbershop? I didn’t know. It was as it was cut out of my memory. I did wear another pair of pants and my body felt sore, so I was certain it wasn’t a dream. My cock and ass felt raw, when I walked so there were constant reminders of what he did to me. And I liked it...

I turned around in bed. The image of the mirror was still in my fantasies and I dreamed about him that night.


Two days later, as pathetic as I was, I returned to the little barbershop. I actually wanted to run back to it yesterday, but I could just in time stop myself.

However, my eyes grew wide when there was no barbershop and all I saw was a toy shop. Did the barber move in these last two days? I stepped inside to ask.

“I’m sorry, but can you tell me about the barbershop. Did it move?”

“Barbershop?” the older lady looked at me.

“Yes, the one that stood on this location. I was here for a...shave, two days ago.”

“My dear boy, I have been located on this spot for almost twenty years. You even came to buy toys from me, don’t you remember?”

I looked at the old lady’s friendly face. Yes, Madame Rose. could I forget?

But what about…

“Oh, yeah… I… I’m sorry.”

Outside, I took Trevor’s Business card out of my pocket.

My mouth dropped open. How was this possible?!

Instead of Trevor Lucifer - Barber.

It now said: Trevor Lucifer - dentist.

“What--how?” I was flabbergasted. There was an address on the card too.

I waved at a carriage and asked the driver if he knew the dentist and the address I gave him. It turned out he did and fifteen minutes later, I walked into the waiting room of dentist Lucifer’s practice.

Nobody was there and the weather started to become ominous again, just like it did in the barbershop the first night we met.

But this time, I wasn’t scared. I was excited. I was happy.

“Come,” I heard a deep voice.

I walked into the dentist’s office and saw Trevor standing in a white coat. Beside him stood a dentist’s chair

Trevor patted the chair. “Easy, there boy...” he spoke to it. “I know you are excited he’s here again, I am too.”

The chair opened its armrests and big cuffs emerged out of them.

“Look, Kenny, Chair has missed you just as much as I did. Did you miss us as well?” The devil asked me, showing his perfect smile.

“I did,” I spoke truthfully, as I couldn’t wait to be under his mercy again.

“Well... What are you waiting for? Sit.”


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