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The first sight I saw in front of me was that of a man.

Let me correct it.

A gorgeous man.

He was standing with his arms crossed in front of him. The sleeves of his sky blue shirt were rolled up to his elbows giving me a hint of those arms. From the way he was standing I could see the cut of his muscles and how ripped he was.

I was too scared to move let alone speak anything so I kept gazing at him too intimidated to say anything under the scrutiny of his gaze.

He uncrossed his arms and licked his lips.

Suddenly I wished that it was me who was licking those delicious looking full pink lips.

I couldn’t help it. He was every teenage girls wet dream and me, well, my nightmare because I was supposed to work for him.

“Rafael González.” He extended his hand.

God! That voice.

It made me think of sex. Wild, hot, passionate sex in the forest.

“Si-Siena Lake.” I took his extended hand. His handshake was firm and smooth. I made a note to myself to ask him what moisturizer he used cause damn! His hand was smooth af!

“I hope you found your way comfortably, Sienna.” Something about the way he said my name made me think that my name was solely made to be said from his lips. Because it rolled off smoothly from his lips.

“Yes, yes I did. Thank you, Mr. González.”

“Let’s head inside. We have to discuss over the terms.” I followed him like a lost puppy partly intimidated and partly aroused.

Get your shit together, Si!

I scolded myself. I was here to work. Be a professional.

Yes, I was going to be a professional. Work. Earn money. Pay for mom’s surgery. Yes, mom’s surgery. That’s what I was here for.

Rafael, my boss was a tall man. I noticed it when he walked in front of me leading me inside his grand home.

I was in awe of the beauty and grandeur of this place. It was simply classy. My boss sure did have a good taste.

Well, he did choose you!

I agreed with my inner self.

The color combination was a deep maroon and white. Some spots of black here and there only made it more royalty. I’d love to sit by the ceiling length glass windows with a cup of coffee in my hand and book to read.

Keep dreaming, Si.

“Have a seat.” He offered. I got settled in the plum coloured velvet textured couch.

Rafael took a seat in front of me leaving a glass table in front of us.

“So, what made you come here?” He began. Wasn’t it obvious?

“Money. The pay is good.”

Great way tell you boss that you’re a bïtch!

“I mean, I was in need of money real quick.” I corrected.

“I see, so it wasn’t your choice to do this. Am I right?” A thoughtful expression crossed his face. The areas between his brows snapped together.

“Ra...Mr. Gonzalez I know what you’re thinking. You probably see me as a gold digging bitch after your money but I...”

“No, I didn’t know you yet to form an opinion about you. But you didn’t answer my first question. Are you here by your own will or has someone forced you?” God, was he stern when he said that!

“No, Mr. González. I’m here by my own will.”

“Good. While your time here I expect a few things from you that are very necessary for our arrangement. I need hundred percent dedication from you.....”

“I’ll do everything to the best of my capacity. I promise.” I said wanting to prove just how much of a hard worker I was. Apparently that wasn’t what he wanted.

He looked at me like he was going to kill me. I shrunk back into the deepest corner of the couch.

“One thing, Sienna.” He held up one long finger. “I don’t appreciate being interrupted while I talk.” I opened my mouth to say but quickly shut it again. “Second thing, discipline is very important in my life. Everything I do, the way I live is by my disciplines and rules. While you’re in this I expect you to do the same.” His eyes were sharp and focused on whatever he was saying making very clear of how serious he was about his rules.

“Of course, Mr. González. I apologise.” One thing I figured from our time so far was that my boss was a strict boss...

and incredibly hot.

He smirked clearly satisfied with my apology.

“Mr. González is my father. I don’t want you to call me that. You’ll call me Master from now on.” I was taken aback by his strange demand.

Who the hell did he think he was? A royal of some sort?

Master, my ass!

“I don’t think that’ll be appropriate. I think Mr. González is fine because it’s not like your father is here that I’ll mix up the names.” I added with a nervous laugh.

God! I hope I didn’t piss him off. He was not only strict but also quite scary. Yeah, he was scary because he scared the crap out of me with his dangerous smile.

The handsome devil dropped his voice down making him sound more intimidating. “You’ll only call me Master, Sienna. You understand?” I nodded too frightened that he might get angry again.

“Let me hear you call me, Master. Say it.” I was stunned by his increasing and weird demands. But I had to do as he said. It’s funny how much shit you have to put up to, to earn money.

“M-master.” I muttered. He looked pleased with my answer.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” He asked clearly showing off his cocky attitude. He was such a dick!

A beautiful dïck, though.

“Sienna...” God! That voice again. I hated that he had this effect on me despite me hating his attitude.

Did he see how much effect he had on me? Did he know that his voice was making me cream my panties? I crossed my legs to stop the tingling I felt in my püssy.

“..... I want you to show me what you can do.” Why did that sound like he was talking about something else other than work?

“I can,” I cleared my throat and continued, “do cleaning and cooking and...”

“....shh! You know what I’m talking about. I want you to show me what you can do.” He stood up from his seat and walked towards me with leisurely strides. I felt the heat from his body approach me. My heart thudded in my chest and my breasts felt heavy and full with his proximity.

Raf... Master leaned towards me, his face was inches away from mine. Our breaths mingled and we breathed the same air. I licked my lips in nervousness and that brought his attention on them. It would be rational to lean away and walk out of this place.

But all my senses flew out of the window when he breathed my name sensuously.

“Sienna.” I knew I should’ve stopped acting like a horny teenager who turned into a puddle of desire when a hot guy talked to her. But fuck me! I wanted to hear my name from his lips again and again.

And then he brought those smooth long fingers and traced the outline of my lips.

“W-What are you d-doing, Mr. González?” I asked partly wanting him to take his hand away and partly wanting to shove that though aside. I was practically frozen on my seat.

“Master. I’m your master.” He whispered to me.

“This is not right. You can’t...” I protested but he didn’t listen to my pleas.

Or maybe you didn’t want him to?

He dipped his fingers into my cleavage and I knew it was time to draw a line.

“That’s enough, Mr. González. I won’t tolerate this unprofessional behavior.” I said moving as away from him as possible. He looked shocked that I rejected him.

Shocked and angry.

Me? I was melting.

“I’m going to let go of this behavior of yours considering it as your first and last mistake. But if you ever talk to me like that I’m taking you over my knees, Sienna.” He growled looking like a fierce lion ready to hunt down his prey.

I gasped in shock. How dare he!

“Excuse me? I won’t stand here being talked to like that. Who do you think you are? I may be working for you but that doesn’t mean you’ll get to talk with me like that....” Within one quick motion he tugged me to his rock hard chest squashing my soft breasts against his hard pecks. The instant tingling sensation that I was fighting for long surfaced back.

For the first time I noticed how deep his eyes were. How dark they were!

Rafael’s eyes were grey. Same shade as my dress today. He had a beautiful face. A thick mass of dark hair that was partly tucked into his collar. I was so tempted to touch his hair just so that I could feel it. I bet it was soft as silk.

An annoying smile spread on his face betraying the anger he felt earlier. He had clearly noticed how I was practically drooling over him and eye-fücking him.

“You’re mine, Sienna.” He breathed.

“I’m not yours.”

“Yes you are. Mine to touch. Mine to kiss and mine to fück.” I gasped in shock. The crude language he used was enough to bring me back to my senses. I pushed him hard maintaining distance between us.

“This is unprofessional, Mr. González. I’m just your housekeeper not your mistress that I’ll do sexual favors for ....”

“Housekeeper?” He looked at me like I had grown three heads.

“Yeah, that’s what you hired me for.” Then a bizarre thought occurred to me.

Oh my god! Ohmygod! OHMYGOD!

This had to be some sort of prank because fuck me!

“You didn’t?”

He didn’t reply just stood there figuring out what I had just learnt.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know what this was. I’d never agree to this if I knew...”

“This is a mistake. I’ll have to speak with Parker.” He immediately dialled a number on his cellphone and looked pissed.

“Parker.” He barked. I pitied Mr. Adam Parker who sent me here. He had to face the wrath of this arrogant and rude ass but handsome jerk.

“What the fück is this? Is this why I pay you for? You’ve sent me some stupid girl” my eyes narrowed at the insult but he didn’t even pay attention to me, “.... for doing my household stuff? I’m not a fool to pay a million dollars for three months for doing my laundry and cooking me food....”

One freaking million dollars!

I could easily pay for my mom’s surgery and her medical bills. I could probably even afford to go to college with that money and still have something left. I should’ve known that no one would pay that much money for nothing. How stupid I was?

But it was never going to be happen now.

You could make it happen, you know.

Shut up!

You we’re willing to marry a fat old man, what’s wrong with this muscular hunk in front of you?

He was way better than sleeping with a fat old man but was I going to do that? Was I willing to sell myself to someone for money?

Women would pay to share a bed with him and he’s offering you a million dollars.

So what?

Think about your mother.

Ugh! The annoying voice over my shoulder was bent on convincing me.

That was the only thing stopping me from leaving. Oh God! What was I supposed to do? Could I leave knowing I could save my family but I didn’t?

“ I didn’t make her sign anything. Okay, but if this happens again you know what I’ll do. Yeah, ....”

“I’ll do it.” Mr. Rafael stopped talking to listen to me.

“What did you say?” He asked, his attention zeroing on me.

“I’ll do it. I’ll do whatever’s you say. Just don’t fire me.” I said again.

“I’ll talk to you later, Parker.” He hung up and placed the phone back in his pocket. Coming near me he touched my face and made me look at him.

“Are you sure?” Where did this gentleness come from? Now that scared me.

I paused before speaking. “I’m sure.” Not really. But telling him that wasn’t an option.

“Moments ago you were so apprehensive about this. What made you change your mind?”

The one million dollars that you’re going to pay me. This would be the genuine answer but I’d never tell him that.

“I have my reasons. I’ll do whatever you ask of me if you still want me.” I prayed that he hadn’t changed his mind. I didn’t know what I’d do if I lost this opportunity.

Mom. My sister. My college education. Everything would be over.

He stayed silent searching for the answers to his questions in my eyes. I put on a brave face not letting him see what weight I was carrying. When he didn’t answer I felt the hope I had been feeling die.

I lost this chance too. I thought dejectedly.

“I want you, Sienna.”

“Really?” My mood instantly lit up. I hoped I wasn’t dreaming. Did he really want me?

“Yes.” Oops. Did I say that aloud? I saw the way Rafael’s eyes sparkled. It told me he wanted me just as much as I did if not more.

“Thank you.......Master.”

• • •

So finally Sienna got to know what her job is. Although it’s not clear in this chapter you’ll get to know in the upcoming chapters. So stay tuned.

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