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The sense of victory and the smug look of satisfaction on Rafael’s face was annoying now more than ever. After I had agreed to be a part of his whateveritwascalled, he’d asked me to follow him to his home office. Like any other office it was filed with files and documents. A laptop sat at the middle of his desk. Rafael took his seat on the single swivel chair and asked me to take one on the opposite side.

I gazed around the office finding nothing but plain walls. No paintings, no flowers. One more thing that I found strange was, everything was too neat and proper. The papers were arranged in a perfect pile and the files lay neatly on the shelf. Not a single thing looked out of place.

There was not even a speck of dust or a smudge or a scratch anywhere. It was so neat that it was actually giving me odd feelings. It made me feel like I would mess up everything by my mere presence.

“Let me tell you what a wonderful decision you’ve taken by agreeing to me. I’m very pleased to have you, Sienna.” He began. Of course he was pleased.

Look at that cocky smile on his face.

I wanted to hit that face to wipe off that smug look and at the same time I wanted to kiss the hell out of him so that I could bite his lips.

“What if I hadn’t agreed to this?” I countered back.

“I’d make sure you didn’t.” He smiled cockily.

So he was not only strict but also arrogant.

“How exactly would you do that?” I asked curiously.

“Trust me, no one has ever been able to refuse me, ever.”

“I’m different. I’m not fazed by you.” I said not wanting to give him the satisfaction. But who was I kidding? I was instantly drawn to him the moment I saw him for the first time.

“You keep biting your lips because I make you nervous. You’re crossing your legs and tapping your feet because you’re turned on by me. I bet you’re wet right now in between your legs. That’s just a couple of things that tell me you want to do this job.” I stared at him with my mouth open.

He did not just say that!

What was even more embarrassing was he was right about me. I was turned on by him and I hadn’t talked to him for twenty minutes now.

“I’m not wet.” I said out loud but immediately regretted it. He smiled at my direction. It was an evil smile.

“Should I find out then?”

Okay, time to change the topic.

“What exactly do I have to do?” That should’ve been my first question but apparently it just popped up in my mind now.

“It’s really simple. All you have to do is please me.” I arched my eyebrows on instinct.


“I’m going to brief you about the things you’ll be doing for me. All you have to do is obey me and the rules.” He said like it was so simple. Not for me though.

“And what if I don’t obey you?” The word stuck to me like a thorn. I had never imagined myself to live as per a man’s wishes. I was a free human and nothing could rule over me. But things were about to change.

“If you shall, there’ll be consequences..... punishments. Have you ever experienced this lifestyle before? Have you been a slave or a submissive to some man....... or a woman?”


“Good. I like to train new people.” He smiled pleased by the fact.

“So I just have to say pleasing stuff to you? That’s all?” Who was I kidding? I had just agreed to be Rafael’s slave. I knew exactly what that meant. I had consensually traded myself to him for money.

“Here’s a list of a few things that you’ll do. This isn’t all but you’ll know as the days pass.” He handed me and file.

It started with a list of things I had to do:

1) The slave shall wake up every morning before the Master and help him get ready for work.

2) The slave shall make all meals for the Master unless otherwise commanded by the Master.

3) The slave shall let her Master have full control over herself.

4) The slave shall never look her Master in the eyes.

5) The slave shall wear only the clothes her Master tells her to wear.

6) The slave shall talk to people only if her Master permits.

7) The slave shall put her Master’s needs before hers.

8) The slave shall live with Master for the full duration of their contract.

9) The slave shall not do anything against the Master’s wishes.

10) The slave shall always be subordinate to her Master. She will never have a place at par to her Master.

“These are my ten commandments. If you do anything against them I’ll have to punish you and you will take it like a good slave.”

“What kind of punishment?” I asked actually dreading what he might say.

“Something that’ll help you to remember never to displease me.” I didn’t understand what he meant by the vague answer. Let’s just hope I don’t mess up.


“You’ll call me only Master, Sienna. You shouldn’t keep forgetting that.”

“I haven’t agreed to be your slave.” He smiled cockily like it was some sort of a challenge for him.

“Not yet. But I know you will.” His posture exuded confidence like he knew I’d never refuse.

At that moment something pounced on me that looked like a ball of fur. I jumped from my seat in horror.

“Peaches, calm down. Come here.” The white hairy animal jumped to its owner and made its place on Rafael’s lap. He petted the head almost gently.

The cat gave me a look that told me:

He’s my man, bïtch! Stay away.

Alright, alright!

“Sienna, this is Peaches. You’ll be taking care of her while I’m off to work.”

“Hell no, I hate cats.” Rafael’s eyes narrowed at me like I had just committed a crime.

“Yes, you will. She’s harmless. You don’t have to be frightened. Come here and touch her.” My eyes widened.

“No, I don’t like cats. I’m scared of them.”

“I won’t repeat myself. You haven’t started being my slave yet and you’re already denying my commands.”


I took hesitant steps towards the little kitten. She was a pure white hairy animal. Her eyes bright green and innocent but it was still scary to me. I crouched near Rafael’s lap because that’s where she was sitting. Bringing my hand towards her head I gently patted her. She nuzzled onto my touch and I pulled my hand away afraid that she might bite my fingers.

“See, I told you. Peaches is harmless.”

I didn’t think so. The way she looked at me like she was a possessive cat of her owner was something that I’d never forget. What else did I have to put up with in order to get the money?

He pulled out one of the drawers and fetched a file from it. It was black in color. Placing it in front of me he gestured me to take it.

“What’s it?”

“It’s a non-disclosure agreement. I hope you know that you can’t speak anything about our meeting to any outsiders.” I nodded. Signing the papers I gave them back.

However the most important part was still unsigned.

The slave contract.

“You’ll stay here, with me, for the coming months so bring your stuff here and keep it minimal.”

“Stay here? I can’t stay here. I have a job and ...”

“Quit it. I’m paying you more than what you’ll earn in the whole year. I want you to be completely focused on our contract.” His stern voice left me with nothing to argue. Leaving the job didn’t seem that much of a trouble. I kind of already knew that it would happen.

“When can I begin?” The sooner I could begin the faster I’d get the payment. Dr. Clark had suggested conducting the surgery anytime within next week. I didn’t want to delay it anymore.

“It’s Friday, today. You can take the weekend getting to know your duties and moving in your stuff. From Monday, you’ll officially be my slave.”

• • •

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