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The first thing I did on the weekend was quit my job. Moving about in the plush hotel without my maid’s uniform was a bit awkward. It had been nearly three years since I worked here. This place had been growing on me and I knew I’d miss it once I quite.

I knocked on the door of my boss aka the manager, Francis.

“Si, come in. Have a seat.” Frans and me shared a friendly bond though he was my boss. We were on first name basis for the past two years and it was safe to say we had established a good friendship.

“You sounded very upset on my call that day. Is everything fine now?” He already knew about my mom and cared too. I told him everything about Mom’s upcoming surgery leaving out the details about my new job.

“You know I’m here if you need me, right?”

“Of course. Actually, I need your help.”

He listened to me with a thoughtful expression on his face. I inhaled deeply. It was difficult than I thought it would be to quit. This place had helped me survive through my toughest times. I still remembered how Frans and all other friends I had made here were there to support me through my tough times.

In one breath I spoke out.

“I quit.” There I said it! I didn’t want to quit. But did I have any other choice? What the hotel paid me was nothing compared to what Rafael offered me.

“I’m sorry, did I just hear you say you quit?” Frans asked me making a dramatic face.

“That’s exactly what I said. I’m leaving this job.”

“No you aren’t. What the hell, Sienna?” I knew he was angry when he called me by my full name instead of Si.

“I know this is announced but I can’t work here anymore. I’ve already got a new job and it pays much more than I could make here. I have to go, Frans.” He came by my side with a frown between his brows. The need in my voice must’ve given away how desperate I was for money.

“I can’t stop you, Si. But you know I’ll always be there for you, right?”

That was the friend I liked. His supporting nature was what made him one of my closest friend. Not to mention how selective I am in making friends.

“That means a lot to me, Frans. Really, thank you so much for understanding.”

“Come here, you silly girl.” He spread his arms open for me and pulled me into a bear hug.

“I’m going to miss you...miss having you around.” He said.

“Me too.”

We stayed like that for the longest time as if it were the last time we’d meet. I tried to pull away but Frans wouldn’t let go. He was clutching me tightly in his arms.

“Frans..” I said his name hoping he’d understand how awkward it was starting to become. In response he held me tighter.

“I have to go.” I reminded.

Slowly he pulled away but didn’t let me go completely. The way he was looking at me was so different than what I was used to. He was a colleague, a friend. I even considered him as a family.

I’d never expected what he did next.

One moment he was holding me within his arms and the next one his lips were on mine.

I pulled myself away in shock.

“What the hell, Frans?” He looked at me with widened eyes like he couldn’t believe that he just kissed me.

“I’m sorry, Si. Shit, I’m so stupid.” He slapped his head like he was pissed at himself. I figured the matter was something else. I had never seen him so restless before. Before I could ask him anything he confessed it himself.

“It’s probably the wrong time, Si. But I guess I have nothing to lose now. I have to tell you that I love you.”

My breathing stopped at the L bomb he just dropped.

Oh my F!

Surely I wasn’t just imagining things, right? He couldn’t have said that to me, right? There was a solemn expression on his face testifying the truth in his words. My boss, my friend loved me. As if love wasn’t already scary!

“You love me?” It wasn’t possible. I always considered him as my friend. A close family. Sure there was love but not the romantic kind.

“I’ve been in love with you for the longest time I’ve known. I just didn’t know how to say it to you. When you said you were leaving I thought it was my last chance to let you know how I feel. I had nothing to lose.” How do you reply to that? He was a good guy and any girl would be lucky to have him. But that wasn’t me.

“Frans, I appreciate and respect your feelings. But I’m so sorry, I can’t return your feelings.” The hope in his eyes shattered like glass on floor. I hated to have this conversation.

It was Frans we were talking about. All these years I had no clue about his feelings.


“That’s fine. You don’t have to be sorry.” He replaced the hurt look with a smile. Oh Frans!

“Are you fine?” He was still my friend and I didn’t want to hurt him more than I already did.

“Definitely. And, Oh! I accept your resignation, Sienna. I’ll clear the procedure by Monday.”

“Okay, that’ll be good.” I lingered for a few seconds more before turning to leave. I knew our friendship was already over. I felt it and I hated it. Maybe I lost more than just the place I loved.

Why did love have to happen at the most stupid times?

“Si.” I heard my name. Turning back I saw Frans lean on the table.

“We’re still friends, right?”

“Of course, Frans.”


I enjoyed the last couple of days of my freedom before I submitted myself to my Master.

Calling Rafael, Master didn’t seem that bad. I was a little nervous and a little excited to begin.

The next day I packed my stuff from my home in just one suitcase because Rafael told... because Master had ordered me to bring just the essentials. When Em asked where I was going I had to lie because saying the truth wasn’t an option. So I went with the next best option. I told her I had gotten a job as a full time housekeeper. I just hoped that one day I’d be able to tell her the truth and she won’t judge me for it.

“Really? Do you really have to stay there? First mom and now you are leaving too?” She asked sadly making a pout.

“I don’t want to leave but it’s not my choice, Em. I’d never leave you alone if this job wasn’t important. You know we have to keep up with the bills, right?” She nodded still dejectedly. I felt like shit lying to her face. But then again it wasn’t a complete lie.

“Whom are you working for?” She inquired stuffing pop corn in her mouth. I stole a handful from her and shoved them in my mouth.

“Just some rich guy.” I answered not wanting to elaborate.

Later on, a car pulled up outside our apartment complex. It was a sleek black Mercedes SUV. The person stepped out of the driver’s seat and walked towards me.

“Ms. Lake, I’m Kurt Robbin. Mr. Rafael has instructed me to escort you to his penthouse.” I handed over my suitcase to Kurt and he led me inside the car.

Kurt was an older man probably in his fifties. But you couldn’t guess his age by his well built physique and sharp features. He had an average height and clean shaven face. His graying hair was a clear indication of his age though. He didn’t bother to say a word to me for the rest of the journey so I kept my mouth shut too.

We reached the same place I came yesterday. Somehow the place looked different than it did yesterday. The gates opened and the car pulled up outside a huge Villa. It was a state of the art place. Nice greenery spread across the Villa. Tucked away in the corners of this city it was a dream home for any person. As rich as Rafael was I didn’t expect any less from a man like him. Of course, I had been here two days ago but now I was practically living here and it seemed much more intimidating.

I followed Kurt who held the luggage as he led me through the open doors.

Rafael was pacing the floor with a ear piece attached to his body and barking commands to the other person. When he saw me approaching his eyes lingered on me for a bit too long before he killed the call and dismissed Kurt with a Thank you.

“Welcome, Sienna. That’s still a lot of luggage you brought here but it’s fine. First thing I’ll be doing today is take you shopping.”

“Okay.” I loved shopping. What girl didn’t?

He raised his eyebrows at me. I didn’t understand so I did the same.

“Okay what?” Ugh! Him and his atrocious demands.

“Okay, Master.”

“It seems you’re forgetting your manners. Cast your eyes down, Sienna. You’ll never look me in the eye.” I immediately looked down. Wasn’t eye contact important in a sound communication? Though I doubt we’ll be communicating at all. It was going to be him ordering me around like his slave.

I was his slave.

“I’ll show you to your room.” He took my hand and led me in. The touch of his hand was electrifying. Warm hands held my hand completely enclosing around mine. I couldn’t help wonder how beautiful his hands were. Long fingers laced with mine reminded me how badly I needed a manicure.

We entered a room on the left side of the stairs. As soon as the lights flicked on I had the opportunity of seeing the most amazing room I’d ever seen. The color combination was nearly same as the rest of the villa. White walls and maroon couch and mattress. It purely described class. Rafael sure did know how to keep his home. Though I doubt he designed this by himself. I’m sure he’d had experts run around from around the world.

“You’ll be staying here for the rest of your duration. There’s a closet inside, you can keep your luggage there.” I followed his instructions wordlessly.

His phone vibrated in his pocket and he answered it in front of me.

“Jessica. Yes, she’s here.” Was he talking about me? “Yes, half and hour sounds good. Thanks you.”

Half an hour later we pulled up outside various stores like Gucci, Prada and Ralph Lauren to shop clothes for me. Then we visited Lingerie stores like Carine Gilson and Victoria’s Secret. Jessica, Rafael’s personal shopper assisted me in buying clothes and other stuff. I didn’t even want to look at the price tags because I already knew they were way beyond my affordability.

Good thing Rafael was paying for them.

After we reached back home, his not mine, I took a good look at his ass as he punched in the code outside. Master had an amazing butt. I wonder if our arrangement or whatever it was called would let me slap his butt.

“Do you need something?” He abruptly turned around and probably caught me staring at his ass.

“No.” He raised his eyes at me reminding me.

“No, Master.” I wondered what was his kink behind me calling him Master. Whatever it was I’d get to know soon.

“You can relax for the day. I’ll be in my office.” He dismissed himself marching towards his equally pristine office.

For the rest of the day I unpacked and set up my wardrobe.

There was a knock on the door and I saw Rafael barge in through.

“I see you’ve unpacked.” He looked around as if finding something to point out.

“Yes Master.”

“Good girl.” He stepped closer to me. I took a step back out of instinct.

Wordlessly he came closer until there was no space between us. Master looked at me like he wanted to eat me. His gaze was searching me from every corner to see what part of me he wanted to devour. Strangely enough, I didn’t mind if he did.

With his towering height I could only look up at him. When he brought his fingers to touch my lips I inhaled a sharp breath. He thumbed my lips dragging it along the surface. Master’s deep grey eyes were dilated looking into mine, intimidating me further.

“What’s the day, today?” He asked. I momentarily forget what he was asking.

“Monday. Today’s Monday.”

“You know what that means?” I nodded a no.

He stepped a couple of feet away letting me finally breathe.

“Sienna, its the day you’re going to sign the contract.” He drew up a file from behind him and held in one hand. I didn’t even notice when he brought that here.

Master offered me a pen and the file.

It was a choice.

A commitment.

A trade.

I signed the blank space below my name and traded myself to Rafael.

• • •

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