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Before we begin I just want to clear that Sienna already read the contract before she signed it. Rafael already gave the contract for her to read and understand during the weekend. So yes, she knows what she’s getting into.

•••Warning: Sexual content. Henceforth no such warning will be provided.

Readers are advised to proceed with this book if you’re 18 + and are fine with the dark theme of the book.


I woke up the next morning with cold water splashed on my face.

“What the fück?” I got up in horror. I saw a leaning figure of Rafael. He had the nerve to look pissed.

“Language, Sienna.” He scolded. I wanted to punch his perfectly sculpted face but I also wanted my money.

“That’s not a way to wake someone up.” I argued. My heart was still beating so fast. For a moment I thought I was in a tsunami or something like that.

“What. Is. Rule Number. One?” He asked through gritted teeth. I recalled that list of his ten so called commandments.

1) The slave shall wake up every morning before the Master and make him breakfast.

2) The slave shall help Master get ready for work.

Master was already dressed in his work attire except the suit jacket that was hanging over his arm. I noticed he was wearing an all black vest and pants over a crisp white shirt. The bulging arms beneath his shirt were clearly visible now that they weren’t covered with his jacket.

I was totally checking him out but he didn’t seemed impressed with me.

Images of wild, hot, sheet clawing sex came in my mind. I shifted on my legs transferring my weight from one leg to another. The tingling I felt between my legs made me flush red.

I wasn’t even touched by him and I was already so aroused!

I took steps towards my Master. The kitty at his feet glared at me. In a matter of few seconds I was thrown over his lap. I was shocked and panicked at the same time.

“What are you doing?” I felt Master pull up my skirt exposing my bum. The cool air touched my skin making me aware of how less my white thong covered my female parts.

“Every time you break your commandments you get punishment.”

“I.....Oh my God!!” My skin burned with the harsh contact of Master’s palm on my butt.

The next one was even harder than the first one. Warmth spread through my skin at the contact.

I got spanked two more times after that. I nearly creamed my panties with the pain of being spanked.

You’re such a slut!

“One more.” It wasn’t a question but a statement yet I responded.

“Yes please.” The moment the words left my mouth I was rewarded with another slap on my bum.

Master let his fingers linger a bit longer on my butt caressing my sore flesh.

“Another?” I didn’t reply. I was too shy to beg for another. This was so unlike me. Never in my life did I think I’d get spanked like that and enjoy it.

Master gave it to me nonetheless.

Then he made me stand up straight and fixed my clothes and brushed a loving hand over my messy hair.

Ha, Love!

Keep dreaming!

“We’ll talk when I return from office in the evening.” He inched closer to me and whispered the next words in my ear.

“Wear the red one for me.” I knew what exactly he was telling me to wear. Master wanted me to wear the red lingerie he bought for me. Just thinking about him seeing me in red made shivers run down my spine.

Master brought his lips down on mine kissing me with so much passion that I couldn’t help but kiss him back.. The kiss was unexpected but was the most mind blowing kiss of my life.

I was such a greedy bïtch!

Can you blame me? He was insanely hot and good looking. I’d be a fool if I didn’t want him. And he was paying me for this.

If I thought positively I was damn lucky.

“Take care of Peaches. She doesn’t like being ignored.” He said before leaving. I watched him leave and saw again how amazing his ass was.


I had taken the liberty to make myself handy with Master’s amazing kitchen. It took me a while to find all the items but I managed it. The kitty followed me wherever I went scaring the crap out of me a couple of times.

“Are you trying to kill me, you devil?” I said pointing to her. She looked at me innocently that almost melted my heart.

The pearly white and fury ball rolled at my feet rubbing her tail on my feet.

“Okay, okay, you’re not a devil.”

I picked out fresh veggies from the refrigerator and made myself some healthy vegetable salad.

The villa was a world in itself with a theater room, pool games room and a library, more number of bedroom than he required and much more. Out of curiosity I entered the huge library. Master mostly had business and economics books. I doubt he had any fiction books. There was a comfortable armchair in the corner. I placed my ass on the soft seat gazing at the sky. How often did one get to watch the scenery by sitting in a place like this? Master’s home was too big for a single man like him and I doubt he spent most of his time being cozy on the couch and eating leftover pizza. For a mogul like him, his business and office was his world.

The only numbers that men like Rafael González cared about were those on the stock exchange.

Suddenly an idea popped up in my mind.

I pulled out my phone and did a quick search on Rafael González.

Numerous links popped up. I randomly clicked on one of them and an image loaded on the screen of Master in his black suit. There was an earpiece attached to his ear. Probably it was a picture taken during a speech. His eyes were far gazing and so deep like he was really into whatever he was saying. The commanding nature of Master was clearly visible by the way he held himself in front of the audience. His hands were rested on the edge of he podium dominating the crowd. I bet he would be addressing a crowd of a thousand people and was unfazed by their gazes. Men like him we’re made to rule.

I also learnt that Rafael was the Chief Executive Officer in González Incorporations founded by his father, Mr. Santiago González who was the owner of the company for the past three decades. There was another photo of Master with his father. Both men shared the some spectacular genes but weren’t alike. I searched for his mother to see if he looked like her. There were hardly any photos of Lucian González but from the one I found I could confirm that Master was a photocopy of his mother. There wasn’t much available about his mother but that could be due to want of keeping their personal lives private.

Rafael was a born genius. He made his first computer at the age of fourteen. He also aced in his highschool and college sports.

He was quoted saying, ‘All my success and accomplishments would’ve been nothing if this man had not motivated me to have them. I aspire to be like him one day and when I do that it’ll be the greatest achievement of my life.’ at an award ceremony in favor of him. His father looked proud to have his son aspiring to be like him.

So Master was a family oriented person. In my opinion that made him hundred times more hotter.

After some more related research when my eyes started aching I shut down my phone and fell asleep on the couch itself.

When I woke up it was six p.m. already. I jolted up in horror. Master said he wanted me to be ready before he arrived. I didn’t know what time he’d come back but most offices closed at six so I ran to my room to get ready. I showered well and washed my hair. After blow drying it I opened my brand new range of cosmetics and make-up. There were so many that I got confused what to use and what not. Finally I decided to apply just a little of it mainly focusing on my lips and eyes.

I was still in my towel when it was seven p.m. There was no sign of Master returning.

Taking the extra time as an incentive I entered the big ass walk-in closet. All my recent shoppings hung nicely.

Wear the red one for me. Master had said.

I went for the red lingerie underneath a red hot dress with killer heels. My lips were painted bright red and my hair was left open. Something about the way I looked made me think of myself as a stripper or a slut with the fück me look on her face. I might as well be waiting for Master to come fück me in the toilet of a college party.

I had prepared chicken Caesar salad and taco for dinner. I just hoped Master liked what I made. Being my first day, I wanted for him to have a good impression of me. Of course, the incident of the morning was a reminder to me to be a good slave.

The sound of rattling of the door knob made me aware of someone’s arrival. I immediately rushed to receive Master as the kitten followed me and went to her owners feet.

“I see you’re in red.” Master commented. There was a hint of amusement in his voice. It was safe to say he was pleased with what he saw.

“I’ve made the dinner, Master.”

“Good.” He left to freshen up. I was already feeling so giddy within me.

Master returned from the shower smelling so good like mountain dew. I noticed how his white shirt showed more of muscles. My mouth watered at the sight.

Get a grip, Si!

I really needed to tone down my horny mind.

“What are you thinking?” He asked coming near me. His strides were intimidating like those of a lion moving towards his prey. In this case it was me.

“Nothing, Master.” I replied.

“Nothing? Then why is your breathing uneven?” Clearly he had noticed how I was practically melting. Nothing ever left unnoticed by him. Rafael was very observant. When I didn’t answer he didn’t push much. Instead he came to stand behind me and spoke in my ear.

“The dinner looks delicious.” He said. I turned slightly towards him to see him eye my body. “I can’t wait to taste it.”

The rasp in his voice clearly told me he wasn’t talking about food. I let myself feel the soft touch of his fingers on my collar bone.

Master did an amazing job of stripping me off my dress in one motion. I tried to reach for my bra but he held my hand.

“That’s my job. Only I have the right to take off your clothes.” I nodded even though he had never asked me.

I tried to see myself from his view. How must’ve I looked before him in my red lingerie and killer heels?

Master’s eyes raked me from top to bottom taking me in. I never felt so ashamed and so self conscious of myself.

He didn’t proceed to do anything. I was growing nervous by the time. I looked at Master to find him standing still.

Did he think I wasn’t worth what he was paying me?

Oh shut up! You’re priceless!

Rafael’s lucky to have you.

“What happened? Why did you stop?” I asked nervously.

“Don’t ask me questions.” He silenced me. I was growing confused with each passing second. I was almost sure he was going to ask me to leave when .....

In one motion my bra was off. I didn’t even have time to reach for myself.

My first instinct was to cover myself. He didn’t touch me but just made a sign that was enough to tell me to take off my hands.

“Take off your panties.” I didn’t need to be told twice.

Wanting to make fun of it I deliberately bent in front of him. My face was almost touching his crotch. He didn’t move an inch. Any other guy would’ve jumped at the chance to fück me but this was Master we we’re talking about. He was a man fully in contract of his emotions. Taking command of the situation was his nature. His facial expression told me he was unaffected. However, the bulge in his pants never lied.

I pushed my panties down and stood before him completely naked.

“You’re a naughty little girl, Sienna.” He commented.

“Oops, am I?” I smiled. I knew he wasn’t angry. He was watching me with amusement in his eyes. It was a good thing he found my behavior amusing.

I knew it was my instinct to attempt at joking whenever I was nervous.

I hope he didn’t see how damn nervous I was.

Master made me turn around and applied a little pressure on my back forcing me to bend over the couch.

I heard the sound of zipper pulling down and got all the more nervous. The pressure of being bent over, exposed and vulnerable before him plus not being able to see him was frightening yet exciting.

Master’s hands crept up back creating a tingling sensation all over my southern region. He was deliberately prolonging this. He could see how nervous I was yet he was enjoying this.

“You have a very good body, Sienna. I like your skin. It’s very smooth.” Just to emphasize how smooth it was he brought his hands to my front running the fingers along my sex. I swallowed a gulp. Good thing I had shaved.

When he ran his fingers over my slit I could feel the wetness pooling around it. Master’s hands skillfully massaged my labia spreading it open. My nipples hardened to the point it was painful.

Master didn’t make any hurry with his fingers. His slow teasing motion with the fingers made me all the more aware of how empty I felt and how I wanted him to fill the void in me.

“Do you know why I asked you to turn around?”

“No, Master.”

“When you are not facing me you have no idea what I’ll do to you next. This way I can get full control of your body and mind. This is your way of telling me that you trust me and have faith in me to let me have command over your body.”

I gasped when Master thrust one finger in me. It was slightly painful but I was wet enough to not feel a burn. He massaged my inner walls making me weak in my knees. A sound that resembled a moan left my mouth. Of course it wasn’t as graceful. It was followed by another finger.

The discomfort made me hiss out but I couldn’t deny the pleasurable feeling of his hands.

“Lesson number one. You have to submit to my wills and trust me with everything you have. Everything, Sienna. Your mind and body should be for my pleasure.”

He pulled his fingers back and bent down to kiss my neck. His lips lingered a little longer on my shoulder blades trailing a wet path upto my waist.

Then all the heat from his body disappeared. I didn’t turn back to see what happened.

A ripping sound was followed soon. I knew exactly what it was. The ball of nerves in my belly fluttered crazy.

I felt the heat of his body back on me and Master’s fingers on my hip.

“I’ve wanted to fück you since the day I saw you, Sienna. You were made to be fücked by me.” He growled possessively wrapping an around my waist. I felt the hard tip of his penis nudged my entrance.

Without a warning he thrust his hips in my direction. My breath left out of me in a rush. A scream of pain left my mouth but I quickly muffled it by pressing my hand on my mouth. Master had completely filled me with his thick length stretching me to the fullest.

“Christ! You’re tight. How long since you last had sex?” He let out a groan of discomfort. My tight walls had squeezed down on him. I felt it and he did too.

I stayed quiet because it was better than saying never, right?


“Answer me.” He commanded. Master remained unmoving. My toes had curled themselves in both pain and pleasure. I had even forgotten to breathe. I was afraid I’d pass out.

“I’ve never had sex.”

All the fullness of him was lost the moment I uttered those words. My breath left me in a rush when I said that.

I knew this would happen.

I straightened myself but winced with pain.

“Don’t.” He stopped me from turning back. Without a warning he came in front of me and picked me up in his arms. Out of instinct I wrapped my arms around his neck. Master carried me through the hall to my room.

Laying me flat on the bed I saw him shredding all of his clothes. I took the time and opportunity to see how gorgeous his body was. He was truly gifted in his physique and everything about him was so manly. I shied away when my eyes fell upon his man parts.

Blush crept up my cheeks and ears. Of course there was a spot of blood on the tip. With a girth like that no wonder it hurt like bïtch.

Master joined me on the bed taking my hands in his. It was almost a gentle touch like that of a lover.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” I expected him to be angry but he sounded far from it.

“I thought you’d fire me if you knew I was an inexperienced virgin.” I said the truth.

“You’re damn right I would. You think I’d never find out?” He sounded angry this time. I gulped nervously.

“Are you going to fire me now?” I asked afraid I had screwed up.

“I’m going to make love to you, Sienna. I’m going to make your first time special.” The intensity of his words made me shivers with excitement.

God! He sounded so sexy and so passionate about making love to me.

“Lay down on your back.” I did as told. “You need to loosen up your body or else it will hurt.” I relaxed as his fingers rubbed against my sensitive nipples. He bent down to take one of those in his mouth. I moaned softly at the feeling of his tongue flickering against my soft flesh. He paid the same attention to my other nipples.

We kissed passionately with him dominating my tongue fücking my mouth. I felt his hard erection poking against my stomach demanding attention. I didn’t move an inch simply laid down enjoying the sweet pleasure from his mouth all over my body.

Master sat near my legs spreading them apart.

“You’re ready?” I nodded. Master brought his cöck to my entrance and stroked himself over my wet folds. I had never felt so empty and so desperate to be filled by him.

Gently he spread me with his length and entered me. The pain was there but nothing I couldn’t handle. He went in all the way until there was no room for more. He groaned as I squeezed hard on him. I did it again and he cursed.

Master began rocking himself gently inside me slowly speeding up. The pain was slowly morphing into newfound pleasure. I moaned and shut my eyes. Who knew gat a man so powerful was capable of displaying affection and care.

I opened my eyes when I felt Master kiss my lips. I kissed him back and wrapped my arms around him drawing him closer.

Master fücked me with the expertise of a man who had bedded many women. He knew exactly where my pleasure points were. He hit a spot in me that made my knees quiver.

“Rafael!” I screamed as the wave of pleasure consumed me. I didn’t care that I called him by his first name instead of Master. I don’t think he cared either.

“You’re so tight. Your püssy blooms only for me, Sienna. You are so good.” He hit in me a few more times before groaning out his release. We both were left panting except that I couldn’t move an inch.

Undoubtedly it was the most pleasurable feeling that I experienced for the first time. I won’t lie. I had tried masturbating before. Key word:tried. It didn’t work. I got frustrated and gave up pleasuring myself altogether. The only time I had free was when I came home to sleep. I wasn’t going to spend my precious time in discovering my pleasure spots for two minutes of heaven.

But now I felt as if it was worth it. The excitement, ecstacy and pleasure was worth the effort. I was glad that it was going to come to me for the rest of our duration.

Master left the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. I was still catching up on my breath. A few minutes passed before I heard the bathroom door open.

Master was dressed back into his clothes while I was still lying on the bed naked and sore.

I wasn’t expecting him to pick me up in his arms and carry me to the bath tub. There was small tub in the middle of the bathroom. It was already filled with water and bathing oils. I winced when the hot water made contact with my skin.

“The hot water will help to soothe your sore body. You can soak up till you want.” He said now looking completely different from the man who just gave me the most passionate and the only orgasm of my life.

Gone was the passionate and gentle man feathering kisses over my lips as he guided himself in me.

Were you expecting him to feed you in bed?

No, of course not! Though the idea was really fascinating.

I was left alone in my fantasies until the waters cooled down. I drained the bath and looked around for a towel. It was a plain sky blue one that was soft to touch. When I entered the room again I found the sheets of my bed replaced.

Master was standing at the edge of my bed.

I clutched the towel tighter around myself when he gave me a come here look.

“You were amazing.”

“I was terribly inexperienced. I’m sorry if you thought I wasn’t your money’s worth.”

“Shut up!” I looked at him confused. He was silently growling at me.

“I’m your master and only I get to decide what you’re worth. Do you understand that?” I nodded in the most submissive way I knew.

“Why did you never have sex before? Is it kind of a thing where you were saving yourself for marriage or something like that?”

“Would it bother you if I were?” I questioned back.

“I only care if you regret it now.”

“No, I wasn’t saving myself for marriage. I’m completely open to the idea of premarital sex. Its just that I have been busy with working extra hours and taking care of my mom and sister that I never gave it a thought.” It was true. After I graduated from high school I had to drop out from college in one month due to my Dad’s sickness and then followed by my mom’s. There was just shit load of responsibilities on me to be careless.

There was always a fear in my mind that I’d end up getting pregnant.

No sex meant no pregnancy, right?

Rafael would make a hot baby daddy though.

I shook the weird thought away.

“What’s wrong with your mother?” Normally I’d never share the intimate details of my life with anyone. But the way he asked me like he was genuinely interested in knowing me made me tell him.

“My mom has bond cancer. She’s getting a surgery done in two days.” A thoughtful expression crossed his face.

“I wish her a speedy recovery. Just tell me if you need some help.”

“Thank you.” He had already helped me by hiring me.

“Are you fine?”

“Why won’t I be?”

“Don’t answer my question with another question. I saw you limping when you walked out from the bathroom.” Heat spread through my face at the mention of the fact. Losing my virginity to a guy who was so much more experienced than me was something that I never imagined.

Not to mention how hot he was!

I still remembered the way he stroked himself inside me.

I was so dicked!

I remembered he was still waiting for my answer.

“I’m okay. The bath really helped. Thank you for taking care of me.”

“I’ll always take care of you.”

A small smile spread on his lips and he left to give me some privacy.

Before I knew it the exhaustion and the soreness took over me.

• • •

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