Dangrous Attractions

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Book 2 Vittorio Basilischi is a monster he shows no remorse he can’t feel pain due a traumatic past that he blocked out years ago. He is cold his red eyes will burn through your soul. He was choosing for arranged marriage. Bella is twenty she had a crush on Vittorio since she was 14 why she jumped to marry him. How will Vittorio deal with all the emotions he starts to feel when he gets attached to Bella? How will she deal with his cold mood swings and his cheating and killing can she the handle the monster he is? How far will Vittorio go for Bella? “Why should I apologize for the monster I’ve become? No one ever apologized for making me this way!” “I feel in love with the devil himself his dark soul won me over. I am consumed by him.” There is a war coming Vittorio and Massimo way. Will Bella help Vittorio feel again? Can Vittorio find it in his cold heart to help Bella heal? This book is somewhat about the twins but will mainly focus on Vittorio his and Bella story is complicated. Massimo and his love interest will her their own story will part 2 Dangerous Attractions. This book may have trigger warning ⚠️ 18+ very graphic. BDSM that may trigger some readers. This book has a lot of violence in it may trigger readers. Enjoy! This is based on some true events of the Maifa and how the women are with them. Please keep that in mind when reading thank you

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Chapter One

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I roll the gold bullet around on the table, and I am looking at the poor shit of an excuse of a man, he owes me his daughter. This arrangement was made over a year ago, I never wanted a wife or kids. My dad said this was for the best, I trust him, and I really don’t understand love, not sure I will ever understand it. I was promised Bella, an eighteen -year-old pure woman, and Jones wants to break our contract. I can’t allow that to happen, Bella had a choice between me and my brother Massimo, and She picked me. I knew she was fascinated with me since she was fourteen -years old. I knew Bella would want me to be her husband, I am somewhat pleased. Jones, this fucker better have her here before I put a bullet in his head. I wouldn’t mind because his face is fucking annoying me. How many times is he going to lick his nasty chap lips? I play with the bullet with a smile; it’s sardonically.

“Jones, do you have my fiancé? We gave you over a year.” My voice carries “Bella was more than happy to be my wife. I don’t want any bullshit excuse.” I give him a sly smile.

“I am aware that we made a deal I have been doing some thinking, maybe she is better suited for Massimo. You are the devil; you will hurt her.” He says with a harsh tone. I laugh. “Well, you are not a kind man we both know it.” Again, he says with an aggressive voice.

“He is not available, and he doesn’t like the idea of having a wife picked for him.” I slam my fist on the table, causing him to flinch. “Watch the way you speak to me old man do not fucking test me.” I slam my fist again as I shout in his face.

Jones is what you call a weak pathetic Mafia man who ran to my dad for help, because he can’t man up. Jones did run a great Mafia that was almost as big as Papa Enzo’s; he was part of the big five until his younger brother Jacob got greedy started selling women and giving his family a bad name, he has Jones terrified so yes, this marriage well protect him and his kids, wife. What kind of man can’t protect his own damn family? Now he is playing games with me. Who the fuck does he think he is? I don’t have patience for this old fools’ games. I am a fucking man who wants Bella she will be mine to do with as I please, she will be my whore, he will bow down to me and lick my shoe if I ask.

“Jones, you know I am not a man like my father, and I have zero emotions most would say I am a sociopath. But I don’t fucking hit or rape women. I only kill them when they are a threat to my family. We have a deal so get her fucking here now!” I slam my hands on the table as I shout at him with rage.

The poor fool has wrinkled up face for his age, lips are chapped he keeps licking them; that alone makes me want to kill him. I grow impatient, waiting for the dumb ass to talk. I slam my hands on the table again, causing him to look at me. He is not a nice man; we know what he has done just as bad of the rest of us. His brother is just a greedy fucker who will get a bullet soon enough. Jones has no right to judge me or sit here, and talk to me the way he is doing, and I don’t tolerate that shit. He is lucky he has been alive if he has, most would have been dead by now with the tone he used with me more than once.

“Do you think I am a fair man like my father?” I say with a big smile showing my teeth. Don’t take too long, I need you to answer me.” I say with a big smile.

This fucker is testing my patience he is not a man of his word, is he? When I ask a damn question, I require him to answer me. I give him a cold stare my eyes burn into his fucking ugly soul; I grab him by the collar.

“Answer me when I ask you a damn question!” I shout in his face as I load the bullet in my Ruger revolver .45 real gold with real cut diamonds.

He shakes his head over and over. “N-no I… think you are dangerous and will hurt anyone who gets in your way.” He has a shaky voice. “Please.” He says pleading with me. I just smile.

“Get her here now. I want what is mine, I will take you all down and take her anyways, making her my whore.” I laugh as I say those words with venom. “Come on make the call.” I say with anger.

have my Consigliere working on everything. He’s my advisor, like a lawyer. My best friend Andy, I knew him since kindergarten; we just clicked. He is the best around, we have ranks in the Mafia, my underboss is very important, the Consigliere plays a crucial role in the family. He doesn’t do hits like we do or go to war; he is great with legal matters. L is my cousin he is Uncle Luca’s son, and he is my underboss, he is loyal I can trust him he is my best friend; he understands me. I have three Caporegime; they are my right-hand men and run their crews for me and have many connections in the underground world and do the hits. Late uncle Franco’s son Blake. Victor uncle Dame’s son my best friend and, my brother. Alessandro, Antonio, Uncle Lorenzo’s boys. We run in ranks. Then I have soldiers. We stay quiet while I wait for Bella. This is my Mafia; I am setting my own rules. I fucking hate this man with a passion, I hate all people. This man, I really want to slit his throat from ear to ear, watch him bleed out with satisfaction. I see L nod letting me know they are here. I keep my gun on his head.

“Isabella, Vittorio here would like you to be with him now.” He says with a smile, and she nods licking her lips and the way she does is captivating to me and that is new, raw.

“I-I thought I would be living with him after the marriage? You said you could stop this wedding.” She says with anger. “Papa please I need more time to say bye to my friends and mom.” She is pleading with the wrong man.

“You thought wrong, Angel. Say goodbye to your dear old father. I say coldly with a chuckle.

“Be careful with him and make sure to call me so I know you are okay.” He says while hugging her tight, I smile, and I have zero empathy.

“I don’t do phones she can call you on speaker phone when I say she fucking. There will be no contact until the wedding.” I say with an aggressive voice. He gives me a look. “Get down and lick the bottom of my shoe for disrespecting me.” I smile at him with teeth again.

“W-what you want me to lick your shoe? That is absurd.” I point to the ground.

“Do it now!” I shout.

He gets down on the ground, I lift my shoe as he licks it, I chuckle at this pathetic man, he gets up with a red face, I made a fool out of him, I chuckle, I can give a fuck, and he tests my patience, tried to make a fool out of me, I won’t have that. I made him my bitch he is weak little spineless man, I laugh again. I am sick and twisted and Bella won’t have that stupid little schoolgirl crush for long when she sees just how cold I am.

“Bella, you always address me as sir, listen to me. I don’t take well to mouthy bitches.” I say with no emotion. When I am in the room with you, no matter where we are I require you to look at me, obey.”

“Y-yes, sir.” She is timid; as she looks at me, my eyes burn into her soul. I chuckle as I turn to L.

“L take her to my house. I have to take care of something in the cells before I lose all fucking control. I say as I make my way for my kill.

I know Jones is up to something he is a fool to think I would ever trust him he will never have any say with the family, and I now own Bella, the child we have will be my heir not his. Jones is a damn moron. I make my way to the room. I see the fucker who got a loan from us five months ago was supposed to pay last week, didn’t have the money, he was too busy going out and raping young girls. So, I will do the world a favor, no one will miss him, will they? I Highly doubt it.

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