Dangrous Atteactions

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Vittorio Basilischi is a monster he shows no remorse he can’t feel pain. People call him the devil his red eyes will burn through your soul. What happens when he is set marry Bella who he thinks is young and pure that she is innocent but soon he will see she gets dark when it comes to him she can feel love and pain unlike him. Bella father needs protection and the marriage between Bella and Vittorio will help. Bella is young girl who always liked Vittorio she was giving a choice of Massimo or Vittorio she chooses Vittorio. Massimo is more kind and like his mother he finds a women who he becomes obsessed with fast Laura she is like no one he has ever meant before. The twin Basilischi have a big war coming what will happen? Will Vittorio save his wife and family? Will have ever love? He hold deep dark secrets that keeps everything inside him suppressed. He is the devil with red eyes. Will Bella help Vittorio feel again? Will he accept his feelings for Bella? This book is very dark and for age 18+ could have trigger warnings this will a part two as I am writing about the twin boys.

Erotica / Action
Crystal love
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I spin the bullet around on the table. Looking at the poor excuse of a man. He owes me his daughter. This arrangement was set over a year ago. My father didn’t follow the rules; he married my mother. Me we all know I won’t be finding women to fall in love with I don’t fucking care about love. I knew Bella, she always fascinated me so when Jones here wanted to be allies with us, my idiot father brought up marriage. So here I am, set to marry a young eighteen-year-old girl. Now he doesn’t want to give her up. He is testing me I don’t like being tested.

“Jones, do you have my wife? We gave you over a year; you signed the agreement. She fucking signed, was more then happy to be my wife. I don’t want any bullshit excuse.” I play with the bullet as I smile at him, waiting for him to answer me.

“I am aware of that, she is my baby girl. I think you would scare her too much. I think my oldest daughter would be more suitable for you, she can handle you. Not my sweet little Bella; she can’t handle a devil.” He is cocky with a dry smile; he is testing me. He thinks I will beat and rape her. I mean I am heartless but I don’t beat or rape women.

If he thinks I want his older used washed-up daughter than he is wrong. I have my men ready to kill his men. He better have his daughter delivered to me right fucking now! My father asked me to be nice to the girl and her father he doing this for to protect the the scum. This man is spineless he is scared of his brother. His brother runs an extensive sex trafficking ring he is worried he will sell his daughter, kill him this is why she agreed to her marry me. He could have picked Massimo, but she wanted me why? She always had a schoolgirl crush on me; she works at my favorite coffee shop, she made it obvious. At charity events, wherever we saw one another she was obvious.

Jones has always been a good friend to my father; he ran a great Mafia that was almost as big as Papa Enzo’s; he was in the family part of the big five until his younger brother Jacob got greedy started selling women and giving his family a bad name he has Jones terrified this marriage well protect him and his kids, wife.

“Jones, we know I am not a fair man like my father, and I have no emotions most would say a sociopath. I don’t hit or rape women. I only kill them when they are a threat to my family. We have a deal so get her the fuck here now!” I slam my hands on the table as I shut at him with rage.

The poor fool has wrinkled up face for his age, lips are chapped he keeps licking them; that alone makes me want to kill him. I grow impatient, waiting for the dumb ass to talk. I slam my hands on the table again, causing him to flinch. He is not a nice man; we know what he has done he is just as bad as we are. His brother is dangerous and nasty will rape women on the streets; he doesn’t give a fuck. Jones expects me to believe he innocent he doesn’t deal with that side of things he wants to clean house get rid of his own brother? I am not going to be naive for a second. I would never kill my brother no matter what and I know he would never do that to me either.

“Do you think I am a fair man like my father?” I spin the bullet around as I smile at him showing my teeth as I monk him.

This fucker is testing my patience he not a man of words is he? When I ask a damn question, I aspect him to answer me. I look at with a smile on my face. I am still waiting for the fucker to answer my question.

“Answer me when I ask you a damn question!” I shut in his face as I load the bullet in my Ruger revolver 45, real gold with real cut diamonds.

“No, I think you are a smart man; you will kill me for breaking the deal because you can’t control your anger. You have to feed your beast. You are not a fair man with no heart like your father. The devil you are cold. Why I worry for my little girl.” His voice is shaky as he looks anywhere but at me.

I smile because he is spot on. I don’t love; I don’t have room for emotions. I am the devil himself. I will hurt her but not in the way he thinks I will. I will in other ways, I will take the pure and innocence away from her; she will be my whore to please me. She will obey me as a woman should. She will wish she never picked me she will forget all about that little schoolgirl crush; she will beg me to leave her alone. Will I? No, I own her now; she is my possession.

“Get her here now. I want what is mine, or I will take you all down and take her anyway, making her my whore.” I laugh as I say the words with venom. I have many men and very good trusted men who will have no problem going to war for me.

I have my Consigliere working on everything. He's my advisor, like a lawyer. My best friend Andy knew him since kindergarten; we just clicked. He is the best around. We have ranks in Mafia. My underboss is essential, but the Consigliere plays a crucial role in the family. He doesn’t do hits like we do or go to war; he great with legal matters.

L my cousin he is uncle Lucas son real name Luca Jr is my underboss typically your son is we don’t have kids yet that are old enough to be an underboss. I picked L; he is my trusted best friend. He understands me. I have three Caporegime; they are my right-hand men and run their crews for me and have many connections and do the hits. Late uncle Franco’s son Blake. Victor uncle Dames son my best friend a brother.
Alessandro, Antonio, uncle Lorenzo’s boys, my other family best friends. We run in ranks. Then I have soldiers. We stay quiet while I wait for a package. This is my Mafia. I am setting new rules and Changing the old rules and traditions.

My finger stays on the trigger. I fucking hate this man with a passion. I hate all people. This man tho I really want to slit his throat from ear to ear, watch him bleed out with satisfaction. I see L nod letting me know they are here. I keep my gun on his head. I never let up pisses me off; he was showing zero fear. I like people scared of me; I have to have power and control. Her eyes go wide as I hold the gun to her fathers head with a smile. I take it away now I can’t deal with a women’s emotions.

“Isabella, you remember Vittorio, you soon-to-be husband; it’s time to go with him sweetheart. This is for the best and what you wanted to.” He says with a sweet voice is that love? She smiles at him with sad eyes.

“I thought you were going to have Avery do it?” She says with anger. As her eyes meet mine, I smile at her causing her to blush and look away fast. I chuckle.

I watch them both exchange hugs. I still have my gun in my hand; he is speaking to her in Italian, telling her how much he loves her, she will be okay; she can always go to my father and mother for support if she needs too. The hell she will what I do in my home stays in my home. I am the boss; she is nothing. I can see why he would worry, but I have zero empathy for him.

“Time to come over here now. Jones, the date is set for Friday. I only want my mom and dad and you and your wife and my men there. We will see you then. Now get the fuck out of my face before I kill you.” I shut at him as he gets up, nodding and walking away.

“Bella, I am happy to have you finally. I need you to be a good girl and go with Luc. I have to take care of some loose ends.” I use my charming voice with a smile as she blushes at me looking down.

“When I am in the room with you, no matter where we are I aspect you to look at me. You address me with yes, sir. Are we clear?” I am harsh with her; I demand her to be aware of the rules.

“Y-yes, sir.” She is timid; as she looks at me, my eyes burn into her soul. I chuckle as I turn to L.

“L take her to my house. I have to take care of something in the cells before I lose all fucking control. I say as I make my way for my kill.

I know Jones is up to something big they want my power and have been working with another man that was supposed to be my dad's and uncle Lucas's good friend in the restaurant side of things. They meant him when I was ten years old. Anthony is the head account and manager of the restaurants for us. They want to be a half-owner without on out new restaurants. After what I found out, that will not be happening.

I make my way to the room. I see the fucker who got a loan from us five months ago was supposed to pay last week, didn’t have the money, he was out raping young girls. So I will do the world a favor, no will miss him, will they?

“Hello, Aidan,” I say with a sadistic tone.

I pull out my knife from my pocket. I smile as I walk up to him; as; his eyes got big, his adam’s apple bobs up and down as he swoll’s hard hands are shaking I love the fear they show before I make my kill. I put the knife to his neck; the man is trying to speak, but nothing is coming out, probably because my laughter fills the room.

“How many young girls did you rape?” I ask in a harsh tone as the knife is pressed hard into his throat.

“I-I made a mistake. I was drunk. Please, I can double your money.” He pleads with me.

I slit his throat as he holds his throat, gasping for air and trying to stop the bleeding. I feel satisfied wish I had more time to be more creative. I love the rush of killing people. I drag his body to my famous acid. I made this when I was fourteen. That was when my father knew I wasn’t like them; he helped me control my monster. He understands me. He helped me channel my anger. Massimo understands me as well. We do have a great bond. I would do anything for my twin brother. I would say I might love my family; I don’t know. I am not sure what it feels like. I have a hard time channeling their feelings as they do mine.

I throw Aidan in the acid. I watch the magic work as it melts his body away. I laugh in a sadistic way and walk away. Blake will take care of this mess for me. I will send him a text. I walk away, hoping that Faith is available. I need a fast fuck. I have a lot of bullshit meetings I have to attend. I don’t want to deal with that shit. Glad Massimo will be joining me to help keep my anger in check. I can get upset very fast.

I make my way out to the bar in the warehouse, where I see faith. I make my way over to her. She gets flushed. She thinks we can be more than just two people who enjoy a good fuck. She can handle my roughness. I want a fast fuck and get this day over with and meet my dear fiancé. I have to start training her. My wife will do as I say when I say she will clean, cook, bear children for me. I am killer her father, and she will have to deal with it because he is scum, and I don’t like it.

“Faith, come join me in my office,” I say as I lick my lips with a smile. I am very good with my charming behavior. They believe every lie I tell them to get them in bed.

“Okay, Baby, give a few minutes.” She says in a seductive voice as she pushes her big fake tits out at me. I smile, heading to my office.

I go over my papers, getting impatient. I hate waiting on people. She finally comes in. She shuts the door and locking it. She gets undressed, knowing precisely what I want. I don’t kiss; I go straight to what I want. I head over to her throwing her over the bed I have in my office. I pull her skirt up, pleased she has no panties on. I insert three digits roughly in her warm pussy. She moans out loud. I am pleased with how wet she is.

“Yes, right there.” She says I hate talking. She is a fucking talker. I am dominant, but I don’t have time to put her in place right now.

“Shut the fuck up. I don't want you talking. You are here for one thing.” I say in a harsh tone.

I work slick warm pussy; the walls contract around my fingers, and I don’t give her time to finish as I pull my big cock out, slamming into her hard. I yanked her up by the hair hard as I thrust fast and hard in her causing the couch to bang off the floor. I go so hard as she screams out with cries. I ignore her pleas as I grab her throat. The feel of the veins and esophagus around my fingers makes me harder, and I thrust deep and hard as she climaxes hard around my cock. I pull out, still holding her throat as I shoot my load on her back. I walk away, heading to the bathroom to clean up. She knows to leave.

I run the shower. I remove my clothes. I have more suits here. I wash up fast. One thing about me I am a very punctual man. I don’t particularly appreciate waiting on anyone or being late. My brother is the opposite of me; he won't mind making you fuck wait around on him. He knows that it bothers me, one of my many pet peeves. I get out, making my way to the closet, putting on my suit. I see we have only thirty minutes to get to the first meeting. Massimo still a show. Prick

I walk through the halls going over everything, waiting for my Massimo. I will check on my next meal. The thought of her untouched makes my cock hard. She has no idea what kind of monster is waiting in the shadows for her. She is my prey, and I am hunting her to get what I want. I want to break her take the light out of her. I am probably no better than Jones. I laugh at that thought.

“Ready?” Massimo asks with a cheerful voice; he is always smiling and happy, a feeling I envy. I wish I had that feeling. I can be like that with people every day.

“No,” I say coldly.

“I will do the talking, and you control your temper. We need to keep these men on our side. I know you don’t want to have Anthony, his son, as a partner with the three restaurants, but this is Dad's best manager; he has been in our lives since then. He has great connections with restaurants, knows a lot of food suppliers.” Massimo says in a calm voice as he pats my shoulder.

“We don’t fucking need them. We have more than enough money, and I can find food suppliers.” I say a powerful voice as I sigh.

“These are mom's friends. Can you do it for her? Anthony and his family went through a lot at the hands of Manny. They want to propose a deal. Then we have the investors with the hotels after this.” He says in a harsh tone. He knows I will do things for mom.

The investors were papa Gio’s long-time friends. I am buying them out. I want the money for the family, and I am greedy. Papa Gio did it to help them. I can give a fuck less. I don’t trust people. He knows that. Anthony is a cocky prick; he thinks he will run my restaurant. He was asking for fifty percent shares. I am only allowing twenty percent; that is being generous. I will not budge. Massimo knows this. I will walk away; I don’t care what my father or mother says.

We are heading to the meeting now. My brother has told me more than once not to lose my cool let him do the talking. We arrive at the new restaurant we haven’t open it yet. I see Anthony, his son Adrian, and he is the assistant manager. The fucker already has a smug look on his face as we exited the car.

“Massimo, Vittorio. How are you guys doing? How is Vincenzo, Aurora?” He says, making small talk. I don’t like small talk; it’s an inconvenience to me.

“Let’s get in; cut the small talk,” I say in an aggravating tone as Massimo elbows me.

“Sorry, long drive, he had to take care of something with one of our clubs,” Massimo says in his polite tone.

I roll my eyes such a mommy’s boy at times. She always tried to install manners in us; of course, I gave her hell. I feel bad, but I won’t apologize for being me. I would get in many fights at school told the teachers and everyone how I felt. We all take a seat as they smile. I have a stone-cold emotionless face.

“It’s a pleasure to be asked to be part of another, and I appreciate you guys allowing me a meeting to talk about us doing more like being business parents half owners. I was thinking fifty percent would be great for the new restaurants they are going to be big. I have good vendors and fresh food suppliers.” He says with a smile as his son looks at his phone like he can’t be bothered with this meeting.

“Adrian, if you are not going to listen, then you will not be part of shit around here; it’s disrespectful,” I say in a decisive tone as he hurried and put the phone away. I laugh.

“I am not giving you fifty percent. I will give you twenty percent of two of the older restaurants. The new ones are mine; I don’t want to share them with anyone.” I say in a harsh tone. His face is red; he better watch himself with me.

“Twenty percent for two of the older restaurants? Your dad said he would set the new up for the three new ones. These are going to have everything.” He says with a smile as he clinches his jaw.

“I am not my father now, am I?” I shut, slamming my hands on the table. I don’t trust him. I have this nagging feeling. My mother and father say I am typically Vittorio paranoid.

“No, you are not your father at all. My apologies. “ He says in a shaky voice.

“Let’s make this easy on his all here. I was never going to allow you to be involved in anything of mine and the other restaurants are mine. You have been stealing from us. I have proof.

His son is looking at his father; he seems nervous as he intertwines his fingers together. Anthony looks at me with a shocked expression. I was looking into the accounting things and did investigations of my own seen that he has been stealing expensive wines, liquors along with writing checks. He got past us. I will give him that. He was not working alone, from my understanding. He underestimates me. I am fucking a genius most sociopaths are.

I pull out copies of everything I found out. I have more at home he will pay for crossing me he going to the cells. His son might be involved, so he has to go to cells as well. Nothing more would bring me joy to kill him here right now. I smile big at him as I push the files to him, son, Massimo to all look at.

“This is absurd. I was framed. I would never do anything to you guys; you know that after all you have done, please. Massimo, please, you have to believe me.” He says as he tries and pleads with him.

“I don’t trust rats.” I have my gun trained on them as they both look like deer caught in headlights.

“W-what are you talking about? We would never betray Vincenzo and Aurora. You have it all wrong. I can’t believe a monster came from Aurora and Vincenzo like you.” Anthony says as he has fear in his eyes.

“Me either, but you been fucking us over for a long time. My father and mother trusted you. I will slit your throat from ear to ear with a smile. I am a monster, and I am worse than the boogie man in your nightmares.” I say with laughter as my dear brother is looking over the files.

“I know you are working with someone; you aren’t doing this alone. You talk, we can work a deal out. I can make things less painful. My father is not in charge. I will kill you.” I say with laughter.

I grab my knife out and open it, cutting his face as he screams, holding it on cue Blake, Victor, Alessandro, Antonio come to take them away. Massimo is looking at me with shock and shaking his head. I see him turn red, and I know he pissed off now we both will be in bad moods for the next meetings. I was weeding out the weak time to get this family back to be stronger than ever.

“What the fuck, V? You could have told me ahead of time. Dad is going to lose shit.” Massimo says in anger.

My father still holds the power of this family; he is still involved in things go to missions when needed, but he allows me to be the fucking boss that I am. This will hurt him and mom after telling him what his dear friend has been up to. Uncle Luca will be upset these are his restaurants and businesses with dad.

“He is working with someone we need to find out who. He was lying, saying shipment never came or they got broke. The money he was writing off to suppliers and other places so it would look legit. He must have thought we never catch on. If it weren’t me, someone would have caught him.” I say as I shrug my shoulders rolling my neck.

We have been busy with meetings and bought out all shareholders for hotels; we now own everything, no more business partners or investors. We were going to be more involved in charities. We have a big school fundraiser coming up that will make us look good. My new dear fiancé will have to help mom.

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