Dangrous Attractions

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Chapter three


My father still holds the power of this family; he is still involved in things goes to missions when needed, but he allows me to be the fucking boss that I am. This will hurt him and mom after telling him what his dear friend has been up to. Uncle Luca will be upset these are his restaurants and businesses with dad.

“He is working with someone we need to find out who. He was lying, saying shipment never came or they got broke. The money he was writing off to suppliers and other places so it would look legit. He must have thought we never catch on. If it weren’t me, someone would have caught him.” I say as I shrug my shoulders rolling my neck.

We have been busy with meetings and bought out all shareholders for hotels; we now own everything, no more business partners or investors. We were going to be more involved in charities. We have a big school fundraiser coming up that will make us look good. My new dear fiancé will have to help mom.

I head home to check out my new purchase, and I make my way in to see L watching a movie with a drink; he looks tired. He notices me and goes back to his movie; I make my way to the big bar. In the living room, it’s black. Most things in my home are dark to fit my dark soul. I get my drink and sit across from him on the other deep red sofa.

“She is in your room, and she asked to shower I found a shirt. I did not look at her, don’t fucking worry.” He says playfully as he smiles, he is a lucky fucker, what is it like to be that happy?

“I will manage her, and I will need you to meet us at dad’s tomorrow; this is important, and tell uncle Luca to come. This involves us all, let’s go for noon.” I say as I drink my warm amber liquid as it burns, what a great feeling.

“Watch yourself with her.” He smiles as he walks off, leaving me to wonder what the hell he meant?

I head to the stairs taking two at time when I make my way up to my room to see my fiancé. She tries any shit with me, she will regret it. I will make her learn fast who is in charge around here. I open the door to my surprise; I see her on the bed she is crying. Her tears do nothing for me. She looks over at me, she is up now, my eyes burn deep into her soul, the demon in me wants to come out and play.

“This marriage is happening Friday, and I don’t want a big wedding; we need the paper so I can own you. This is only for protection; your dad will never join the five families.” I am cruel with my words; her bright sliver eyes look up at me.

I head over to her, and I grab her chin roughly, making her look at me with her beautiful eyes that have tears that spill down her soft face, she is like an Angel, and I am the devil. She tries to look away, but I make her look at me I am holding her. I gave her a demand to always look at me and say, sir. She broke both rules, now I am furious he said she was well trained, she doesn’t sound trained. You may not like my ways, or the way Bella has to be around me, and this is the way of the Mafia. It’s not fucking romance; she has to build a thick skin and learn to have a solid backbone to survive this life.

“I am fucking in charge around here, when I come in a room or you are by me, you fucking look at me and you obey, say sir, I will punish you for not obeying me.

“S-sorry, sir. She says through her tears, does nothing for me.

“Be down for dinner at six, we have a lot of rules to go over. Go into the closet, put on a black dress on, and fix yourself up.” I smile big at her as I wink.

“Please don’t hurt me, I am sorry.” She is shaking with fear, I smile at her.

“I don’t hit women; I have other ways,” I say, walking out of the room.

I walk out, making my way down the hall. I bump into Alley, and smile at her. She is my favorite toy in this house that will have to change, I can’t be unfaithful in the home. I will have to be outside and discreet at a hotel, why is Bella so upset she picked me was fucking eager to marry me, I guess she realizes that perhaps she made a mistake.

“Mr. Baslilschi.” She says seductively, and I probably shouldn’t mess with staff but then again, who cares, I am the king around here.

“I was heading your way. I need you to get sizes for my fiancé, and I want her to have all the health care and women products she needs; I mean, she can have anything besides a phone. You treat her with respect.” I say coldly with a big smile.

Her eyes look sad for mentioning my fiancé. Come on, why the hell would she be upset I would never marry the help even if I were normal. I would probably still be with Bella; I have no idea why, I am fucked up and need to take her light away, that is why.

“I understand, and you seem stressed out. Can I help you?” She says seductively as she licks her lips.

“You can suck my cock.” I smile pulling my pants down.

She doesn’t waste any time; as she falls to her knees, she takes my big cock into her mouth, and I shove my cock hard down her throat as she gags. I keep thrusting in and out of her warm mouth as she looks up at me with watery eyes, and she is a stunning woman, she knows what I like.

“Fuck, Alley, you are good at this,” I say in a growl as I throw my head back as she keeps working me as she swirls her tongue around my cock.

I throw my head back as I pull her hair thrusting in and out fast. I feel my balls go tight as I explode my seed down her throat. She gets up, wiping her mouth and eyes. I put my cock away, leaving the room. Nowhere in the contract did it say I had to be a loving, faithful husband. Hate me or love me, I don’t give a fuck. This is the Mafia, not some little I love you, and let’s have A baby and live happily-ever-after life. I walk to the stairs taking them two at a time, it’s almost six, and I am pleased to see Isabella is at the table waiting for me. She is wearing a black dress, that looks fucking hot one, and what a good girl.

“When I walk in the room, you need to stand up and greet me always, I want to see what I own.” I say with a chuckle.

The dress fits her curves showing off her long legs, Bella’s tits are fucking perfect. I want to see her naked and tied up, the beast in me wants to mate; I need to control everything about her. She smiles at me, showing her beautiful full lips with beautiful straight white teeth. My cock wants her now, she will really know who she belongs to, I am fucking primal to this woman, my mate.

“Glad to see you listen,” I say with a cold voice.

“My mother trained me to be a wife and mother; she said women in this life are born to obey the men.” There is pain there, what a fool they both are, my mother never obeyed she fought my father on things and won.

The maids bring in our food, Alley gives me a seductive smile as she sets the plates down. She gives me my food then handing Isabella her plate, she was respectful to her as I asked, and Bella thanked her, we don’t thank the staff here. I will let this one-time slide, I watch her as she takes a bite of lobster; she slides the fork in her mouth; as she closes her eyes, she moans. How can I feel so aphrodisiac to this woman? I know why she is pure has a light in her eyes, and how can she stay untainted living with a man like Jones? I eat my food, trying to avoid any conversation at all costs. I keep watching Bella eat, and her eyes lock with mine, she is looking for something and she won’t find it with me.

“Bella, we have known each other a while now; I am aware of the schoolgirl crush you have with me. Now stop it, you got what you wanted, so accept your fate. If you wanted love and respect should have gone with Massimo. Stop trying to search for something that is not there.” I say crudely with a slay smile.

“I understand, sir.” Her face is flushed, she is being timed with me.

“Good girl. I expect you to have the home cleaned, my clothes dry cleaned, always wear something black for me when I am home. You will always be my submissive woman, and I am the dominant man. You will have all meals cooked for me breakfast, and lunch, dinner. Whatever I request you to do. Never look at another man; your attention needs to be on me.” I give her a stern look.

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