Dangrous Attractions

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Chapter four


“You will help the family with charity events, my mom in the shelter, as you will be taking her place one day. You will provide me with a baby right away. So be ready for me whenever I want you, and I will not be monogamous.” I am cold with her; I smile at that.

“I understand. You are making me nervous and scared will you hurt me or rape me if I don’t obey?” Her voice cracks, and her beautiful eyes are big.

Would I be more understanding if I were normal? Maybe if I were more like dad, she would not fear me or think I would even rape her, I am not I need her to fear me somewhat. Something I crave, I am hard thinking about it, and that never happens to me.

“I don’t beat women or rape women; that is not my thing. I don’t have to, and we know that is your family’s thing to do sell and beat women.” I say with a cold smile.

Bella says nothing and goes back to her food as she shrugs her shoulders; she is twenty, has a lot to learn, I am twenty-nine. Why the hell did I even want this marriage? Why didn’t my mom and dad fight harder for her to be with Massimo? He can manage that woman shit and treat her well. We finish our meal; the maids bring out the dessert and red wine; they pour her a glass. They give me my whisky neat; I watch as she drinks her wine, licking her lips. What can it harm in having a drink or two? She is scared and nervous; drinking can take the edge off; maybe she will be more than willing to fuck. I have to have Bella here tonight, I don’t want to wait. I wave for more drinks to be brought out. I am amused with this woman. I get lost in thought as we drink in silence.

It’s our ninth birthday party mom and dad go all out for us. My mom is yelling for us. Massimo and I both are racing down the stairs as I fall and hit my head hard. I get up and run to my mom and dad; they both run over to me, I don’t understand why they are panicking? My dad has a towel holding it on my head.

“What did you do, V? Your head has a big gash and bleeding; we need to take you to the hospital,” Daddy says as he holds a towel on my head. I do not understand what is going on; mom looks pale and yelling at dad, she can’t do this. He gave her a look telling her it was nothing.

“I fell down, I didn’t feel anything; it doesn’t hurt, daddy.” I say to him as he picks me up, holding the towel still on my head carrying me to the car.

I don’t understand why they are so worried? Mom is crying and yelling at dad to go faster. I think they are playing a trick on me, I move the towel and look, there is a lot of blood; why can’t I feel the pain, I can’t even cry. We make it to our hospital dad must have called or text the doctor. I wasn’t paying attention. We go into the room as the doctor asks me what happen, I say the same thing I told mommy and daddy. She says to them I need staples, I need to be monitored here overnight. I can’t feel pain as she staples my head; she said most kids would scream and try to get away. I sit here, and I can’t feel anything like I used to feel but not anymore. Am I broken? My parents looked worried; they didn’t understand how I just stopped feeling the pain. They are arguing about me going to therapy, and my father says no.

Months later, I play with the kids; they have laughter while running and playing; I can’t connect with them or understand their emotions. A boy knocks into me, and anger comes over me. I lose it and hit the boy in the face, and I can’t stop my daddy is pulling me off as the boy is bleeding, and the parents don’t say anything, they are my father’s soldiers.

“We will pay the hospital bill and give you extra money. I am sorry, I don’t know what happened; he has never done this.” My father says as he grabs me by the arm. He is furious with me.

He puts me in the house. As he sits me down on the couch, he sits next to me with anger in his eyes. I don’t feel guilty for what I did to my friend, I enjoyed it I like to go out and shoot rabbits for fun; it makes me happy. It helps take the edge off whatever I am feeling.

“Why the hell did you do that to Jared?” He says with anger, and I laugh because I can’t take him seriously.

“I enjoy hurting others, killing rabbits. I don’t feel bad for hurting him. He had it coming when he pushed me to the ground.” I say coldly.

My father’s color drains; he doesn’t look mad; I don’t know what he is feeling. He calls my Papa Gio on the phone, telling him we have to help him without mommy knowing. I don’t know what he means. My dad has tears as he rubs his head. I laugh as he shakes his head, not saying anything is he in pain, or mad?

“We have to keep this between Papa and me and Massimo, and he has been telling me things you have done. We will help you channel this anger and figure out why this is happening, I was like this once. I promise I will help you to I can’t anymore.” He says with pain, and I can’t understand what the big deal is.

I don’t understand what he means. I used to think I did; I don’t like people, and I have this strong urge to kill something or hurt someone. I like my family a lot. Why am I different? Teachers have told my mom I should be in the gifted program.

“Vittorio.” I hear Bella call my name, taking me out of my thoughts.

“Yea,” I say as I take a drink of my amber liquid.

“May I please be excused. Do you mind if I play music? It helps me with stress?” She says with more confidence in her voice.

“You can use the living room over there. I want you in our room in an hour, no later.” My voice booms through the room with power.

She nods as she gets up, and the dress is snug against her curves as she walks away, swaying her round ass looks good enough to fuck. We make our way to the living room; she tells me what music too put on, and I watch as she gracefully moves to the beat of the music. It must be hip hop or jazz. I get a good look at her black panties. Those long legs would be nice to have wrapped around me, I get up and leave. I have to call my father he called me several times. I can’t stay and watch her dance; I need a break from her, this is the longest I’ve spent with a woman. I make it to my downstairs office, shutting the door, and getting away from Bella, who is driving me crazy right now. I have never in my life wanted to fuck women and take their light away as I do this one. I don’t understand my emotions, but I will never change for a woman as my father did for mom. I pick the phone up, calling my dad as I sigh hard.

“About fucking time, Vittorio. You have the girl?” Dad asks in an aggressive tone; he still seeks power.

“Yes, I have the girl we will marry Friday. I do not want a big wedding, and you knew that. We have something to talk about tomorrow; see you at noon.” I say as I go to hang up.

“Hold on a damn minute, you better treat that girl right, or I will step in. I know you have issues and demons. Don’t you dare ever hit her or anything, she lived a rough life.” My father says in a firm voice as he sighs.

“I am not. I am just going to fuck her, and is that what you wanted to hear?” I say, hanging up on him, I have heard enough from him.

Dad: Show me some damn respect, boy.

My father texts me, and I laugh; he is the only one who can control my beast, and I will somewhat listen to him. Massimo can as well. He told me to play nice with her and make sure I didn’t hurt her; he kept threatening to step in if I didn’t start showing more compassion. I did not kill Jones; that was showing compassion, right? I chuckle at that thought, I know my father would never do that to me. He knows if he does, all hell will break loose, I will lose all control. I wanted to tell him she is entertaining somewhat, beautiful. I can’t let him know that it will give my family hopes that I might be feeling again, because I am not.


“Come in,” I say in an aggressive tone.

I see my little beauty come in; she is nervous. She is intertwining her fingers, as she walks in looking at me as she was told. Bella is looking at me as I see beads of sweat drip down her forehead, and her nipples are hard through the dress, and my cock is ready to claim his prize. I let my eyes wander up and down her body as she turns red; she notices me taking her in with a smile. I could have done worse than her, but somewhere in my fucked head I wanted her to be mine to own.

“What do you need?” It is aggressive, she backs away from the desk, I get up so I can close in on him.

I keep walking until she is backed into a wall. I lean down, looking at my pray, I inhale her cherry-floral scent as I look at her lips down to her long legs. She is breathing heavy.

“Do I scare you?” I ask in a low husky voice in her ear.

“Y-yes.” She says in a shaky voice as she keeps her eyes on me, licking her lips that is fucking driving me mad.

“You should be. Now let’s get something straight when I ask you a question, you answer me, or next time I will punish you. Now let’s go to the room since you came in here interrupting me.” I say as I grab her arm hard.

“W-we are sleeping together now. I-I thought after the wedding.” She says nervously as I laugh.

“My house, my rules, just get it over with now because our wedding gift is a trip to Bora Bora as if this shit is real, while we are there, I am going to make you my sex slave. You fucking understand me, Angel?’’ My smile stays on my face but eyed have no emotion.

“Y-yes, sir, I understand.” Her voice shakes as I hear her teeth chattering together. Pitiful thing, I laugh to myself.

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